This is my Grandma: Phebie (Phebia) Reed Adkins 1909-1987 The daughter of William Grats and Margaret Cook Reed. I may make a Reed family page later. I have all their info back to John Franklin Reed born 1803 in North Carolina and died sometime after 1870 in LaFollette, Campbell, Tennessee. But this page is for the Adkins side.

This is my Grandpa: Kelley (Kelly) Lewis Adkins 1905-1983

Kelley Adkins was the son of Jasper Newton Adkins and Teareasy Montgomery, and he married Phebia Reed 22 JUL 1925 in Greenup, Kentucky. Together they had 12 children. Kell’s father Jasper was the son of Louis/Lewis Adkins and Julia Ann Blankenship. Lewis was the son of Absalom “Apps” Adkins (1810 – bef 1870)and Delila Elswick (1811-1894). Apps was the son of Thomas (1775 – 1829) and Olivia Morgan (1780-1870) Adkins.

Julia Ann Blankenship was the daughter of Henry 1790 and Drucilla Pierce Adkins born 1792.  I was really hoping she was the daughter of his brother William his wife’s name was Cindrilla Susan Gibbs born 1816 spelled Cinderella on all the census so that is how it was pronounced. How cool is that for a name? I always thought the name Cinderella was made up for story books. But their daughter, Julia Ann Blankenship never married.

But anyway, Drucilla and Clarinda are commonly used names by the Adkins/Montgomery families… I still need to find Jasper and Teresa’s daughter Clarinda Adkins born abt 1891 – death date and burial. They had 13 children total as reported by them on the 1900 census, but I cannot find all their names. And news flash: Twins run in the Montgomery line.

Delila Elswick the daughter of Edward born 1784 and Mary Meredith 1788 Elswick. married Absalom Apps’ Adkins in Pike, Kentucky  (ADKINS, Absolem ELSWICK, Delila 09-SEP-1830).

App’s dad, Thomas Adkins was the son of Jesse 1754 and Mary Adkins 1754, I know.

  • Here is where the family is split:  [Some believe App’s to be the son of Joel (1756-1856) & Rachel Emmerson (1764-1840)  Adkins.  They further believe even though Absalom signed his middle name Apperson its actually Emmerson.  Joel Atkinson & Rachel Emmerson married in Pittsylvania, VA 9 Apr 1780) Joel Adkins (Atkinson) being the son of Richard & Mary Molly Littleberry. Richard being the son of William & Elizabeth Parker Adkins.   I will do my level best to prove which one for a FACT, hopefully this year. I know that both end up the same place, but I need to be 100% sure].

Jesse was the son of William and Lydia Owens. William was the son of William V 1689 and Elizabeth Parker 1695 Adkins. Now William V was the son of John 1639 and Elizabeth Bromwell 1641 Adkins from Bedfordshire, England.

John was the son of Thomas and Agnes Adkins, Thomas was born 1610 in Bedfordshire. Thomas was the son of Thomas 1554 and Hester Frasure.  Thomas was the son of Henry born 1530 and Francis Edwards Adkins. After this the trail runs cold but still in England.

All the Adkins families descended from Adams’ in the 1300’s. It was common practice then to honor a favored son with his own surname. They took the first two letters of his name and added kin to it making Ad-ams to Ad – kin then later to Adkins. It happened in all families.

Jasper Newton Adkins, Papaw Kell’s dad, married Teareasy Clarinda Montgomery aka Teresa; the only child of Jane Montgomery. Her father was an Indian.  Jane Montgomery was born the illegitimate child of James Reuben Howard and Margaret B Montgomery aka “Peggie Montgomery”. Now, James and Peggie were never married. I’m also not clear if he was James Reuben or Reuben James Howard (or they could even be two different men)? The two had several children together, so I know they loved one another, very much.

Since, Teresa didn’t die in Kentucky, I cannot get a Kentucky death certificate for her. Papaw Kell said she died in childbirth. The story goes; she was kicked in the stomach by a cow, while pregnant causing her to lose the child and die.

Now most of all of our Adkins family is from Salyersville, Magoffin, Kentucky, some from Morgan and Bath. But is 1906 they took a trip to Ardmore, Carter, Oklahoma where Teresa Montgomery Adkins died and they brought her body back to Kentucky to bury. By 1920 Jasper was living in Morgan County.

Now my biggest question is still… WHY almost all of our family members decided to take the trip on the wagon train in 1906 to Ardmore, Carter, Oklahoma. Why did all these people leave Ky. sell their land and all the things they had to go to a place that was poorer than where they lived? What was the driving force behind this? Ben Montgomery was the brother of Jane and he married Eliza Coffee. Three or more of Jasper’s brother’s went. Margaret may have went as well. I still searching. What was the driving force behind such a daring move? If anyone has any ideas that would be a tremendous help.

Now as for me, my dad was Willie Louis (1937-2002) married to Julia Lorraine Stump (1937-1978) Adkins. Son of Kelley Lewis and Phebia Reed Adkins.

I want to personally thank my uncle Denny Ray Adkins for all of his help in piecing this together. To my aunt Betty Lou Adkins Jensen for sharing her paperwork on the families with me as well.

PS: the names are spelled correctly, they were just spelled differently back then. Grandma Phebie’s school records show her listed as Feby Reed.

Okay I did my part, now all you cousins step up… send me the names and dates you may have and we can get this info all in one place. If you know of any details, no matter how small, please email me or leave a comment. I would love some old and new pictures.

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  1. I would be glad to help I will get my CSI hat on and dig up some information. We will find out where we come from sooner or later. I wonder if we are Royalty > hmmm u think that is possible?? LOL

  2. Sheila Says:

    Well… I did find the Jasper Adkins that left the Chickasaw Nation. TRAIN FROM KENTUCKY TO THE CHICKASAW NATION IN INDIAN TERRITORY.
    11)Jasper Adkins and family (went back to Kentucky).
    How COOL is that he is our Great Grandpa!!!

  3. Tammy Says:


  4. C.A.Atkinson Says:

    Why did all these people leave?

    Possibly to strike it rich:
    On November 16, 1907, Oklahoma became the 46th state. Statehood had become a sure thing, in part due to a discovery which made Oklahoma the “place to go to strike it rich” — oil. People came from all parts of the world to seek their fortunes in Oklahoma’s teeming oil fields. Cities like Tulsa, Ponca City, Bartlesville and Oklahoma City flourished.

    In 1905, Galbreath, Frank Chesley and Charles Colcord were drilling on Ida Glenn’s farm south of Tulsa when they discovered Okla homa’s first big oil field.

    “(Galbreath) was running out of money, and when he was just about out of cash, the oil well struck and at the time it was the largest in the world,” Felt said.

    Ultimately, the Glenn Pool brought money to the state because of its size. Wildcatters, pipeliners, refiners and bankers quickly moved to Oklahoma to take
    advantage of the oil discovery.

  5. Sheila Says:

    You may be on to something there. We too had considered that one but I will keep searching – we’ll figure it out someday! I do know that not all the names of the people are listed on the site because in doing the tree I have found people from all parts of Kentucky that went. Most of them swinging off some branch of my tree.

    We did find three possible reasons.
    1) They had just taken/purchased the land from the Indians and were plotting off 150 acre tracts. Not sure to who?
    2) Rich cotton fields were blooming.
    3) Railroad was going thru at that time and many of the uncles were railroaders.

    Something made them do it??? Papaw Kell shared his experiences and hardships with his kids. But he must have been too young to remember why they went or just never shared it. I have emailed that Bud guy that runs the Indian website a couple of times, he is the person that my 3 G Grandma’s aunt Druzy Blankenship had told all about the trip. But no response. He may have died. We may never know.

    I just believe that someone out there knows the true story. I hope to find them soon, the suspense is killing me.

  6. Sheila Says:

    I did a quick Wiki on Ardmore:
    Ardmore, Indian Territory began with a plowed ditch for a Main Street in the summer of 1887 in Pickens County, Chickasaw Nation. It owes much of its existence to the construction of the Santa Fe railroad through the area during that time. It grew, as most frontier towns grew, over the years into a trading outpost for the region. A large fire in 1895 destroyed much of the fledgling town, which forced residents to rebuild nearly the entire town. In the early 1900s, Ardmore became well known for its abundance of cotton growing fields and eventually became known as the world’s largest inland cotton port.

    After the fields were stripped of their fertility, however, the city fortunately found itself positioned next to one of the largest oil fields ever produced in Oklahoma, the Healdton Oil Field. After its discovery in 1913, entrepreneurs and wildcatters flooded the area, and Carter County quickly became the largest oil-producing county in Oklahoma, and has remained so ever since[5]. Ardmore has remained an energy center for the region ever since, with the region’s natural wealth giving birth to such energy giants as Halliburton and the Noble Energy companies, among others. Ardmore also learned the perils of being energy-rich with yet another disaster in 1915, when a railroad car containing casing gas exploded, killing 45 people and destroying much of downtown, including areas rebuilt after the 1895 fire. The disaster, which made national news at the time, gave residents the resolve to establish the city’s first fire department to ensure that such events would not compound themselves in the future. The city has not experienced any major setbacks since the 1915 fire, save for a 1995 tornado that nearly destroyed the Uniroyal Goodrich (now Michelin) Tire Plant in west Ardmore. Despite a shift at the plant working at the time, miraculously no one was killed as the tornado ripped through the area, thanks to the public being alerted by area news and tornado sirens.

    Over the years, the city has seen both the riches and setbacks of the energy boom-bust cycles, but has diversified as of late to create a uniquely wealthy and vibrant city in southern Oklahoma. In the last decade, Ardmore has owed much of its growth to the creation of jobs in the retail distribution sector, with its location 1 1/2 hours from Oklahoma City and Dallas-Fort Worth as a key selling point. A new MG Automobile Plant was announced for the area but has yet to materialize, although the Ardmore Airpark has made improvements to accommodate the revived auto brand manufacturer. Amenities in the area include the Arbuckle Mountains, geologically the most important landform in the south central United States, as well as several lakes, namely Lake Murray and Lake Texoma, on the Texas-Oklahoma border.

    Ardmore gained relative notoriety in May of 2003 when the 51 Democrats from the Texas Legislature defected to Ardmore as to avoid a hotly-contested redistricting battle, which inevitably led to a case that was settled in June 2006 by the U.S. Supreme Court. The event drew several protesters and celebrities to the Holiday Inn, which housed the runaway legislators.

  7. Dan Adkins Says:

    William Vincent Adkins was born 28 Mar1689 Charles City, Henrico VA. Died 15 Mar 1787 and married Elizabeth Parker 17 Jan 1716 at St. John’s Episcopal in Richmond VA. This is where Patrick Henry later said give me liberty or give me death. William V. Adkins’ father was John Joseph Adkins who married Mary Elizabeth Davidson. His father was Robert Adkins (born in Ireland). His father is Augstine Adkins (also spelled Adekyn (the old true spelling of the Scottish Adkins name). The Adkins family predates the Norman Conquest in 1066a.d. where our family held a seat in Westmoreland and Northumberland, England. The Adkins name comes from Adekyn where it was changed under England’s influence due to the religious reformation. Adkins means the children of Adam. One of William V. Adkins’ sons was Parker Adkins who fought Chief Cornstalk at the battle of Point Pleasant VA (now WV). Oddly enough, Parker Adkins had married Chief Cornstalks daughter, Bluesky, 1768 and two children…Littleberry and Charity. Parker was married before Bluesky to Mary Frye, but she died in childbirth in 1756 with thier second child. After the battler Parker and Bluesky went back to the colonies and she was renamed Mary Adkins because her native name was considered sacreligious.
    Here’s a hint in genealogy if you haven’t noticed already: Names were commonly mispelled because those who recorded names often did so based on how it sounded to that person. Sometimes because people lived miles apart, a recorder would ask a nearby neighbor about that person and record incorrect spellings and dates. The name Mary and Polly often come up together and Polly being the nickname for Mary. This is also true with Sara(h) and Sally or Sallie. Sally being the nickname. I have researched family Bibles, Government Census reports, birth and death, ship’s logs, newspapers, libraries and more to find our family history and to record it as accurately as possible. I hope this helps.

  8. Sheila Says:

    I see we come from a common ancestor so we are cousins. Welcome to the family. My tree is the Adkins Metcalf family tree on Ancestry. You can check it against my records and others there.
    I have a lot of this on my tree already. Most of my blog is old stuff – I don’t post the new stuff quick enough. I email my uncle Denny and he me; we compare notes. Lot’s of people have sent me many things and pictures. I have William V going back to Henry Adkins though. I do have some of the same people you do I also have the Melungeon website references to William V and his son Ben being Melungeon. They have him coming from a Quaker man. I have checked more records than I can count. As many trees as I can find anywhere and countless other references as well. I’m not sure who is right. The OneWorld tree has a few other things. I guess we’ll all have to get some shovels and find out the hard way. I do appreciate you sharing your info with us. I wish the others would post theirs on my blog so we can all compare notes. There are 14 trees with the same info I have but I am always open to new ideas and facts… So if you have any more please feel free to share it. And pix are always good.

  9. […] Julia Ann Blankenship. …. Oddly enough, Parker Adkins had married chief cornstalks daughter, … Manuscript Collection–Ruddell’s and Martin’s Forts… fortress – “the pickets were cut down […]

  10. […] wife was Delila Elswick the daughter of Edward born 1784 and Mary Meredith 1788 Adkins. his wife’s cedar chest, a sullen pride. that the two […]

  11. Sheila Says:

    Julia Ann Blankenship (Julian) born 1825 died 1920 in Adele, Morgan, Kentucky married Lewis/Louis Adkins born 1839 and died before 1910 in Morgan, Kentucky with 10 known children. Eli, Benjamin, Nancy, Henry, JASPER, William Martin, Lewis Van Buren, Edward Edmond, Lydia M & James R Adkins. I haven’t founf any others and we cannot account for Nancy? Not sure whom she married.

  12. Sheila Says:

    Delila Elswick married Apps Adkins:
    Edward Elswick (Born: 1784)
    Mary Meredith (Born: 1788)

    Absalom Apps Adkins (Born: 1810)

    Known Children
    Miles Henry Adkins (Born: 1829)
    Maraby Minta Adkins (Born: 1832)
    Lavisa Linsey Vice Adkins
    Eli Adkins (Born: 1837)
    Lewis Adkins (Born: 1839
    William Riley Adkins (Born: 1842)
    Margaret Peggy Adkins (Born: 1843)
    Samuel Peter Adkins (Born: 1844)
    Selina Celia Adkins (Born: 1847)
    Thomas Adkins (Born: 1848)
    James Hazelrigg Adkins (Born: 1850)
    John Francis Adkins

  13. Hope (Adkins) Faulkner Says:

    I am the daughter of Homer Adkins and Sandra Steel. My father is from Sandyhook, Ky, my mother Oklahoma city, Ok. My fathers background is Cherokee Indian, the Blackfoot tribe. My mothers mom was also Cherokee, she was raised on the reservation in Oklahoma. One of my uncles did the background on the Indian tribe in Kentucy, but I have never seen the details. The original name of Adkins for us was changed from the Indian cheif trying to avoid arrest, Akion was the original last name. Not sure if this relates to any of your heritage, or mine, but I would like to know if it does.
    Kimberly Hope Adkins-Faulkner

  14. Sheila Says:

    I have 2 Homer Adkins on my family tree:
    1).Homer Adkins
    Father:Michel Adkins
    Mother:Cordella Smith
    Birth:11 Oct 1924 in Kentucky
    Death:23 Jan 1929 in Pike, Kentucky
    Mitchel was the son of Miles & Lucinda Robbins Adkins. Miles Adkins was the son of App’s.

    2).Homer Adkins
    B: 8 Aug 1953 in Gordon Ford, Kentucky
    D: 13 Aug 1953 in Morgan, Kentucky
    He was the son of my Great Uncle Henry and his second wife Dora Nickell.

    Are you related to App’s at all? Or do you go back to William V Adkins?

  15. Sheila Says:

    Name: Homer Adkins
    Birth: 17 Feb 1918
    Death: Aug 1987 – Purcell, McClain, Oklahoma, United States of America
    Civil: Texas

    Is this your Homer?

  16. Sheila Says:

    My 2xG Grandpa Jasper Adkins was born in Elliott County, Kentucky but he died in Magoffin. I’m not sure if it was Sandy Hook, Elliott or not???

  17. Hope (Adkins) Faulkner Says:

    I will check with my father to see what county Sandyhook, Ky is. My father’s parents were Lora, not sure on madien, I would have to check. My grandfather was Barber Adkins.
    None of the above sound like any names of the ones listed.
    My father was born in Sandyhook, Ky 11march1952

  18. Sheila Says:

    Sorry, Sandy Hook is in Elliott county Kentucky.

  19. Michael Says:

    My grandmother who more or less raised me was named Juanita Elizabeth Adkins until she married Ernest Leo Jack and moved to Ohio with him from West Virginia. Looking up our family tree I find a direct line to Parker V. Adkins and Bluesky, via Littleberry Adkins down to Juanita Elizabeth Jack (she died 15 August 1990 in Columbus Ohio at Doctors West Hospital, twenty minutes after I had left her bedside in the hospital).

    She had told me stories growing up about the Indian Woman in our family who was a gggg x infinity grandmother, but it’s one of those things you kind of take with a grain of salt. Everybody at the family reunions in West Virginia used to mention the Indian Woman (as I heard her called, or just “the indian”) from time to time as well. According to what I heard, she was a real beauty, as were the Adkins women down the line, up to and including my grandmother and mother. According to what The “look” is pretty consistent through our family on that side, given what photos I can find, as it is apparently a strong gene, lol.

    I got curious recently however and started researching. The relation was easy to find and trace.

    From Grandma Adkins (Jack) back through fathers I see:

    Pleasant Adkins (her father)
    Winchester Adkins (his father)
    Jessee Adkins (his father)
    Hezekiah Adkins (his father)
    Littleberry Adkins (his father)

    and then his father:

    Parker V. (and thus, with Littleberry in consideration, Blue Sky his mother, daughter of Chief Cornstalk)

    Just found this wonderfully interesting. :)

  20. Carolyn Locke Says:

    My name is Carolyn Locke, and I’m the daughter of Druza Adkins Jenkins. My mother and Sheila’s grandfather Kelly were siblings. If any way possible, I would like to have Sheila’s address and phone number. The email address is my grandson’s, as I don’t use or own a computer. Just contact me via the given email address and I will my grandson will pass the message onto me. Thanks for the information, as we have been searching tirelessly for quite a while on the Adkins family and was so excited to find this site.

  21. Michelle Says:

    Julie Ann Adkins married John Milt Vance this is my great grandmother and grandfather. We have very little information on Julie and her parents and siblings. Julie passed away while my grandfather was a small child.
    Any information to share would be greatly appreciated!!

  22. Carter County, OK Info Says:

    Carter County
    First and B Street, SW
    Ardmore, OK 73401
    (580) 223-8162

  23. Kathy Wallace Says:


    I spoke with my mother, Ethel Marie (Jenkins) Williams who is 81. She is your Grandpa Kell’s niece and is Druza Ellen (Adkins) Jenkins’ eldest living daughter. Carolyn Locke is one of Mom’s younger sisters. Mom knew her grandfather, Jasper Adkins, but doesn’t remember a lot about him. She said that he visited with Grandma & Grandpa at their home in Pike County, Ohio, but she doesn’t remember him actually living with them.

    Mom does remember her Uncle Kell and some of Grandma’s other siblings. She’d gladly speak with you, if you’d like.

  24. Sheila Says:

    I would love that. I too have a lot of memories of Papaw Kell but after all these years I found out some of them didn’t happen the way I remembered them. LOL So it’s great to compare notes. My cousin Steve has wonderful memories of him going to all his ballgames when he was a kid. Things like that. You can email me at or call me directly Carol has my number. I’m in and out of the shop a lot now. Not going in as much as I used to. But I’m usually there everyday at some point. LOL You can leave a message with a good time to call and I can call you back or just post anything you’d like to share with the family, under Jasper Adkins’ post. We love old stories, To find it using the Category drop down list select the Adkins link and I think it’s the second page in the search. That way we all have it. Thanks for sharing your information. Do you know if there are any pictures of him anywhere? Uncle Ben’s daughter Mary Alice has a bunch of old pictures but she has no idea who they are of??? Maybe they could get together sometime and figure that out. Does she know then who is buried under the big Adkins’ rock in Prater Cemetery? Is it, in fact, his parents? Thanks, Sheila

  25. BabRhetta Says:

    Hello all,
    I am new to the site but not new to doing the Adkins line. I have been doing research for over 30+ years. The Adkins is through my husbands side, His grt grandmother was Mildred Ann Adkins (1882-1938), she was the daughter of Calvin Adkins (1858-1931) and Mary Savannah Steele (1860-1891). She ended up in Uhrichsville, Tuscarawas Co., Ohio. Her sister Mary (1890-aft 1930) also ended up in Tuscarawas Co., Ohio. Both sisters had families and most of their descendents are still in that area.
    Calvin was the son of Morris Adkins (1803-1884) and Martha Lawrence (1813-1874) who are both buried in Cagle Cemetery, Deerhead Cove, DeKalb Co., Alabama.

    I have much more on this and the other Adkins lines, please drop me a note at and I will gladly swap info with you.

    Glad to have found you all and Happy Hunting.

    BabRhetta Kauffman Maxwell
    Suffolk, Virginia

  26. Sheila Says:

    U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    about William Adkins
    Name: William Adkins
    Gender: male
    Birth Year: 1718
    Spouse Name: Lydia Owens
    Year: 1738
    Marriage State: VA

    2nd copy
    U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    about William Adkins
    Name: William Adkins
    Gender: male
    Birth Year: 1718
    Spouse Name: Lydia Owen
    Marriage State: of VA
    Number Pages: 1

  27. Barbara Morris Says:

    I am the the gg grand daughter of Jasper Adkins and Teareasy Montgomery. If you have and pictures of them I would appreciate them. You can e-mail them as an attachment via e-mail. I have pictures of my gg and ggg grandfathers Andrew and Henry Howard Via ancestry .com, which I received from the Library in Paintsville Ky. If you have the blown up pictures of them please send them to me. My phone number 843-421-7096. I live in South Carolina.

  28. Sherry Ball Says:

    I recently found out that I am also related to Blue Sky/Parker Adkins. I live in Point Pleasant, WV. I have just started more or less and I would really like information. Point Pleasant is where Chief Cornstalk is buried. The name of my grandfather is Manford Harless married to Bonnie Siders both deceased Manford had two sons with Doshie Sydenstriker one of which is my father Virgil Queen (name changed by g-ma when he was little) I have genealogy reports but I don’t know how many greats- back I am related to Blue Sky Please help if possible. My phone number 304-576-2310

  29. Sheila Says:

    Check the post Thank You Michael: for more on the Mary Blue Sky Cornstalk Swift Adkins story. I’ve been really working hard on this one.

  30. johnny Says:

    BHMM4U Thanks for good post

  31. Stormie Munoz Says:

    I just wanted to see what informatin you have found on Eli Adkins.. I have him married twice.. and I was an Adkins… I am trying to find a birth and also death announcement for him.. I don’t know if this is the same relative but I am hoping to put more pieces togethers…
    I can’t read much of your website due to the font being extremely small..

  32. Sheila Says:

    You must be using Mozilla, I only encounter that on Mozilla. If you’re running ie you can just click on the right bottom corner – change zoom level and turn it up to a more readable size.

    Then check under Adkins in the category bar or for Eli, Julia Blankenship or Lewis Adkins in the Search. I have several Eli Adkins’ on my tree but I think you’re talking about Jasper’s brother Eli born: 1681 Morgan, Kentucky – died: 1930 Carter, Oklahoma, he married 4 times: Mary F Montgomery; Mary Bell Stamper; Mary Jackson; and Cuba Williams.

    If your up a generation; App’s son Eli 1837-1911 KY. He married Emley Elizabeth Isom 1842-1905. He only married once.

    If it’s neither one let me know. I’m sure if you get a chance you’ll find them all on the blog.

    I hope I answered your question and I’m really sorry about the technical difficulties with the font. Stop back or email me and I’ll get you any additional information you may need.

    Thanks as always,
    Sheila J Metcalf

  33. Tim Kenny Says:

    Does anyone have any information supporting/documenting, or otherwise pertaining to, Kezia Adkins (wife of George Frye II) as the daughter of Parker Adkins? The frequent reference to Mallory seems unfounded. In correspondence with Ronnie Adkins he suggested that one of the originators of that reference could not identify to him (Ronnie) the basis for the assertion. Ronnie is convinced that she was Parker’s daughter based on certain matters he told us, but he was not then aware of support. Please feel free to email me. If there are copies of records materials etc, we would be happy to compensate you for copies and time.

    My wife and I are putting together a non-commercial genealogical project for our children/grandchildren. Thanks for your thoughts and help.

  34. Sheila Says:

    I have her like that on my tree, from something I read years ago. But, I have nothing concrete myself. She may have been confused with Keziah Mallory the will of Keziah Mallory sister of Martha Mallory. I will keep looking.


    I found this today and had to laugh:
    Will of:
    Name: Lawrence Hulett
    Date: 3 Sept., 1658
    Date: 17 Nov., 1658
    Sons Augustine and Richard ; to my unkind and unnatural wife Elizabeth , I desire that she have nothing to do with anything belonging to the children; friends Capt. Henry Gooch and Mr. Augustine Hodges , executors; witnesses William Crane , Lewis Atkins.

  35. Paula Says:

    My sister and I are just starting to look up our Dad’s family tree. We know very little about his family other than they were originally from Williamsburg, Ky. We know they moved to Oklahoma in the early 1900’s. My dad’s name is William Paul Adkins and his father’s name was Wesley Albert Adkins. My dad was raised in Drumright, Oklahoma and had several aunts and uncles. He can remember an Uncle Jim Adkins, Aunt Estella Adkins, Myrtle Adkins, and Becky Adkins but there were others. He also knows he has cousins in the Madill, Ardmore area of Oklahoma but not sure what their names are. Any help that my sister and I could get would be greatly appreciated.

  36. Sheila Says:

    I found Wesley’s military records with his birth dates the same for Williamsburg, Ky Creek Oklahoma. If his family went to Oklahoma in 1906 there were swinging off a direct branch of my family tree. ( don’t think they took the train).

    I checked those military records and he seemed to be supporting his mother. So father either left home or died. I checked over 100 close family members and nothing. I checked all census for Williamsburg, Whitley, Ky and no Wesley Albert Adkins.

    I’ll try again later, but hopefully another cousin from Oklahoma has linked them up. All of the male Adkins that took that trip were Lewis and Julia Ann (Julian) Blankenship Adkins sons (my uncles). Check my tree to see if any of those names look familiar. I was trying to link the “Wesley” part, because names cycle in families.

    Can you get me his mothers name? That would be a huge help.

    If his fathers name was William Adkins, then it would be my guess that he was the son of William and Martha Clark Adkins. William was a blacksmith born 1849 KY and Martha Clark abt 1855 North Carolina. They had the only family with a James born 1880 – 4 months old. George was born G I Adkins in 1876 Whitley. Most of the Adkins from Whitley originated in Tennessee.
    This is merely a starting point. Find all of their kids and you may have something here.

  37. grin Says:

    Google search of Wesley Albert Adkins…typed within parenthesis…shows an old post stating that Wesley’s father’s name was William.

  38. Sheila Says:

    Sorry Grin,

    You got caught up in the spam cue. It will only allow you to post one url at a time (2 max trips the spam cue). I got caught myself last week. I approved them so you’re good to go.

    Thanks as always,

  39. Lynn Adkins Tester Says:

    Hi Sheila,
    I am just beginning to look into my dad’s side of the family and we are Adkins as well – but from the Jacksboro area of Tennessee. My dad was Billy Joe Adkins and his mother was Trula Mae Douglas, his father Roy. I am trying to figure out if your Adkins are connected to our Adkins in Tennessee because I see alot of the same names but not from Tennessee. Any idea if we’re connected? Thanks!!!

    Lynn Adkins Tester, Michigan

  40. Sheila Says:

    If your from Tennessee, I would start running up and down Richard and Owen Adkins, sons of William V and see if you fit. I keep adding people as the information comes in. When I find documents for them. Get your Grandfather Roy Adkins’ death certificate and it should have his parents and where they are from on the certificate and hopefully where he was born.

    Then you take take it up one more generation and keep climbing from there. Once you get to the early 1800’s most of the work has been done for you. Trust me. You just need to link him up two generations and you’re there. If you’d to like send me the info, I can see what we can come up with. Tennessee has just starting releasing their slowly vital records. I will give it a look later and see what I can come up with. Can you send me some dates?

  41. Mary Says:

    somewhere I was searching for Lucy Brummett and it brought me here to your Adkins Metcalf family tree. What do you have on her? I want to see if it is the same I am researching.

  42. Sheila Says:

    The Brummett’s are Metcalf family related, but that’s fine. I have very little on her. Lucy E L Brummett born abt 1899 was the youngest daughter of the 5 children of Josiah Silas Brummett and Amanda C “Maudy” Casteel Brummett. I’m sorry that’s all I have. The information on Almeda Brummett’s family is here and Silas ties in on both sides of the Metcalf/Brummett/Casteel families. You can see what I have her or email me and I’ll see if I have anything else at on my tree. Thanks, Sheila

  43. Darryl Says:

    I thank all of you here , I had some of my Adkins family tree, but after reading all you guys wrote I put the rest of the peices together. my line is Tom, Dee, George, Gilbert, Elisha, winwright, ,henry, william v, thanks very much . you got me interested in researching the family again.

  44. Sheila Says:

    Thanks and Welcome to the family.

  45. Suzanne Smith Says:

    You asked why your family went to Oklahoma in 1906. 1888-1890 Oklahoma Territory was opened for settlement by whites (the govt took Indian treaty land and sold it to settlers). In 1893, Cherokee lands in Oklahoma Territory were opened up by the govt for whites to settle, and 1906 Comanche & Apache lands were opened for white settlement. Whites began drafting plans for statehood in 1906, and 1907 Oklahoma and Indian Territory were merged and made a state of the U.S. Nobody knew yet about any oil in Oklahoma, so even though the govt knew the land was poor for farming, they wanted the land settled so that whites could continue to push westward to the west Coast and have “friendly” territory to travel through out on the Plains.

  46. kathy cook Says:

    i am researching my mom’s family Luveta Sue Langston…
    Her grandpa was Fred H. Adkins 12/16/1881-9/8/1951
    married to Susie Elizabeth Leigh 6/15/1885-2/25/1959
    Are we related?

  47. Sheila Says:

    Fred Hiner Adkins born 16 Dec 1881 in Missouri.

    I’m thinking there is a connection but I’m not sure at this time. I do apologize for taking so long to get back with you, but I’m been looking, he did have a Missouri and Kentucky heritage. I will continue to work on that aspect. Do you have access to his death certificate? and if so, who were his parents, this would be a huge help. I don’t have any Fred Adkins on my tree at this time but that is not to say he’s not related, but we just haven’t made the connection, yet.

    Thank you for your comment,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  48. Larry Adkins Says:

    Hi Sheila,
    I have been doing some research on my dads side. They are from southern West virginia area,Wayne county and Lincoln county. My grandfather name was Wade Adkins and I know my ggrandfather was Thomas Adkins. Have found some bits and pieces after that. My dads name was jake Adkins. My grandfather was married to Arite Sanders and My ggrandfather was married to Vina Spence. Have you came across any of these names in your search?? Thanks!!


  49. Gerald Adkins Says:

    I found more cousins. I came down from, one side, Hezikiah ” Red” – Jessee- Hezi- Littleberry
    side 2 Florida-Eliza- Harvy- Edward. side 3 Florida- Jacob- Hiram. So I get confused a bit when I read my Adkins book, but I am very proud to be an Adkins.

  50. Sheila Says:

    Thank you for your comment,

    To that I will add: Confusion abounds in genealogy – that’s what makes it fun. It’s like a huge jigsaw puzzle that we are all trying to reconstruct. That’s what we’re trying to do here, make the pieces all fit here. We’re trying desperately to fix many past mistakes and complete the puzzle. Finding family is the greatest prize we can win.

    Which Adkins book do you have?

    Welcome to the Family,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  51. Kite Miles Says:

    Is this Adkins family related to the indian Adkins family that lives in Charles City County? If so how?

  52. Bill Adkins Says:

    My great-great grandfather is Jasper Adkins believed to be from Elliot County, Kentucky. His mother is believed to be Juliet or Julie Ann Adkins. I have a possible picture of each one. By what I’ve read on this page I think there may be a family link. Does anyone have a picture of Jasper or his mother to compare?

  53. Sheila Says:

    Dear Bill,

    Definitely the same one. I have sent you an email. I am so thrilled to hear from you. Please see all posts under Genealogy: Surname: Adkins/Montgomery/Blankenship.

    You’re absolutely right. Jasper Newton Adkins is my Great-Grandfather. He married Teareasy Montgomery aka Teresa. They had many children, some are still unaccounted for. Please do tell me which Adkins you’re heir to. How your lineage runs?

    I’m thrilled at the prospect of seeing a photo of Jasper as will all of my uncles.

    Thanks for you comment and Welcome to the Family,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  54. Donnieboy Says:

    Just wanted to drop you a line to say, I enjoy reading your site. I thought about starting a blog myself but don’t have the time.
    Oh well maybe one day…. :)

  55. Carolyn Adkins Says:

    I have just recently come across an Adkins relationship, I for the life of me can’t back track! My Uncle Jonah Adkins was the son of Hiram and Delilah Adkins.

    I have Hiram Adkins b. February 14, 1869,Webbville, Lawrence County, Kentucky. He is married to a Delilah ” Lyla” Young, whom I can find no more than a marriage record and dob ( April 11, 1869) for. I need parents for this child! I am guessing that Hiram s parents were, Jonas Adkins and Permelia Foster. and that his grand parents are John Jr. Adkins and Delilah Jordan. Can anyone throw me a clue on these folks? I’d truly appreciate it!


  56. HenleyL Says:

    Hey, I really enjoy your blog. I have a blog too in a totally unrelated field but I like to check in here on a regular basis, just to see what’s going on and it’s always interesting to say the least. It’s always entertaining what people have to say.

