Today is the 1st day of Advent – do you have a calendar (or two or three)? Do you have a different one each year, or do you use the same one for every Advent season? Tell us!

I used to make the traditional Advent wreath in years past, but have since given it up. Germantown Church still has their traditional Advent wreath lighting at the beginning of each service, along with their Carol’s and Candles ceremony, in which they decorate the church for the upcoming holiday season… Its a sight to behold. I hope everyone can make it this year.

Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts. ~ Janice Maeditere

The surname of ATKINS was a baptismal name ‘the son of Anthony’, an ancient and still popular personal name. Early records of the name mention Adekin filius Turst, 1191 County Norfolk. John Adekyn, 1296 Cumberland. Willelmus Adkynson of Yorkshire, was listed in the Yorkshire Poll Tax of the year 1379. Later instances of the name include a certain William Deevy and Elizabeth Adkins who were married at St. Dionis Backchurch, London in the year 1680. Elizabeth, daughter of John Adkinson was baptised at St. James’s, Clerkenwell, London in 1709. George Handaye married Mary Adkinsson at St. Michael, Cornhill, London in the year 1718. A notable member of the name was James Richard Atkin, Lord of Aberdovey (1867-1944) was the English judge, born in Brisbane, Australia. He was educated at Christ College, Brecon and Magdalen College, Oxford, he established himself slowly by specializing in commercial cases. As a judge (1913) he was firm but patient, and highly regarded, and in the Court of Appeal, and the House of Lords, he was recognized as distinguished, delivering notable opinions in many leading cases. He also made important contributions to legal education. When the coast of England was invaded by William The Conqueror in the year 1066, the Normans brought with them a store of French personal names, which soon, more or less, entirely replaced the traditional more varied Old English personal names, at least among the upper and middle classes. A century of so later, given names of the principal saints of the Christian church began to be used. It is from these two types of given name that the majority of the English patronymic surnames are derived and used to this day. The associated arms are recorded in Sir Bernard Burkes General Armory. Ulster King of Arms in 1884. Registered at Staffordshire and London to Henry Atkins of London M.D. In the Middle Ages the Herald (old French herault) was an officer whose duty it was to proclaim war or peace, carry challenges to battle and messages between sovereigns; nowadays war or peace is still proclaimed by the heralds, but their chief duty as court functionaries is to superintend state ceremonies, such as coronations, installations, and to grant arms. Edward III (1327-1377) appointed two heraldic kings-at-arms for south and north, England in 1340. The English College of Heralds was incorporated by Richard III in 1483-84.

‎In this life we will encounter hurts and trails that we will not be able to change; we are just going to have to allow them to change us. ~ Ron Lee Davis

We just heard the wonderful news that our daughter-in-laws father Joe Sword and his new bride to be will be getting married today at 2:30 p.m. in a small private ceremony surrounded by their close family and friends. Anthony and I would like to add our best wishes to the many you will receive.



Anthony and Sheila Metcalf

Let’s go over this one more time:

  • Visitation: Business Casual
  • Funeral: Business Professional (Church Clothes)

It’s self explanatory. I’m sick of people thinking if you’re are clean and so are your clothes, that you can just go anywhere; church, weddings, funerals, etc.

We’ re supposed to dress for success. But does this mean the major events in our lives are not important enough for us to look successful? I think we should take a good long look at ourselves and say,  “HEY! Clean up your act.”

This is the last time you will ever see this person, wouldn’t you want them to show you the same respect? Is this how you want to remember them in T’shirts & Flip-Flops?

MERCY! I think NOT!

… so do personal attitudes. This has always been my personal motto and oh yeah, and I need a vacation!

I admit I spend most of my day searching my families genealogy. I make jokes about being a Genealogist. LOL I am always looking for birth and death certificates to tell me about my family;  where they came from and moved to, how they lived, and why they did the things they did.

Although my attitude has been changed lately by the living people. I am always dumbfounded by their actions. They can create more problems, tell more lies and hurt more feelings than you could ever believe possible of one family. My extended family is no exception. I’m to the point I want to start kicking them off the tree.

God said, “be fruitful and multiply” but I wish he would have said don’t have more children than can possibly stand one another. Think about Cain & Able. I know that family members can actually spend every minute of everyday trying to push people out of their lives. I’m at that same point. I enjoy the company of dead people far more than the living.

What could have ever happened to them to make them so bitter and hate each other? Mom prefer one over the other? Didn’t get a gift as big as your sister? Older brother or sister get more attention? I know this is common in a lot of families, I’ve seen a few episodes of Springer… but it really becomes apparent at family functions, such as funerals. They avoid each other, like the plague but try a fake some nice-nice and act like they really care, way down deep where it counts. As if… they really did; actions speak louder than words. They don’t like anyone in the room. You can see it on their faces as you approach. They will stand in their little cliques and critique every person in the place.

I know this is the case, because I experienced it myself several times the past few years.  People will go out of their way to make a point to make you feel like crap or do things where they will make sure you are at a point you would never attend. To quote a movie I that I saw last week, if you need to go out of your way to hurt someone else; you must not like yourself very much.

I can get a new attitude but not a new family. I’ve watched for years; in-laws treating each other like crap, talking about them behind their backs and using them to the point they are beat down. And due to their own insecurities they will take it. I say, “NO MORE and NEVER AGAIN”!!!

Friends can become your family and will even treat you better than the ones that may share your blood line. So, Keep your distance and shake the dust off!!! And be happy! Life is far to short to deal with idiots.

I lost my aunt Ruth Griffith a few weeks ago and my 1st cousin Dee this week. I was working on adding this information to the detail list on the family tree. But I had already forgotten so much information about them. I really didn’t know either one all that well, even though we were related. So I was hoping a few family members have this info somewhere. I will need to make a few calls later.

At this point I have forgotten more than I care to admit.  My cousin, Tammy makes jokes about her Anaheimer’s (a condition that the residents of Anaheim, CA get) all the time, and about forgetfulness running in our Adkins DNA.

I know I’m forgetful at times, but when my dad (Willie Louis Adkins) died a few years back, my uncle Denny Ray his brother, gave me a CD with the Adkins Family Tree on it; he thought. I was so happy. He had done all that work and I was going to get to reap what he had sewn; for free. I opened the CD and was very disappointed to find that he had only given me a copy of FTM – No Adkins family files.

Okay, a nice gift I know, in and of itself and I have since purchased two updated versions. Then I had to do all of my own research on our families. Not an easy task. I have since learned that he thought he had given me the file. NOPE!!! I need to get my hands on it; to compare notes. It really was hard to go thru as many old photos and any old paperwork I could get my hands on, just to compile what information I have. It would be so nice to have been able to go further back than a few generations.

The only time you get any information or the dirt on your family or friends is at their funerals. So, if you have ever done anything bad in your life: WARNING!!! It will be told at your funeral. I guarantee it! No one seems to have Alzheimer’s or Anaheimer’s then. They remember every juicy detail and want to share. All the who, what, when, where’s and why’s come out then. No holes barred.

I could have gone the rest of my life without knowing half the stuff I know now. Whatever happened to ignorance is bliss? 

Just so you all know, I’m writing my own Eulogy and Tammy is going to read it at my funeral, she’s younger than I am so she will still be around. No one is allowed to discuss anything that is not on paper or you’re not invited.  And there will be a dress code. It’s a funeral people, its Business Formal all the way. Visitation is Business Casual – No Jeans. Write it down so you don’t forget – you know that Adkins DNA thing.



Hey… it’s my funeral.