  57. CJ Says:

    I was reading where someone was asking for a copy of the will of William Adkinson Jr. I do not know if it has already been posted as I don’t have much time and couldn’t read all the entries, my apologies if it has been posted already. But in the event that it hasn’t, been posted, but I am posting a transcription of it just in case someone else hasn’t done so.

    Will of William Atkins D&W Bk. Vol. 11 p.136
    Dated Jan 22, 1784 probated March 15, 1784
    Dated Jan 22, 1784 probated March 15, 1784
    ….. In the name of God amen this twenty second day of January in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and eighty four I —-William Atkins of the County of Pittsylvania being week of body but of sound mind and memory, thanks be to God my maker for it do constitute and ordain this to be my last will and testament disannulling all other will or wills doconstitute and commit my body to the Earth from whence it was taken andmy soul to God who gave it in sure and certain hopes of the resurrection.
    …..Item I give and bequeth unto my daughter Elisabeth Shockley one shilling Sterling which I give to her and her heirs forever.
    …..Item I give and bequeth unto my daughter Bidey Witcher one shilling Sterling, which I give to her and her heirs forever.
    …..Item I give and bequeth unto my daughter Agness Polley one Shilling Sterling which I give to her and her heirs forever.
    …..Item I give and bequeth unto my daughter Nancy Witcher one Shilling Sterling which I give to her and her heirs forever.
    …..Item I give and bequeth unto my daughter Sarah Parsons one Shilling Sterling which I give to her and her heirs forever.
    …..Item I give and bequeth unto my Son Owen Atkins one Negro Girl called Milley which I give unto him and his heirs forever.
    …..Item I give and bequeath unto my Son Jesse Atkins one Negroe Wench called Hannah which I give unto him and his heirs forever with the increas of her body from this date. Also one Negro boy called James which I give unto him and his heirs forever. Also one Negro Wench called Eady whichI give untohimmy said Son Jesse to him and his heirs forever. I give and bequeath unto him and his heirs forever, one grey Horse also all the household furniture and Beds and furniture and all movable utensils to him and his Heirs forever with half of my Stock of Cattle, Hogs, andSheep. I also give unto my said son Jesse all the land on the Northside of the Water or Creek that my Millison with the Plantation and buildings Excep about ten yards above where the dirt is dug from the pond and then cestraight with hoppers path leaving the hog pen forty yards tothe left-hand straight to the firsline that was made between Owen Atkins and myself thence with the said line to fork oftheCreek which I give to him and his heirs forever
    …..Item I give and bequeath unto my Son William Atkins all the Land on the South side of the Creek that the Mill is on which I possess with my milland with the balance that is not willed to my son Jesse on the Northside of said Creek which I give to him and his heirs forever also one Negro girl called Ginny which I give to him and his heirs forever with the increase of her body Also the half of my Stock of Cattle & hogs & Sheep which I give to him and his heirs forever Also one Steel plate whip saw to him and his heirs forever as Witness my hand and Sealed with my seal the day and year first above written.
    Signed, Sealed and delivered his
    In presents of William X Atkins, SS.
    Noton Dickinson, Isaac Martin mark
    Joseph Standbye
    At a Court held for Pittsylvania County the 15th day of March1784 the within last Will and Testament of William Atkins deceased was proved by the Oaths of two of the witnesses thereto and Ordered to be recorded. a Certificate for obtaining Letters of Administration of the Estate ofthe said William Atkins decd with the Will annexed is granted to Jesse Atkins who made oath according to Law and with Thomas Hodges and NotonDickinson his securities entered into Bond as the Law directs and acknowledged the same.
    Teste Will Tunstall CS. `

  58. Stormie munoz Says:

    Okay so I just stopped back again.. I am not using mozilla but I am frustrated because it was extremely hard to read again.. not your fault but I can’t make my eyes read the following posts since my email.

    I know that Eli Adkins I am speaking of has a son named William Adkins who was my great great grandfather. William is buried in Battle Creek, Michigan. When WIlliam got married he put Eli Adkins as his father.. and we had him in Mecosta County in Michigan but we can find his birth place, where he past away, if he was married, alone, widowed or what. I am so frustrated with this. If you have the opportunity to email me rather than post.. I can’t read it. Thanks so much

  59. Brandy Says:

    My name is Brandy(Banks)Watford…all of my maternal family were, and still are living in VA; counties- Goochland, Charles City, Louisa, Gum Springs, Norfolk, New Kent Co., and Petersburg. I have attempted many times to trace my family beyond my grandfather, Willie Banks, who was married to Mary Louise Banks. My grandmother told me that we were descendants of the Adkins families. If you have any knowledge of an existance, I would greatly appreciate it. By the way, the beauty of the “Indian woman” that someone spoke of earlier, goes all throughout my family; the men are benefactors as well. (smile)

  60. Sheila Says:

    Our looks: We joking refer to that as the “Adkins DNA”. I have seen some Banks in my research. I will have to try and see where they tie in and get back to you.

    Thanks for your comment,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  61. Hello,
    this is facinating! The best collection!
    My line ties in with Morgan Bryant b1981 married to Sally E Watson. Sally’s mother is Susan Bryant, dau of Synthia M P Adkins b1813, dau of Jesse Adkins b 1791 and Nancy Anna Adkins b1794. Jesse’s parents are Littleberry 1767 and Nancy b1767. Can anyone confirm me, possibly. I am new at this. Thank you for all your hard efforts.

  62. Brandy Says:

    Okay-Sheila. It is amazing what you guys have come up with. And it is an awesome rush of emotion when you do the research. Unfortunately, I have found that the families had to move from one place to another trying to avoid turbulence and it anguishes me that it has made the links more challenging to piece together. My family went thru this for years- from VA to NC.. back and forth and who knows where else. Thank you so much Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf; I will be waiting to hear from you.

  63. Brandy Says:

    Toni D you know if you have any Mealeys, Cooleys, or Banks in your family? My great aunt Mary Watson Mealey. married into our family, and they were from Charles City & New Kent Counties… VA, also.

  64. Lisa Says:


    I have been trying to track possible Indian heritage via my Adkins tree. I saw in your posting (#12) where you refer to me g grandfather Frank (John Francis) Adkins. I have photos on my ancestry website if you want to check that out. I was wondering if you have found any Indian heritage that would trace back to me from that Adkins line?

    Virginia d/o
    Ollie Henry s/o
    John Francis s/o
    Lavisa d/o
    Absolom Apperson

    For a long time I was confused because I was only finding ggPa Frank only living with “Apps” Adkins. Then I found some written docs I received from my Aunt that showed Franks mother as Lavisa. Whew! To make matters worse, my gmother Linda (who married Ollie Adkins) was born an Adkins and married WL Adkins. I have no idea who WL Adkins is…

    Still trying to sort that out! LOL

    I love your site. I hope to get this tree in order soon.

  65. Sheila Says:

    Well if you hit App’s then you’ve hit pay dirt. LOL Not sure why you’re looking for Indian heritage there but it’s there;if you go on up the tree. See App’s family tree. I have a pic of App’s and Delilah I’m trying to get restored and verified. I can’t wait to show it.

    Thanks for your comment and Welcome to the Family,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  66. Hello,
    I have 841 Adkins on our family tree, and I feel certain we all are related. Most of them are born 1840’s and back.
    Alot of the names on the threads above are on our tree!
    Hi, this is Toni Goodrick of Ohio.

  67. Brandy,
    Hi, it’s Toni Goodrick.
    There are no Measeys or Cooleys, but I have 8 Banks, Minta, Mary A, Mollie, Joseph, Bradford, Jesse C., and Francis. All were born in Georgia, except Francis who was born in England.

    Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, did ask for a follow-up.

  68. Sheila Says:

    Okay, I guess it’s my turn to hone in here. I do have a thread on the blog with the answers to both of your questions. I know it’s difficult sometimes to find them. I’ve been up to my neck in adding the new people lately so spend much time on the past ones, I have already listed. I’ll try to do more later.

    Thanks for your comments and Welcome to the Family,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  69. Teresa Blankenship Lawler Says:

    If anyone is interested i have a very old photo of an Adkins family that is part of my family tree, email is
    photo was dated 1906 Kentucky

  70. Linda Anderson Says:

    I am descended from William V. Adkins through his son, Richard. My Adkins ancestors ended up in Eastern KY. I have done DNA testing with and have found some DNA cousins with Adkins ancestry. My maternal tree has quite a few Adkins in it and some cousin marriages. Anyway, My 2nd great-grandfather was named Henry Adkins. He lived in Elliott Co. KY and his daughter, Mary Frances was born in 1873. He was possibly married to a Jarrell. I haven’t been able to tie him in to the rest of the Adkins. If you or any of your readers might have info about this, I’d very much appreciate learning it. I just found your blog but I am finding a lot of useful informaion here. Thanks for your hard work.

  71. Malinda Cains Says:

    I was wondering if my records are incorrect, or if there is a story here. I show that William V. Adkins (Atkinson), married to Elizabeth Parker and their son, Parker V. Adkins all died on or around March 15, 1784. Anyone?

  72. Linda Anderson Says:

    I have William V. d. 1754, Elizabeth Parker d. 1733, and Parker V. d. 1792. I have William V. with a 2nd wife, Mary by which he had a daughter, Mary b. 1735. I don’t know how accurate these dates are, but I don’t think they all died the same year.

  73. Lisa Says:

    Hi Sheila,

    From above post 68:
    “January 10, 2010 at 8:47 pm
    … I have a pic of App’s and Delilah I’m trying to get restored and verified. I can’t wait to show it.”

    Please let me know when you have the photo restored and verified. I’m excited about seeing them.
    The photo I have of Frank (John Francis) and Delilah’s family that shows their daughter Fannie. We Look verrrry similar. The photo is posted on my tree at

  74. Shame on you for creating another terrific post! Awesome stuff, keep up the good work. I see a lot of potential!

  75. Carolyn Pigg Says:

    Hello Sheila,

    I really hate to ask this of you, but my eyes are very infected. And I hate to admit it, but I can’t remember my own Adkins family.

    My Drive in my computer died and we are trying to find a new one. Chris took one of his out of his computer and put it in mine. Thank goodness.

    Could you send me my information?

    How have you been?

    I have been seriously ill with my only Kidney, please pray for me.

    Email me. Carolyn Pigg

  76. Sheila Says:

    Dear Carolyn,

    I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been so sick. I hadn’t heard from you recently so I was wondering if how you were. I’ll continue to pray for your illness. As you know my sister only has one kidney so I do understand what you’re going through.

    I’ll try to separate your line up to Sarah Adkins, if I can. I’ll send you a print out of that strain. Wish me luck it may take me a day or two.

    What software are you running? FTM? I don’t have a mild strain for FTM mine contains all 31K people. My Adkins 2007 file is almost as big, and there are too many corrections to send that one.

    I’ll do my best, I do hope you get better soon, keep me posted.

    Best Wishes,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  77. Carolyn Pigg Says:

    Hello Sheila,

    I found this on the Internet

    Ster-003 Coin Silver Teaspoon, Jacob Harley
    Antique coin silver teaspoon marked Jacob Harley / Pure Coin. Has L M R engraved on handle. Spoon is 5-1/2 inches long, nice condition. Price INCLUDES USA shipping.

    the url is above, if you are interested in he silver teasponn with Jacob Harley.

  78. Sheila Says:

    Dear Carolyn,

    You do realize that this is a file on your personal computer (C/:). To access it I would have to access your home computer.

    You’ll need the http:// link to share.

    Thanks as always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  79. Cynthia Strader Says:

    I am also an Adkins descendent. I have found conflicting information regarding Jesse Adkins Sr. son of William V. Adkins Jr. or son of Henry Adkins his brother. Were there two Jesses? One was born in 1752ish and the other was born in 1762 both in Halifax Co., VA. If so, who was the father of Spencer Adkins who married Annie Powell who are the parents of Louisa Adkins?

  80. Debbie Adkins Weddington Says:

    Absolom Adkins was my ggg grandfather. I would love to have a picture of him and Delilah Elswick Adkins.

    My father is Felix Adkins son of Emerson Adkins. Emerson Adkins is the son of James Henry Adkins. James Henry is the son of William Riley Adkins. William Riley is the son of Absolom Adkins.

    Just got interested in researching Adkins family. Apparently, you have a great deal already researched. Can I find the info you have on the web?

  81. Sheila Says:

    Dear Debbie,

    That makes us 4th cousins once removed.
    I would love a picture of App’s myself. I don’t know of one in existence today. I have my 1 & 2 X Great Grandfather’s, Jasper and his father Lewis with their wives. I’ve not heard of anyone owning a pix of App’s, anywhere. Do you know who has it? or where we could obtain it?

    My dad’s cousin Alice has all my Great “Uncle Ben’s” pix but no one knows who they are of. So she may have one. but without someone knowing who he pic was of… they are just that old pix. Keepers just the same.

    At this point, I’m ready to start digging and have pay for an artist rendition. jk

    Emerson Adkins is the “conflict” Adkins. Since Riley was the baby and he named his son Emerson, Joel & Rachel Emerson Adkins (down from “Parker”) descendants claim that App’s was their son and not Thomas & Olivia Morgan Adkins. The families split at this point. I think they we very closely related, even inner marring that the lines got very blurred at that stage. But we are tied to both lines. The DNA proves that we go back to William V but short of digging Apps. Thomas and Joel up… the paternity will remain about 50/50.

    I was told Thomas Adkins. And as you know names cycle in a family, but I named my youngest son after my aunt Sadie Ross(who is my mom’s first cousin, not really an aunt – long story) who never changed her last name. Even after 5 marriages, she retained her maiden name. So it is proof that we are related just not the son of, not in any way definitive proof.

    Thanks for your comment and Welcome to the Family,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  82. Debbie Adkins Weddington Says:

    Hey Cuz,
    On blog 76 someone named Lisa says they have a pix of Apps and Deliliah and are having it restored and verified. That was in January. Maybe it’s completed now. Dad (Felix) says that my Aunt Stella has a pix of William Riley. I’ll try to get a copy. I’m also trying to locate his grave. It appears he was buried in Wheeler Cemetery in Magoffin Co. I plan to go there this weekend. Is there an Adkins book out there with the stories about our family? I would like a copy if there is.

    I’m confused about the Emerson “conflict”. Emerson was the son of James Henry. James H was the son of William Riley. I was thinking that Emerson was named after Joel’s wife Rachel’s last name Emerson. Thereby carrying on his grandma’s last name “Emerson”.

    Do you know where Apps and Joel are buried? Looks like Joel died in Morgan Co. If you don’t know, I’ll go check out the historical records in West Liberty.

    Thanks for the reply. Debbie

  83. Sheila Says:

    There are a lot of Adkins’ books, I’ve named a few on this blog. Ron Adkins wrote one and is about to go to print on another. You’ll have to go to Adkins’ in the list or type book into the search engine and see what I have listed.

    As for their burials: I don’t have either. Joel died 1 Feb 1856 in Morgan, KY. No burial listed. I don’t have an exact death date or burial for App’s. I don’t have a burial listed for him. William Riley was his son and buried in Wheeler. Since most are buried in unmarked graves it may be hard to find. You can ask the caretaker if hey have a record of their graves.

    William Riley was the son of App’s, but I have App’s listed as the son of Thomas and Olivia “Olly” Morgan Adkins. Not Joel. I know someone’s Grandmother told somebody that App’s was Joel & Rachel’ son, but all the studies of his siblings records show that it was Thomas and Olly.

    So the dispute will continue. I also don’t have William Riley having a son named James H. Spouse: Tamson “Tanzy” Adkins 1838 – 1855
    Virginia Ginny Rachael Gillium 1841 – UNK
    Other Spouse & Children
    Sarah Ellen Bolin 1857 –
    Sarah Jane Adkins 1875 – 1946
    Sarilda A Adkins 1876 – 1878
    Do you have a death certificate or other information listing James H as Riley’s son?

  84. Sheila Says:

    Can you get me some dates? I found a Emmerson Lee born 22 Apr 1915 – Pike to Catherine “Kate” Allen and listed on a 1920 census with a father known as JG Adkins.

    Is this the same one?

    I found an Emerson born 8 Apr 1921 in Elliott, to Clara Watson.

    A few others one born abt 1915 living in East Point, Johnson, Kentucky eith James N and Linda Adkins.

    I;m sure there are many more. Do you have that information?

  85. Sheila Says:

    If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can try to see if Todd knows more:

    It may take some time, but he is funny and I enjoy reading his research and spinning yarns. So if you have some extra time to pass, he’s your guy.

  86. Greetings from an Adkins from the I2a haplogroup. Since we have had such success with connecting the Adkins’ dots for our lineage, I had my father do a DNA test which definitively points to his relation to William V. Adkins. Check out and they have group of Adkins families that we’re trying to connect. Turns out that the haplogroup of William V. is different from the other early Adkins families and is from a very distinguishable part of England and also VERY connected to Ireland. With enough Adkins members adding to the research, we may be able to trace the connections. For me the big surprise is that the Mullins-Mullens-Mulluns, etc. has the same DNA line…. Yep, we’re wondering where the hanky-panky came in so now I’m finding that Adkins/Mullins families lived near each other A LOT!! Great stuff and love the blog.

  87. Carolyn Pigg Says:

    Hey Sheila,

    I think I found an Adkins you don’t have, or maybe you do.

    Winwright Adkins. I did a search on him and came up with nothing.

  88. Sheila Says:

    I have Winright “Greasy” Adkins is on my family tree, look on Ancestry at my tree you’ll find him and his descendants.

    Thanks as always,

  89. Linda Says:

    Hi all. I descend from Gladys Adkins, who was the daughter of Ed Adkins and Nancy Ann Montgomery (daughter of Boomer Ben and Eliza Coffee MOntgomery). Ed is the son of Lewis Adkins, who is son of Absolom Adkins and Julian Ann Blankenship.

    Ed had a child born in ARdmore OK in 1907, so is presumed to have been on the KY-OK train.

    I’m interested in the Littleberry Adkins line – if anyone has more info, please let me know.

    Has anyone tied this branch to any of the Indian rolls?


  90. Linda Says:

    Someone had mentioned here that they have photos of Jasper Adkins and family. Would it be possible to have copies of those photos emailed to me?

    Jasper is my ggggranddad’s brother, Ed E Adkins, born October 5, 1874 in Martinsburg, Morgan Co. KY.

    Ed is believed to have gone to Piketon Ohio very late in life (maybe at about 80 years old), and is believed to have died there.

  91. Linda Says:

    Thanks…. Can I also see the photo of Lewis Adkins? That is our common grandfather, I believe. One other question: Do you know the relationship between Tereasy Montgomery and Nancy Ann Montgomery, wife of Ed Adkins?

    To the person looking for info on Winright Adkins, I looked through my folder of Adkins material last night, and I have a Winright Adkins 3/14/1882 – 8/3/1947 buried in the Basil Robinson Cemetery on Greasy Creek, Pike Co., Kentucky. See also the last statement below – it shows that Winright was married to Sarah Boney Adkins, and had a daughter named Nancy, born 1852.

    Buried in that same cemetery, are:
    William Adkins 1856-1901 (Son of Eli and Margaret Adkins, husband of Francis Adkins)

    Beulha Adkins, 3/20/1923 (infant daughter of Duran and Erie Adkins)

    Freeman Adkins 11/24/1934 (infant son of Duran and Erie Adkins)

    Linklin Adkins 12/24/1934 (infant son of Duran and Erie Adkins)

    Janet Lee Adkins 2/7/1934 (infant daughter of Duran and Erie Adkins)

    Jo Ann Adkins 11/3/1946 (infant daughter of Duran and Erie Adkins)

    John Ell Adkins 8/12/1882 – 12/31/1928 (son of William and Francis Adkins, husband of Louisa Hopkins)

    Palmer Adkins 11/10/1907 – 10/31/1925

    Francis Adkins 1892-1951


    Buried at Old/Upper Prater Cemetery:

    Henry D. Adkins

    Hester Adkins 8/15/1889 – 4/4/1924

    Nancy (Adkins) Hopkins, 1852 – 6/28/1929 (wife of Moses S. Hopkins, daughter of WINRIGHT and Sarah Boney Adkins)

  92. Sheila Says:

    I have a photo believed to be Lewis & Delilah from the wallet of my Papaw Kell Adkins, it has yet to be fixed or authenticated. It is in serious need of repair. The ink has faded and the colors have run. It’s covered in blue ink. But you can see their faces.

    Unfortunately, there isn’t anyone who can positively identify them. We’re going on the info from his wallet. I’m sure he knew who they were and could have vouched for it, but I was hoping someone older could maybe place the photo or may have a similar one. But so far no one has came forward.

    I’m reluctant to post it as is. I don’t have permission to do that from my uncle whom gave me the picture.

    So I’ll see where were at on that photo, when next I talk to him. I’m hoping to meet with my dad’s cousin Alice to see if she has any pictures that are similar to this one. I was told that she does possess all of her dad’s/my great uncles pictures.

    So I’m still at an impasse on that one, I’m very sorry.

    My Great-Grandpa Jasper Adkins is buried in Prater Cemetery and cousin Alice decorates all the old graves there, even the unmarked ones; some that she can’t remember who’s even in them. But knows that her mom & dad decorated these when they were alive. She is greatly to be commended for all her efforts.

    I wish the cemetery had kept better records over the years. Maybe the next time you’re there, you can look her up.

    Thanks for your comments and Welcome to the Family,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  93. Sheila Says:

    As for Tereasy Montgomery, her mother Jane was the sister of Ben Montgomery, thus making her and Nancy Margaret Montgomery Adkins – first cousins. There seems to be some misunderstanding about Nancy’s middle name. She was named after Ben’s mother Margaret B aka Peggie Montgomery. The Indian website has her listed as Nancy Ann and I’m not sure why, I guess that was one of those things that just stick or who know, that could be in there too. But all of her paperwork show her as Nancy Margaret born abt 1879. I’ve never found a death date for either one of them. If they passed away in Ohio, that could explain it, since I’ve only looked in KY and MO.

    Thanks as always,

  94. Linda Says:

    Thank you… I was wondering if you know the relationship between Tereasy and Nancy Ann Montgomery (wife of Ed Adkins, Japser’s brother)?

    Also, what is the relationship between Kells Adkins, and Ed and Jasper?

    I live way up in Maine, and have never been down there to that part of Kentucky. I was hoping to talk my mom into visiting there this summer, and if we do, I’d love to look your aunt up.

    My Boomer Ben Montgomery (Nancy Ann’s father) is buried at Prater Cemetery, near Hammonds Fork of Rockhouse Creek. Is that the same Prater Cemetery that you had mentioned? Do you have any photos of the headstones by any chance?

  95. Linda Says:

    Thanks for the info on Nancy. The only info that I have on her, besides my mom’s memory (she just knew her as ‘Nan’), comes from the Coffee Cousins website – where someone listed the children of of Boomer Ben MOntgomery and Eliza Coffee.

    What is the ‘indian website’ that you refer to? It could be that some of my searching has been in vain, since I have only known her middle name as Ann.

    My mom remembers her grandfather, Ed, being in Ohio at the end of his life, but she never mentions that Nancy was with him.

    Their daughter, my grandmother Gladys, married young in Piketon, Ohio, and we always wondered how she ended up there, since she always said that she was from Magoffin County. I guess that the whole family could have moved there early on – so Piketon and the surrounding area would be a great place to start looking around for that information.

  96. Linda Says:

    Ooops, have to take back some of that info. I have researched quite a bit of my mom’s side of the family – but have left it for about 10 years while I researched my dad’s family. So now, I’m just reopening one of the folder’s that I have on my mom’s side. I do have Nancy Margaret – that info came from Todd, at the Magoffin County H.S. He guessed that she married edd about 1899. They appear on the 1910 Magoffin census, but disappear after that – they are not on the 1920 census. My grandmother was born about 1913 – so I’d assume they were in Ohio sometime between 1913 and 1920 when that next census came out.

    What was the Indian website that you referred to? My mom remembers Nancy being Indian, but I haven’t found that information anywhere to confirm it.

  97. Linda Says:

    One other bit of info – the 1900 Magoffin census shows the Boomer Ben family, with Ben’s mother Margaret living in the household. She was born in March 1816, herself and her parents showing born in Virginia.

    On the same census (household #178), is the Jasper Adkins family. His mother-in-law, Jayne is listed there as well, showing birth in May 1843, and widowed by the time of the census.

    I’m sure you probably have all of that information. It’s a little more detailed that what I put here, so if you don’t have that info, let me know.

    Since you still have ties to the area, do you know if these homes (#176 for Boomer Montgomery, and #178 for Jasper) still exist, or do you have a more formal address so that I can view them on a map?

    Thanks! Hope I’m not bothering you.

  98. Sheila Says:

    All of the information you have there is listed some where on this blog and lots on mt family tree @

    I’ve been working on Portelia Eliza Jane “Tealia” Adkins Mefford. The daughter Ed & Nancy with 6 known children Lillie M 1911, Mattie E 1913, William Dell 1913-1984, James Lewis 1919-1975, David 1921-1941 and Annie Merey 1922. What do you know about this family?

  99. Sheila Says:

    PS: You’re never a bother. I live for this stuff. I’d rather be hunting for headstones than breathing. The link to the Indian website is marked Indians on the side of my blog:
    it tells of the entire family’s journey to Oklahoma, except for the why’s?

    All of Ed’s children were born in Magoffin,KY, went to Ardmore and then back to KY and on from there. I’ll try to track them down in Ohio.

    Thanks again for all of your comments,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  100. Sheila Says:

    Dear Linda,

    Can you share Gladys family tree with us; like Marriage info and death dates?


  101. Linda Says:

    Hi… That’s interesting about Tealie, because the story my mom tells, is that that Tealie was killed by her brother Kearney when she was about 6 years old as she climbed down from the school bus (accidental). I never looked anything up on Tealie because I just assumed my mother’s story was correct.

    But here is what I have on Ed Adkins’ kids (as I said, this folder has sat untouched until last night for the last 10 years, and I never really got started, just bits and pieces of info). Your site inspired me to dig it out.

    Children of Ed and Nan:
    Charley 1902 – 1962
    Kearney 9/29/1907 – 7/21/1967
    Gladys Feb 11, 1912
    Clyde 1910/11, d. March 3, 1972

    I have that Charlie was born in Oklahoma. I used to speak to one of Charlies’s daughters, Cookie. She told he was born there. But Charlie was born in 1902, before the train, so I’m not so sure. They were back in KY for the 1910 census, so they didn’t stay out there but a few years at most.

    My notes say that Kearny was born in Elliot Co. KY, died in Fayette Co in Lexington of Luekemia at age 59, SS#276-14-8533.

    My mom remembers, and Cookie states, that Clyde lived near or in Chicago, but Cookie also places him in Savanna, Illinois.

    Some disjointed notes that I have from Cookie is that her uncle Kern’s first wife was named Carmie. My mother is named after her. Kern and this wife are buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Posttown, Ohio (near Middletown). Kern is Grave 4, lot 126. Clyde is grave 5, lot 126. Cookie says these are all unmarked graves.

    I’ll post about Gladys’s family below.

  102. Linda Says:

    Gladys Adkins was born in Magoffin County, KY on Feb. 10 1913. She died in Lexington, KY on February 18, 1983. She is buried in Owingsville (Owensville?) KY. She married 1st to William Henry “Comeback” Zimmerman in Piketon, Ohio.

    She was Will Henry’s 2nd wife, he was a bit older than she was. His first wife was named Marena Peters, with whom he had the following children: Winona d. 2001, Fanny alive in Baltimore area 2010, Eugene, Frank. Eugene and Frank are deceased.

    Will Henry was born May 16, 1902, d. 1970. Will Henry and Marina Peters Zimmerman are both burioed at Bailey’s Chapel, Scioto Township, Pike Co.

    Will Henry is the son of Franklin Elmer (b. New Castle Indiana 9/15/1873, d. 1927) and Sarah Anne (Dillard) (b. 3/6/1872 in Shyville, Pike Co, Ohio). Franklin Elmer married 2. Eliza Benett.

    Franklin and Sarah Anne Dillard are buried at Bailey Chapel Cemetery, Scioto Twnshp, Pike Co., Ohio.

    Children of Franklin Elmer and Sarah Anne Dillard are:

    1. Lilly (d. 10/6/1913)
    2. William Henry Comeback (b. 5/16/1892, d. Feb 1970)
    3. Corbett (married to Mary Elizabeth “Liz” Blakeman. The info above comes from their Bible)
    4. Oris
    5. Dewey (known as ‘Dude’, b. 9/9/1905, d. 8/4/1951
    6. Tina
    7. Violet (alive in 2001, living in Mechanicsburg, OH)

    Children of William and Gladys (Adkins) Zimmerman are:

    1. Carmie Gladys Zimmerman, b. 8/31/1931 – living, married to John C. Rideout b 12/30/30, of Dorchester, MA, living). Children: Constance Susan; John C. III; Helen L.; Linda L.; Daniel E.. All children living in 2010.

    2. Virginia Zimmerman, living in Ohio, married to Joseph Bond. Child Joseph, living, OH.

    Gladys left Will Henry with their children, and went on the road as a dancer (I’ve heard she was part of Gypsy Rose Lee’s group), which during that time, was a bit scandalous.

    She married 2nd to Estel Long.

    I don’t know much about him, except they were together when grandma Gladys died (I went and stayed with him for a few days in KY after her funeral). He had ties to Texas, and I know that they lived for some time in Texas, Ohio, and Kentucky.

    They have 1 child, Deborah, still living, I believe in Texas.

  103. Linda Says:

    Update as I go through my Zimmerman records:

    Charley Adkins died in Middleton, Ohio.

    Now I’m looking at Gladys’ birth certificate – her parents were living in Cisco, KY at the time of her birth. Ed’s occupation was listed as a ‘farmer’, whose birthplace was Elliot Co., KY.

    I have photos of Gladys, her brothers Frank and Gene, and her daughters Carmie and Ginny… my scanner is on the blink – as soon as I can, I’ll send them along.

  104. Linda Says:

    I’m sorry, I meant Gladys’ step-SONS Frank and Gene.

  105. Linda Says:

    One other thing: I checked your Boomer Ben page, and it lists someone that I’ve never heard of as his father.

    Todd, from the Magoffin Co. H.S. told me that Boomer Ben’s father’s name is Alexander ‘Sanders’ Montgomery.

    Where did your source come from?

  106. Linda Says:

    I feel so bad continually posting here… lol

    But in reference to the KY-OK train, I’m the one that gave Mr. Caudle the info on Ed and Nan being on the train – due to his child being born in Ardmore – I believe that was Kearney, born in 1907, confirmed by his niece, Cookie (Karen).

  107. Sheila Says:

    Not a problem, please post as much as you want.

    I don’t know for a fact that Ben’s father was James Howard. I was going by the assumption that all of her children were sired by the same father. Jane’s father was James Howard and another was Ruben. I guess its possible that she hooked up with three different Howard’s… multiple baby daddies? Was she ever married to Sanders? She claimed to have been married 3 times, but we’ve never found a hubby and their birth certificates read illegitimate. So I just assumed that she was his mistress.

    Portelia went by “Eliza” Jane and she is alive in 1920’s with the family at age 15. I only found one daughter Ada that died young approx age around birth and Ura at 6 (see bottom). I can’t find any mention of another daughter’s that have passed away.

    As for John Clyde – I couldn’t find an Ohio death certificate or Social Security death for that date. Do you have a death certificate for him? I used the SS from Clyde in Chicago, Cook, Illinois but left your death date.

    I have a Wana M Adkjns but no Sarsy – are they the same person?

    Birth certificate lists child as “Ura” and death as M L so I wrote: Ura M L Adkins #
    * 4 Aug 1918
    * in Wolfe, Kentucky #

    * 8 Oct 1924
    * in Boyd, Kentucky
    She died at age 6 years 2 months and 4 days; lists cause of death from wounds accidentally inflicted by brother. Mother Nancy M Montgomery.

  108. Sheila Says:

    Charles death say he was born in 1902 so that was before Oklahoma. He died 20 Jun 1962 in Middletown, Butler, Ohio

  109. Sheila Says:

    He is listed as John Clyde on my tree as per all census records.
    Social Security Death Index
    about Clyde Adkins
    Name: Clyde Adkins
    SSN: 302-03-5728
    Last Residence: 60622 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States of America
    Born: 7 Apr 1910
    Died: Feb 1972
    State (Year) SSN issued: Ohio (Before 1951)

  110. Sheila Says:

    I found one interesting Military name:
    Name: Cleo N Adkins
    Birth Year: 1909
    Race: White, citizen (White)
    Nativity State or Country: Kentucky
    State of Residence: Kentucky
    County or City: Whitley

    Enlistment Date: 12 Jan 1944
    Enlistment State: Ohio
    Enlistment City: Cincinnati

    Not sure who this was.

  111. Linda Says:

    AS far as I know, Margaret did not marry to Sanders Montgomery. There is a book published by the Magoffin HS that supposedly has alot of info on Sanders, but I don’t have a copy. The wife that I know Sanders had was an Eddington woman, I never saw any other name. Todd believed that Boomer Ben was illegitimate. The list of children for Sanders shows a ‘son’ Montgomery – no further info, and that usually refers to a deceased child, so who knows.

    I do have an email from JE Salyer, that gives me the 1910 census info on Ed’s family:

    Adkins, Ed. E. age 35, married for 10 years to Nancy Margaret Montgomery age 31, having bore 5 children with 4 living. Charley, age 8; Tealia, age 5; Sarsy ? (m) age 2, and John, listed as age 0.

    No, I don’t have a death record for Clyde. I’ve never heard him called John, that surprised me, as my list of Ed’s kids has Clyde being the last born, so I guess that could be the John referred to on the 1910 census. If he was in Illinois, maybe that is where to look for his death. Cookie was very explicit with her information about where he is buried- so maybe he died in Illinois, and was moved to OH for burial? Or, Cookie could mean one of the other children was buried there. My mom has contact with Cookie from time to time, so I’ll see if I can get that straightened out.

    About Tealia – I have NEVER heard that name. I know that Eliza Jane was the name of Boomer Ben’s wife, Ed’s grandmother. So, it makes sense. Who did Tealia marry, and where was she later in life?

    I have no idea who Wana or Ura are??? That last sentence about dying at age 6 by wounds inflicted by her brother – that is consistent with the story my mom tells – the story is that she was shot by accident by Kearney as she stepped off the school bus.

  112. Linda Says:

    I don’t know who that Cleo is. I believe Kearney to be the one who was born in Ardmore in 1907. Maybe Kearney is Sarsy? The ages would be almost right, depending on when in 1910 the census was taken.

  113. Linda Says:

    Oh, info that I have on Charlie – died in Warren County, OH. Not sure if I gave you that info already?

  114. Sheila Says:

    His family lists William C Zimmerman born 16 May 1892 in Pike, Ohio but with these parents.

    I will leave your birth date and double check his earliest census.

  115. Linda Says:

    Not sure I understand what you mean – Cleo lists William C as his father?

    Let me know what you turn up. I’ll verify with my mom.

  116. Sheila Says:

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I have a post on Ed. I wish all of these comments were listed under that post for others to reference.

  117. Sheila Says:

    No, I just found a Military post for a Cleo of that age, I was trying to link them. I was just wondering if you knew who that was?

  118. Linda Says:

    My mom doesn’t know anyone by the name of Cleo –

    William Comeback’s middle name is actually Henry, so the reference to William C may be another William altogether. I have not seen Will Henry’s birth certificate – so I’m not sure that “Comeback” is actually formal, although my mom swears that IS his name….

    She also states that his birth date is May 16. She feels certain of that – my sister is the 15th, and my grandfather on my dad’s side is the 15th, so that is how she keeps them straight.

    I’ll post further Ed Adkins info on the other page from now on…

  119. Ola Barone Says:

    Sheila, You stated you have Farmer A. Adkins on you family tree. The one and only time I have for him is when he married my paternal grandmother Eliza Lemaster (Arrington) Adkins in 1898 in Johnson County KY, where he stated he was age 31, b. in Elliott County, KY and his mother was named Columbia Adkins, b. in Morgan County, KY; and his father is UNKNOWN. I’ve checked Elliott County, but cannot find anything on him, or his mother. He disappears before his son Ervin Adkins (age 7 on 1910 census for Little Gap, Johnson County) is born. This Farmer A. Adkins is my one missing link; and I’m getting frustrated in trying to track him. Do you have any lead you could pass to me?

  120. Sheila Says:

    Dear Ola,

    I’m sorry, but I’ve checked everything on my tree and what I could find on Eliza, she was married to him, she used his name, but they never lived together as far as I can tell. I’ll look for more info tomorrow. Maybe someone else has some information. I’ll try and follow up with others.

    Sorry, I couldn’t be more help.

    Thanks as always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  121. Ola Barone Says:

    I’ve been checking again on the two (or so it appears) Virginia Columbia Adkins; one born in 1829, in Pike County, and called Jenney, or Jane, and her father and mother are listed as Thomas Adkins and Olivia (Olly/Ollie) Morgan. That would make her a younger sister of John M. Adkins (1806-1865). The other appears on the 1850 Morgan County, KY census as Virginia, 17 years old; and on the 1860 census as Columbia, age 27; ages consistant. On that same, 1860 Morgan County census, is listed a 3year old male named Richard; making him born in 1857. I’ve not seen another Richard, in the Adkins line, but it is a first name seen in the Whitt line; except I had a message some years ago from a current Richard Whitt, that this is not the line of Adkins in his family. His “Whitt” family moved away to either Missouri, or Arkansas.
    My search for Farmer A. Adkins, is I’m afraid coming to an end. He has not appeared on any public records that I have accessed. And, professional researchers are beyond my financial reach; so, I wish you well on all that you accomplished, and thank you for opening your records on and your web site, to the public.
    Ola (Lemaster) Barone

  122. Sheila Says:

    Dear Ola,

    I have thirteen Richard Adkins on my tree alone. I’m still trying to find where that other line goes. Thomas had Richard “Caswell” Adkins. He went by Caswell, I have no idea why. He didn’t have a daughter named Jenny. Now William California Adkins & Piety Adkins and had
    Name: Virgie Adkins
    Father: William C Adkins
    Mother: Piety Adkins
    Birth:18 Apr 1874 in Elliott, Kentucky
    Residence: Elliott
    And she appears as Virginia on the 1880 Elliott County Census w/ California & Piety.

    Now California’s first wife was Alsey Whitt married in 1845. They had 3 kids before she passed away in 1852. I just assumed in child birth. Then he married Piety Adkins in 1856 and they had 10 known children. The last being a Virginia – born Vergie.
    The family had since moved from Morgan to Elliott. Piety died in 1899 and in 1900 William California has moved in with his son Cox. Cox married Mary Jane Whitt on 28 Dec 1877 in Elliott.

    Tennessee Virginia Adkins was the d/o John Morgan & Sarah Adkins

    Wife: Virginia C. Adkins
    Husband: James Whitt
    Marriage: 19 Nov 1857 – Morgan, KY
    She did go by Jane C Whitt.

    I’ll keep looking.

    Thanks as always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  123. Just a note…when researchers see a “move” of their ancestors from Morgan to Elliott, it’s probably NOT that. Elliott County was formed in the mid 1800’s from parts of a few counties…one being Morgan. Also, Elliott County’s court house burned down twice so lots of records were irrevocably destroyed so u have to be creative and look at more “state-wide” lists. And, I would suggest that you direct your CSI work toward the name – Farmer – it may have an equivalent that you haven’t thought of. I was once stuck on a “Carr” Adkins until I found out it was a nickname for Hezekiah…yep…-kiah with an accent sounds like Carr to a census taker! Once I broke through that, the family line opened up greatly. Our Adkins line is also connected to the Whitt line including Virgie.

  124. David Adkins Says:

    What a great blog!!
    I’m hoping someone here might be able to help me.
    I lost contact with my dad (Adkins) and his side of the family long ago, but I’m trying to piece together what I can of our history to pass on to my son.
    So far I haven’t had much luck.
    Here’s what I know:

    My Father: David Charles Adkins
    from Huntington, W.Va (b.1950 d.1999)
    His parents: Strauther and Stella Adkins
    Strauthers Parents:
    Allen and Grace Adkins

    Here’s a link to an obituary of one of Strauthers(my grandfather) sisters:

    Anyway..maybe somebody out there can point me in the right direction.

  125. Sheila Says:

    Dear David,

    Please see today’s post for your family tree information and if I can be of any more assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Thanks as always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  126. Stan Adkins Says:

    I live in the Kansas City area, raised in the St. Louis area. My father was Harry Stanley Adkins II, I am the III, My grandfather was Sr., his father was Ameriahn and was born in Carroll County Missouri, his father was James Adkins, born in Kentucky in 1815 or 16. I have discovered there were many many Adkins’s in Kentucky even in the early 1800’s and there were several large Adkins families living in Missouri very early in our states history, but more interesting was the fact that there were many large Adkins families living around Grand River Township in Carroll County Missouri as far back as the 1840 census, which was the first census in Missouri. Based on my research a lot of folks migrated to this west central part of the state out of St Louis, coming down the Booneslick trail to Albert Boones (Daniels grandson)salt licks and mines located in what is now Saline County just east of Carroll County.

    My question is, do you have information as to when and if our families join up somewhere down the family tree?

    Thanks, Stan Adkins
    (Harry Stanley Adkins III)

  127. Sheila Says:

    I found a family tree with pix and all that info on it. James Adkins Born: 22 Jul 1815 and Died: 22 Oct 1903 in Pulaski County, Missouri. Burial: Friendship Cemetery. Married: Nancy Hines Simpson Born: 21 Jun 1819 in Adair County, Kentucky and Died: 14 Aug 1921 Pulaski County, Missouri. Burial: Friendship Cemetery. Married around 1839.

    Together they had Amariah Simpson Adkins B: 05 Oct 1861 Missouri D: 18 Nov 1940 Alamo, Hidalgo, Texas. Married: Sarah “Sallie” Ann Christeson on 11 Mar 1889. Pix & Death Certificate available for Amariah.

    Father of Harry Stanley Adkins SR Born: 30 Jan 1890 in Wayne, Pulaski County, Missouri. Died: Apr 1968 in Beulah, Phelps, Missouri. Married: Marie Florence Gray.

    James Adkins reports that his father was from Virginia and his mother from Pennsylvania but then said VA in a later one. But looking at the children names. Lydia was from Lydia Owen wife of William V Adkins. So I’ll start there.

  128. Sheila Says:

    Walk in the park… Lydia Ellen Adkins was the daughter of James ADKINS and NANCY HINES SIMPSON. James son of William and Mary Hartman Adkins. William and Lydia Owen Adkins. Son of William V and Elizabeth Parker.

    Thanks for your comment and Welcome to the family.
    Best Wishes,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  129. standing bear Says:

    I was wondering who is William V. Adkins and Elizabeth Parker who was Williams parents are? I am a little bit confusse on that matter. Can anyone help that one?

  130. Sheila Says:

    William V. Adkins and Elizabeth Parker Adkins are the Patriarch’s of my/our Adkins’ family. One that almost all of us today, can trace our roots back to. Its believed that John & Elizabeth Bromwell Adkins are William’s parents. There’s no proof of this, but we’re working on that now. Henry is also a possibility so we can’t rule him out.

    I hope this helps.

    Thanks for your comment and Welcome to the Family!
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  131. Elliott Adkins Says:

    Hi, My name is Elliott Adkins and I came across your website while doing family history research. I am a descendant of David Adkins who is the son of Mary Adkins, the one that was supposedly common law wife to Jacob(Harley?). I am trying to determine who Mary’s parents are and needing info going back from there.I have found some good info on your site which I much appreciate.Thanks

  132. Sheila Says:

    I have a post on Mary Adkins it has her family tree. And her later marriage to Thomas Stephens.

  133. Fred Baldwin Says:

    My mother was Edna Pearl Adkins Baldwin bn 1914 from Grundy Va. Her father was John Henry Adkins, mother Eva Louise Kelly from Honaker and Russel County. John Adkins was the son of Serilda Adkins bn 1866 and according to family lore, Joseph Hibbits a prominent figure in Grundy. He was married with many children and remained so. I am told that John and his family were well treated by Joe Hibbits Grandad was always described as a ‘wood colt” Serilda was always described as full Cherokee. Both John and Eva as well as their son Clarence aree all buried in the Hibbit’s cemetary in Grundy. From what I can tell. ” I am no expert and have only just started this” Serildas father was Henry D Adkins bn Ken 1835 & Bethinia Hopkins and Mary Coleman, son of Henry bn 1799 in VA married Elizabeth Thacker, son of Winright bn 1755 mar to Lucy Thacker, son of Henry bn17230,, son of William V bn Mar 1689 amr to Elizabeth Parker. Do you have any data on this line? I can’t get very far bak on the Kelly side, but you have all done great work on the Adkins. I can only trace the Baldwin side back to Jamestown and that took years. most of what I had on the Adkins stopped two gens back until I found you


    Fred Baldwin

  134. Lisa Says:

    Hi Sheila,
    Just following up with you on my response (#65 on this page) to your post (#12 on this page) regarding John F Adkins. He is still in your tree as Apps son but he is Apps daughter Lavisa’s son. Frank is my great grandfather.
    Lavisa married Dennis Adkins (yes married another Adkins, happened a lot, lol) and they had John, who went by Frank. Lavisa (or Vicie) and Frank stayed with her father Apps and mother Delilah for a time while Dennis went to war.
    You’ll find in the 1860 census where Frank and Lavisa are listed in Apps home. Lavisa is listed as Linsey.
    Then by the 1870 census Frank is staying with Delilah just after Apps died and the land was split up. Frank was attached to Delilah so he just stayed on with her. William, Apps and Delilah’s son, is listed as the owner of the land and head of household.
    By the 1880 census Delilah had moved in with her son Eli and Frank moved in with his cousin, Harrison Ford, to work his farm. It would have been nice to have an 1890 census to review!
    Frank finally got a piece of land and was married the next year to Mary Alice Moore.
    I have tried to find a marriage document for Dennis and Lavisa but can’t find anything. I can’t find any record of Frank’s birth either. But that’s not uncommon. Birth’s happened too fast in those remote areas to track efficiently. All I have is the info my family passed on to me.
    If you find that my information is incorrect please let me know. If Frank is Apps son then I am one generation closer to Apps.  And I have a lot of tree editing to do.
    This brings me to another post, in which you mentioned you have a picture of Apps and Delilah you are having restored. How are you coming along with that? And would you be posting that restore in

    Thank you,

  135. Sheila Says:

    John Francis Adkins
    B: 14 Feb 1859 Morgan, Kentucky
    D: 27 Sep 1957 Elliott, Kentucky
    Married Mary Alice Moore
    9 known children

    I posted a pic of Julia & Lewis Adkins,unrestored. And a pic of Jasper & Teresa. I was afraid to send them off. I must not have a pic of App’s. I know there is one in existence, I just need access to it. I’m sorry for the confusion.

    Do you have John Francis Adkins birth or death certificates? The family reports him as App’s son. I know this was a common practice when a child is illegitimate, so I won’t dispute it. Vise married Dennis Adkins so he may have been his father. I need marriage dates to confirm. But would like some type of documentation if you have it. I’ll make the change today, but hopefully, I’ll find something.

    Thanks as always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  136. Lisa Says:

    Thanks for the pic posts.

    I’ve tried to find the birth and death certs for ggpa Frank but with no success. I will contact my kin in Ky and see if they have anything. I will let you know if I come up with something…

    Thank you too,


  137. Sheila Says:

    Dear Lisa,

    I’d really appreciate that. If you could get your hands on a marriage license for Dennis & Vise Adkins maybe that would shed some light.

    Thanks as always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  138. angela adkins Says:

    im neck deep into this geneaology the great great gandaughter of jackson adkins son of “owen of all”i have pictures id like to share with fellow hoping someone would like to share with me..

  139. Sheila Says:

    Dear Angela,

    I’m interested in the pic. Is of of Owen or Jackson Adkins? Either way, can you email it to me?

    Thanks for your comment and Welcome to the Family,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  140. craig Says:

    I know some of these names. Read Roger C. Elliott’s new book (What Back Then Was Like and stories passed on by ancestors)

    His family moved away from Eastern Ky in 1950’s–He mentions being a relative to some of the Adkins (Homer, son of Barber and Laura Skaggs Adkins)
    You can order this book at
    Just type in What Back Then Was Like

  141. Rebecca Says:

    I also have family from Drumright, Oklahoma, in response to a posting from “Paula”, above. My great grandmother’s name was Alpha Atkins (could be splled Adkins, it is spelled both ways in different letters and in our family Bible). She has a brother named Harrison, as well as other siblings, and married in to the Craig family. She married Alva Craig.

  142. Alan J Adkins Says:

    I was hoping you would have some information on a Jonathan Adkins (1803) Married to a Nancy Gibbons. I see you have one of his sons on your tree (Robert Adkins 1869 Married to Eliza Higgenbotham (1869.) They had several children, one being Rhoda (1891.)

    According to my grandfather, Jonathan killed someone in Tennessee and changed his name from something to Adkins and moved to Whitley Kentucky. No one seems to list the parents of Robert Adkins on their tree, so I’m beginning to believe the story.

    If you have any info on this, please contact me

    Thanks for your time

    Alan J Adkins

    Alan (1963)—Robert Adkins (1936)—Thomas Adkins (1894)—Robert N (1869)– Jonathan (1803)–??

  143. […] Adkins « Metcalf Family Mews Now most of all of our Adkins family is from Salyersville, Magoffin, Kentucky,.. and more to find our family history and to record it as accurately as possible… I will check with my father to see what county Sandyhook, Ky is… I have pictures of my gg and ggg grandfathers Andrew and Henry Howard Via Adkins « Metcalf Family Mews […]

  144. LaDonna Keaton Says:

    I am at a standstill for John”Clyde”Adkins’, wife, Cora. He was born 7 APR 1910 in Magoffin Co.,KY and died 27 FEB 1972 in Chicago, Illinois, but was buried in Middletown,Ohio.(cert.#606275). I have nothing on Cora. I only know that they were married before 1930, as their son,Charles Ernest Adkins was born 10 AUG 1930, Middletown, Ohio.

  145. Im trying to locate my great, great grandfather’s parents. His name is Wm.M. Adkins. He was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina on May 11, 1835. A couple note worthy occurances would be that he was in the confederate cav. and he was the husband to alletha Bennett and Sarah Roquemore. Both marriages produced 13 children. No TV

  146. Bev Drown Says:

    I am a direct descendant of Benjamin Adkins. My g-grandfather was Calvin, who married Mary Steele. Calvin’s family went west from Deerhead Cove, Alabama, then came back to Alabama. Then Calvin went back to Nebraska and died there. Glad to see all of the post from people who have the same family line.

  147. Melissa James Says:

    Hello Sheila!
    My family is the Adkins family from Beach Fork West Virginia. My mother is Stella, daughter of Leo Adkins, who is the son of Paris Adkins, who was married to a Susan Adkins. I have traced them back several generation, but I’m not sure how accurate this info is. I think I have connected him to Mary ” Blue Sky” Cornstalk, and also the the “Royal” Adkins’ ( as my uncle calls them). Do you have any information on any of my Adkins’? I have always heard of a lot of Indian blood in my family. Supposedly my great grandmother Susan (Paris’ wife) was part Indian. I know my family members have strong Native American features. Just wondering what info you might have. Thank you so much!!!!

    Melissa (Francis) James

  148. Stan Adkins Says:

    Hi Sheila, Thank you for being you! Words cannot express the excitement and gratitude I feel for you and the work you’ve done – it means so much to me and I know countless others – “thanks again”.

    (I did want to ask a favor if it’s not too much trouble – on my post/inquiry to you on this site dated Aug 19th, 2010 I included my personal contact information including my personal address, could you please delete or erase my address from the published post? – It’s OK to leave my phone number up – it’s worrisome to have my address out there for obvious reasons with all the identity theft going on today. Thanks in advance for your trouble).

    Keep up the great work. You are a blessing in the lives of so many, I pray that God will Bless You Richly. Thanks, Stan Adkins

  149. Stan Adkins Says:

    I see a lot about the Ohio branch of the Adkins clan, and I see a lot about the bunch that went to Oklahoma – but I don’t know or see any information that might explain why or when a very large contingent (my branch) of several extended Adkins families came to Carroll County Missouri pre 1840 (earliest state census shows there were several large Adkins families already there) Can you help – and where and why – exactly did these clans come to Carroll County from Kentucky? Also, it seems during the Civil War some members (James Adkins, father of Amariah) headed to south central Missouri (Pulaski County) where they may have been more Adkins. I hope you can help?

  150. Stan Adkins Says:

    Hi Shiela,

    Hope this email finds you and your family well.

    On your Aug 19th 2010 post in response to my inquiry about my branch of the Adkins family in Missouri, you responded about having a picture or pictures of James and Nancy Adkins, or son Amariah Adkins of Pulaski county Missouri. Amariah is my lost grt Grand father and James is my grt grt grd father. How can I get a copy of these photos?

    I will be excitedly waiting to hear from you.

    Many thanks,

    Stan Adkins,
    (Harry Stanley Adkins III, b. 12/28/55)
    Independence, Missouri
    (Kansas City suburb)

  151. Stan Adkins Says:


    It was so nice for you to take the time to respond to me personally – I know you must have very little time trying to answer all the posts and inquiries you get. I appreciate it very much.

    I sent you another inquiry about your response to my inquiry of 8/19/2010 – You indicated you had a picture, or pictures – of James and Nancy Simpson Adkins, or son Amariah. They all were originally from Carroll County, Missouri but later Pulaski County, Missouri. I’m still trying to figure out how and why so many Adkins’s came to Carroll County before Missouri statehood (1820) – or at least before the first census I could find in 1840? I know the trail west out of St Louis came down what was called the Boones Lick Trace (reference to Daniel Boones grandson’s Salt Lick Mines near Arrow Rock in what is now Saline county, on or near the Missouri River), to a point that is now west of Columbia, Missouri in the middle of the state. It (the Trail) paralled the Missouri River, naturally.

    Two of the local landmarks in the town of Carrollton, county seat of Carroll County today, are two cemetary’s called the “Big” and “Little Adkins” Cemetary’s. I have not been there yet but have talked to local people on the phone and apparently their are literally hundreds of Adkins’s buried their. I thought your readers may want to know this.


    Stan Adkins

  152. Gina Adkins Lipp Says:

    Hi Sheila,
    Was your Thomas Adkins, (Jesse’s son) in Adair County, Kentucky in 1810? Still looking for my gggggggrandfather’s Roland Adkins, connection to William V who we now know is DNA matched to 2 of his sons’ (Richard and Jacob) descendants. Found an 1810 Adair County, Kentucky Census with Roling Atkins (Roland), Absalom Atkinson (married to Nancy Taylor),Isaiah Atkinson, Thomas Atkinson (yours?), John Adkins (possibly Roland’s brother) and William Atkins (possibly Roland’s brothers) Thanks for your help,
    Gina Adkins Lipp

  153. Lilly Says:

    Hi there, I’m on a search to track down who the heck I’m related to. My father was told he was adopted- his name was Douglas Scott Slaney- he died when I was 3. His mother Gail (Lavina) Adkins was his mother. She was the one who told him he was adopted, but we have since found that was not the case…she died 6 months before my father and I don’t have any relatives to speak to. I recently went to the Cook County docs. department and they gave me my father’s birth certificate which included Gail’s name as his true birth mother, it was not amended…I am on…not sure if you can view this tree link- anyhow, by any chance have you heard of Lavina “Gail” Adkins or her family? I know her mother was Atlas Crisp and her father was Robert W. Adkins…any help would be great! I’m trying to figure out who the mystery father was…

  154. Rose Says:

    Hi my grandfather is Joseph Adkins married to Maggie Adkins. Trying to find out more on his family. His mother was Mary Adkins born about 1830 and father not sure but on Joseph death certificate it says Ned Adkins of Greenup County Kentucky. The family says he went by the name Cutty Joe Willard.If anyone can please help me that would be great. Thank you:)

  155. Jennifer Burgess Says:

    I am new to geneology and have found some stuff on however i am really confused. I found the story of Bluesky very interesting and want to make sure that i am on the right path. My mother has said we had indian blood from way back but that is all she new. However she thought that she had it from her mothers side which would be Aliff from wayne county I am the grand daughter of Thomas Willie Adkins son of Thomas Jefferson 1868, son of Alexander H 1841-1893, son of Lemach, son of Hezekiah 1759-1842, son of Parker V 1720-1792. Can anyone help me with this to let me know if i am on the right trial thanks

  156. Sheila Says:

    Dear Jennifer,

    Parker Adkins 1720 Henrico, VA was 1/2 Shawano-Metis – his first wife was Hopia. Hezekiah Adkins was born to her in about 1759 which made him 3/4 Shawano-Hopia-Metis

    Shawano-Metis = Melungeon.


    Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with these terms and to understand how it all works. To be honest, I’m still trying to figure it out. Hezekiah’s children would then move into the like eg: 15/32nds or something that I don’t understand how to mark, but I’m learning.

    Also, I’m trying to figure out how William V Adkins was full blooded Melungeon when the very definition of Melungeon was tri-racial.

    It’s something to ponder this morning and Good luck with your research.

    Thanks as always and Welcome to the Family,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  157. Jennifer Burgess Says:

    sheila thanks for your reply i am even more confused now than ever though im begining to think that i have it all wrong what is meant by eg 15/32nds? I am obviously very new with this. perhaps i should start over from scratch was parker v married to blue sky? do you know the name of his first wife that was hezekiahs mom i think i am from the line of hezekiah. how was parker 1/2 shawnee and 1/2 metis i am so confused but very interested, did i have my line correct from hezekiah down to me or do you know? thank you for your help and thanks for the welcome to the family

  158. Sheila Says:

    Dear Jennifer,

    I’m sorry, I must have thrown you for a loop.

    It’s a lot to take in. You need to pour yourself a cup of coffee and start by reading many of the posts on this blog. Starting with the Adkins Family Feud and then the Parker’s. You can find them by selecting Category:Genealogy:Surname… etc. Adkins or Parker. You’ll find a lot to choose from.

    There are many books out there that talk about this. The only difference it that my blog has changed a lot of it, because of family records. I was once accused by a man of coping his research, when I had never met him, or seen his work. It wasn’t even in print at the time. Then, after reading some of his work, I quickly realized that in my opinion, it was the other way around.

    The Shawnee Heritage II is a book written by Don Greene, in it the book talks about this line as it pertains to the Cornstalk family. See my Chief Cornstalk post for that. Its a lot to hash out.

    The only difference between what he report’s and what my family blog shows is the last name of Parker’s 1st wife. Don Greene has her listed as Mary Jones an Hopia Indian. Thus making all her children, such as Parker Vincent and Hezekiah on down Shawano-Hopia-Metis. His second wife was Mary Blue Sky Cornstalk. Together they had two children: Littleberry and Charity.

    Ron Adkins has two books out and they address the other side of the Beechfork Mary Adkins family. It will take a long time to catch you up. So please start there.

    As for Hezekiah’s family on down. I have some records, but not all. I’m sure that I do have a Hezekiah Adkins’s Family Tree on this blog. Please do read that.

    I know it’s a lot to take in at first. I’ve been at it a long time and it still overwhelms me at times, but we were all where you are at this point once, so we have a great empathy for you and I’m willing to help you as much as I can.

    Like I said, pull up a chair, it’s going to be a long ride.

    Thanks as always and Welcome to the Family,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  159. Jennifer Burgess Says:

    thanks so much sheila i think i need to do a lot of reading and researching

  160. Sheila Says:

    No, thank you, I appreciated your enthusiasm and it has helped me get busy again. I had to fix a few typo’s in my last comment, but that should prove to you that I’m just one person. No staff to help me out. Its usually off the cuff, most days. Luckily for me, I can edit. LOL

    I’m here if you need me and I’m always glad to help.

    Best Wishes,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  161. Sheila Says:

    PS: If you play Farmville, look me up on Facebook, I’m even closer than that. LOL

    Good luck,

  162. Jennifer Burgess Says:

    according to post #7 Dan says that william adkins father was john joseph married to mary davidson however i have that williams parents were john thomas married to elizabeth bromwell and his father as john thomas 1610-1665 from england i dont see ireland in there but perhaps i have the wrong names can you clear this up for me

  163. Sheila Says:

    Dear Jennifer,

    When I first started all of my research, I had thought that Henry Adkins was William V’s father, and kep that in my notes, but after reading a few more documents, I came to believe it was John Adkins. Then I talked to Ronnie Adkins and he said that he thought it to be John & Elizabeth and I didn’t disagree.

    Later, another guy found some records and thought it to be John Joseph. According to Ronnie, there are no records going back that far, so it’s merely speculation at this point. So I’m not changing mine, until we have some kind of real proof.

    Thanks for your comment,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  164. Carie Adkins Westbrook Says:

    I just seen your post #162 that Parker was half Shawano-Metis. Was his mother Shawano? His father was Enlgish, correct?

  165. Sheila Says:

    Actually William V Adkins was Melungeon. Please take a few minute to read some of the Melungeon website that I have links to on the right side of my page. Many of the Adkins family are listed there. I know it’s get complicated and I’m not even sure how all that works.

    Elizabeth Parker his wife was the daughter of Richard Parker and Mitha. Even if Mitha was proven to be Native, that still wouldn’t make up for the 50%. I will admit I don’t understand it all, and am looking for more facts. We’ve been looking for more evidence on her.

    Best Wishes,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  166. Carie Adkins Westbrook Says:

    I’ve been looking too…I’ve came across the names Pinner and Pender for her. But cant at the monment remember exactly where. It does get confusing. For me, It’ sget confusing in that I go back to William V. through his sons Parker and William. There was alot of intermarrying. I read your blog William V. and Me. I really enjoyed it. I think the same things, wondering if the had real thought of the generations that would come after them. This family is a very big, and yes, confusing one. It’s nice for me to meet more cousins, even if distant because my cousin Kevin and I are the last in our “branch” of this tree, neither having children.

    I am curious though why I haven’t really seen anything about or from other Adkins that migrated to TX. My grandfather Lonnie Adkins was born and Seymour, TX and his father Arch William Adkins was also I believe. Of course his father Joseph Preston was born in TN so he is the one that migrated but surely there are others that went with him.

    Sorry for getting off the subject. It all tends to swim around in my head at once, lol. Are you still in belief that William V.’s father was John, or have you found further evidence of him being Henry? In the poat I referred to you said that Parker’s 1st wife was Hopia, I assume you are referring to what taday we call Hopi Indian?

    It is all very fascinating. I’ve found more info in this year than I had in hte previous ten years of my research. So I am very grateful to you and other family researchers to have this information available for others to see and compare.

  167. Gina Adkins Lipp Says:

    I would love to purchase Ronnie Adkins’ book, about the Adkins history. Does anyone know who I could contact?
    Thanks so much!

  168. Sheila Says:

    I just gave him a call. His contact information is on this blog.

    Thanks as always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  169. Gina Lipp Says:

    Forgive me Sheila, I can’t find Ronnie Adkins’ information on this blog…is it under a numbered post or listed somewhere on the sidebar…under genealogy?
    Thanks for your help,
    Gina Adkins Lipp

  170. Sheila Says:

    Dear Gina,
    Here is the link you requested. I noticed that you’ve made your email address visible. Was that intentional or would you like me to remove it?

    Best Wishes,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  171. Gina Lipp Says:

    Hi Sheila,
    Thanks for the information. If you could remove my email, that would be great! Thank-you!!!

  172. I’m searching for the Adkins from Caryville. Anyone familiar with Hannah Adkins? She would be about 64 now, and holds the keys to all of the information I need to get the connections going. I know that she had a young daughter in about 1966 and lived on the mountain with Great-Grandpaw Adkins, off a dirt road that wound around the foot of “the mountain” in an area known as Bear Hollow. Most of the others, Luther, Daisy, Opal, Ruby, Grace, Hazel, Peggy Ann, (HB Pate), Betty Rose (Paul Rutherford), Charlie, Jimmy (pappaw) have all passed away. I lost track when my family moved to Florida.

  173. hi I am new at this. I have no idea of my lineage. My grandfather was Dewey Elbert or Elbert Dewey Adkins and he lived in Lawrenceburg Tn. His dad was John and died in 1929 in Tn. My gdad was born in Feb 1900. Any info on these by chance?

  174. Sheila Says:

    Name: Elbert Dewey Adkins
    Birth: 21 Feb 1900
    Residence: Lawrence, Tennessee
    Other: Lawrence County

  175. new information:
    My father, Bobby Gene Adkins grew up in Caryville and had three sisters, Peggy Anne, Joyce and Betty Rose. His parents were Jimmie Adkins, deacon of the Bear Hollow Baptist Church and his wife, Hazel Lee Wilson, daughter of Michael Wilson and Peggy?.
    Jimmie (pappaw) his father was James Robert Adkins, married to Maggie Bradshaw.
    Aunt Margie,aka Peggy, married Hugh Byron Pate, we called him Uncle HB. Betty married Paul Rutherford, of the same area.

  176. Thank you Sheila. Did you happen to see anything about his Dad John? I know he was born in 1863 and died in 1929. That is all the info I have on him at all. That is as far back as I have been able to get.

  177. Sheila Says:

    Dear Elaine,

    No, I couldn’t tie John to any family there. I’m thinking that when he was younger, that maybe he went by maybe a middle name, or maybe John was his middle name. This is where leg work comes in. You need his death certificate. You’ll need to order that. Since you have a good idea where he lived and possibly died, you should be able to locate the county records office. Just remember that mistakes were made often, so you will need to double check the information.

    Best Wishes,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  178. thank you Sheila. All I have is a picture of his and his wife’s grave and the years they were born and died. He is buried in Bumpass Cemetary there in Lawrenceburg Tn. Again thank you.

  179. Stan Adkins Says:

    Hi Shiela,

    Harry Stanley Adkins III here again from Independence Missouri (Stan) b. 1955 – It appears I have discovered that the father of my grt grt grd father James Adkins (b. 1816 in Adair Co Ky. & d. Pulaski County, Mo 1840) is Joseph (1 or 2). James married Nancy Simpson, as you already know. My lineage you sent me last year didnt show Joseph, rather it showed Wm3 Adkins as his father, but it appears he (Joseph) came from Va to Adair Co Ky and married in 1813 and then fathered James b. 1816. Thanks again for all you do. It’s always nice to email with my long lost and not so distant anymore 7th cousin!

  180. Sheila Says:

    I appreciate that. You’re always welcome to stop by and share some time, coffee or whatever is on your mind. God knows I will. I appreciate the fact that you’re still looking and am always hoping someone will find something new. More pieces to this vast puzzle. I know how important it is for a person to stay in touch with realizing their past and the ancestors hopes, lives and sacrifices that have made it all possible.

    Have an amazing day.

    Thanks as always and welcome to the family,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  181. Gina Lipp Says:

    Hi Sheila,
    Do you happen to have any information on Major Atkins/Atkinson? He was listed in the 1748 Tithables of Goochland County, Va and also received a Rev War land grant in 1783. Does he belong to the William V Adkins family? Major is a name that was carried down in Roland (Harry) Adkins family history.
    Thank-you for your help!
    Gina Adkins Lipp

  182. Roberta Gilbert Says:

    I am looking for documentation of the parents of James Adkins b.22 Jul 1815 Adair Co, KY d. 22 Oct 1903 Bloodland, Pulaski Co, MO. m. Nancy Hines Simpson(21 Jun 1819 Adair Co., KY d. 14 Aug 1921 Bloodland, Pulaski Co, MO) on 13 Jan 1839 Carroll County,MO. I am a gr gr grandaughter by way of Sarah Jane Adkins Haney Hough(b.26 Feb 1859 White Rock, Carroll Co, MO d. 4 Jul 1947 KC Wyandotte Co. KS, and her son Russell Simpson Haney and his son William Robert Haney (my father).

  183. Gina Lipp Says:

    Hi Roberta,
    There is a James Adkins, born July 23, 1815 in Kentucky, died Oct. 23, 1903 in Bloodland, Pulaski, MO, who married Nancy Simpson listed in the Carroll County Roots magazine, Volume 1 Number 2, as the son of William Adkins and Mary ——. The magazine was written by the Carroll County Genealogical Association in Carrollton, Missouri. William was born 1778 in Virginia and moved to Carroll County, Mo with his brothers Roland and Joseph around 1830. There was another brother, John, who died in Kentucky in 1823. Glen Hill (related to Joseph), who works at the Carroll County Library, has put together each of the brothers’ family history. However, has not been able to find documentation of William’s parents. My family is a direct descendant of Roland Adkins, William’s brother. My dad did a 37 DNA test and we are exact matches to William V Adkins direct descendants. There are many posts on that state the Adkins’ brothers are sons of Joseph Adkins (William V’s son), however, there has been no documentation found of this and this family has been researched pretty thoroughly by Ronnie Adkins and others. With the DNA results, we can also be direct descendants of William V’s brothers. Although I’m not ruling Joseph out as the possible father, interestingly enough, there were some Atkinsons listed in the 1810 Adair County Census that may be offspring to Henry Atkinson, William V’s brother. William and his brothers were also there at that time. Hope this information helps!
    Gina Adkins Lipp

  184. Stan Adkins Says:

    Dear Shiela, Roberta Haney-Gilbert and Gina Lipp;

    Hi Cousins!. My name is Harry Stanley Adkins III (I go by Stan), I am grt grt grdson of James and Nancy Adkins of Carroll Cty, Mo. down from their son Amariah, b. 1862 in Carroll Cty, his son Harry, then my father Harry II b. 1928 Waynesville, Mo.

    Last year Shiela sent me my family tree, and I notice that in several generations it seems people (my anscestors) were having children in their 40’s and 50’s for the information in my family tree to be correct. I thought this to be highly unusual and a little suspect. Maybe you could shed some light on that Shiela. I know folks many times had large extended familes with many children, and though the men may have been able to produce children at those ages I suspect the women could not. I wouldnt be surprised either if their were the occasional incestual occurence or an occasional out of wedlock pregnancy which took place where the matron of the household would take a child as her own when it was in fact a daughters child. Could you offer some feed back and your thoughts on the possibility of Joseph actually being James (b. 1816 in Adair Ky) father Shiela?

    It is this idea that caused me to look at the descrepancy in ages, the claim that Wm was James Adkins father didnt seem to be possible given the edvanced age of Wm at the time of James birth in 1816, and which leads me to believe that perhaps Joseph was James father, and Wm was in fact Josephs father. What say you guys to the idea?

    Thanks, Stan Adkins (Harry Stanley Adkins III, Independence, MO – suburb of Kansas City).

  185. Stan Adkins Says:

    Harry Stanley (Stan) Adkins III here again Shiela, Are you aware as to whether anyone has a picture of James and/or Nancy Adkins (James is my grt grt grd father). I have found a picture (thanks to a link you sent me) of my grt grd father, James and Nancy’s son, Amariah and his wife Sara, but would love to have a picture of James. Do you know if one exists? I wonder if anyone in Carroll County, Missouri might have one. He lived till 1903.

    Thanks, Stan Adkins

  186. Sheila Says:

    Dear Stan,

    I do know that the Adkins were living long lives at that time, which I felt was unusual for the time. The average males lived to be 24 years old., but as you can see here: Name: James Adkins
    Home in 1900: Roubidoux, Pulaski, Missouri
    Age: 85
    Birth Date: May 1815
    Birthplace: Kentucky
    Race: White
    Gender: Male
    Relationship to head-of-house: Head
    Father’s Birthplace: Virginia
    Mother’s Birthplace: Pensylvania
    Spouse’s Name: Nancy Adkins
    Marriage year: 1839
    Marital Status: Married
    Years married: 61

    Much older than one would expect. I know Mary Ann Hartman was not his mother, since she died before he was born.

    Mary Ann Hartman (1765 – 1812).

    I’m not sure why I have him placed with that family on my tree. I’m looking thru my notes and am not finding any rhyme or reason that he would have been. My apologies. The only names that he carried on in his children were William, no Joseph’s anywhere. What brings you to this conclusion? I would suspect that he more than likely belonged to William & Mary’s son William S Adkins. I’m not sure at this point as to why the family tied him to them, unless he was estranged of one or both of his parents and raised by another.

    James oldest son was John William Adkins, if they were following tradition, the first given name would have been the name or his or her father and the middle name would have been the first given name of his or her father to insure the oldest inherit, if you concluded this to be true, here in lies the answer.

    John Simpson (1792-1853) Mother Lydia B Hanna (1799-1860) parents of Nancy Hines Simpson, James wife, which would most certainly suggest that William was indeed James father. Now to decide whether or not that, he was the son of William S or William Adkins (1760-1849).

    We do know he took a wife in 1839 in Carroll County and then bought 80 acres on 10 Jan 1840 in that county. Then 40 acres more on 1 Dec 1851. So he was tied to that area.

    In 1840 Grand River, Carroll, MO
    1840 United States Federal Census

    Campbell Adkins Grand River, Carroll, Missouri 2 2 4 4
    George Adkins Grand River, Carroll, Missouri 7 2 9 9
    James Adkins Grand River, Carroll, Missouri 2 2 2
    John Adkins Grand River, Carroll, Missouri 4 2 6 9
    John J Adkins Grand River, Carroll, Missouri 1 2 3 3
    Joseph Adkins Grand River, Carroll, Missouri 4 3 7 7
    Joseph Adkins Grand River, Carroll, Missouri 2 1 4 7
    Roland Adkins Grand River, Carroll, Missouri 4 1 7 7
    William Adkins Grand River, Carroll, Missouri 1 1
    Willis G Askins
    [Willis G Adkins] Grand River, Carroll, Missouri 1 2 3 3
    Lindsey Adkins Dorenda Creek, Carroll, Missouri 2 2 3

    In 1850 District 15 Roland Adkins (abt 1784 Virginia) along with his wife Judith (abt 1785 Virginia) seem to be the oldest male in the area.

    In 1860 George Adkins born 1806 VA, and wife Nancy were living in Carroll County, with their children all with similar and corresponding names, which may help you tie them to the area. Sarah is living there with Reuben, John & William Adkins as well. As is Bailey Adkins (of Wright, Missouri) born 1833 with wife Ann and children. Along with William (Wm) Adkins abt 1778 Kentucky.


    I’m also inclined to believe that Castena L Adkins was a granddaughter or niece rather than a daughter as listed on the 1880 census record.


    If you can go to Grand River and start searching their county records, it will help to see who begat whom, in that area.

    Sorry, I don’t have any more exact answers. Please keep me up to date with your findings. I’ll start a quest for ROLAND & Rolen Adkins in Missouri this week. I’ll see where that leads.

    Thanks as always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  187. Sheila Says:

    Roland Adkins

    Birth 1810 in , Harlan, Kentucky, USA
    Death 1840 in , Platte, Missouri, USA
    son of David Adkins (1754 – 1832)
    and Sylvia Celia Sylvaneous Adkins (1790 – UNK)

  188. re: 191, 192
    These are notes my Aunt Thelma found while researching our family: James & his wife Nancy moved to Pulaski County, MO in 1870 and homesteaded 160 acres near Bloodland, a place called Smith Holler. Friendship Cemetery is located there.

    1850 Carroll Co census #416 James age 33 Farmer $840. KY; Nancy Adkins 30 F KY; Susan M 9 MO; Mary C 7 MO; John W 4 MO; James 2 MO and Nathaniel Martzor 24 M Farmer VA. (?) Parents birthplaces listed as Virginia

    He was born in Kentucky and came to Carroll County, Missouri. We don’t
    know if he came with his parents or alone but he was one of the early pioneer
    settlers of Carroll County and owned land there. The location was about 12 miles
    east of Carrollton and 3 miles west of what was then known as White Rock
    Quarry. Here he married Nancy Simpson and their children were born here on
    this place. He also owned land in the Wakenda bottoms. The land on the hill,
    north, is where their home was. He donated a portion of this land for the Adkins
    Cemetery, named for his family.

    William Adkins sold a farm to James Adkins 1853

    The James Adkins farm and the William Haney II farm joined. James’s daughter
    Sarah Jane later married William Haney II who was her second cousin on her
    mother’s side.
    Chester Haney had a note in his records saying that James Adkins father was
    William Adkins.

  189. re: Nancy Simpson Adkins from my Aunt’s records:
    this article was written by Nancy Adkins for the Carrollton, Missouri Democrat Newspaper. She wrote this article in August 1907.

    In the Twenties
    Bloodland, Pulaski County, Missouri
    At the request of Clark and Hattie McElwee, I write this letter giving my recollection of the early days in Carroll County. I was born June 21, 1819, in Adair County, Kentucky. I am a daughter of John and Lydia Simpson.
    In those days, people had to card and spin and weave cloth to clothe the family except their Sunday suits. They raised flax, wool and cotton, out of which to make their clothing. They cooked on a fireplace in pots, ovens, and skillets. The plates they used were made of pewter, and long handled gourds were raised for dippers. All of the vessels were made of wood and put together with wooden hoops. We made our own sugar from sap of sugar trees; caught the water in troughs, cooked down and made sugar. We bought but very little, never saw any canned goods, and raised everything on the farm.
    Children went bare foot all summer and never wore shoes til Christmas, never drank any coffee. Men plowed bare foot and women went bare foot visiting and took their knitting or sewing and worked while they visited. Men made their own shoes, leather tanned with bark off of Spanish Oak trees. The plows they broke their ground with had mould boards made of wood. They cultivated their farms with shovels and hoes.
    Men would get up as soon as it was daylight and go out to work. Women would spin and weave until eight o’clock, when breakfast was served. Wheat and tobacco were extensively raised. When the wheat was ripe, it was harvested with cradles and the women assisted the men in cutting and shocking the grain. When the wheat was dry, a yard was cleaned off and made smooth on which the wheat was spread and horses rode over it until the grain was trampled out. The straw was raked off and the wheat fanned out b the use of a sheet. In the winter men would build flat boats and pressed their tobacco into hands.
    In the spring when the ice broke up they shipped the tobacco to New Orleans Salt sold for one dollar per bushel and men worked for 25 cents per day.
    In 1829 my father moved his family in ox wagon to Madison, Illinois, and in 1832 he moved to Carroll County Missouri which at that time was a part of Ray County. He stopped at what was known as the Old Jimpson Patch, near where Thomas Gray now lives. That Fall, he built where Edward Wilson now lives.
    At that time game was plenty, prairie chickens, all kinds of wild fowls, deer and turkeys. Men would hitch up a yoke of oxen to a wagon, take their guns, axes and clubs and be gone a day and a night, come home loaded with honey and game. We had to beat the most of our meal. There was mill for grinding corn, and a little store where De Witt now stands. We would exchange furs, deers, skins, bees wax for goods at the store.
    There were no houses where Carrollton now stands. We went to Richmond for a doctor and for our mail. We paid 25 cents for a letter. A man by the name of Louis Rees started the first store in Carrollton in a log house. Then Jack and Morgan put up a log shanty and sold whiskey. Then Dr. Folger settled there.
    My father entered land joining the widow Thomas, cleared the land; built a house, lived there until the death of his mother.
    In 1839 13 January, I was married to James Adkins by William Stanton, justice of the peace. My husband was dressed in white shirt, white necktie, white Marseilles vest, black and brown striped cashmere pants, blue broadcloth coat and fine boots. I was dressed in what was called painted muslin, white stockings, pink slippers, green scarf with white border and tea green gloves.
    Next morning my husband took me home and we went to work. We didn’t have any honeymoon these days; it was all work and no play. When I was twenty-three years old I united with Cumberland Presbyterian Church and was baptized by Abbot Hancock in Big Creek, between Rail Holler and Bosworth, Missouri.
    I am the mother of eight children, four boys and four girls, of whom three girls and two boys are still living. In 1870 we moved to Pulaski County, Missouri and settled on a homestead of one hundred and sixty acres. This was 4 miles north of Bloodland and a mile and one fourth west of Bloodland, a place called Lilly Pond.
    In 1901 my husband fell and broke his hip, which rendered him helpless until the date of his death, October 23, 1903. At the age of eighty-eight years and three months, I am living on the old farm, keeping house, doing my own cooking, and go to town to do my own trading. I still go church, but often think of change has come about since my childhood. Pride and aristocracy are driving religion from men’s hearts and from the pulpit. They are grabbing reaching out for the mighty dollar instead of thanking God for many blessings He has bestowed upon us. Nancy Adkins

    Another item about Nancy Adkins. She dropped a stick of wood on top of her foot and gangrene set in. The doctor came to her home for five days and stripped the skin off, one strip each day and scraped from flesh of someone, members of family, each day for five days. There was no antiseptic and someone had to hold her during this process. She recovered from this and could walk without a cane to the age of 102 years. She also could see people and know who they were until her death. She had a perfect memory. She smoked a clay pipe with crimpled dried Wahoo blossoms in it for asthma in the fall of the year. She was a very tiny person barely five feet tall and weighed around eighty five pounds.

    When Nancy was a year old, John & Lydia Simpson went by ox cart from KY to Madison Co, Ill.(abt 1820) They moved to MO in 1832, to Carroll Co (part of Ray County then). Nancy Simpson and family went back to Madison Co, Ill to get away from southern Missouri until Civil War over, and then moved back to Missouri.

    I have a picture of Nancy at age 102 yrs

  190. Stan Adkins Says:

    Dear Roberta Haney-Gilbert,

    My name is Stan Adkins (Harry Stanley Adkins), James and Nancy were my grt grt grd parents. Their son Amariah, b. 1862 is my grt grd father. I live in Independence Missouri, but was raised in the southern Illinois; in the St. Clair and Madison County area across the river from St Louis, and moved to the KC area in 1985. I have a picture of Amariah and hia wife Sarah Simpson, thanks to the wondersful Shiela Metcalf Adkins (whom I have nominated for “Sainthood”).

    I want to thank you for sharing this article written by my grt grt grd mother Nancy, you have brought her to life for me. My mother and father were seperated and then divorced when i was an infant and I was more or less estranged from the Adkins side of my family my entire life, and always felt like I had no identity to a great extent. My father was killed when i was 6 yrs old so i never really knew him and only have a few vague memories of him. My father had several brothere (8 i think), and I had met a couple of them as a young man in my 20’s, I remember my grd mother Adkins and saw her before she died well up in her 90’s back in the 1980’s – my son got to meet her once at that time when he was very young. I only remember meeting ny grdfather 1 x.

    I was born in 1955 and thanks to you, today is one of the most important days in my life. You have helped me to define in a little greater way who I am and where I come from. You have helped to give me an identitiy which I have been searching for my entire life. I am going to recomend you for Sainthood, right after Shiela Metcalf Adkins!! :-) I kid, but I am genuinely serious in what i say you have done for me – you and Shiela both. Thaks you very much for sharing that article.

    If you have any other information about James and Nancy, or any other part of my family back then, please share that with me. feel free to email me directly at should you email me directly we can exchange phone numbers – I would love for us to have a conversation if that might be possible.

    Last but certainly not least, you mention you have a picture of Nancy. Would you please email me that picture? If you do not have it digitized, perhaps you can mail me a copy? I will provide you with my address if you email me. Are you aware of anyone who may have a photo of James?

    I have only learned of my Carroll County heritage in the last couple years, largely do to the efforts of SMA, and I am planning a trip this summer to Carroll County to go the Cemetary. I want to swing down to Waynesville to Bloodland Cemetary which is on the grounds of Fort Leonardwood now and visist James and Nancy’s grave also.

    One last question is, James’ son Amariah, b. 1862, moved from Pulaski County to Alamo, Hildalgo County Texas and lived there until his death in 1940. Do you have any information why he and his wife woudl have moved there of all places? it’s right in the extreme southwest tip of Texas not far from the Gulf and Mexican border.

    Do you mind if I ask where you live? Thank you for being such a tremendous help in my journey! Stan Adkins

  191. Sheila Says:

    Dear Roberta & Stan,

    Thank you both for sharing what you have. I’d love to blog about this story. I knew the family reported that James was the son of William, but Mary would have died before he was born.

    I still have one question in the back of my mind, I’m thinking James is probably the son of William S Adkins (need history) instead of William Adkins & Mary.

    That’s what we need to tie together. Do you know if there are any Wills on record for them in the county? If so, can we get a copy?

    Thanks as always and Welcome to the Family,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  192. If we could find James birth certifcate, or maybe death certificate, the names should be there.
    Gina Adkins Lipp wrote in 189: “There is a James Adkins, born July 23, 1815 in Kentucky, died Oct. 23, 1903 in Bloodland, Pulaski, MO, who married Nancy Simpson listed in the Carroll County Roots magazine, Volume 1 Number 2, as the son of William Adkins and Mary ——. The magazine was written by the Carroll County Genealogical Association in Carrollton, Missouri. William was born 1778 in Virginia and moved to Carroll County, Mo with his brothers Roland and Joseph around 1830. There was another brother, John, who died in Kentucky in 1823. Glen Hill (related to Joseph), who works at the Carroll County Library, has put together each of the brothers’ family history. However, has not been able to find documentation of William’s parents….”

  193. In one of the letters betwen my Aunt Thelma and Leah Garrison Haney,she said James Adkins had a cousin named George, and possibly a brother named Frank and sisters Margaret (Peggy) and Mary. Gina, could Glen Hill look for James’ death certificates? Missouri digital online records didn’t have Pulaski County. James was born in Adair County, KY

  194. Gina Lipp Says:

    I will email Glen. He has been researching this Adkins family for years. In the Carroll County Roots, it states that William Adkins married Elizabeth W. Brickens on July, 14,1840. Eliizabeth died on Sept. 26, 1851. The following children of William and Mary were as follows:John, George, Margaret, James and Mary. It states that Mary died in 1839….In Botetourt County, Va there was a marriage certificate online that stated William Adkins and Mary Hartman married 1800..Don’t know if this is the same William, as I’m sure there were many Mary Hartmans!..There are also descendants listed of Roland Adkins and Judith Goode, Joseph Adkins and Lucinda Winfrey, John Adkins and Mary, all thought to be brothers.
    Roland is pretty well documented with his marriage to Judith Goode, and his children . I also have a copy of his will from Carroll County. The piece that is missing is who was their father? We can’t find any birth certificates from Virginia. We do know that through DNA we are descendants of the William V Adkins (born 1789) line. Also we are related to the Mullens and Driscolls! That adds a whole new exciting chapter in the Adkins history!

  195. Sheila Says:

    William Adkins

    Birth 1779 in Surry, Surry, Virginia, United States
    Death 1860 in Eugene, Carroll, Missouri, United States

    son of William Adkins (1721 – 1791) and Sarah Cornstalk (1750 – 1784)

  196. Sheila Says:

    Name: Roland Adkins
    Death Date: 18 Feb 1852
    Age: 67 yr., 11 mo., 7 da.
    Cemetery: Bethlehem Christian Cemetery
    Description: Located 3 miles northeast of Wakenda, Mo

  197. Stan Adkins Says:

    Shiela, Roberta and Gina,

    Hello Cousins! Thank you guys for your dedication and your input. It seems that William and Mary Hartman would have to eliminated as James parents; since Mary died before James birth. As you say Shiela, that leads us naturally to William S. I would have to look back to investigate Wm S. – I havent been at this long enough to be familiar with Wm. S. yet. It looks like our hope is currenty in Glenn Hill at the Carroll Co. library and what he might come up with for us.

    Do you guys know if anyone has a picture of James and/or Nancy?

    My personal email is

  198. Sheila Says:

    Wife: Mary Hartman
    Husband: Henry Snider
    Marriage: 13 Sep 1834 – Botetourt, Virginia

  199. Sheila Says:

    Actually, there are two very similar families here. Two William and Mary Hartman Adkins’ each living very close and having two different sets of children.
    William Adkins
    1779 – 1860
    Mary Hartman
    1778 – 1839
    William was the son of
    Joseph Adkins
    1723 – 1791
    Sarah Cornstalk
    1750 – 1784

    I didn’t see that coming. I didn’t realize they both married Mary.

  200. Sheila Says:

    Name: William Adkins
    Spouse: Elizabeth Brickons
    Marriage Date: 14 Jul 1840
    Officiator: Sashal Woods, Minister of the Cumberland Presby. Church
    Carroll County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1833-1856

    Name: William Adkins
    Spouse: Elizabeth Vickery
    Marriage: 14 Jul 1840 – Carroll
    Marriage: 1840

  201. Sheila Says:

    Name: William Adkins
    Spouse: M. Winfrey
    Marriage Date: 26 Mar 1843
    Officiator: Henry Winfrey, M. G.
    Carroll County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1833-1856

    Name: William Adkins
    Spouse: Mammie Winfrey
    Marriage: 26 Mar 1843 – Carroll
    Marriage: 1843

    Name: William Adkins
    Spouse: Manervie Winfrey
    Marriage: 26 Mar 1843 – Carroll
    Marriage: 1843

    Name: William Adkins
    Spouse: Manervia Winfrey
    Marriage: 24 Mar 1843 – Carroll
    Marriage: 1843

  202. Sheila Says:

    Name: William B. Adkins
    Spouse: Hannah Sharp
    Marriage Date: 22 Aug 1852
    Officiator: John Y. Porter
    Carroll County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1833-1856

  203. Sheila Says:

    Name: William Haney
    Spouse: Elizabeth Adkins
    Marriage Date: 04 Mar 1856
    Officiator: Abraham Taggart, J. P.
    Carroll County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1833-1856

  204. Sheila Says:

    Name: William Adkins
    Spouse: Sarah Hill
    Marriage: 8 Jun 1858 – Carroll
    Marriage: 1858

  205. Sheila Says:

    This is exactly why we don’t name our kids William. Just kidding. It will take awhile to figure it all out. But he would have married Mary (Hartman) in Virginia. I did see several Mary Hartman marriage in VA but none to William Adkins. We’re going to need some Wills and death certificates to figure this one out. These families are so similar, that people have confused them for years.

  206. Stan Adkins Says:

    Wow – there was a William-fest in Carroll County in the 1840’s – so many marriages in a 2 or 3 year span were a William!

    I think what you said yesterday Shiela makes sense; James and Nancy’s eldest son was named William John (I believe I ahve that right) taking a name from the paternal and maternal grdfather. based on that tradition, it would seem that James father was certainly a William, and so again it has to be Wm. S. I still have to check out the birth dates and marriage dates on him. Do you have that information? It looks like all the Wm.’s you posted here were married well after James birth so all of those would be eliminated.


    Stan Adkins (Harry S. Adkins III)

  207. Stan Adkins Says:

    … looks like Wm. (son of Joseph and Sarah Cornstalk) and Mary Hartman are strong candidates. Maybe thats where I got the name Joseph in that earlier post from the other daySarah Cornstalk down from the Indian Chief Cornstalk?… I would assume so. Is this the Joseph whose 1st wife died and he then married the Indian Princess (Sarah)? If so then I think they had a daughter named Charity.

    Stan Adkins

  208. Stan Adkins Says:

    didnt James and Nancy have a daughter Sarah? Hmmm?

    Also, though there are no marriage records of a Mary Hartmann marrying a Williams in Va. – what about Adair Co Ky?

    Stan Adkins

  209. Sheila Says:

    Dear Stan,
    I think you should contact that person that Gina Lipp mentioned, that has only researched and see what they have exclusive to this line.

    Adair Co. Marriages 1802 – 1840
    ADKINS, George and GENTRY, Susan, d/o Richard, 17 Apr 1824.
    ADKINS, George and HARMON, Barabara, 20 Aug 1840.
    ATKINS, Hugh G and GILMER, Eliza Jane, 5 July 1832.
    ATKINS, Jackson and PATTERSON, Betsey, d/o Joseph, 19 Jan 1819 ADKINS, John and STATON, Sally, d/o Reuben, 6 Sept 1827.
    ADKINS, Joseph and CREEL/NEAT/NELL, Margaret, 26 Sept 1830.
    ATKINS, Roland and GOODE, Judith, d/o John, 6 Nov 1807.
    Daniel Shadrack to ATKINSON, Lucinda 12 Oct 1813
    ATKINS, Rowland to GOODE, Judith 4 Nov 1807
    ATKINSON: William C to DRAKE, Sally H, 17 Sept 1828
    BAILEY, Thomas T to ATKINSON, Polly 12 July 1810

    Carroll County, Missouri Marriages, 1833-56
    Name: Willis G. Adkins
    Spouse: Polly G. Adkins
    Marriage Date: 10 Jan 1836
    Officiator: George Hardwick, J. P.
    Carroll County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1833-1856

    Name: John Adkins
    Spouse: Sarah Winifree
    Marriage Date: 22 Oct 1837
    Officiator: William Staton, J. P.
    Carroll County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1833-1856

    Name: James Adkins
    Spouse: Nancy Simpson
    Marriage Date: 13 Jan 1839
    Officiator: William Staton, J. P.
    Carroll County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1833-1856

    Name: Johnston Adkins
    Spouse: Mariah Pase
    Marriage Date: 17 Jan 1841
    Officiator: Henry Winfrey, M. G.
    Carroll County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1833-1856

    Name: Richard G. Adkins
    Spouse: Lyctia V. Harden
    Marriage Date: 20 Nov 1847
    Officiator: David Enyart, M. G.
    Carroll County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1833-1856

    Name: Sinzy Adkins
    Spouse: Editha Winfrey
    Marriage Date: 24 Oct 1855
    Officiator: James E. Drake, M. G.
    Carroll County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1833-1856

    Name: Francis M. Adkins (Francis Marion Adkins)
    Spouse: Almarinda Nile
    Marriage Date: 15 May 1856
    Officiator: L. P. Haley, Elder
    Carroll County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1833-1856

    Name: Charles C. Staton
    Spouse: Mary Adkins
    Marriage Date: 13 Apr 1834
    Officiator: George Hardwick, J. P.
    Carroll County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1833-1856

    Name: James M. Staton
    Spouse: Nancy Adkins
    Marriage Date: 24 Jan 1838
    Officiator: William Staton, J. P.
    Carroll County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1833-1856

    Name: Benjamin Harrison
    Spouse: Elizabeth Adkins
    Marriage Date: 04 Dec 1839
    Officiator: William Staton, J. P.
    Carroll County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1833-1856

    Name: John Merril
    Spouse: Elizabeth Adkins
    Marriage Date: 19 Nov 1841
    Officiator: Henry Winfrey, M. G.
    Carroll County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1833-1856

    Name: Zepemiah Reed
    Spouse: Mary Adkins
    Marriage Date: 22 Nov 1848
    Officiator: Powhatan B. Darr, J. P.
    Carroll County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1833-1856

    Name: John Tatham
    Spouse: Polly Ann Adkins
    Marriage Date: 31 Dec 1848
    Officiator: David H. Dowey, Minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church
    Carroll County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1833-1856

    Name: John O. Arterburn
    Spouse: Mary Adkins
    Marriage Date: 18 Jun 1848
    Officiator: David Enyart, M. G.
    Carroll County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1833-1856

    Name: John Dixson
    Spouse: Margaret E. Adkins
    Marriage Date: 31 Oct 1852
    Officiator: James E. Drake, M. G.
    Carroll County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1833-1856

    Name: John Etter
    Spouse: Margaret Adkins
    Marriage Date: 01 Jul 1855
    Officiator: Joseph Smith, J. P.
    Carroll County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1833-1856

    Name: William Haney
    Spouse: Elizabeth Adkins
    Marriage Date: 04 Mar 1856
    Officiator: Abraham Taggart, J. P.
    Carroll County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1833-1856

  210. RE: 215 Sarah Jane Adkins, d/o James and Nancy was my great grandmother. She married William Haney II

  211. Gina Lipp Says:

    Hi Roberta,
    I emailed Glen Hill and he said James died in 1903, before death certificates were available. There were some pre -1910 death records, but not from Pulaski County.
    Gina Lipp

  212. Stan Adkins Says:

    Roberta Haney Gilbert: Mrs. Gilbert, you state you have a picture of my Great Great Grand mother Nancy Adkins at age 102, wife of James.

    Would you please email me at and include your phone number or some way to contact you so I can get a copy of that picture?

    Also, are you aware if a picture of james exists?

    I will be anxiously awaiting your email.

    Thank you, Stan Adkins

  213. Sheila Says:

    I put all of the cemetery records under the post on Nancy Hines:

    James Adkins
    Birth 22 Jul 1815 in Adair, Kentucky
    Death 22 Oct 1903 in Bloodland, Pulaski, Missouri

    I also found an article: Missouri Newspaper Death Index
    about John H. Adkins
    Name: John H. Adkins
    Age/Birth Date: 21 Aug 1833
    Death Date: 7 Jan 1902
    Date Reported: 10 Jan 1902
    Newspaper: Fulton Telegraph (Callaway Co.)

    This may or may not turn out to be a very valuable article. You may want to order a copy. Also, check Pulaski for any newspaper article they may have on the family. Even the old gossip column can hold some truth. Just don’t take it for gospel, I’ve seen far too many mistakes in them, because I knew the people involved personally, but it’s still fun to read and most of the facts were right, names and spellings were wrong, things like that.

    Thanks as always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  214. Sheila Says:

    PS: I ran a quick search at rootsweb and was surprised at how many people were researching this line and how split they were on the mother.

    # ID: I433
    # Name: Mary HARTMAN
    # Sex: F
    # Birth: 1778 in Virginia
    # Death: 1839
    # Change Date: 5 JAN 2002 at 20:13:18

    None seem to offer any real evidence on her.

  215. Stan Adkins Says:

    Hi Sheila, by mere happenstance, I met a distant cousin today; her name is Diana Havrell. She said her grandfathers (dads side) name is Oliver Joseph Adkins from Carroll County, Missouri. Do you have a connection for what line her grandfather is down from? – I will email her if you come up with who she’s down from.

    Stan Adkins
    Independence, Missouri

  216. Stan Adkins Says:

    Hi Sheila,

    Do have an awareness as to where Roberta Haney – Gilbert got the picture of Nancy Adkins b. 1819 (age 102 in the picture) (was wife of James b.1815 – in Adair Ky), They were married in Carroll County in 1839, and later moved to Pulaski County around 1870.

    I’ve asked a couple times via your sight if she might email me how I might get a copy of the picture but I haven’t ever got a response. Can you help?


    Stan Adkins Independence Missouri

  217. Stan The picture was from my grandparents collection. I sent you pictures and another email. The emails came from and I sent them to

  218. Sheila Says:

    Dear Roberta,
    I feel compelled to ask if you really wanted your email addresses posted here. I approved it from the pending file, but thought it better to ask.

    Dear Stan,
    As always, I will need more information that this on the person, eg:
    Name: Oliver Perry Adkins
    Spouse: Frances Maria Willis
    Father: Benjamin Adkins
    Birth: 28 May 1826 – Somerset, Pulaski County., Kentucky
    Marriage: 21 Aug 1851 – Monroe Co, Missouri

    Can you get anything further?

    Thanks as always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  219. Stan Adkins Says:

    Hi Roberta,

    Thanks so much for getting back with me, I really appreciate you taking a minute to respond.

    Unfortunately, in looking back though all my emails in my Inbox, I did not recieve anything from drtwolf@hotmail, so I did not receive Nancy’s photo(s). I am very excited to see them. Nothing in my spam file either.

    Do you think you coud resend them?

    Thanks Stan Adkins

  220. Now that we have each other’s emails, mine could go.
    Stan,I re-sent them as a forward just a minute ago, along with a second email with stories my dad and his brothers and sister wrote about their growing up, and cousin Bill Pruitt’s(another gr gr grandson of Grandma Nancy) contact info in KCK. My Uncle Virgil gave DNA, but I need a male Adkins to test to get the Adkins connection. Have you done DNA testing? Would you? We’re on Family Tree DNA.

  221. Received from another newly found cousin:
    “I am related to the Adkins from Carroll County Mo. My great great grandfather George Adkins daughter( my great grandmother) Frances Elizabeth married my great grandfather Isreal Winfrey. George did have a brother James and James had a daughter Sarah born 26 Feb.1859.”….
    WE ARE COUSINS, What a small world.
    Now this is what I have.
    William Adkins Born 1778 in Va .Died 1860 buried in Adkins Cemetery Carrollton, Mo.
    #1 wife Mary Hartman born 1778 in Va died 1839 buried in Adkins Cemetery Carroll County, Mo.#2 wife Elizabeth Brickens, #3 wife Mrs Sarah Hill.

    Children #1 John born 1801 in Va. Married 10 December 1810 Adair County Ky. Died 25 April 1851. Wife Sarah Staton. Buried Adkins Cemetery Carroll County, Mo

    #2 George born 1805 in Va #1 wife Susannah Gentry. #2 wife Mary Brotherton ?
    Died 1 Feb. 1867. Buried Adkins Cemetery Carroll County, Mo.

    #3 Margaret Born 2 April 1810 in Adair County, Ky. Married 11 Feb. 1830 in Adair County, Ky.Married James Settles. Died 26 May 1891. Buried Coloma Cemetery, Coloma, Mo

    #4 Your James.

    #5 Mary born in Ky. Married Charles Staton 18 April 1834 in Carroll county, Mo.

    This is so funny how we connected. Let me know if this helps.

  222. My cousin Sharon found some info from Sarah Jane Adkins notes:
    William H Adkins, known as “WH” was the youngest of 8 children of John and Sarah S Adkins, only three of whom survived: George, John and William H. John died 4-25-1851 and Sarah died 1869. William was born 1846 in Adair County, KY, and was in the state militia. He owned 60 acres of land, 30 of which was under cultivation.
    John Adkins opened a wood yard on the Missouri River in section 5 of Miami Township after 1831.

    From Aunt Leah’s notes: When Nancy was a year old, John & Lydia Simpson went by ox cart from KY to Madison Co, Ill.(abt 1820) They moved to MO in 1832, Carrol Co (part of Ray County then). Nancy Simpson and family went back to Madison Co, Ill to get away from So MO until Civil War over. William Adkins sold a farm to James Adkins 1853

    James & Nancy Adkins homesteaded 160 acres in Pulaski Co in 1870

    James Adkins had a cousin named George

  223. Sheila Says:

    Dear Roberta,

    I did see one family tree by Anne Brunt with all of this information on it, but she reports a daughter Mary (1816-) do you have any information on her?

    She has her married in Missouri
    13 Apr
    Age: 18

    Marriage to Charles C. Staton
    Carroll Co, MO A-3

    Charles C. Staton (1814 – )

    Known children

    Margaret Staton (1841-)
    Martha Staton (1844 – )
    Reuben Green Staton (1847 – 1917)
    Charles Louis Staton (1852 – 1910)
    William L. Staton (1852 – 1929)
    Joel Staton (1856 – )

    Thanks as always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  224. Sheila,
    That’s all I have on Mary, too. Seems James and his sibs were born in Adair County, KY. So far, it seems James’ mostly likely parents are the William b. 1778 Va and Mary Hartman b 1778 Va. Both died in the right place. Then, the mystery would shift to who were William’s parents.

  225. I was looking back over several posts on the site and ran across this one from bio of Wm V: Gina Adkins Lipp Says:

    May 10, 2011 at 11:51 pm
    Hi Gary Atkins,
    We have also found that we are somehow related to William V Atkins and Mullins through DNA. I think your Bartlett who was born in 1809 was also a DNA match. Our last known Adkins descendant was Roland Adkins (born in 1784 in Virgina), married Judith Goode in Adair County, Kentucky in 1807 and moved to Carroll County, Missouri in 1828.We’re still not positive as to who were Roland’s parents. He had 3 brothers, John (died in 1822) in Kentucky, William and Joseph who moved to Carroll County. I did find an 1810 Census from Adair County that stated Absalom Atkinson, Isiah Atkinson and Thomas Atkinson were there. I believe they may have been brothers to your Morris. The other Atkins on the census that I could find were Roling (Roland), William and John (brothers) Some type of connection here….

    This would indicate that my James’ parentswere Josephand Sarah. Did they have a child named William? Could this be the right “connection”?

  226. Stan Adkins Says:

    Sheila, Gina and Roberta,

    Regarding the above post;.. I wonder: #1) How many Williams were in this 1810 census in Adair Cty?, and #2) Do you guys think this is Mary Hartman’s husband Wm V (or Wm II – I’ve seen him written both ways?) who was allegedly b. 1778 and is the father of James b. Adair County 1815 and came to Carroll County sometime around 1830 (or before) and married Nancy Hines Simpson in 1839?

    Thanks, Stan Adkins

  227. Stan Adkins Says:

    Hi sheila,

    Stan Adkins here (Harry S Adkins III), Indep., Mo – My dad was likkked when I was 6 y. o. He has about 7 brothers and one sister. His siters name was Fern I beleive and she married and was living in Alton Illionois 10 or 20 yrs ago. Do you have information on her, I would want to fid her. She would have been born in the 30’s probably in St Clair County Illionois, or Pulaski Cty Mo.

    Also hiis brother gary was much younger and moved from Dupo Illl in St Clair Cty Ill to be with his kids in the Phoenix area, he moved there around 85 or 1986 I beleive. Gary or Fern may very well have pics of James and Nancy.

    Can you help figure out how to find these two people?


  228. Sheila Says:

    Dear Stan,

    I couldn’t find anyone named Fern associated with the family, must be a nickname, maybe. I did find several pictures of Amariah Simpson Adkins
    Names on the picture were Sallie & Tene.
    Believed to be Amariah Adkins and unknown gentlemen…possibly brother.!GDqZwrXmelOH1dxUHBfIRyxjDsaqFfKqd6xZaXDdaezRW7CiL
    Believed to be Amariah Adkins and wife Sarah Adkins (Christeson)

    So many people seem to be connected to this family, let me contact a few of them and give them your information and maybe they can help. One man has picture of 3 out of 4 siblings.

    Sibling list per my family tree:
    Harry Stanley Adkins (1890 – 1968)
    Nora B Adkins (1893 – 1979)
    Bruce Berton Adkins (1897 – 1975)
    Roy W Adkins (1903 – UNK)
    Golda May Adkins (1905 – UNK)
    Oral Carl Adkins (1907 – 1988)
    Levi H Adkins (1909 – 1983)
    Ada E Adkins (1916 – UNK)

    I hope this helps.

    As always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  229. stan Says:

    Awesome Sheila if you can put me in touch withat guy with all the pictures that would be awesome. Exciting! I just feel someone has pic of James and Nancy. Also I have never seen a pic of my grdpa Harry do you have a picture on of him?

  230. Found this at Find a Grave:
    Martha Adkins Settles
    Birth: Apr. 2, 1810
    Adair County
    Kentucky, USA
    Death: May 26, 1891
    Carroll County
    Missouri, USA

    Daughter of William V. Adkins & Mary Hartman.

    Married: 1) Unk. Hardwick; 2) James S. Settles.

  231. Sheila Says:

    Dear Stan,

    Here is a picture of your Grandfather Harry Stanley Adkins!vIeVOM0nx63IziZJEfhdPwZ9Dg8!avAfQGVzB7JAC9Yl84CCW5Xmw_k9VL

    I’m sorry, I hadn’t thought to look. I don’t keep these pictures, so I’d recommend that you save them.

    Thanks as always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  232. Stan Adkins Says:

    Found this at Find a Grave:
    Martha Adkins Settles
    Birth: Apr. 2, 1810
    Adair County
    Kentucky, USA
    Death: May 26, 1891
    Carroll County
    Missouri, USA

    Daughter of William V. Adkins & Mary Hartman.

    Married: 1) Unk. Hardwick; 2) James S. Settles.

    Roberta and Sheila,

    This certainly suggests Wm V and Mary Hartman could be likely aprents of james. I remember what Glenn Hill said to me, “always seek the verifiable and undisputable record as evidence and proof positive”, never accept circumstantial evidence”. If there is a undisputable death record of the above information, then if we could find in a census, or something, that mentions Martha b. 1810 as living in the household with a sibling James b. 1815 or 1816, then that would be categorical and undisputable proof that Wm. V was James father. We are potentially very close to solving this mystery. It is clear there were two Wm and Mary Hartman’s, this couple would have to be the latter couple of which Mary died 1839, which was the year james and Nancy were married in Carroll County.

    Also, Sheila – “thank you” for the pictures. Wow, another miracle. Words cant express my appreciation. Can you tell me who the pitures came from – they are probably my extended near faily which i have been estranged from and who can tell me family stories and tell me about my dad, whom I never new.


    Stan Adkins

  233. Stan Adkins Says:

    My grandfather harry Adkins sr was handsome! For the sake of asking Sheila, do you have access to a picture of my father Harry Stanley (Bud) Adkins? I had his official Air Force picture but it was lost some years ago. I contactced th eArmed Forces Records Center in St Louis many years ago, but that facility had a hge fire and thousands of records were lost on many individuals includiing my dad. He was born 1828, in Waynesville Pulaski County (or possibly Centerville Township, St clair County, Illinois)?


    stan PS Did Robeerta tell you might have the chance to meet when she comes to my area in a week or so? i look forward to meeting her when she comes to toen.

  234. Martha Margaret (Peggy) married James Settles Feb 11, 1830, and the earliest census I can find in Carroll Co Mo (then part of Ray County, Mo)was Sept 1830.

    I’ve seen this listed on several people in the Big Adkins Cemetery list on Find A Grave. How and where does he fit in. Has to be related. George Washington & Dorinda Malinda (Ewing) Adkins

  235. Sheila Says:

    Dear Stan,

    You’re confusing the two William & Mary Hartman Adkins. Yes, there are two sets.

    James Adkins
    Birth 22 Jul 1815 in Adair, Kentucky
    Death 22 Oct 1903 in Bloodland, Pulaski, Missouri

    Parents are:
    William Adkins
    Birth 1779 in Surry, Surry, Virginia, United States
    Death 1860 in Eugene, Carroll, Missouri, United States
    Mary Hartman
    Birth 1778 in Virgina
    Death 1839 in Botetourt County, Virginia, USA


    William (V) Adkins
    Birth 21 Sep 1760 in , Henrico, Virginia, USA
    Death 22 Oct 1848 in Chatham, Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA

    Mary Ann Hartman
    Birth 1765 in , Goochland, Virginia, USA
    Death 1812 in Virginia

    William Adkins (1779-1860) was the son of *
    Joseph Adkins (1723 – 1791)
    Sarah Cornstalk (1750 – 1784)

    Joseph Adkins
    Birth 1723 in Goochland, Henrico, Virginia, USA
    Death 1791 in Giles, Montgomery, Virginia, USA

    was the son of
    William V Adkins (1689 – 1784)
    Elizabeth Parker (1695 – 1784)

    I hope this helps.

    1850 United States Federal Census
    about James Suttles
    Name: James Suttles
    Age: 42
    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1808
    Birth Place: Virginia
    Gender: Male
    Home in 1850 (City,County,State): District 15, Carroll, Missouri
    Family Number: 20
    Household Members:
    Name Age
    James Suttles 42
    Margret Suttles 37
    James W Suttles 14
    Eliza J Suttles 11
    Elizabeth C Suttles 7
    George M Suttles 5
    Laura G Suttles 1
    Noah Gilreath 27
    Nancy V Gilreath 19
    James A Gilreath 2
    Congrave Gilreath 0

    On all the census Margaret Suttles, claims that she was born in 1813 Kentucky. My biggest fear is that someone has confused Martha & Margaret or the caretaker was very lazy. I changed Margaret’s name to Martha Margaret “Peggy’ Adkins until we can separate the two. I ca’t find anywhere she was ever called Martha.

    @Stan: No I don’t have access to that photo, but I’ll try and track it down. If you knew any of the men in the company, you can go to the VA and look or the local Military Museum where you think someone may have donated one.

    Thanks as always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  236. Sheila Says:

    4 Matching Documents found. All under the name of James Suttles.

    U.S. General Land Office Records, 1796-1907
    about James Suttles
    Name: James Suttles
    Issue Date: 2 Nov 1837
    State of Record: Missouri
    Acres: 43.6
    Accession Number: MO2650__.070
    Metes and Bounds: No
    Land Office: Fayette
    Canceled: No
    US Reservations: No
    Mineral Reservations: No
    Authority: April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566)
    Document Number: 8611
    Legal Land Description:
    Section Twp Range Meridian Counties
    19 53-N 23-W 5th PM Carroll
    Name: James Suttles
    Other: 4 Nov 1835 – 53-N, Carroll, Missouri
    Other: 24 Apr 1820

    U.S. General Land Office Records, 1796-1907
    about James Suttles
    Name: James Suttles
    Issue Date: 4 Nov 1835
    State of Record: Missouri
    Acres: 43.6
    Accession Number: MO0530__.221
    Metes and Bounds: No
    Land Office: Fayette
    Canceled: No
    US Reservations: No
    Mineral Reservations: No
    Authority: April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566)
    Document Number: 6218
    Legal Land Description:
    Section Twp Range Meridian Counties
    19 53-N 23-W 5th PM Carroll
    U.S. General Land Office Records, 1796-1907
    about James Suttles
    Name: James Suttles
    Issue Date: 4 Nov 1835
    State of Record: Missouri
    Acres: 80
    Accession Number: MO0530__.220
    Metes and Bounds: No
    Land Office: Fayette
    Canceled: No
    US Reservations: No
    Mineral Reservations: No
    Authority: April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566)
    Document Number: 6217
    Legal Land Description:
    Section Twp Range Meridian Counties
    13 53-N 23-W 5th PM Carroll
    U.S. General Land Office Records, 1796-1907
    about James Suttles
    Name: James Suttles
    Issue Date: 1 Apr 1843
    State of Record: Missouri
    Acres: 44.64
    Accession Number: MO2940__.443
    Metes and Bounds: No
    Land Office: Fayette
    Canceled: No
    US Reservations: No
    Mineral Reservations: No
    Authority: April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566)
    Document Number: 15435
    Legal Land Description:
    Section Twp Range Meridian Counties
    18 53-N 23-W 5th PM Carroll

  237. Sheila Says:

    Here is the problem:

    The ONEWORLD TREE says that your William Adkins
    was the son of Lewis Adkins
    Lewis Adkins
    Born: 22 Aug 1745
    Surry, Virginia, USA
    Died: 1810
    York, South Carolina, USA
    and his second wife
    Susanna Horn
    Born: 9 May 1747 in Surry, Virginia, USA
    Died: 1794 in Southwark Parish, Surry, Virginia, USA
    Marriage: 1765 in Rock Hill, York, South Carolina, USA

    That Lewis was the son of Lewis Adkins (1712-1754) and Elizabeth Felts.

    Whom was the son of Richard Adkins (1679)

    WOW! Someone has run a much here. Someone needs to get down there and straighten make this line a little straighter.

    Good luck,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  238. I have the last name as Settles not Suttles. Find A Grave has it as Settles, also. Another case of confusion?

  239. ONEWORLD is member submitted, so I can see where ther could be errors. I had my ONEWORLD deleted because it contained important errors.

  240. Gina Lipp Says:

    Yes Sheila, you are absolutely right about the confusion regarding who this Adkins family has descended from. There are unsourced internet posts regarding who were the parents of these brothers. We do know for a fact through DNA, this family descends from William V Adkins family, either through William V sons, or from one of William V’s brothers, Henry or Thomas. Until this DNA testing, my family only had documented genealogy to Roland. (1784) We now need to connect the 2-3 generations between Roland and William V Adkins. Taking a trip to Virginia and Kentucky may be necessary unless someone has bible records/ state certificates/ ect…that states the documented lineage of this family. I think I have asked you in another post if you have any information regarding Major Atkins, who was listed in the 1747 Goochland Tithables? All your information has been very helpful! Thank you!
    Roberta and Stan, I might have more information to share with you about the Adkins brothers when in Kentucky and Missouri if you are interested. Just let me know!
    Gina Adkins Lipp

  241. I contacted the man who posted on Find A Grave, and he doubled check his research and the name on the tombstone reads Margaret, so he has made the change on the posting from Martha to Margaret. Wish more folks on Find A Grave posted pictures of the tombstones,that would help reduce confusion.

  242. stan Says:

    Wouldn’t it be a great thing if someday Roberta, Gina, Sheila and Stan could meet for coffee and a picture?

  243. Oh, yeah!!!! How about Sunday Jul 31??

  244. Sheila Says:

    When and Where? I’m up for coffee.

    Thanks as always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  245. Stan Adkins Says:

    Awesome , I will meet you guys in kc on the 31st, Sunday. The Plaza would be the perfect place. Can you really come Sheila? I wonder if Gina could make it too? The four us together would be a once in a lifetime gift!

    Stan Adkins

  246. Where at the Plaza? Haven’t been there in 15 years. Have some fond memories. Would you prefer mid morning? Like about 9 or 10?

  247. Sheila, Gina:
    Can ya’ll meet with Stan & I on Jul 31 at 9:30 at the Cheesecake Factory?

  248. Gina Lipp Says:

    I would love to meet all of you…however, I live in Wyoming and won’t be able to make it! It sounds like fun! I do want to send Roberta some information to her email. Sheila, are you able to send Roberta and Stan my email address?

  249. Stan Adkins Says:

    Look forward to seeing you Sunday Roberta! Can you come to KC sunday Sheila? Too bad Gina can’t make it. Hey guys, maybe we could plan on all meeting in KC next Spring or even this Fall better yet, and all go to the two Adkins cemeteries, they are only a little over an hour outside KC in Carroll County.

    Stan Adkins

  250. Sheila Says:

    In Ohio?, absolutely. Otherwise, I was just kidding. If you’re ever in Ohio or Kentucky, could try and make it. I’d love to meet with you and go through family photos and whatnot. Just to meet the family. Don’t rule me out, just yet. I love to visit and meet people, so we’ll see.

    I did send an email with your email addresses attached, so that you may share information and photos with each other.

    Thanks for the invitation,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  251. Stan and all,
    My sister have asked the family about holding the next reunion (next year) in Carrollton and going to the cemetaries.

  252. Stan Adkins Says:

    Awesome! Does she live Carrollton? Regardless I’ll be there. Tell your sister “thanks”.

    Stan Adkins

  253. My sis lives in California. She aked me about resources, and Glen was generous enough to tell me what’s available. One cousin already loves the idea. I don’t think any of the cousins have been there. My dad and several of the older sibs were born in Wakenda.

  254. I heard somewhere there is a huge Adkins reunion in Va annually. Do any of you go to that?

  255. Kathy Cheyenne Patrick Says:

    There is one in West Virginia also ,I can find out for everyone ,I also would Love to meet cousins ,Shelia I live in Fairborn. I also like going to grave yards to ,I have been to the one in West Va. I think I have pictures of the graves of some of our family ,They are in East Lynn Community Memorial Gardens WVa

  256. From a website while researching my mother’s Livingston branch. They’re ging through what the Adkins (and many others, I’m sure) do.
    >I started out calmly tracing my tree,
    >to find if I could, the making of me,
    >and all that I had was a great grandfather’s name,
    >not knowing his wife or from whence he came.
    >I chased him across a long line of states
    >and came up with pages and pages of dates.
    >When all put together, it made me forlorn,
    >I proved that poor grandpa had never been born.
    >One day I was sure the truth I had found.
    >Determined to turn this whole thing upside down.
    >I looked up the record of one uncle John,
    >but then found the old man was younger than his son.
    >Then when my hopes were fast growing dim,
    >I came across records that must have been him.
    >The facts I collected made me quite sad.
    >Dear old grandfather was never a dad.
    >I think maybe someone is pulling my leg.
    >I’m not at all sure I wasn’t hatched from an egg.
    >After hundreds of dollars I’ve spent on my tree,
    >I can’t help wonder if I’m really me
    “Paula S.”

  257. Sheila Says:

    That was cute, I felt the same way this weekend, trying to sort out the 2 Catharine & Catherine Adkins about 1857. Which daughter belonged to which family. It doesn’t matter where they lived, since they seemed to be nomadic at heart. Two lives running completely parallel with each other. Hard to separate the two and finding any shred of evidence as to which one was which is nearly impossible. Makes me crazy some days. But like I always say, “Its the thrill of the hunt!

    Thanks for sharing that.

  258. danny cordell Says:

    iwas wondering if anyboby had information on nancy adkins. my gggreat grandfather david crockett coleman married mary ann thacher. absolum thacher married nancy adkins her mother was 1/2 cherokee indian and her mother was mary bluesky cornstalk. is part of my family tree is true

  259. Debbie Red Crow Says:

    Bluesky and Parker Adkins only had two children, Charity and Littleberry. The other children of Parker belonged to his other wife Mary. The only lineage that goes back to Chief Cornstalk are through these two children only, not Parkers other children. Sorry.

  260. Carie Adkins Westbrook Says:

    To Danny:
    White Wing Cornstalk AKA Big Nancy or Nancy Hunter married Elijah Adkins before becoming the 3rd wife of Tecumseh. She had a daughter with Elijah, she was called Little Nancy. Perhaps Little Nancy is your Nancy, as Big Nancy was Cherokee-Shawano. White Wing (Big Nancy) was the daughter to the 2nd Chief Peter Cornstalk. White Wing is my 6th great grandmother.

  261. Robert Larson Says:

    Joseph Adkins’,(married Elizabeth Conley), father was Bartlett/ Bartlett/ Henry Adkins/Rachel Hutchins, etc. Joseph’s mother was Mary Adkins daughter of Moses and Sarah

    Robert Larson

  262. Ethel Says:

    Parker and Elijah Adkins are my direct ancestors,
    I haven’t seen on any records that Elijah changed his last name to Atkins to Adkins.
    There is a record that shows Elijah born 1771 or 1772, and not 1764 or 1765.
    He married Nancy Hunter February 1790 in Virginia.
    In 1831 Elijah appears in Tennessee.
    Elijah is not with Nancy in the 1840 census, but I believe she is with her Daughter in Tennessee then.
    Richard, Lewis and Nancy Atkins, we the Family believe are children of Morris Atkins of Grainger Co., Tennessee, and not Elijah’s.
    Morris possibly being the Son of the Older Richard Adkins, Parker’s Brother.

  263. Ethel Says:

    My typo;
    I haven’t seen on any records that Elijah changed his last name to Atkins FROM Adkins.
    We all hate typos?

  264. Carie Adkins Westbrook Says:

    if they were not his children, then who were his children? I am a direct descendant of Richard. And if this is correct, is White Wing still believed to be their mother?

  265. Jenny Adkins Says:

    My name is Jenny Adkins and I am the ggg- Granddaughter of Lacy Levi Adkins (sr) and Louisa (Lowe) Adkins. Louisa (lowe) Adkins mother was Christine Carroll, a full blooded Cherokee Indian. I just want to see if anyone had any information. My fathers name is Gary Luther Adkins and his father is Virgil Luther Adkins and his father is Silas Clint Adkins and his father is Levi Adkins (jr) and his father is Lacy Levi Adkins(sr) and his father is John Adkins. If you havae any information please email me at (

  266. Ethel Says:

    To Carie,
    Elijah’s Children are;
    Elijah Jr., Elizabeth, Levi, Amelia, Rachel, and Eliza Celia.
    I have no idea where the information about Elijah Adkins and White Wing first came from.
    Nancy (Hunter) Adkin’s Parents are;
    Robert and Mildred Hunter.
    I’ve seen Richard Adkins Jr. that married Rebecca Burrows, as the Son of Richard Adkins Sr.


  267. Sheila Says:

    Elijah Adkins
    Birth 1764 in Montgomery, Tazewell, Virginia, USA
    Death 1840 in , Anderson, Tennessee, USA
    Married abt Sep1784

    White Wing Nancy “Big Nancy” Cornstalk (1770 – 1843)
    Lewis Adkins (1785 – 1865)
    Elijah Adkins (1787 – 1801)
    Richard Adkins (1788 – 1836)
    Nancy Adkins (1790 – UNK)

    Other Spouse & Children
    Married 28 Feb 1790
    (Elijah Atkins married Nancy Hunter in Montgomery, VA)

    Nancy Ann Hunter (1770 – 1840)
    Elizabeth Adkins (1792 – 1833)
    Levi Adkins (1794 – 1877)
    Eliza Adkins (1795 – 1810)
    Millie Adkins (1799 – 1840)
    Rachel Adkins (1799 – 1868)

    As always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  268. Ethel Says:

    1771-1772 Montgomery Co., Virginia, Elijah Adkins born to Parker Adkins.
    February 28, 1790 Montgomery Co., Virginia Elijah Adkins married Nancy Hunter.
    June 21, 1792 Montgomery Co., Virginia Tax List, Elijah Adkins shown as; “not above 21 years of age.”
    April 2, 1799 Montgomery Co., Virginia Tax List, Elijah Adkins shown as; “Male above 16.” with “3 Horses.”
    December 6, 1800 Montgomery Co., Virginia, shows; “Abijah Adkins,”
    I believe this to be our Elijah, mispelled, stood surety for Susannah Hunter, Nancy’s Sister.
    1831 Anderson Co., Tennessee, Elijah Adkins and Son-in-Law David Wallace made a purchase.
    March 1848 Anderson Co., Tennessee, Elijah Adkins Jr. deceased, his Brother-in-Law James Wallace, is administrator for Elijah Jr. heirs.
    Children of Elijah and Nancy Hunter;
    Elijah Adkins Jr. born 1791 VA, died before 1850 TN
    Elizabeth Adkins born 1793 VA, died August 13, 1840 TN
    This death date for Elizabeth, some people put with Millie, who is living with her Son John in Anderson Co., TN in the 1850 census.
    Levi Adkins born February 20, 1794 VA, died March 30, 1877 TN
    Amelia “Miilie” Adkins born March 1, 1798 VA, died after 1850 TN
    Rachel Adkins born September 23, 1799 VA, died April 4, 1866 TN
    Eliza Celia Adkins born 1801 TN, died about 1834
    We believe the Elijah Adkins – White Wing information to be in error.
    We also believe Elijah, Son of Parker Adkins was named after Elijah Cornstalk that died very young.
    I hope this helps, Ethel

  269. Donna J Says:

    Sheila: Just found this site. Looks like fun! My hubby’s grandmother was an Adkins, daughter of John Warden Adkins. They decend from William V. Adkins. My question is do you have a recent email address for Ronnie Adkins? Also have you finished the Multitudes and Milestone material, is it online? Are there other sites where information on William V Adkins will be found? I have been involved in genealogy for years but not much of that time was on my husband’s families. There is a Adkin’s cemetery in Henry County Missouri, most buried there are of hubby’s family. Glad to find you. Donna J

  270. Sheila Says:

    Dear Donna J,

    Please see today’s blog post.

    As always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  271. micah Says:

    are you in any way related to the Adkins in WV (all descendants of William V Adkins) who married the Holtons and Holleys in Cabell County (then Virginia)? these descendants, because of their Holton and Holley ancestry, went to court to gain the rights of white persons because they were mixed native/white. They are the decendants of George Holton and Phebe. The record has been reproduced many times online and the descendants have been listed even into the 1880s as Indian, white, or mulatto.

  272. Donna J Says:

    No not related to the Holtons and Holleys. Wm Adkins married Lydia Owens and I don’t have the direct line available right now but it comes down via Adkins to Abney in Missouri. Sarah Ann adkins married John jefferson Abney in Missouri and we go back on
    a Adkins to William and Lydia Adkins.

  273. Danny Cordell Says:

    Blog#267 274 and 275 still got me confused. Did AbsolomThacher marry nancy Adkins .if so who was her father and is this big nancy cornstalk.any information would be helpful.

  274. Sheila Says:

    Dear Danny,

    1) White Wing Cornstalk aka Big Nancy married Elijah Adkins (Atkins).
    2) Nancy Adkins Thacker d/o Nathaniel and a Cherokee woman Adkins.

    We two different women. There are 1000’s of Nancy Adkins so I can understand how the confusion came in. You’ll need to find Nathaniel’s will to see if his wife is named there. None of the children ever named their mother anywhere, no can I find a record. They lived so long ago, records are just to sparse. When you parish before 1850 as they both did, it was hard to find any written documents other than marriage license without details on anyone.

    1) He married Nancy Adkins 6 Dec 1800 Pittsylvania, VA had Sarah & Nathaniel with her.

    2) Virginia Marriages, 1740-1850 about Sally Atkins
    Groom Name: Absalom Thacker
    Bride Name: Sally Atkins
    Marriage Date: 3 May 1808
    County: Pittsylvania
    State: Virginia
    and they had 5 kids

    3) He reportedly fathered a son William with Phebe Adkins.

    That’s all I can find on Absalom Thacker. Lots of Adkins & Thacker’s have intermarried so its a close knit family.

    As always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  275. Rod Adkins Says:

    Wow, I’ve only been tracing the Adkins line for a few months and now realize how much I have to learn. I’m now questioning everything I thought was fact! I am a decendent of Wm V Adkins through his son Richard who I believe was married to a Mary or Molly ( I have no info on her) and then down to their son Joel. If anyone else is part of this live please let me know where I can find better sources than Ancestry. Thanks,

  276. Sheila Says:

    Dear Rod,

    We all question everything that we knew or believed to be fact., Its just nice to hear someone else admit it [insert chuckle here]. I’m glad that you’re looking and hopefully will find something that we may have missed.

    There are a lot of books written on the family by various authors giving different sources, we’re always hoping to find more. I have references many here at the blog.

    The best place to start looking is your hometown library. See what they have on your individual family line. Check for any obituary’s and check them against what your family believes to be accurate.

    Tread lightly, and don’t take anything at face value. Take it from me, my mom’s own death certificate is wrong in three places. I do need to get that fixed. Family members are overwhelmed when they’re asked for this information and its hard to pull out of thin air at times, especially when you’re upset. Last week when asked what my youngest son’s eye color was, I couldn’t remember. I had to ask him. How embarrassing?! But it does happen when your stressed. So now, I question everything.

    My oldest brother never wants to talk about this stuff, because he has an amazing memory. He can’t forget, all the little things, it overwhelms him at times, and he hates that part. So I usually get him to talk to my oldest sister. She’ll ask a million and one questions and he’ll answer most or some, until he can find the best way to get off the phone. But do take the time to ask the questions. Memories aren’t always accurate, but valuable.

    I have an aunt that is soon to pass and I want to fly out and interview her. It may not be the best way to get accurate info., but I want to hear how she remembers things. Even if it were all wrong, it would be from her perspective. That alone, is a jewel worth owning.

    Thanks for your comment and Welcome to the Family,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  277. Rod Adkins Says:

    Thanks Sheila! I’ve been looking over your amazing website for several hours now and see how complicated this can be. Unfortunately my family is from Rowan Co, KY and I’m in AZ these days but next time I visit my family in West Carrollton, OH I can interview my eldest Aunt and see what she remembers or has heard through the years. Stories in my family are almost always subject to poetic license but hopefully there is a grain of thruth there somewhere!

  278. Sheri Anderson Says:

    Dear Sheila,

    Thank you for all of the hard work and immeasurable amount of time you have dedicated to researching the Adkins tree! I would also like to thank you for including the “Adkins Feud” blog. I’ll make sure to stay out of the middle of that one…LOL!

    I have recently began researching my husband’s relatives. As most have done at some point, I have dedicated much time to costly genealogy sites (with questionable information) and googled whatever I could find. As I have learned from early on, I take everything with a grain of salt. I am interested in the books by Don Greene and Noel Schutz and those mentioned by Frank O’Neill. He’s a very intelligent man :)

    I will give you my husband’s direct line (as I have now…and ALWAYS subject to change!!). I will start with William V. Adkins as I assume most are familiar with him.

    1. William V. Adkins (1690-1754) Henrico Co., VA
    2. Parker V. Adkins (1720-1792) Goochland, VA
    3. Elijah Adkins Sr. (1765-1840) Montgomery Co., VA
    4. Rev. Levi Adkins (1794-1877) Union Co., TN
    5. Elijah Adkins (1813-?) Anderson Co., TN
    6. Landon Cole Alfred Adkins (1856-1920) Wise, VA
    7. Ida Blanche Adkins (1893-1985) Wise, VA
    8. Charles Landon White (1914-1946) Red Ash, Tazewell, VA
    9. Sonia Jean White (1939-2010) Peach Creek, Logan, WV…my beautiful mother-in-law!!

    I do have pictures posted on my tree of Ida Blanche with her husband John Henry White in Loudonville, Ohio and of Ida with several of her sisters. Ida’s mother was Eliza Elizabeth Tompkins (dau. of William Tandy Tompkins). Eliza was one of 23 children. I also have a few pictures of Ida’s son Charles White. “Charlie”, as he was called, died in 1946 from TB. As with his previous generations, they were coal miners in Logan Co. His daughter, Sonia, is my lovely mother-in-law. I have TONS of pictures of her. Sadly, mom passed away April 1, 2010 from Ovarian Cancer. She lived in Naples, FL.

    I will send off any information I can gather to Auntie Margaret (White) Hale and Uncle Taylor. White (mom’s siblings). They be thrilled to learn about this side of their family!!

    Fell free to let me know if something on here isn’t right…I won’t be offended!

    Thanks again!

    Sheri Anderson

  279. Sheri Anderson Says:

    Just another quick note:

    Charles White was married to Mabel Lillian Robinson aka Lillian Mabel. She was born in Rock Lick, VA to Allen Taylor Robinson and Joicey Emmaline James. Mamawl Mabels’ niece (Bonnie Long Adkins) was married to a Bobby L. Adkins. He passed away awhile aso. Bonnie passed away Jan.13, 2011 in Pompano Beach, FL. Their children still live down there.

  280. Sheila Says:

    Dear Sherri,

    Thank you for sharing all of that with the me and the rest of the family. I would also like to add a very special Happy Thanksgiving blessing to you and your family.

    I love your jokes, its always good to keep a good sense of humor when doing research, if only to keep from pulling your hair out. LOL I’m only teasing.

    I, myself am on a quest in this new coming year to discover which half of my Adkins’ family is right on whether App’s was in deed Thomas (up to William) & Ollie Morgan Adkins son, or Joel (up to Parker) & Rachel Emmerson’s Adkins son as the Emmerson family side claim.

    Its about 50/50 at this point. Could go either way. They both go back to the same place, William V Adkins, just through a different son, still DNA positive direct line. There has to be definite proof out there, and I’m going to find it. No matter how many rocks I have to kick over. I hope you do the same.

    I don’t mind which side wins at this point, I can just as easily, rewrite and adjust those two ancestors, I just want it to be right! Although, I happen to love all the ones I’ve come to know as my ancestors. If it turns out that Joel was his father, then I’ll met the family from that line, and have more to love.

    I’m not sure why we would be linked to the Morgan family as we are (very small area), if we were down from Joel, but as I have come to find out over the years, you are borne into a family, but those that you choose to have around you in your life, no matter your reasoning, are your family. Love and cherish them always.

    People get very confused when I try to explain our gifted daughter Brandy. Her mother gifted/shared her with us. No, she isn’t biological in any way, but as far as we’re concerned, she is in every way, our daughter.

    I don’t believe that there are any mistakes in a search, just more to look for.

    Have a very Blessed Holidays season.

    Thanks for your comments and Welcome to the Family,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

    PS: My hubby has lots of Robison/Robinson/Robertson’s in his family. You may want to take a look at his tree [with one eye open] and maybe compare notes. I need to take a harder look at that line this new year, as well. Lots of cousins live in this area, I’m going to give them a jingle.

    Remembering to ask lots of questions, listening to those around me and taking lots of notes. Writing it all down; good, bad or otherwise. Pictures are worth more than a thousand words, but only if I know who’s in them. I’m going to start writing on the backs of every one and I hope you do the same.

    As always,

  281. jill cleveland Says:

    I am looking for the family of William Adkins 1857 Ky

  282. Roberta Gilbert Says:

    Found in Early Marriages, Wills, and Some Revolutionary War Records: Botetourt County, Virginia
    William Adkins & Mary Hartman married July 30, 1800.

    Also found:USGenWeb Archives Carroll County, Missouri Marriages In Carroll Co. 1851 To 1861
    Jul 2, 1858:In the vicinity of Carrollton, on Tuesday the 8th ult., by the Rev. Joseph Riffe, Mr. William Adkins, aged 84 years, to Mrs. Sarah Hill, aged 36 years. The bridegroom was waited upon by Edward S. Farr, Esq., aged 77.
    This means William was born about 1774 rather than 1778/79

  283. Sheila Says:

    Good job!

    Thanks for the information.

    On my tree, I have two Mary Hartman’s both married William Adkins

    1) William V Adkins (1760-1848) Mary Hartman (Hardiman) (1765-1812).

    2) William (1779-1860ish) son of Joseph & Sarah Cornstalk. Children: John, George, Margaret “Peggy” and James. Second marriage to Elizabeth Brickens (born 1783-UNK)?

    Are you sure this is the same 2) William Adkins? There were a lot of them. Although it does sound about right. In 1850 he claimed to be born in 1777 and married to Elizabeth Bricken. Name: William Adkins
    Spouse: Elizabeth Brickons Marriage: 14 Jul 1840 Officiator: Sashal Woods, Minister of the Cumberland Presby. Church.
    In 1860 WM claims to be 82.
    Wm Adkins
    Age in 1860: 82
    Birth Year: abt 1778
    Birthplace: Kentucky
    Home in 1860: Grand River, Carroll, Missouri

    There is no Sarah Adkins age 36-40 listed on the 1860 Census anywhere So if it is this one, it must not have worked out or it was too new for the census taker to record her. I don’t know. I’ll see if I can find a Sarah Adkins in the area in 1860.

    Thanks as always, Happy Holidays and warm wishes for 2012,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  284. Roberta Gilbert Says:

    He divorced her 1859, stating she had been an improper wife and she did not contest it!

  285. Sheila Says:

    Dear Roberta,

    I wasn’t sure, did Elizabeth Brickens die or was that a divorce as well?

    As always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  286. Roberta Gilbert Says:

    I understand that she died.

  287. Sheri Anderson Says:

    Hi Sheila,

    Well, it only took 3 weeks for me to DRASTICALLY modify the Adkins line. I’m taking it with a grain of salt…ha ha!

    As I had stated on the Nov.23rd post, Landon Cole Alfred Adkins (#6) was listed as the son of Elijah Adkins (#5). I have since found (via the 1860 Wise Co., VA Census) that Landon, his brother Sidney, and mother Matilda were living in the home of Henry Adkins and his wife Sarah Bowman/Vance/Adkins. Matilda is listed as a mulatto servant and Landon and Sidney are listed as her mulatto children. Their last names are “Alfred”.

    This census also shows Henry and Sarah as having a daughter named Sarah (age 3). Henry would have been quite old to father this child and Sarah wouldn’t have been a spring chicken either. There is some speculation that little Sarah is actually a granddaughter of Henry’s. If Sarah actually did birth little Sarah…well, kudos to her I guess! Maybe Matilda moved in there to help her. Another mystery…hhhmmm…

    On the 1870 Wise Co. census, Landon and Sidney are still living with Sarah but Henry has died by this time and their mother Matilda is no longer living there. For some reason (and at some point), Landon and Sidney took the last name of Adkins. I have found that their mother (Matilda) is a step sister to Sarah Bowman/Vance/Adkins. At this point, I don’t know what became of Matilda. Landon is the only one who listed her as his mother on his marriage certificate in 1878. Both have the last name of “Adkins”.

    It is my understanding that the race listed on the census record is pretty much at the discretion of the census taker. Landon’s daughter Ida is as white as white can be…no evidence of any mixed race. Following censuses list Landon as white. Either way, it’s not a problem…just confusing. More questioning of Melungeon lines I guess. I can only imagine what happened to drive the boys away from their mother…maybe she passed away…I don’t know.

    Do you think there would be records of some kind if Henry or Sarah “adopted” the boys? Or maybe someone may have this information in their Adkins tree?

    Thanks again for the wonderful blog to post my speculations! If I don’t write again before Christmas, I wish you and yours a very “Merry Christmas”!

  288. Sheila Says:

    Dear Sheri,

    It wouldn’t be anything more than speculation on my part, as to how they became an Adkins’. If they were listed as Edward’s only once, that may have been the census takers, mistake. But it is more probable that they lived and worked on the Adkins plantation and therefore took the land owners name. I don’t know the personal relationship that the brother’s had with Henry, but it must have been a close one to remain after the mother past. I’m not saying that they were owned, just that they belonged to or was a part of the household. It was a very common practice back then.

    As for any formal adoption, and/or any paperwork involved, you’d need to check with the county courthouse for any documents that they have pertaining to the as Edward’s and/or Adkins (some even took their mother’s maiden) Surnames, you’d need to check records all of those. Including Wills. If the courthouse burned at any point, records may be few and far between. Newspapers are a vast wealth of misinformation, but its worth a look. Check all legal documents and land records, they may hold the key that you’re looking for.

    I do wish you great success and hope you’ll continue to share your findings.

    Thanks for your comment and Welcome to the Family.

    Merry Christmas and Warm wishes for 2011,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  289. Roberta Gilbert Says:

    Merry Christmas to all my Adkins family!!!

  290. Barbara Says:

    I am looking for the parents of Thomas M. Adkins, born 1794 in South Carolina. I do know that he did live in Elyton, Alabama and married Mary M. Wade, widower of Mitchell Porter. After her death in 1856, he and their family moved on to Cherokee, Texas.

  291. sherry Says:

    Shelia, I hope your family and you had a great holiday. I wish you and your family A Very Happy New Year. Please if you get the chance-I know that you are very busy and I do not want to bother you-but only if you can please call me, I would love to talk to you and understand my family history better and you have the knowledge. My number is:918 829 8441. Please call anytime sweetie. Love Yal and miss u tons

  292. Hank Rogers Says:

    Keyword: Pittsylvania

    Hello, The info on William V. Adkins above is wrong. Here is the correct info:

    1. William Vortimer Atkinson Sr. son of Joseph John Adkins (1670-1721) and Mary Elizabeth Davidson (1670-1738), was born in 1690 in VA, died in 1754 in Halifax (now Franklin) County, VA, and was buried in Atkinson-Parker Cemetery, Franklin Co., VA.

    General Notes: Named after his mother’s father, William Vortimer Davidson III. Vortimer is Scottish for “vortigems son.”

    William and Elizabeth lived on Machumps Creek on the Savannah River and later moved to the Pigg River in Virginia.

    William and Elizabeth Parker Adkins and family move westward in 1740 to what is now Franklin County, Virginia (this same area was Brunswick County in 1740: then Lunenburg County in 1746; then Halifax County in 1752; then Pittsylvania County in 1767; to Henry County in 1776; and now finally Franklin County since 1785).

    This move westward was part of the white man’s first penetration across the Blue Ridge Mountains. They lived in the Snow Creek District on the Harping and Story Creeks on the Pigg River. William became a land owner/farmer then changed occupations by becoming a mill operator. (mill operating became a family profession). The deaths of William and Elizabeth Parker Adkins isn’t clear. Elizabeth disappears after 1740, and William disappears after 1753 in Franklin County, Virginia. Their exact death dates are unknown.

    From the Family Notes of Virginia Pierce: “A lot of the information we have on the descendants of William Atkinson and Elizabeth Parker was taken from the book ‘Adkins-Land of York, Surrey Co., England to Beech Fork, Wayne Co., West Virginia by Ronnie Adkins”. Ronnie is a descendant of Elizabeth Parker also. He phoned me one night from Alabama, where he lives and works in the law enforcement dept. I was afraid he might be someone trying to put something over on me for a while, but I finally trusted him. He said he would like to have a copy of the genealogy we have on our family from the beginning up to the present date. I sent it to him. He called several times after that. He said he had been working on this project for over ten years and was publishing it in a book….I sent him a $40 check. A few months passed. Finally one day in the mail came this large volume book. It is filled with genealogy on our family on Grandma Nancy Evalyn Elkins side. It has pictures of wills, cemetery lists, birth certificates, marriage certificates, as well as pictures of places and of people from William Atkinson on down.”

    From “Adkins’ Family History”:
    “William Adkins (Atkinson in all early records), the earliest proven ancestor of our family was born in Charles City or Henrico Co. Virginia. As the parents of William are unknown there is no information available prior to his marriage. At the now famous St. John’s Church in Richmond, Henrico Co., Va. on Friday 17 Jan 1716 William married Elizabeth Parker b ca 1695 d/o Richard and Mitha Parker. Their marriage is recorded in the register of St. John’s. This register has been completely reprinted in the Besty of Henrico Parrish. The marriage of William & Elizabeth is recorded on pg. 228. Several other publications “Marriages of Some Virginia Residents” by Wulfeck also have the marriage recorded. This marriage record states “William Atkinson to daughter of Richard Parker…” Richard’s will fills in the first name “I give to my daughter, Elizabeth, wife of William Atkinson…”

    In the year of their marriage Elizabeth’s father gave her 150 acres in Henrico Parrish (Goochland co. 1727) stating in the deed “for love and affection to my daughter Elizabeth, wife of William Atkinson”. William and Elizabeth lived on a tributary of the Savannah River known as Machumps Creek; having been named after an Indian that told early settlers much about the country in which they lived. All of their children were born here and the family is mentioned in many records of both Henrico and Goochland Counties including the following.

    Records of St. John’s Church of Henrico Parrish
    a 1736 record for a 1735 birth (probably Mary)
    a 1736 record showing 230 acres standing good for a store debt in Goochland
    a 1740 record of Goochland showing William with 3 sons – William Jr., Richard, and Parker.
    …Sometime around 1743 William, Elizabeth and children undertook a Westward move that again would place them on the very edge of the frontier. This move took some ten years to fully complete. Some of the records that show the move spanning several yrs. follows: William Sr. and Parker appear on Lance Holmans’ tax list of Lunenberg Co. in 1746. William Sr., William Jr., Parker and others on Henry Martin’s 1747 tax list of Goochland Co. William Sr., William Jr., Parker and Richard on Lance Holman’s tax list of Lunenberg in 1748. After 1748 records and listing proliferate in Lunenberg while those in Goochland almost cease and after 1756 when Henry married they completely cease. This westward move (a part of the white man’s first penetration across the Blue Ridge Mtns.) was to what is today Franklin Co., Virginia. The family lived in the Snow Creek District on the Harping and Story Creeks of the Pigg River. When the move was initiated this area was in Brunswick Co., becoming Lunenberg in 1746, Halifax in 1752, Pittsylvania in 1767, Henry in 1776, and Franklin (as today) in 1785. Records of the family appear in all these counties making it extremely difficult to find the vital statistics. In this area William was a farmer, land owner, and mill operator; the latter an occupation that stood the family in good stead for many years up to and including the move to what is today West Virginia.

    Many records of the family are in Halifax including a 1753 road petition from William to the county commission requesting a road from Snow Creek and a 1762 land record for Parker. After 1767 when the area became Pittsylvania the records multiply as the children became land owners and sellers. It is not known when William (b ca 1690) died, however, the date is surely between late 1753 when the records seem to show William Jr. being designated as Sr. and 1774 when the records are clear that William Jr. is now Sr.

    From Ancestral File: William is listed as William Adkins, born 1690 in Henrico Co., Virginia, Died 1754/74 in Goochland Co., Virginia. His father is listed as John Adkins, Born Abt 1670 in New Kent Co., Virginia. No mother is listed.

    Ancestor Chart of Virginia Pierce lists William as born 1690 in Lawrence Co., Kentucky

    28 Mar 1689 – birth date listed on World Ancestry Tree by Billy Eugene Parsons

    William married Elizabeth Turner Parker, daughter of Richard Parker and Sarah Turner, on 17 Jan 1716 in St. John’s Episcopal Church, Henrico County, VA. Elizabeth was born in 1700 in PA, died in 1742 in Brunswick (now Franklin) County, VA, and was buried in Atkinson-Parker Cemetery, Franklin Co., VA.

    Marriage Notes: St. John’s Episcopal Church is located near Richmond, Virginia. During this early time period the church was some distance from the city, but as Richmond grew the new developments surrounded the church until the church became part of the city of Richmond. It was in St. John’s that Patrick Henry in 1775 gave his famous “give me liberty or give me death speech.

    General Notes:

    Children from this marriage were:

    + 2 M i. Richard Adkins was born in 1717 in Henrico County, VA.

    + 3 M ii. Parker Vortimer Adkins was born in 1720 in Henrico County, VA and died in 1792 in Montgomery County, VA.

    + 4 M iii. William Vortimer Adkins Jr. was born on 21 Jul 1721 in Henrico County, VA, died on 21 Feb 1784 in Pittsylvania County, VA, and was buried in Adkins-Lunsford Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co., VA.

    + 5 M iv. Joseph Adkins was born in 1723 in Henrico County, VA and died in Montgomery County, VA.

    + 6 M v. Jacob Adkins was born in 1725 in Henrico County, VA and died in Franklin County, VA.

    + 7 M vi. Sherwood ‘Sherrod’ Adkins was born in 1729 in Goochland County, VA.

    + 8 M vii. Henry Adkins was born in 1730 in Goochland County, VA.

    9 F viii. Mary ‘Polly’ Adkins was born in 1732 in Goochland County, VA.

    General Notes: Mary (Polly) Adkins, born c. 1735, in Goochland, County, Virginia. She may or may not have been married, since there are no records, but raised six children, probably all by Jacob Harley, the so-called Earl of Oxford.

    Second Generation (Children)

    2. Richard Adkins (William Vortimer Sr. 1) was born in 1717 in Henrico County, VA.

    General Notes: Moved to Tennessee in 1790.

    Richard married Mary ‘Polly’ Adkins. Mary was born in 1734 in Brunswick County, VA.

    The child from this marriage was:

    10 M i. Joel Adkins was born in 1770 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    3. Parker Vortimer Adkins (William Vortimer Sr. 1) was born in 1720 in Henrico County, VA and died in 1792 in Montgomery County, VA.

    General Notes: Rev. War vet.

    The part of montgomery Co. he died in is now in Giles Co.

    Lived on the South side of the Pigg River (Story Creek Area) in the Snow Creek District of what is today Franklin County, Virginia.

    The Battle of Point Pleasant is now considered by the historians to be the first battle of the Revolutionary War. Parker participated in that battle (1773). His name, along with his sons Hezekiah and Millington, is also, listed on the monument to Revolutionary War soldiers of Giles County located at Pearisburg, Virginia.

    Parker married Mary ‘Polly’ Fry in 1750 in Halifax County, VA. Mary died in 1766 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    Children from this marriage were:

    11 F i. Keziah Adkins was born in 1753 in Halifax County, VA.

    12 M ii. Millingtom Adkins was born on 20 Sep 1755 in Halifax County, VA.

    13 M iii. Isom Adkins was born in 1757 in Halifax County, VA.

    14 M iv. Hezekiah Adkins was born on 20 Sep 1759 in Halifax County, VA.

    15 F v. Susanna Adkins was born in 1761 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    16 M vi. Champ Adkins was born in 1763 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    17 M vii. Elijah Adkins was born in 1765 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    18 M viii. Sherrod B. Adkins was born in 1766 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    Parker next married Mary Blue Sky Cornstalk in 1766 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    General Notes: Indian woman.

    Children from this marriage were:

    19 M i. Littleberry Adkins was born on 10 May 1767 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    20 F ii. Charity Adkins was born in 1769 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    21 M iii. William Adkins was born in 1771 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    4. William Vortimer Adkins Jr. (William Vortimer Sr. 1) was born on 21 Jul 1721 in Henrico County, VA, died on 21 Feb 1784 in Pittsylvania County, VA, and was buried in Adkins-Lunsford Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co., VA.

    General Notes: Also: Atkins, Atkinson.

    Will of William Atkins D&W Bk. Vol. 11 p.136
    Dated Jan 22, 1784 probated March 15, 1784

    In the name of God amen this twenty second day of January in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and eighty four I —-William Atkins of the County of Pittsylvania being week of body but of sound mind and memory, thanks be to God my maker for it do constitute and ordain this to be my last will and testament disannulling all other will or wills doconstitute and commit my body to the Earth from whence it was taken and my soul to God who gave it in sure and certain hopes of the resurrection.
    Item I give and bequeth unto my daughter Elisabeth Shockley one shilling Sterling which I give to her and her heirs forever.
    Item I give and bequeth unto my daughter Bidey Witcher one shilling Sterling, which I give to her and her heirs forever.
    Item I give and bequeth unto my daughter Agness Polley one Shilling Sterling which I give to her and her heirs forever.
    Item I give and bequeth unto my daughter Nancy Witcher one Shilling Sterling which I give to her and her heirs forever.
    Item I give and bequeth unto my daughter Sarah Parsons one Shilling Sterling which I give to her and her heirs forever.
    Item I give and bequeth unto my Son Owen Atkins one Negro Girl called Milley which I give unto him and his heirs forever.
    Item I give and bequeath unto my Son Jesse Atkins one Negroe Wench called Hannah which I give unto him and his heirs forever with the increas of her body from this date. Also one Negro boy called James which I give unto him and his heirs forever. Also one Negro Wench called Eady whichI give untohimmy said Son Jesse to him and his heirs forever. I give and bequeath unto him and his heirs forever, one grey Horse also all the household furniture and Beds and furniture and all movable utensils to him and his Heirs forever with half of my Stock of Cattle, Hogs, andSheep. I also give unto my said son Jesse all the land on the Northside of the Water or Creek that my Millison with the Plantation and buildings Excep about ten yards above where the dirt is dug from the pond and then cestraight with hoppers path leaving the hog pen forty yards tothe left-hand straight to the firsline that was made between Owen Atkins and myself thence with the said line to fork oftheCreek which I give to him and his heirs forever
    Item I give and bequeath unto my Son William Atkins all the Land on the South side of the Creek that the Mill is on which I possess with my milland with the balance that is not willed to my son Jesse on the Northside of said Creek which I give to him and his heirs forever also one Negro girl called Ginny which I give to him and his heirs forever with the increase of her body Also the half of my Stock of Cattle & hogs & Sheep which I give to him and his heirs forever Also one Steel plate whip saw to him and his heirs forever as Witness my hand and Sealed with my seal the day and year first above written.

    Signed, Sealed and delivered his
    In presents of William X Atkins, SS.
    Noton Dickinson, Isaac Martin mark
    Joseph Standbye

    At a Court held for Pittsylvania County the 15th day of March 1784 the within last Will and Testament of William Atkins deceased was proved by the Oaths of two of the witnesses thereto and Ordered to be recorded. a Certificate for obtaining Letters of Administration of the Estate ofthe said William Atkins decd with the Will annexed is granted to Jesse Atkins who made oath according to Law and with Thomas Hodges and NotonDickinson his securities entered into Bond as the Law directs and acknowledged the same.

    Teste Will Tunstall CS.


    William Atkinson 200 A on both sides Pig River Survd Mar. 31 1747 at a gum on the Lower side of Pig River and thence N10E 90p. to a red Oak N65 W137p to a Beech on a branch S10 W204p. crossing a branch to a red oak S10E110p. to a redoak on Pig Riverand thence down the same & across it to the beging.

    William Atkinson 150A on both sides Pig River Survd 31Mar. 1747 beginning at a red oak on the upper side driver thence N81W48p. crossing sd River to a maple on Harping Creek S89W184p. crossing sd Harping Creek & the River to a white Oak N8W96p. crossing a Branch to a pine N60E70p. to a red oak E98p to a red oak S64E70p. to a pine S10E103p to the begin.

    Transcribed by James Burnett
    From notes of Mrs. Anderson, Dec’d

    William married Lydia Lunsford Owens, daughter of William Owens and Lydia Lunsford, in 1740 in Henrico County, VA. Lydia was born in 1724 in Prince George County, VA, died in 1782 in Pittsylvania County, VA, and was buried in Adkins-Lunsford Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co., VA.

    General Notes:

    Children from this marriage were:

    + 22 F i. Agnes Owens Adkins was born in 1741 in Henrico County, VA.

    + 23 F ii. Elizabeth Owens Adkins was born in 1742 in Henrico County, VA and died in 1795 in Grayson County, VA.

    24 M iii. Parker Owens Adkins was born in 1744 in Henrico County, VA and died in Kanawha County, WV.

    Parker married Mary Ledford on 3 Jan 1772 in Pittsylvania County, VA. Mary was born in 1750 in VA.

    + 25 F iv. Nancy Anne Adkins was born in 1748 in Henrico County, VA.

    + 26 M v. Owen Lunsford Adkins was born in 1750 in Henrico County, VA and died in 1790 in Wautauga Settlement, Sullivan County, TN.

    + 27 F vi. Sarah Owens Adkins was born in 1752 in Henrico County, VA and died in 1815 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    + 28 M vii. Jesse Owens Adkins was born in 1754 in Henrico County, VA and died in 1833 in Pike County, KY.

    + 29 M viii. William Vortimer Adkins III was born on 21 Sep 1760 in Henrico County, VA, died on 22 Oct 1848 in Pittsylvania County, VA, and was buried in Adkins-Hartman Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co., VA.

    30 F ix. Lydia Owens ‘Liddy’ Adkins was born in 1762 in Henrico County, VA.

    Lydia married William Witcher.

    5. Joseph Adkins (William Vortimer Sr. 1) was born in 1723 in Henrico County, VA and died in Montgomery County, VA.

    Joseph married Mary (Adkins).

    Children from this marriage were:

    31 M i. Sherrod Adkins was born in 1745 in VA.

    32 M ii. Bartlett Adkins was born in 1747 in VA.

    33 M iii. William Adkins was born in 1749 in VA.

    34 M iv. Reuben Adkins was born in 1780 in VA.

    Joseph next married Sarah (Adkins) on 23 Dec 1783 in Montgomery County, VA.

    Children from this marriage were:

    35 F i. Nancy Adkins was born in 1783 in Montgomery County, VA.

    36 M ii. Joshua Adkins was born in 1785 in Montgomery County, VA.

    37 F iii. Elizabeth Adkins was born in 1786 in Montgomery County, VA.

    38 M iv. Joseph Adkins was born in 1787 in Montgomery County, VA.

    39 F v. Agnes Adkins was born in 1790 in Montgomery County, VA.

    6. Jacob Adkins (William Vortimer Sr. 1) was born in 1725 in Henrico County, VA and died in Franklin County, VA.

    Jacob married Judah (Adkins).

    Jacob next married Miss IUnknown.

    Children from this marriage were:

    40 M i. Sherrod Adkins was born in 1759 in VA.

    41 M ii. Elijah Adkins was born in 1760 in VA.

    42 M iii. Jacob Adkins was born in 1762 in VA.

    43 M iv. Parker Adkins was born in 1763 in VA.

    44 M v. Isaac Adkins was born in 1767 in VA.

    Jacob next married Mary Parker Bennett.

    Children from this marriage were:

    45 M i. John Adkins was born in 1771 in Halifax County, VA.

    46 F ii. Mary Ann Adkins was born in 1772 in Halifax County, VA.

    47 M iii. Moses Adkins was born on 15 Sep 1773 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    48 F iv. Judith ‘Judah’ Adkins was born in 1775 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    49 M v. Hiram Adkins was born in 1780 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    7. Sherwood ‘Sherrod’ Adkins (William Vortimer Sr. 1) was born in 1729 in Goochland County, VA.

    General Notes: Sherwood (Sherrod), Adkins, born c. 1728, and married Sally (probably Lucas), around 1760, and lived at Clear Fork, of Wolf Creek, Virginia, that became West Virginia in 1863. Sherwood Adkins was the father of Isaac Adkins, Sr. Born c. 1780 and died on March 29, 1860, and Isaac married on May 6, 1804, to Elizabeth Hager, born c. 1780, in Baltimore, Maryland, daughter of Jacob and Sally Hager. Isaac Adkins, Sr. and Elizabeth Hager had a son named Isaac Adkins, Jr. Born in 1804, in Virginia, in accordance with the Carter County, Kentucky 1850 census.

    Sherwood married Sarah ‘Sally’ Lucas in 1760 in Goochland County, VA.

    The child from this marriage was:

    50 M i. Isaac Adkins was born in 1766 in SC.

    8. Henry Adkins (William Vortimer Sr. 1) was born in 1730 in Goochland County, VA.

    General Notes: Henry Adkins lived in the Pigg River area in Virginia

    At the time of his marriage, Henry lived, along with the rest of his family, in the Pigg River area of Halifax (Pittsylvania 1767, Henry 1776, and Franklin, as today in 1785) County, Virginia. There are many records of Henry especially in Pittsylvania. These records (mostly land transactions) of Henry and Rachel clearly prove his relationship to his brother, Parker, and to their father, William Sr. One of the records that clearly proves his relationship is — 15 Mar. 1773 Henry sold fifty acres to Samuel Calland (Pittsylvania deed book 4 pages 343-344). In this record, it is stated “…it being the land the said Henry now lives on which he bought of his brother, Parker, … and boundaries will more fully appear by his deed he had from his father William Adkins, Sr.”

    As Rachel and Henry were selling their land in the Pigg River area of Pittsylvania in 1773 it is believed they were preparing to move to Fincastle (Montgomery 1777, Giles 1806) County to join his brothers. It is known that Henry was in Montgomery in 1791 as he and Parker were granted exemptions from county taxes because of “age and infirmities”.

    Henry married Rachel Houchins on 20 Jan 1756 in VA.

    Children from this marriage were:

    51 M i. Bartlett Adkins was born on 19 Dec 1756 in Halifax County, VA.

    52 M ii. Moseby Adkins was born on 29 Sep 1758 in Halifax County, VA.

    53 M iii. Jesse Adkins was born on 12 Mar 1762 in Halifax County, VA.

    54 M iv. Winston Adkins was born in 1763 in Halifax County, VA.

    55 F v. Permelia ‘Millie’ Adkins was born in 1768 in Halifax County, VA.

    56 M vi. Winright Adkins was born in 1775 in Halifax County, VA.

    57 M vii. William Adkins was born in 1780 in Halifax County, VA.

    Third Generation (Grandchildren)

    22. Agnes Owens Adkins (William Vortimer Jr. 2, William Vortimer Sr. 1) was born in 1741 in Henrico County, VA.

    Agnes married David Pauley in 1757 in Halifax County, VA. David was born in 1725 in Brunswick County, VA.

    Children from this marriage were:

    58 M i. Joseph Allen Pauley was born in 1757 in Halifax County, VA.

    59 M ii. Edward Pauley was born on 21 Dec 1758 in Halifax County, VA.

    60 M iii. John Pauley was born in 1760 in Halifax County, VA.

    61 M iv. David Pauley was born in 1765 in Halifax County, VA.

    62 F v. Lorany Pauley was born in 1766 in Halifax County, VA.

    63 M vi. Henry Pauley was born in 1767 in Halifax County, VA.

    64 M vii. Unknown Son Pauley was born in 1775 in Halifax County, VA.

    65 F viii. Lydia Pauley was born in 1776 in Halifax County, VA.

    66 M ix. James Pauley was born in 1780 in Halifax County, VA.

    23. Elizabeth Owens Adkins (William Vortimer Jr. 2, William Vortimer Sr. 1) was born in 1742 in Henrico County, VA and died in 1795 in Grayson County, VA.

    Elizabeth married Richard Esau Shockley in 1754 in Halifax County, VA. Richard was born in 1733 in Worchester County, MD.

    Children from this marriage were:

    67 F i. Elizabeth Shockley was born in 1757 in Halifax County, VA.

    68 M ii. Isaiah Josiah Shockley was born in 1765 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    69 M iii. Meredith Shockley was born in 1770 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    70 F iv. Ailcey Shockley was born in 1773 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    25. Nancy Anne Adkins (William Vortimer Jr. 2, William Vortimer Sr. 1) was born in 1748 in Henrico County, VA.

    Nancy married John Witcher in 1770 in Pittsylvania County, VA. John was born in 1748 in Lunenburg (Pittsylvania Co.), VA.

    Children from this marriage were:

    71 F i. Rhoda Witcher was born in 1771 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    72 M ii. William Witcher was born in 1775 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    73 F iii. Matilda Witcher was born in 1801 in Grayson County, VA.

    26. Owen Lunsford Adkins (William Vortimer Jr. 2, William Vortimer Sr. 1) was born in 1750 in Henrico County, VA and died in 1790 in Wautauga Settlement, Sullivan County, TN.

    General Notes: On June 25, 1777, Owen and Agnes sold 300 acres of land to Luther Hopper, 100 acres to Owen’s uncle, Henry Adkins, and 121 acres to Owen’s dad, William. For all of this land, they received 162 pounds 10 shillings (a large amount of money in 1777). In 1790, probably in Hawkins County, Tennessee, Owen, Agnes, and two of their children were murdered by Indians. Their two year old son, Jessee, was scalped but survived.

    Owen married Agnes Goad in 1768 in Pittsylvania County, VA. Agnes was born in 1750 in VA and died in 1790 in TN.

    General Notes: See husband’s notes.

    Children from this marriage were:

    74 M i. Benjamin Adkins was born in 1770 in Pittsylvania County, VA and died on 18 Nov 1839 in Wayne County, KY.

    General Notes: Wayne And Pulaski County, Kentucky

    Benjamin married Catherine ‘Katie’ Stigall. Catherine was born in 1779 in VA.

    75 M ii. Wyatt Adkins was born in 1772 in Pittsylvania County, VA and died on 5 Nov 1833 in MO.

    Wyatt married Mary Bledsoe.

    76 F iii. Emily ‘Milly’ Adkins was born in 1779 in Pittsylvania County, VA and died in TN.

    Emily married Philip Smith on 11 Jan 1798 in Pittsylvania County, VA. Philip was born in 1769 in VA.

    77 M iv. James Adkins was born in 1781 in Hancock, Hawkins County, TN and died in 1860 in Pulaski County, KY.

    James married Chloe Hargis on 9 Sep 1800 in Pulaski County, KY. Chloe was born in 1782 in KY.

    78 M v. Owen Adkins was born on 4 Feb 1783 in Hancock, Hawkins County, TN.

    79 M vi. Jesse Adkins was born in 1788 in Hancock, Hawkins County, TN.

    27. Sarah Owens Adkins (William Vortimer Jr. 2, William Vortimer Sr. 1) was born in 1752 in Henrico County, VA and died in 1815 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    Sarah married John Parsons. John was born in 1750 in Halifax County, VA.

    Children from this marriage were:

    80 M i. Gabriel Parsons was born in 1775 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    81 F ii. Levinney Parsons was born in 1776 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    82 F iii. Sarah ‘Sally’ Parsons was born in 1778 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    83 M iv. Eli Parsons was born in 1780 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    84 F v. Lydia Parsons was born in 1781 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    85 M vi. Jesse Parsons was born in 1782 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    86 M vii. Richard Parsons was born in 1783 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    87 M viii. William Parsons was born in 1784 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    88 M ix. John Parsons was born in 1785 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    89 M x. Frederick Parsons was born in 1795 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    28. Jesse Owens Adkins (William Vortimer Jr. 2, William Vortimer Sr. 1) was born in 1754 in Henrico County, VA and died in 1833 in Pike County, KY.

    Jesse married Mary (Adkins) in 1772 in Henrico County, VA.

    Children from this marriage were:

    90 M i. Elijah Adkins was born in 1773 in Henrico County, VA.

    91 M ii. Thomas Adkins was born in 1775 in Henrico County, VA and died in 1829 in Pike County, KY.

    Thomas married Olivia ‘Olly’ Morgan on 6 Oct 1796 in VA. Olivia was born in 1780 in MD.

    92 M iii. John Adkins was born in 1777 in Henrico County, VA and died in Lawrence County, KY.

    John married Nancy Mc Cracken on 29 Mar 1796 in Washington County, VA. Nancy was born in 1777 in Washington County, VA.

    John next married Nancy Evans on 25 Dec 1825 in Lawrence County, KY.

    93 F iv. Nancy Adkins was born in 1782 in VA and died in 1807 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    Nancy married Absolom Thacker on 6 Dec 1800 in Pittsylvania County, VA. Absolom was born in 1780 in Pittsylvania County, VA and died in Pike County, KY.

    94 F v. Sarah ‘Sally’ Adkins was born in 1784 in VA and died in Pike County, KY.

    Sarah married Absolom Thacker on 3 May 1808 in Pittsylvania County, VA. Absolom was born in 1780 in Pittsylvania County, VA and died in Pike County, KY.

    95 M vi. Spencer Adkins was born in 1786 in VA and died in Pike County, KY.

    96 M vii. Joseph Adkins was born in 1788 in VA.

    97 M viii. William Adkins was born in 1790 in VA and died in Pike County, KY.

    98 M ix. Jesse Adkins was born in 1793 in VA.

    Jesse married Anne Swearingen on 28 Dec 1815 in Floyd County, KY.

    99 M x. Lucas Adkins was born in 1796 in VA and died in Lawrence County, OH.

    Lucas married Margaret ‘Peggy’ Stotts on 20 Mar 1818 in Floyd County, KY.

    Lucas next married Beni Bailey on 20 Jan 1825 in Floyd County, KY.

    Lucas next married Margaret Stotts.

    Jesse next married Ruth (Adkins).

    29. William Vortimer Adkins III (William Vortimer Jr. 2, William Vortimer Sr. 1) was born on 21 Sep 1760 in Henrico County, VA, died on 22 Oct 1848 in Pittsylvania County, VA, and was buried in Adkins-Hartman Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co., VA.

    General Notes: Also Atkins, Atkinson.

    Will of William Adkins
    Wills, Inventories & Accts. vol. 1-A p. 142
    Dated April 8, 1847 probated Oct. 28, 1848

    I, William Adkins of the County of Pittsylvania and State of Virginia being of sound mind and in good halth make my last will and Testament in manner and form as follows
    I give to my son Henry Adkins and his heirs forever the following land to wit, beginning in my line adjoining where he now lives at the fence and around the land he is now in possession of it being a part of my track and thence following the fence around to a pair of draw rails thence up the path to the ridge path leading from my house to Capt. Hopkinses Decd,then down a hollow to a branch in an old field and down the branch to the Creek thence up the same to the Spring that said Henry formerly used continuing up said branch to my back line and along the same to the beginning.
    2ly I give to my son Owen Adkins and his heirs forever the following land, towit; beginning at the same place where Henry’s new line is to begin thence along between my son Henry and myself to the road leading from my house to the Lynchburg road, thence down said road to a corner in my old line near a field now used by my daughter Sally Gibson, thence to the fence of the said field and along said fence in to an old field not inclosed until it corner oposite an old fence row leading from some pines near the path and so on down said fence row to the head of a hollow and down the same to the creek and up the creek to the land herein before given to my son Henry and along his line to the beginning.
    3ly, I give to my daughter Sally Gibson and her heirs forever the following land to wit, beginning at the fence around the feald in which she now lived where my son Owen’s William and thence along the lain and through the lower side of an old feald crossing the ridge road to trees I have choped as a line to Peek’s old field and through the old field by two marked trees on a ridge and so on to two marked trees below the aple orchard on the branch thence up the same and along my backline to the line herein before directed to bound the land given to my son Owen and along that lineto the beginning.
    4ly I give to my son William Adkins and his heirs forever the land where on he now lives it being all the remaining part of my land on that side of the creek not herein given to others.
    5ly It is my will and desire that Coleman Renands shall have and enjoy the land and other property herein after mentioned for and during his life and at his death to his lawfully begotten children if he leave any and in case he does not, then to my children herein before mentioned and there heirs forever to wit, I give under the limitations as aforesaid to said Coleman Renands who I hereby recognise as my son and henceforth desire that he shall be called Coleman Adkins the following land, to wit,beginning on the creek between John T. Muse and myself at the mouth of a branch thence along theNorth side of a crop fence runing near a spring formerly used by Sally Reynolds and so onto the woods and thence along a new chopped line to a branch above WilliamAdkins spring and thence up said branch to a new choped line and along said line to the ridge road and thence along said road and my back line to the land herein before given to my son Henry and thence down his line to the creek and thence down the said creek to the beginning.
    6ly It is my will and desire that my Executor hereinafter appointed sell upon a credit of one and two years all the residue of my land lying on the West side of Turkey Cock creek and allso upon a reasonable credit sell all the perishable part of my estate.
    7ly I give to Suky Smith one hundred dollars and I give to Betsy Carter one hundred dollars and I give to Sally Gipson Thirty dollars.
    8ly I give to my son Coleman Adkins upon the terms limitations and conditions contained and provided for in the fifth clause of the will the following property to wit; one Negro girl named Siza and her future increase and one horse bridle and saddle worth sixty dollars. I also give him fifty dollars worth of cows and hoggs and six head of sheep, I also give him one hilling hoe,one plow, and pare of gear one pole axe and if he continues to live with me till my death I give him fifteen barrels of corn and four Hundred weight of Pork.
    9ly I give to my following children to be equally divided between them and there heirs forever all the residue of my estate of every sort and kind, to wit; I give one sixth part to my daughter Suky Smith, one sixth to Betsy Carter, one sixth part to Sally Gipson, one sixth part to my son Henry Adkins, one sixth part to William Adkins, and the other sixth part to Owen Adkins, and lastly I do hereby constitute and appointmy friend Vincint Witcher Executor to this my last will and Testament hereby revoking all other or former wills by me made writen on two sheets and subscribed on the sixth page ;this eighth day of April in the year of our Lord 1847.

    William Adkins seal
    A.H. Moorman
    W.A. Dickinson
    H.S. Muse

    At a Circuit superior court of law and chanery continued and held for Pittsylvania county the 28th day of October 1848 this last will and Testament of William Adkins decd was presented in court and proven by the oaths of A.H. Moorman and H.S. Muse two subscribing witnesses and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of Vincent Witcher the Executor in said will named who made oath and with A.H. Moorman & H.S. Muse his secruities entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of ten thousand dollars conditioned according to Law certificate was granted him for obtaining probate of said will in due form.

    Wm. H. Tunstall Clk.
    Estate Settlement of William Adkins decd (1848)
    Accounts Current vol. 18 pp. 160-162
    Date of confirmation October 20, 1851

    Accounts of Executor and Legatees

    1. To Susan Smith one of the legatees of William Adkins decd
    November 27, 1849 paid in terms of will $100.00
    Sept. 11, 1850 paid for legacy in residuary fund $230.00
    1851 to balance due Susan Smith 2.63 ½
    TOTAL: 332.63 ½

    2. To Nathan Carter in right of his wife Elizabeth Carter
    Nov. 27, 1849 paid in terms of will 100.00
    Sept. 11, 1850 paid for legacy in residuary fund 250.00
    TOTAL paid by confirmation: 350.00

    3. Sarah Gibson
    Nov. 27, 1849 paid in terms of will 30.00
    Sept. 11, 1850 paid for legacy in residuary fund 219.22
    1851 balance due Sarah Gibson 13.41 ½
    TOTAL: 262.63 ½

    4. Henry Adkins
    Sept. 11, 1850 paid for legacy in residuary fund 232.19
    1851 balance due 2.63 ½
    TOTAL: 232.63 ½

    5. William Adkins
    Sept. 11, 1850 paid for legacy in residuary fund 232.19
    1851 balance due .44 ½
    TOTAL: 232.63 ½

    6. Owen Adkins
    Sept. 11, 1850 paid for legacy in residuary fund 230.00
    1851 balance due 2.63 ½
    TOTAL: 232.63 ½
    The grave of William Adkins

    Rt. 626 to Cooper’s old store. Turn left on Rt. 649.
    Cemetary on back of farm now owned by Oscar Burger (1984)

    Tombstone inscription

    Wm Adkins
    Birth Sept. the 21st 1760
    DC Oct. the 22nd 1848

    His grave is among several other “sunken” graves marked with initialed fieldstones located in a wooded area on the property of Oscar Berger outside of Chatham, Virginia.

    William married Mary Anne ‘Polly’ Hartman in 1781 in Pittsylvania County, VA. Mary was born in 1765 in VA, died in 1812 in Pittsylvania County, VA, and was buried in Adkins-Hartman Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co., VA.

    General Notes:

    Children from this marriage were:

    100 M i. Henry Adkins was born in 1781 in Pittsylvania County, VA and died in 1867 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    Henry married Elizabeth Rossett, daughter of Samuel Rossett, on 7 Oct 1799 in Pittsylvania County, VA. Elizabeth was born in 1783 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    Marriage Notes:

    From Knorr, Catherine. Marriage Bonds and Ministers returns of PittsylvaniaCounty, Virginia; 1767-1805. 1956

    1. 7 October 1799 Henry Adkerson (Adkins) and Elizabeth Rossett dau.Of Sam Rossett who consents. Sur. William Reynolds.
    p. 2 (26 of marr. register)

    101 F ii. Rhoda Adkins was born in 1782 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    General Notes: In the history of the Adkins Family that I have there is no mention of Rhoda. Some list her on as a child.

    Rhoda married Jesse Peak on 29 Jan 1799 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    102 F iii. Anna Adkins was born in 1783 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    General Notes: In the history of the Adkins Family that I have there is no mention of Anna. Some list her on as a child.

    Anna married John Rigney on 5 Apr 1808 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    103 M iv. Owen Sanford Adkins was born in 1786 in Pittsylvania County, VA and died on 15 May 1885 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    General Notes:

    Register of Deaths 1855 1896 p. 136 line5

    Owen Adkins
    white male
    Died May 15, 1885 in Pittsylvania Co., VA
    Cause: old age
    age: 99 yrs 6 mo (this would place birth approximately Nov. 1786
    Parents: William & Mary Adkins
    born: Pittsylvania Co.
    Occupation: farmer
    Consort; unmarried (actually widowed)
    Informant: Owen Adkins, Jr. Relationship: son

    Stories were told that during Owen’s lifetime, he had 44 mistresses and was the father of 108 children. He was known as “Owen of All”. Rumor also has it that there is a book titled “The Life and Legend of Owen of All”.

    Two supposed mistresses with supposed children:

    Louisa ‘Eliza’ H. Kendrick b: Abt 1818 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
    Married: Bef 1839 Unmarried
    Change Date: 26 Mar 2011
    John Saunders Kendrick b: Abt 1839 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
    William Christopher Kendrick b: Abt 1842 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
    Malissa Ann Kendrick b: 10 Mar 1844 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
    Green Wade Kendrick b: Abt 1847 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
    Betsey Kendrick b: Jul 1850 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
    Martha Kendrick b: Abt 1856 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
    Louisa Kendrick b: Abt 1856 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
    Elisha Keen Kendrick b: Abt 1858 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
    Micajah Kendrick b: 5 Apr 1860 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia

    Marriage 4 Permelia b: Jan 1825 in Virginia
    Married: Bef 1842 Unmarried
    Change Date: 26 Mar 2011
    Arabella Adkins b: Abt 1842 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
    Ballard Preston Adkins b: 8 May 1843 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
    William Thomas Adkins b: 22 May 1845 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
    Isabella M. Adkins b: Apr 1848 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
    Pompey Adkins b: Abt 1851 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
    Virginia Adkins b: 14 Jul 1852 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
    Ellen ‘Elinor’ F. Adkins b: Nov 1853 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
    Elvira Calends Adkins b: Abt 1855 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
    Alice Keen Adkins b: Jun 1860 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
    Goggin Adkins b: 7 Oct 1861 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
    Charles Monroe Adkins b: 9 Apr 1862 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia
    Filmore H. Adkins b: Jul 1868 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia

    Owen married Isabel Harris, daughter of John Harris and Unknown, on 15 Jul 1809 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    Marriage Notes:

    From Williams, Kathleen. Marriages of Pittsylvania County, Virginia; 1806-1830. 1980

    5. 15 July 1809 Owen Adkins and Isabel Harris, dau. of John Harris who consents.
    Sur. James Hines. p. 3 (p. 46 of marr. reg.)

    Owen next married Frances Ann ‘Fanny’ Campbell on 19 Sep 1825 in Pittsylvania County, VA. Frances was born in 1800 in VA and died in 1837 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    Marriage Notes:

    From Williams, Kathleen. Marriages of Pittsylvania County, Virginia; 1806-1830. 1980

    19 September 1825. Owen Atkinson(Adkins) and Fanny Campbell.
    Sur. Jacob Zink. p.6 (p. 82 of original register)

    104 F v. Susan Hartman ‘Sukey’ Adkins was born in 1787 in VA, died in 1851 in Tomahawk Creek, Pittsylvania Co., VA, and was buried in George K. Smith Cemetery, Tomahawk Creek, VA.

    General Notes: Also Atkinson.

    Will of Susan Smith
    Pittsylvania County, Va.
    Will Book 2, pg. 131:

    I Susan Smith of the County of Pittsylvania and State of Virginia do make this 9th day of October one thousand eight hundred and fifty one make this my last will and Testament. In manner and form following, to wit:
    1st I give to my son Jabez Smith three yards of home made cloth together with one equal eighth part of my estate that I ma___ not hereafter will away –
    2nd I give unto my son Ralph Smith one negro boy named Ellick at valuation, if he is valued to more than one eighth part of my estate he
    shall then pay back so as to make all my children equal with one another together with three yards of home made cloth.
    3rd I give unto my son William Smith one negro boy named Allen at valuation, and if he is valued to more than one eighth part of my estate he shall then pay back so as to make all my children equal with one another together with three yards of home made cloth.
    4th I give and bequeath unto my daughter Mary Anderson four pounds of Wool Roles also one large new Kittle together with one equal eighth part of my estate that I have not heretofore or may not hereafter will away to be given to her to use and dispose of as she may think proper to her and her heirs forever.
    5th I give and bequeath unto my daughter Rody Reynolds five dollars in cash also four pounds of wool Roles together with one equal eighth part of my estate that I have not heretofore or may not hereafter will away to be given to her to use and dispose of as she may think proper to her and her heirs forever.
    6th I give unto my daughter Nancy Anderson four pounds of Wool Roles together with one eighth equal part of my estate that I have not heretofore or may not hereafter will away to be give her to her to use of as she ma think proper, to her and her heirs forever.
    7th I give and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth Mahan four pounds of Wool Roles. I also leace in the hands of my son Ralph Smith one equal eighth part of my estate that I have not heretofore or may not hereafter will away for the use and benefit of my daughter Elizabeth Mahan to her and her heirs forever.
    8th I give and bequeath unto my daughter Letitia Smith one hundred dollars cash, one feather bed, two pillars, two sheets, and five bed
    quilts, three bed blankets, two double wook white counterpins, one chect counterpin, one white double wove counterpin 2 pounds wool roles, one piece of Janes Cloth, one set of tea cups and saucers, one set of plates, one set of teaspoons, one carthen pitcher, one pot and oven, one dish and one brass kettle, also one equal eighth part of my Estate that I have not heretofore willed away to her and her heirs forever.
    9th I give unto my four Daughters, namely to wit: Rody Reynolds, Elizabeth Mahan, Mary Anderson and Nancy Anderson all my bed blankets, quilts, etc. that I have not heretofore willed away, to be equally divided between them and to their heirs forever.
    10th I wish that all my crop be sold as soon as convenient after my death and all the moneys and other wise to be equally divided between my eight children as heretofore directed.
    11th And lastly I hereby constitute and appoint my two sons Ralph Smith and William Smith Executors of this my last will and Testatment In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and affixed my seal this the 9th day of October one thousand eight hundred and fifty one.
    Geo. Craft Jr.
    Lewis A. Wright
    Abner Mahan
    Susan X Smith


    At a Court held for the County of Pittsylvania the 20th day of October 1851 This last Wil and Testament of Susan Smith dec’d.was
    presented in Court and proven by the oaths of two subscribing witnesses and ordered to be recorded, And on the motion of Ralph Smith and William Smith the Executors in the will mentioned who made oath and with George Craft Jr., John C. Bradner, Rudolph Rorer, their securities entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of five thousand dollards conditioned according to Law certificate was granted themfor obtaining probate of said will in due form.
    Wm. H. Tunstall Clk.

    1850 North Dist., Pittsylvania Co., VA

    Susan Smith – 67 – VA
    William – 29 – VA – Overseer
    Letitia – 21 – VA

    Next door to:

    Naman Mahan – 40 – VA – Farmer
    Elizabeth – 30 – VA
    Booker – 9 – VA
    Louisiana – 7 – VA
    James – 4 – VA
    Susan – 4 mo. – VA

    Susan married George Kenan Smith Jr., son of George Smith Sr. and Beheathland (Smith), on 18 Aug 1806 in Pittsylvania County, VA. George was born on 15 Jan 1778 near Museville, Pittsylvania County, VA, died on 30 Jan 1845 in Tomahawk Creek, Pittsylvania Co., VA, and was buried in George K. Smith Cemetery, Tomahawk Creek, VA.

    Marriage Notes:

    From Williams, Kathleen. Marriages of Pittsylvania County, Virginia; 1806-1830. 1980

    4. 18 August 1806. George Smith and Lucky Adkins. ( Sucky? Or Suk? )
    Sur. William Adkins. p. 145 (p. 42 in marr. register)


    The Smith’s had a very strong physique, barrel-torso chest, and seemed to possess a large statue, being men of 200 lbs. or more.
    George K. Smith (the last ancestor that I have authentic proof of in 1953 – BTA owned around 1100 acres* of land in Pittsylvania County, Virginia on Tomahawk Creek (near Museville). According to family tradition, he was born near Museville, Virginia and buried near Tomahawk, Va. where he lived. Family tradition says he was a miller. Value of property, $15,302.

    *I calculate he owned about 3500 acres from the deed info below (Hank Rogers).

    The land he owned was where the Tomahawk Mill Winery is now & went as far north as present day Cooksburg Road.

    The old post office for Tomahawk, VA is on the hill behind the mill.

    Google Earth gives you an awesome view of the area from above, as well as Bing! maps, just zoom in on the area & choose satelite option.

    Smith Surveyor’s Plot and Field Notes.

    Surveyed for Geo. K. Smith at the instance of Jeremiah Keesee, 216 Acres of land lying and being in the County of Pittsylvania on both sides Tomahawk Creek, and bounded as follows to wit, Beginning at Geo. Craft’s corner white oak, thence along Craft’s dividing line S.76 W.152 poles crossing the creek aforesaid to a white Oak in Mahan’s line, thence along said line S.22 E.99 poles to a white oak near a branch, thence along Smith’s East 181 poles crossing said Creek to post oak, S.64 E.38. poles to a white oak, thence along Keesee’s former Line (now David H. Grubb’s) N.30 —-200 poles, Grant calls for a white oak, no corner found, S. 82 E.91. poles to white oak in Jesse Oake’s (formerly Cook’s) line, thence along said lines N.3 W.14 poles to a post oak, thence along Childrap’s line S.56 W.74 poles to Carter’s lines same course continued in all 114 poles to a red oak pointers, N.81 W72 poles crossing a branch to a white oak, thence new dividing lines between said Smith and Carter S.18 W. 20 poles to a post oak, S.83 W.46 poles to a red oak, in old line, and thence along the same N.13 W.189 poles to the beginning.

    By James Hopkins
    Sept. 22, 1825

    Plot of 216 Acres. Surveyed by James Hopkins for Geo. K. Smith on Sept. 22, 1825.

    Deek Bk. 2V, pg. 379
    Jabez Smith and his wife Susan sell 218 acres of land lying on both sides of Tomahawk Creek for $1117.25 to George K. Smith. Rec.: Sept. 26, 1825.

    Deed Bk. 46, pg. 19
    Pittsylvania County, Va.
    Jabez Smith and wife Susan sell to George K. Smith 1317 acres of land lying on both sides of Tomahawk Creek for $5070. Rec.:Apr. 18, 1842.

    Will of George K. Smith
    Pittsylvania County Records.
    Will Book 2, pg. 18;
    Will Made: 24 May 1845
    Recorded: 17 August 1845

    I George K. Smith of Pittsylvania County and State of Virginia do hereby make this my last will and testament in manner and form following to wit.
    1st It is my will and desire that all of my just debts be first paid.
    2dly I give to my wife Susan Smith five hundred acres of Land including my dwelling house and plantation whereon I at present reside together with all my household and kitchen furniture, stocks of horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, crops of all descriptions, plantation tools, and all my negro slaves to wit, Mariah, Mary, Bob, Alex, Capa, Chana, and Sam together with their future increase for and during the term of her natural life, and after her decease I give the same to my children herein named
    3dly I give to my son Jabez Smith Jr. in way of land nine hundred thirty dollars which said land I have previously deeded to him.
    4thly I give to my son Ralph Smith nine hundred thirty dollars in way of land which said land I have previously deeded to him.
    5thly I give to my son William Smith two hundred acres of land lying on the North side of Jeffersons road beginning on the ___ of Tomahawk hill on the side road, thence running rather a N.E. course to David H. Grubbs line, thence along sd Grubbs line to a corner postoak, thencea dividing line to be made to a fence on Tomahawk Creek, thence a West course up to Shockleys Branch so as to include two hundred acres insaid tract which said land I value at nine hundred thirty dollars.
    6thly I give to my daughter Rhoda Reynolds one hundred twenty acres of land adjoining the lands whereon John Reynolds her husband at present resides, beginning near Tomahawk Creek at the mouth of a lane between John Reynolds and Ralph Smith thence with said Smith’s line a N.W. course across Jeffersons road, thence to N. West course so far as to include one hundred twenty acres as aforesaid, which said lot of land I wish to be hereafter valued in cash and which valuation my said daughter, in a final division of my estate is to account for hereafter.
    7thly I give to my three sons, to wit, Jabez Smith, Jr., Ralph Smith, and William Smith in trust for the sole use and benefit of my daughter Elizabeth Mayhan for and during the term of her natural life, the following described lot of land, containing one hundred twenty acres more or less and bounded as follows to wit, beginning on the top of Tomahawk hill at William Smith’s corner herein named thence along Jeffersons road South East to Michael Bransons line, thence along Bransons line to David H. Grubbs line, then along the same N. West to William Smith’s corner in sd. Grubbs line thence along same in line to the beginning which said lot of land I wish to valued by commissioners hereafter appointed which valuation I wish to be accounted for when a final division of my estate takes place.
    I also give to my three sons above named in like manner as that of the one hundred twenty acres of land, in trust, an equal portion of my estate for the use and benefit of my said daughter Elizabeth Mahan after first deducting the valuation of the above named land and after the death of my said daughter I desire that the above named lot of land and other estate and property which may fall to my three sons as trustees for my said daughter provided she has any, and if not, then I desire that the aforesaid land and other personal estate be equally divided among my lawful heirs.
    8thly I give to my daughter Nancy Anderson a lot or tract of land containing one hundred thirty seven acres adjoining the land of Capt. George Craft and Capt. John Wright which said land I wish to be valued and accounted for in a final division of my estate.
    9thly I give the remaining part of my lands to my two daughters namely: Polly Smith and Letitia Smith to be valued and accounted for in final division of my estate.
    10thly It is my will and desire that after the death of my wife Susan Smith the balance of my estate both real and personal, land and negroes shall be equally divided among all my children here in named, first charging them with valuation of land given off, or herein bequeathed, except Elizabeth Mayhan, whose part of my estate, I here in give to my three sons, above named in trust for the sole use and benefit of my said daughter Elizabeth which Estate I wish for them to manage in the most profitable manner and hand over to her, annually the profits or income of said estate, including the land and that part which may fall to her after charging the Valuation of the said land for and during the term of her natural life and after her death I give the same as herein before named –
    And lastly I hereby constitute my three sons Jabez Smith, Jr., Ralph Smith and William Smith executors of this my last will and testament – In witness whereof I have set my hand and seal this 24th day of May 1845.

    Jabez Smith, senr
    George K. Smith
    George Craft Jr.
    John P. Wright

    At a Court held for the County of Pittsylvania the 17th day of August 1846. This last will and Testament of George K. Smith dec’d was presented in Court and proved by two subscribing witnesses and ordered to be recorded and on motion of Jabez Smith Jr., Ralph Smith and William Smith the Executors in said will named who made oath according to law and with Demarcus Anderson, Watoaty Anderson, John P. Wright, Abner Mayhan, Joseph Wright and George Craft Jr. as their securities entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of sixteen thousand Dollars Conditioned according to law certificate is granted them for obtaining probate of said will in due form.

    William H. Tunstall Ck.

    105 F vi. Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Adkins was born in 1788 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    Elizabeth married Nathan W. Carter on 18 Jul 1803 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    Marriage Notes:

    From Knorr, Catherine. Marriage Bonds and Ministers returns of PittsylvaniaCounty, Virginia; 1767-1805. 1956

    2. 18 July 1803. Nathan Carter and Elizabeth Atkins. Sur. Henry Atkins. Married by Richard Elliott.
    p. 15 (p. 34 in original register)

    106 M vii. William Vortimer Adkins IV was born in 1790 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    William married Elizabeth ‘Betsy’ Thacker, daughter of Nathaniel Thacker and Unknown, on 9 Dec 1805 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    Marriage Notes:

    From Knorr, Catherine. Marriage Bonds and Ministers returns of PittsylvaniaCounty, Virginia; 1767-1805. 1956

    3. 9 December 1805. William Adkins and Betsy Thacker. Sur Joseph Thacker. Married by Rev. Willis Hopwood.
    p. 2 (p. 38 of marr. register)

    107 F viii. Sarah ‘Sally’ Adkins was born in 1792 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    Sarah married Charles Gibson on 21 May 1810 in Pittsylvania County, VA.

    Marriage Notes:

    From Williams, Kathleen. Marriages of Pittsylvania County, Virginia; 1806-1830. 1980

    6. 21 May 1810. Charles Gibson and Sarah Atkinson, dau.of
    William Atkinson. Sur. Nathaniel Carter. Thomas Geo. Gibson
    consents. Married by the Rev. Joseph Hatchett.
    p. 62 ( p. 48 of marr. register)

  293. Sheila Says:

    Dear Hank,

    First let me apologize for not checking my comments sooner. You were held in the spam query due to the links. As you can see I did approve it without altering anything. If something needs changed in it, please let me know or should I find something that shouldn’t be there, I may suspend it again. I’ll have to spend some more time, rereading it and checking on the materials. I tried to post it to my blog as a post so that many could comment on it as well, but I guess WordPress wouldn’t allow that process. I do appreciate everything submitted. Its about obtaining the facts.

    Thanks for your comment.
    As Always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  294. Sheila Says:

    Dear Hank,

    Please don’t take this as a criticism, but we’ve discussed the church amny times prior; as for “Marriage Notes: St. John’s Episcopal Church is located near Richmond, Virginia. During this early time period the church was some distance from the city, but as Richmond grew the new developments surrounded the church until the church became part of the city of Richmond. It was in St. John’s that Patrick Henry in 1775 gave his famous “give me liberty or give me death speech.” We now know that this part is wrong.

    St. John’s Episcopal Church (Richmond, Virginia) from whence his speech was given was formed from several earlier churches, St. John’s is the oldest church in Richmond, built by Col. Richard Randolph in 1741.,_Richmond,_Virginia

  295. Sheila Says:

    Most of the information in your post has been reached and/or blog about over the post few years as seen in these posts or in comments:

    Post dated: 5 Dec 2008 which contains his full will. Wiiliam V Adkins Jr Will of William Atkins D&W Bk. Vol. 11 p.136
    Dated Jan 22, 1784 probated March 15, 1784

    August 17, 2010
    Will of William Atkins D&W Bk. Vol. 11 p.136

    Now as for the Vortimer vs Vincent as a middle name, I’m not sure where either information is documented as to either name. I was looking at Vincent P Adkins’ records, that entered the USA on Ellis Island and I didn’t see any full middle name there either. One of the younger Parker’s lists Vincent as his middle name so it stands to reason that it possibly came down from that.

    The Cherokee & Shawnee Researchers have researched and/or obtain most of the Revolutionary Fort documents to base their findings among other paperwork that they have.

    Thanks for you comment.
    As Always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  296. Roberta Gilbert Says:

    Sheila & Gina, etc
    12 markers of Stan’s DNA results came in, and connects to Roland and thus to William V. Still gotta figure out HOW (Roland’s and our William (Roland’s brother)parents. At least we know we’re from Wiliam V!

  297. Gina Lipp Says:

    Hi Roberta,
    Isn’t DNA amazing? Our Adkins family (Roland, John, William and Joseph) come from the William V family, but we could also be direct descendants from his brothers, Henry or Thomas, since they all share the same DNA. Some of Henry’s descendants, Absolum and Isaiah were in Adair County, Kentucky on the 1810 Census with William, Roland and John. I’m hoping to get back to Kentucky/Virginia this summer to try and locate some records for our family. It sure would be nice to finally have closure on this Adkins family and the gap between 1784-1689!

  298. Roberta Gilbert Says:

    Gina-you got that right. What a maze! Sure wish the “ancients” kept better records, huh? If they’d only had computers, we would all know where we came from.LOL I appreciate the work everyone has done. Looking forward to whartever you can share with Stan & I.

  299. Doris Says:

    Roberta I believe Iam also from the William V line. What DNA did you do to test this line?

  300. Roberta Gilbert Says:

    Doris, we tested my 3rd cousin, Stan Adkins, with FTDNA. Our great great grandfather was James Adkins (b. 1815 Adair County,KY d. 1903 Pulaski County, MO), son of William (b. abt 1778 VA d. 1860 Carroll county, MO. William moved to Carroll County, Mo with his brothers Roland and Joseph around 1830. There was another brother, John, who died in Kentucky in 1823.

  301. Stan Adkins Says:

    Hi Sheila -it’s been a while, “hello’. Well, all 37 of my markers are back as of today and I am a 100% match to William V. and Elizabeth! Gina and Roberta may have emailed you already, which in that case this might be old news. Annway, I wanted to share that with you, since it was my finding you back in 2005 that started me on this journey to discover my lost heritage. wWhat a blessing you have been to me and so may others. Thank you. So I guess now the journey will continue, by my doing the 67 marker test next to see where that leads us. I hope you and yours are well.
    Sincerest Regards,
    Your Most Dedicated and Distant Cousin,
    Stan Adkins

  302. Stan Adkins Says:


    If my grt grt grt Grandfather was William (father of James), and your 3rd grt grd father was Roland, Williams brother, what would that make us?…. I think we would be 5th cousins, right? eg: father, grdfather, grt grd father, gr gr,
    gr gr gr. Thats 5. Or would it be; 1st Cousins, 5 times removed?… or is that the same thing?


  303. Stan Adkins Says:

    Roberta and Gina,

    Check out entry number 299 by Hank Rogers on Sheila’s blog, dated Dec., 28th 2011. Scroll down to after Wm V Jr’s will, you will see one of his sons listed as Wm V. III – this should be the Wm who came to Missouri from Kentucky (father of James) but it says he died in Virginia in 1848, and is buried in a cemetary there. The birth date and death date dont coincide with what we consider to be our Wm III (father of james). I attached it below:

    + 29 M viii. William Vortimer Adkins III was born on 21 Sep 1760 in Henrico County, VA, died on 22 Oct 1848 in Pittsylvania County, VA, and was buried in Adkins-Hartman Cemetery, Pittsylvania Co., VA.

    What do you guys make of this. It sounds pretty definitive, but I must be mis-reading it. I’ve read it multiple times and it seems I am not confusing what Hank Rogers has posted.


  304. Roberta Gilbert Says:

    I don’t think you’re misreading. I had him as Wiliam’s father til I saw death date and where he was bried. Not him. The dadburned Adkins loved the name William.

  305. Sheila Says:

    I didn’t want to butt into your conversation, but I have said that so many times. My dad was only Willie not William Adkins as was my husband’s dad was William Metcalf aka Willie or Red. Over used given name. But Roland is not, so that makes me wonder if Roland was short for something else or maybe a nickname maybe – instead of his given name & that’s why you’re having difficulty finding anything more on him. I only say this because my husband Anthony, has a long time friend that named his youngest son after himself. Not one of the first few sons. Which is odd for a family. His name is Guy Beau Webb as is his namesake. They ended up calling their son Humphrey. Don’t ask. No one under the age of 50, besides school teachers, tax prepares, or maybe some court records could tell you Humfrey’s real name. My husband also worked for a guy named Pinkie for many years. Everyone swears that’s his given name, but I’ve always wondered. So you may need to think outside of the box here. Look around for his spouse’s records or children’s to see if they hold the key to whom he really was. Its worth a try.

    As always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

    PS: Thanks again to you Stan Adkins for helping with the family tree, our DNA research, our heritage and in preserving our culture and lineage. God Bless! Happy Groundhog’s Day!

  306. Roberta Gilbert Says:

    According to what I heard from Gina, Roland’s actual first name may be Harry or Henry, but census and gravestone)has him as Roland. If only we they (William Roland & Joseph) had a death certificate on record in MO……

  307. Gina Lipp Says:

    Roland’s first name was Harry according to some documents we have found. Harry could mean Henry, since their names were interchanged. We have Roland’s family history from Kentucky to Missouri. Sheila, I emailed you this summer and have asked if you had known anything on Major Atkins/Adkins who was in the 1747 Goochland census with some of the other Adkins family such as Henry and Parker. Major is one of Roland’s grandchildren. The other thing I want to ask is I had seen a post or few on (and possibly one of yours?) stating that Roland, William, John and Joseph may be the sons of Joseph Adkins (William V) and Sarah……I have tried to get ahold of Ronnie Adkins book about The Adkins, but no library will do an inner library loan.Do you have the book? The reason I’m asking is I know that Ronnie believes a Joseph was a son…If the dates of birth and death match our Joseph from Missouri, then perhaps our mystery is solved…..Thanks for your help.

  308. Sheila Says:

    Dear Gina,

    I do remember the email that you sent. [Major Atkins/Adkins who was in the 1747 Goochland census with some of the other Adkins family such as Henry and Parker. Major is one of Roland’s grandchildren]: I still have found no credible information on him. Some speculation, but nothing that leads me to anywhere/document wise in particular. I thought that I had suggested some places to look. If I failed to do that then I am sorry. I’ve been a little preoccupied with work & family life lately. I’ll see what turns up this week.

    I haven’t called the author Ronnie Adkins as of late. I did send him a letter a few months back, asking for a copy of his book. With no response. In a phone conversation with him the said that he was supposed to release a new book, but he told me he didn’t see much sense in it. Too much Adkins info is readily available on the internet. I have not seen the first book, he told me it was more like a paper/booklet??? I didn’t really understand that part, but have seen many excerpts supposedly written by him from that book & others have seen it and quoted it to me. So I will not give credit to nor dismiss his work. Since I have not personally held it in my hands.

    He is a very nice man, sounds very southern, he claims that he isn’t internet savvy, his daughter is, so he prefers not to participate online, I did post all of his contact information and as far as I can tell its still accurate. I’ve talked to him myself using that phone number. He may be a little overwhelmed by the calls.

    He did the ground work on his research, and I give him full credit for that. Others are working feverishly to discredit some of it, but I am not. He told me where some of his ideas came from and that once you get up to a certain point, there is just no paper work to back it up. You have to then speculate. I try not to do that anymore, since people tend to jump head first on my hunches and/or theories, some like they’re written in stone. Then I get a huge backlash.

    The idea of the Family blog was to share our research FREELY. No one claiming any right to any of it. That’s why I went nuts over a copy write claim. I refuse to believe that I can be infringing on someone else’s copy write to my own heritage.

    Sorry, I’ll get down off my soapbox now.

    I will see if any of the other Adkins researchers have ties to Henry or Harry Roland Adkins. Henry is most definitely another one of those overused Adkins given names. I’m surprised that the first born of every Line isn’t named William Henry Adkins; its a just a good thing they’re not.

    Ronnie still refuses to believe Mitha was the daughter of Straight Tail because Richard Parker was a very affluent man; a doctor. That these two families could have never crossed, but since the Adkins families are deeply rooted there with the same lines, you really can’t dispute it. I can’t say how it happened, but rest assured, it did.

    The Parker V Adkins did travel back & forth to England. I assume for family related reasons. His birth year changed drastically upon his coming & goings. I’d say, its the same as today, they just guestimated it. Ronnie Adkins worked with the documents available in Virginia.

    That’s all I know, I like the man, he was very nice and help to me. He didn’t attack me or my research as others have, so I will extend him the same courtesy. I’ll send him a follow up letter, for I too still want to hold one in my hands and see if it bears any fruit.

    As always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  309. Irene Adkins Says:

    Hello my name is Irene Adkins and i live in Cincinnati, Ohio and my great great grandfather name was thomas adkins and he was from somewhere in Kentucky but then later on moved to ohio with his wife and their seventeen children. it was 15 girls and 2 boys and when i look up on the family tree or ancestory websites some of the names that you mention are the same names that i found under my great great grandfather thomas and it also says that they were indianapolis or indiana.

  310. Gina Lipp Says:

    Hi Irene,
    I would be so grateful if you would share the information and names that were related to your grandfather,Thomas. Harry (Roland) Adkins was my 5th great grandfather and we know from DNA results from my dad, that we are related to the William V Adkins (b. 1689) family. However, we could also be direct descendants from William’s brothers, Henry or Thomas, since the dna is the same with all Adkins men from this family. Roland and his brothers were born in Virginia and then moved to Adair County, Kentucky sometime in the late 1700’s or early 1800’s. I do know that some of Henry’s grandchildren, Absolom and Isaiah, were on the 1810 Adair County Census with Roland and his brothers. I also know that some of Henry’s family moved on to Indiana. Irene, thank you so much!
    Gina Lipp

  311. Hello Cousins! I just found my connection to the Adkins Family Tree: Parker Adkins and Blue Sky- Charity Adkins-Price Adkins-Lucinda Adkins- Cary Parsons- Iva Parsons- Erma Byrd – Me…

    Like many of you we heard stories of the “Indian Lady” that wouldn’t sleep in a bed, that they would find asleep outside with her baby, but couldn’t find any info because I was looking in the wrong branch of my tree. My mother remembered an “Uncle Cordie” one day and within a few minutes I found the connection and here I am. Cordie was Cordon Parsons son of James Parsons, husband of Lucinda Adkins. My great grandfather Cary Parsons had died when my grandmother was only 4 so she had the stories confused. I am totally blown away by the fact that Hokolesqua is my 6th great grandfather!

  312. Vickie Vest Says:

    I just have a question–Where did this story about the 1790 massacre of Owen Adkins and his wifh Agnes and 2 unnamed children originally come from? All I have been able to find is just people repeating it in their family histories. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

  313. a response to: Hope (Adkins) Faulkner:

    July 17, 2008 at 8:11 pm
    I will check with my father to see what county Sandyhook, Ky is. My father’s parents were Lora, not sure on madien, I would have to check. My grandfather was Barber Adkins.
    None of the above sound like any names of the ones listed.
    My father was born in Sandyhook, Ky 11march1952

    (Sandy Hook is in Elliott County.)
    Hope your grandmother was Laura Skaggs Barber, later married Ross Barton after your grandfather’s death. Homer is my cousin as Laura and my mother, Rosie Skaggs Elliott is her sister. If you’d like to know more about your family, order my new book titled: What Back Then Was Like… online from
    Roger C. Elliott

  314. Sheila Says:

    Sandy Hook is a city in Elliott County, Kentucky.

  315. Karin Halverson Says:

    I wonder if you know anything at all about a Louisana/Luzane/lousina Adkins Reed? Born in Kentucky or Missouri 1856. Parents born in kentucky? This I know for sure: she had at least 4 children-William H Reed (1872), Lewis A Reed (1880), Wealthy May Reed (1885), and Edward E. Reed (1891). Married to John Sizemore 1884 Adair Co. Missouri. It appears as though this was at least Wealthy’s father, her name is Reed on census rolls but Sizemore on her marriage record. I don’t know if there ever was a Mr. Reed or if the kids have different dads and the name Reed comes from somewhere else. Any of this ring a bell in your Adkins/Reed families?

  316. Sheila Says:

    Dear Karin,

    At a quick check on my tree – I don’t have them listed as a family. I have a Wealthy Adkins female born to George the son of Owen, son of Henry, son of Winright. So its looking like a family name.

    Is it possible to order any of their death records? It would help some. I can’t find them listed anywhere. Maybe one of the others my know something. i’ll keep checking on my end.

    Thanks as always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  317. Cathie schumaker Says:

    my father said that his grandmother was a full blooded cheaceed ,

    my father was robert rull adkins his father james crow adkins his grandfather was isanah adkins. isanah wife was e. tomoblion i think i spelled it right

    my fathers mom was ellen (farley)adkins her father green farley and mom alf timblion i think any where do i fit in this please love some in put

  318. denise hardin duncan Says:

    im the grandaughter of Nancy adkins and mose s hopkins she is burried in are family cemetery on greasy creek kentucky, the jerry hopkins cemetery, she is the daughter of winright adkins, and sarah boney, ,, that is one of my grammas, im also the grandaughter of phebe adkins who married elisha hopkins her pa is winright adkins and lucy thacker,, winright and lucy are my grandparents many times in many ways, and lucy is my gramma dorcus thacker hopkins first cousin, shew,,, well i got lots of pics, you can find me on facebook, under denise hardin duncan,, or get a hold of me on yahoo,,

  319. Michelle L Centers Says:

    My name is Michelle Centers and recently found out through DNA testing from via Mullins project that two direct lines that I descend from are genetically Adkins. And what was more interesting is they both shared a common ancestor of William V Adkins. One line involved Jesse Hall b. 1746 Lunenberg, Virginia he died in 1833 married Candacia ?. The other line involves Booker Mullins who we think was the product of a relationship between an unknown Adkins and a Daughter of William and Katherine Elizabeth Varner Mullins. He was raised by his grandparents thus he took their surname. We are not sure how Jesse ended up with the Adkins genes though. He was suppose to have descended from Thomas Hall b 1702.

    But we also have a William Bud Adkins 4 Feb 1882 Floyd, Kentucky married Cora Spears 1881. Who are his parents? and are you related?

  320. Michelle L Centers Says:

    William V Adkins Henrico County 9 Feb 1737
    251 Acres South Side of the James River adjoining the land of John Farmer and Rice Jones and crosses branch of Falling Creek
    No. 17 1735-1738 p. 502 Reel 15

    This is a Virginia Northern Neck Land Grant Record and the only one recorded for William. I found no further records for anyone in this particular line of Adkins family again until 1810 and it continues through 1853.

  321. Stan Adkins Says:

    sheila. dan adkins on your blog may 5 or 15, 2008 says wm v’ s father was john, who’s father wad robert, and that we are down from the adekyn clan from ireland, not henry of bedfordshire. what say you? regards, stan adkins, independence, missouri. i am down from 1st grt grd father amariah, then james then wm, then wm, then wm. v.

    Hope your well dear cousin.

    God Bless,


  322. Michelle L Centers Says:
    these are the links to the Mullins DNA project that show the common ancestor of William V Akins

  323. Linda Says:

    Michelle – do you have the name of the person who is organizing this DNA work on the Adkins bunch? Thanks~

  324. Michelle L Centers Says:

    Here are the email addresses of the administrator’s for the Mullins, Adkins, Hall, Slone, McGuire, Adams DNA project:;; They are on look up Mullins under the projects box. You will be able to see their current results for both Y-DNA, and mtDNA.

  325. Stan Adkins Says:

    gina, shiela and roberta ,
    Hi cousins! havent been on here for awhile. i was reading your conversation from feb. 2, 2012 about Rolands name possibly being Harry. You guys might remember I am Harry Stanley Adkins III. In looking at our tree, ive often wondered why though we see name after name repeated generation after generation, no Harrys appear excepting me, my dad, and my grandfather, son of Ameriah. i dont see a Harry anywhere else back in my lineage. Very Interesting! What do you think? Hope youre all well. I am meeting Roberta at the old homestead in a week and a half from now as we visit the two Adkins cemetaries in Carrolton. Im very excited as we will get to meet Glenn Hill as well. Love to you all. Stan Adkins

  326. Gina Lipp Says:

    Hi Stan,
    I am so glad you are meeting Glen Hill. If anyone knows our Adkins brothers’ history, he does. I met him a few years ago. My grandfather Ira , grew up in Carroll County, Mo. His family lived in Wakenda. One of the Adkins cemetaries is out there. I hope you find lots of information about our family!

  327. Stan Adkins Says:

    Thanks Gina,

    Roberta and I wanted you to be with us so badly. You’re going to have to come down here and see us, or you’ll probably find us at your front door one of these days! Actually, the three of us should all go see Sheila. She deserves a big hug from me, that’s for sure. If I could I would nominate Sheila for the Beheld Peace Prize, she has meant so much to so many. We should really plan a trip to meet her. I am willing if you guys are. Sorry Sheila, don’t mean to talk about you in the 3rd person, just happened that way. I love all you guys.

  328. Sheila Says:

    Dear Stan,

    Thank you for the kind words. I want you all to know this isn’t about me. It’s about all of us. I haven’t done anything special, only seeking to find my ancestors and sharing my ideas with you, and you with me. Its always been a two-way street. This way we all learn from each other and hopefully find what we’re looking for and family members along the way. You’ve done as much as I have, and I appreciate you for it.

    I’ve been busy all week, searching an Lula Adkins for a distant cousin. I’ve had to eliminate 13 Loulie’s from the same town just to narrow down the right one. Then try & find the Surname of her mother Emmaline UNK that married Jim H Adkins from Magoffin and moved to Oklahoma. The hard part is that another “same given names” couple were his Grandparents. Everyone has confused the two. So I have been working. I know I haven’t written much lately, but with work, life, friends, family and research, I’ve been very busy.

    I do hope you continue to keep looking. I’m hoping this week to find someone that holds a pair of tickets from the Indian train. Its been my dream to know exactly why my Great-Grandparents with my Grandpa, their siblings and all their friends and most of towns people, chartered an entire train and went to Ardmore, Carter, Oklahoma, forever splitting our line. I still can’t track some of them, but I will! I’ve proved that Eli Adkins & son Volley, were still alive in Ardmore in 1939 from his electric bills. I’m find where he and his line ended up, hopefully soon. Always, something to do.

    I’d love to meet all of you, and Lord willing, maybe someday I will. I’m still hoping to attend the Worlds Largest William V Adkins Family Reunion, its coming. I know we will meet when we get to Heaven, but to sit down here with as many of the Adkins cousins as could make it. What an amazing gift!

    As always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  329. Ginger Says:

    Hi Sheila,
    Just found your blog. Lot of interesting trails follow your initial posting. I did want to clear something up. The Joel Atkinson married to Rachel Emmerson married Pittsylvania county is probably not in your line of Adkins. Joel and Rachel are my 3rd g-grandparents. Joel 1753-1808 and Rachel 1764-1820. Both died buried in Lincoln county KY. Joel Atkinson was Justice of the Peace in Lincoln. All records I have from my g-grandfather and other research that I have done indicate that all descendents of Joel and Rachel use the spelling Atkinson. You can find this Joel Atkinson and Samuel Emmerson (Rachel’s father) witnessed several wills and inventories in Lincoln cnty KY and also several land records.

    This is documented Virginia marriage record:

    From Pittsylvania Cnty Books:

    The earliest Atkinson marriage bond is: p.3
    Bondsman father
    1780 Apr. 9 – Joel Atkinson & Rachel Emmerson – Joe Adkin Samuel Emmerson

    Marriage Notes : Virginia From Pittsylvania County:
    Atkinson, Joel married Emmerson, Rachel on 09 Apr 1780 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia

    I do not have Joel’s parents with the exception of marriage record stating “Bondsmans father” and then “Joe Adkin” .

    I have not found an Emmerson or an Absolom among the Joel/Rachel descendents.
    Here are Joel and Rachel children and spouses.

    1 Joel Atkinson b: 1753 in Henry Co, VA d: 1808 in Lincoln Co, KY
    .. +Rachel Emmerson b: 1764 d: 1820 in Lincoln Co KY
    …….. 2 Henry Atkinson b: in Kentucky
    ………… +Sally Inman
    …….. 2 Nancy Atkinson
    ………… +Willaim Potter b: 1798 d: February 13, 1884
    …….. *2nd Husband of Nancy Atkinson:
    ………… +Jessie Spraggins
    …….. 2 Stephen Atkinson d: 1850
    ………… +Sally (Sarah) Hall b: 1800 in KY
    …….. 2 Jeptha G Atkinson d: April 1843 in Paris, Monroe Co, Missouri
    ………… +Sidney Dickerson
    …….. 2 John Jefferson Atkinson b: 1780 in Kentucky d: 1878 in Missouri
    ………… +Nancy Crow b: Abt. 1782
    …….. *2nd Wife of John Jefferson Atkinson:
    ………… +Mariah Hall
    …….. 2 Judith Atkinson b: 1780
    ………… +Willian Stigall b: in Crab Orchard Lincoln Co, KY
    …….. *2nd Husband of Judith Atkinson:
    ………… +Samuel Potter
    …….. 2 Mildred Atkinson b: June 06, 1781 in Virginia d: July 10, 1865 in Paris (monroe Co), Missouri
    ………… +William Gooch b: January 09, 1781 d: January 24, 1848 in Marion Township, Monroe, Missouri
    …….. 2 Charles Atkinson b: 1790
    ………… +Elizabeth Potter b: 1814
    …….. 2 Elijah Bailey Atkinson b: July 04, 1794 in Crab Orchard, KY d: May 22, 1866 in Harrisonville, MO
    ………… +Sarah Riley b: May 06, 1802 d: November 17, 1829
    …….. *2nd Wife of Elijah Bailey Atkinson:
    ………… +Rachel Reed b: February 23, 1810 in Nelson Co KY d: February 01, 1882 in Harrisonville, MO
    …….. 2 Thomas Jefferson Atkinson b: November 26, 1801 in Crab Orchard KY d: 1878 in Monroe Co MO
    ………… +Rachel Vance b: 1821
    …….. 2 Levina Savoria Atkinson b: 1804
    ………… +Henry Shark
    …….. 2 Joel B Atkinson b: June 10, 1804 in Crab Orchard Kentucky d: 1871 in Emerson Missouri
    ………… +Jane C. Jones

  330. Sheila Says:

    Dear Ginger,

    Joel Adkins
    Birth 1756 in , Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA
    Death 1 Dec 1856 in , Morgan, Kentucky, USA

    From all records from Morgan, County our Joel & Rachel Emmerson, marriage date are the same Atkinson, Joel 9 Apr 1780. Joel is reportedly the son of Richard Adkins and Mary Molly Littleberry. The family was in Morgan, Kentucky. Rachel is listed as the daughter of Samuel Emmerson & Mildred Potter.

    The family came down through Floyd, Kentucky 1810, 1820, 1830 he is in Morgan, married to new wife Polly Adkins.

    A huge percentage of the Morgan & Magoffin Adkins family believe Absalom Apperson “Apps” Adkins to be the son of Rachel and claim that Apperson as he wrote it was actually Emmerson, because their Grandma told them so. He spent more time with Thomas & Olly Morgan Adkins. He married ADKINS, Absolem ELSWICK, Delila 09-SEP-1830 in Pike, Kentucky as did most of Thomas & Olly & Joel & Rachel Emmerson’s children. Rachel is listed as dying in Lincoln.

    Moses Adkins
    Frederick Adkins 1790 – 1850
    Howard Adkins 1795 – 1888
    Lucas Adkins 1796 –
    Nathan Adkins 1798 – 1860
    Henry Adkins 1801 – 1860
    Joel Parsons Adkins 1804 –
    Joseph R. Adkins 1805 –
    Betsy Adkins 1808 – 1828

    Joel was alive and living with Joel Parsons Adkins
    1850 United States Federal Census about Joel Adkins
    Name: Joel Adkins
    Age: 80
    Birth Year: abt 1770
    Birthplace: Virginia
    Home in 1850: Morgan, Kentucky
    Gender: Male
    Family Number: 648
    Household Members:
    Name Age
    Joel P Adkins 46
    Mary Adkins 42
    Elizabeth Adkins 21
    Myrena Adkins 18
    Westena Adkins 16
    Agness Adkins 13
    Huldah Adkins 11
    Susan Adkins 8
    William Adkins 6
    Joel Adkins 80

    Kentucky, Death Records, 1852-1953 about Joel Adkins
    Name: Joel Adkins
    Death Date: 1 Dec 1856
    Death Location: Morgan
    Residence Location: Morgan
    Age: 100
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: White
    Birth Date: abt 1756
    Father’s Name: Richard Adkins
    Mother’s name: Molly Adkins

    The family all swears that Rachel Emmerson was the wife of Joel.

    I’ll see what I can find.

    Thanks for your comment,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  331. Stan Adkins Says:

    In looking at a 1876 Carroll County Missouri Land Atlas last night, I see many Metcalf families owning farms and living throughout the neighborhood and County. Were you aware of this? I wonder what connection there might be between these Metcalf families and those of your namesake?
    Stan Adkins

  332. Sheila Says:

    Dear Stan

    Missouri & Kentucky are so close, I couldn’t figure out why Norris Metcalf would have b ought property there, but when I saw how close it was to where they lived it made sense. A lot of his family moved – like our Adkins family did. I think there must be a bit of wander in most people. I’m not a big fan of moving, because we did so frequently when I was a kid. I don’t work on his Metcalf side much anymore. His brother Jeff is trekking thru TN to find where his Great Grandma Dora West Metcalf was from and try to find any documents he can on her.

    I’m still tracking Eli Adkins family. I’ve found a lot of them this past week. Still at it.

    As Always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  333. Stan Adkins Says:

    Sheila and Gina,
    Well, by now you guys hopefully have seen the emails and pics sent to you from Roberta and myself concerning our recent trip to Carrollton to meet Glen Hill (descendant of Joseph), and our trip to the genealogy center Glen runs and the Big Adkins Cemetary.
    It was an extraordinary trip and there will be more pics to come. I bought several Carroll county history books, the earliest published in 1882. They tell every detail of the counties history, who fought on each side of the Civil War, the battles they were in, killed, captured, and so on. Several Adkins played critical roles in the Mormon Wars as well in 1833. For example When the pioneers were driving the Mormons out of the town of DeWitt, Roland Adkins, who had the only mill in the eastern part of the county, supplied the militia with meal from his mill everyday during the 10 day seige, and fought in the action as well. George, Wm., and John all played a role in the events and Em. and George were both members of the first grand jury of the county, as John was a member of the 2nd grand jury 6 mo’s later. There is much, much more but that’s a glimpse of what can be found in these books. I wanted to say thank you again to you, Gina, and my dear cousin Roberta for all you three have done in helping me to discover the family I never knew I had and helping me to connect to my great and wonderful heritage. It would not be an overstatement to say our family truly makes up part of the sinew, muscle and spirit that has made our country great. God bless, Stan Adkins.

  334. Had a great time visiting with Stan & Glen in Carrollton, then Stan met the Haney side of the Adkins clan in KCK. Still so much to find out, but know we’re not alone in searching for the elusive parents of William, Roland and Joseph!

  335. Doris Says:

    Hiram T Adkins was my Grandfather, his brothers were Morgan, Spencer, Lemoch, Oscar. Hiram’s father was Reuben/Ruben Adkins married to PollyAnn Simpkins. Reuben’s parents were Spencer and Mary Ellen (Cyfers) Adkins. Spencer parents were George and Margaret (Adkins) Adkins. George’s parents were Reuben and Agnes (Price) Adkins. Margaret Adkins was the daughter of Sherrod and Sarah
    (Lucas) Adkins. Are we related? Just seeing how we fit it to this line of Adkins… Thank You Doris

  336. Stan Adkins Says:

    Shiela, Glenn Hill, Roberta and Gina,

    In the stapled paper Carroll County Roots pamphlets, vol 3 and vol 2, it lists the three oldest Adkins descendants known to come and settle early Caroll County and their 3 individual descendant families. They are listed as;
    1) Joseph born 1776
    2) William born 1777
    3) George born 1788

    It seems a safe and logical assumption that these 3 are brothers, or a combination of brothers and/or cousins, or all cousins at minimum. It is noteworthy that no where in the descendants listed for these three Adkins men does the name Roland appear.

    In 1911 histiry book Vol 1., page 102, chapter “Combs Township”, it states; … William Hill located on Section 4 in 1835,… in Section 19, George Adkins in 1838.
    The first death was Robert Gentry in 1835 who was buried in Adkins graveyard in Wakenda Township.

    Monday July 9, 2012 – Exciting NEW INFORMATION FOUND at Geneaolgy Center in Independence, Mo. : In a book published by Nadine Hodges and John Vineyard in 1968 called “Missouri Pioneers County and Genealogy Records”, it shows list of land patents and tax rolls from the Assessors Office of Ray and Boone County.

    In the Ray County Assessors List for 1821, it lists William Adkins as married and a land or perosnal property owner, another William Adkins stating he is unmarried, A Wiatt Adkins as married and a land or property owner, and a second Wiatt Adkins Jr. as a single person. The original document this list came from did not have a year on it, but it did have the Assessors name which was Zadoc Martin, which we know was Assessor from April 1821 to Jan 1822. So this is irrefutable evidence there were at least 4 Adkins in Ray County in 1821 (Ray County at this time included an area that includes today about 8 counties, strecthing 2 counties to the west and a north south line of one county to the east).

    This book also lists that in 1825 there was a Roland Adkins (twnshp 48 North), and in 1826 there was a Robert Adkins residing in Boone County (twnsp, 48 North), and a Robert Adkins as owning a land patent in 1824 in Boone County (Platt 3 TWSP 49) as well. (probably the same Robt.) This seems to be new evidence, at least to me, that there were a considerable Adkins presence in Missouri as early as 1824, less than 3 years after statehood. COULD THESE BE THE OLDER BROTHERS (or Cousins, or even Uncles) OF OUR John, William and George listed in Carroll County history books?

    In the hard cover leather bound Carroll County history books it mentions a Roland Adkins as having a mill in Eastern Carroll County during the Mormon Wars, and he supplied the militia with meal everyday durung the seige at De Witt. It mentions he is an old man but strong in spirit and commitment to the miltia and people of the community. Could this be the Roland of 1824 and 25 in Boone County????… What say you Glenn Hill?

    What do you guys think. Please feel free to offer any observations.

    Cousin Stan

  337. Stan Adkins Says:

    PS (continued from previous entry)…
    another interesting thing to note; No where in following down through all the children, grand children and great grand children of the three earliest Adkins men in the Carroll County; John, William, and George – does the name Roland or Wiatt appear. One would think if Roland was a brother or close cousin, one of these men or one of their subsequent offspring would have named a child after Roland , or Wiatt – but there are none. I found this very intresting, especially concerning Roland. Roland was such a respected and important historic member of early Carroll County it’s very strange we dont see anyone naming their kids fter him. This suggests to me they (John, William and george)came down from another side of the family – and the original Roland of 1924 in Boone County was a cousin and not a brother, or else we would see his name reappearing in their descendants. Obviously, this is only an observation, and there is nothing to suggest categorically that I am correct in this suggesting this as a possibility. It is none-the-less avery compelling and thought provokng peice of genuine evidence. Very interetsing.

  338. Sheila Says:

    Dear Stan,

    I was thinking along the same lines when I was talking to my uncle a few years back about Joel Adkins being App’s dad. If this were true, then one of his dozen or so children would have named their kid Joel or even grand kids for that matter, didn’t happen. I even took into account, children dying at birth, etc. None to speak of.

    Names do cycle in a family. Its why I have over 150+ William Adkins on my family tree. To the point as soon as I see a William born to a family of the same age group, I want to pull out. I’m like great, now I have to prove all of them, to be positive that my findings for one is accurate. Thank you for sharing that. I just tell myself, they’re related and do the work.

    I’m still working on the Morgan County, Kentucky line Adkins. I have to find the death’s for several more in these lines.

    I’ve also had fun with the new 1940 Census. Its so nice to see where my mom was as a young girl. Although my dad’s family isn’t where they’re supposed to be at that time. According to my aunts birth day, they should have moved to Grundy, Buchanan, Virginia already, but they’re not there. ???

    Thanks for the posts,
    As always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  339. Sheila Says:

    And to Doris,

    I do apologize for not commenting soon, my problem is, that I don’t have Margaret list as a daughter of Sherod (1765 – 1854) & Sarah Lucas Adkins. I have Issac, Dempsey, Nancy Anna, Rebecca Runion, Edward, Delpha, Sherrod, and Scynthia. Can you provide me with any information tying Margaret to Sherod?

    I’m loving the name Dempsey, it even cycled; Dempsey Lee Adkins just died in Virgina 2011. So cool!

  340. Sheila Says:

    1870 United States Federal Census about Rollin Adkins
    Name: Rollin Adkins
    Age in 1870: 79
    Birth Year: abt 1791
    Birthplace: Virginia East
    Home in 1870: Marion, Monroe, Indiana
    Race: White
    Gender: Male
    Post Office: Bloomington
    Value of real estate: View image
    Household Members:
    Name Age
    Rollin Adkins 79
    Sarah Adkins 76
    Blackbird Adkins 43
    Michael Adkins 45

  341. Stan Adkins Says:

    Thanks Sheila, any I hope you have great success in that effort. You’re so persistant and relentless the odds have to be in your favor! Sorry for being a little long winded in my post.

    I should correct a typo or inaccuracy on my part. The three elder Adkins were John, William and Joseph, not George as I believe I stated. I have just found 2 William Adkins living in Ray County (now Carroll) in 1821 land patent records.

    There is also a Wiatt Adkins and a Wiatt Jr. listed. Roland and Robert are in Boone County in 1824, 25, and 1826 also. This information is in a book published in 1968 called, Missouri Pioneers, County and Genealogy Records. I found it in the local library genealogy center here in Independence yesterday.


    Cousin Stan.

  342. Sheila Says:

    1830 Census:
    Roland Adkins Jackson, Missouri
    Roolin Adkins
    [Rolin Adkins] Pulaski, Kentucky
    Rollin Atkins Bristol, Hartford, Connecticut
    1840 Census:
    Roland Adkins Grand River, Carroll, Missouri
    Roland Adkinson Jackson, Brown, Indiana
    James Adkins Monroe, Indiana
    Wm Adkins Monroe, Indiana
    Rollin Atkins Bristol, Hartford, Connecticut
    But by 1850 a Roland & Sarah Johnson Adkins are living in Monroe, IN. Their sons Michael & Blackburn were discharged from the Civil war to work in Morgan, IN. Not sure this helps. Only Adkins in Morgan, IN was a Robert & a Martha.

    Hope this helps.

    As always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  343. Doris Says:

    Sheila, All of the information that I have came from Ronnie Adkins many years ago. Margaret was called Peggy I think. This is all that I have. I love the names too, and we are recycling a lot of them still in our family.

    Thank you for your help.


  344. mwshepherd78 Says:

    so i guess everyone is pretty much giving the fact that elijah and nancy white wing had 4 kids and she took little nancy with her. here is my problem, im supposedly an ancestor of richard…. can’t find a darn thing on him or his next three generations! anyone know any information on those generations i have it as:

    richard adkins son of elijah and white wing
    john stanton 1802-1882
    jessie james adkins 1825 – 1895
    william churchel adkins 1852 – 1887
    peter abner adkins 1874 – 1949

    did i find an unknown adkins branch? take a wrong turn? or am i just messed up somewhere along the way?
    my end game is to try and apply to the shawnee nation or the cherokee nation so i am looking for hard proof anyone know of anything clean cut? or has anyone even been able to apply to one of the nations?

  345. Roberta Gilbert Says:

    RE: 343
    Stan, I think Gina said Roland’s full name was Harry Roland. Harry was common in the following generations. Wiatt may have been from the wife’s side. One of Roland’s daughter’s middle name was Brickens, which was the maiden name of one of his brother William’s wife (wife #2). The 3 elder brothers were Joseph, William and Roland. Brother John died 1822 in Kentucky, before the brothers moved to MO.

  346. Stan Adkins Says:

    So that would mean, today July 12, 2012 I have discovered my namesake Wow!
    But who is John, he is in that age group born between 1777 and 1788? Cousin?

  347. Roberta Gilbert Says:

    John was brother to our William, Roland and Joseph. John was another common Adkins name. John J, son of Joseph b. 1816 Kentucky d. 1876 Carroll Co, MO. Then there was John, son of our William, 1801-1851 and married Sarah Staton (and lived in Carroll Co).

  348. Stan Adkins Says:

    In the Carroll County History indexes, (stapled paper booklets), it shows the three generations of William, Joseph, and John. I know there was a brother John who died in Ky. before the family came to Missouri, but who is this elder John in Missouri about the same age as William and Joseph in the history book?
    Maybe I should go back and make sure it doesn’t say he had died, but it has all his kids, grandkids. Grt. grandkids???????

  349. Gina Lipp Says:

    Hi Stan and Roberta,
    Roland’s name is Harry Roland/Rowland Adkins. Our Adkins name has also been spelled Atkins in the Adair County 1810 Census.
    From research done by the Haney and Curtis Tree, (2003), they have the following statement, “Permission from John Goode (1807) to have liscense issued to Harry Roland Adkins and Judith Goode (my daughter) to marry. Witnessed by Robert Goode & Joseph Harden.”
    It goes on to say,
    From letter in KY library: The granddaughter of Ruth Adkins has a deed in her file that reads as follows: By their deed dated August, 15, 1823, “William and Polly Adkins of the County of Adair, KY, to Rowland Adkins, of the Co of Adair, KY, “conveyed land the the boundaries of ……… This information was found in The Republican Records Nov. 1, 1929 heading Relics of the Past.
    On another document I have that Glen Hill had given me….Land Warrants from Adair County…August 24, 1824, William Atkins and his wife, Mary, to Robert Goode, 2 tracts on the Green River.
    Also, there was a lawsuit filed by Roland ( August 8, 1822) against the widow of John Adkins (who passed away in 1822) evidently, because of
    land purchased by Roland from John and the deed was never finalized before his death.
    If you want copies of these documents, I would be happy to email them to you.
    One theory I have about Roland’s name is that perhaps it could be their mother’s or grandmother’s maiden name?……Perhaps spelled Rowland or Roland. Just a thought….

  350. Kevin Reeder Says:

    Hi, my dads mother was an Adkins in Livingston TN. Believe her first name was Belinda. I spent a lot of time on various websites with some success. By that I mean I got as far as Chief Cornstalk. I probably know far less than you but wanted to say hello from Chicago. Kevin

  351. Stan Adkins Says:

    Kevin from Chicago,
    What a glorious and exciting road of discovery lies before you on this site.

    Stan Adkins
    Kansas City, Missouri

  352. Sheila Says:

    Dear Kevin,

    I tell everyone its the thrill of the hunt. Finding answers to the questions is your reward. I don’t have all the answers, none of us do, but I would like to encourage you to keep looking. We’ll try and help fill in some blanks for you if we can. Lots of Adkins/Atkins families do connect to this line. I have a Delinda Adkins d/o of Mitchell & Sally Rowe Adkins, but no Belinda Adkins. Who were Belinda’s parents?

    Thanks for your comments and Welcome to the family,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  353. Kevin Reeder Says:

    My subscription to expired well over a year ago and am working off memory. I now use FindaGrave once in a while. Even with I relied on an Aunt to guide me along with birth, marriage, death, census military records and so on. Unfortunately she is no longer able to communicate with me. I will try to put my Adkins names and dates together again and post them to see if we are descendants of Chief Cornstalk. If he’s in your lineage too, we’re related! Kevin

  354. Kevin-you should still be able to access your information. I could. I think you can’t search records/hints. You’re welcome to join mine and look at what I’ve gathered. Sheila has a great one, too (and guaranteed to be supported with fact/sources unless stated otherwise). Invited guests can glean information without a subscription,I believe.

    Welcome to a great site to connect with family! Ditto what Cousin Stan said above!

  355. Kevin Reeder Says:

    Oh, yes I would like to take you up on your kind offer to look again as a guest. I would’ve never imagined I would have been interested as I became after just a little while on The real catalyst was when a I found a 13 year old sister (Donna Pitner) of my mothers in the 1930 census when my mother (Gloria Pitner) was 2. Donna disappeared from a records after that and my mother died a few years ago never knowing or remembering she had a sister. No one spoke of Donna as my mother grew up and the others died. My mother married Cletus Reeder, son of Oscar Reeder and Belinda Adkins of Livingston TN. I’m getting worked up remembering the moment the census record for Meadville PA from 1930 opened up on my screen and I counted Edward and Katherine Pitners children! My brother and sister didn’t share my amazement. Some feel it’s 90 year old news, but to me a 13 year old girl went missing last year when I saw it. This isn’t for everyone I guess. But what started out as a school project for one of my kids a few years ago started something in me that I don’t think will ever end. That’s why I occasionally look around and found you. Kevin

  356. Stan Adkins Says:

    Yep, Gina, Roberta and Sheila; sounds like Kevin is definitely one of us! Reminds me of me 6 or 7 years ago.

    Good hunting Kevin. Like Roberta and Sheila said, “welcome to the family”! I hope you can experience ‘half’ the joy and exhuberance I’ve experienced, the twists and turns and discoveries; its all been very incredible for me. I think of Sheila, Roberta and Gina much more as sisters, than cousins. These are the greatest bunch of ladies you might ever have the pleasure to meet.

    Stan Adkins
    Kc, Mo.

  357. Stan Adkins Says:

    Just an observation concerning the repeated questions folks have had on this blog for the 7 Years I’ve been following and participating, asking “why” would various branches of the family move here or there for what seems no good reason, ie; to Oklahoma, James and Nancy and family to Bloodland after decades in Carroll County?, etc.
    The answer that always seems to ultimately appear is, “money”. Money and “land”. Oklahoma promised vast riches in the oil fields. James and Nancy packed up their family and all they owned after living for 40 years in Carroll County and moved to Bloodland for land, free land. In 1862 Abraham Lincoln signed the homestead act, offering free 160 acre tracts to families willing to improve the land. In 1870 James and Nancy Adkins decided 160 acres of flat bottom land sounded better than 40 acres of rocky and craggy land along the bluffs above the Missouri River. and packed up everything they owned and all their kids and headed south to Pulaski County.

  358. Brian Adkins Says:

    Thanks for posting this. All my relatives are from Ardmore OK. I’ll do some digging at our reunion this year. I have some relatives into that stuff.

  359. Lisa Says:

    I have no ideal if I’m related to any of you or not to be honest but some of the information seems familiar and some of it….well, to be honest…I’ve never heard before. My grandfather’s name is Ben Adkins. He died on March 3rd, 1970. He was married to Ethel Adkins (I don’t know her maiden name). She was his second wife. Between the 2 wives there was a total of 19 children. Sorry but I don’t know the first wife’s name. I do know that my great grandmother (grandpa Ben’s mother was an Indian named Mary also called Marie). My family is from all over Kentucky but they haven’t been able to tell me very much. They said that they didn’t know what my great grandmother’s Indian name was. I was told that we have Blackfoot and Cherokee Indian Heritage in our family but other than that no one knows. I’ve been trying desperately for almost 25 years to learn about my family’s heritage so that I can pass it on to my daughter. I would appreciate any help that anyone can offer. Thanks!

  360. Stan Adkins Says:

    My sense is, “hold on”, you’re about to embark on an incredable journey.

    Stan Adkins

  361. Lisa Says:

    Your grandpa Kell (Kelley) Adkins is my great Uncle. His brother, Ben Adkins, was my grandfather and his wife, Ethel M. Adkins, was my grandmother. I don’t have a lot of info or pics but I’m willing to share whatever I have. I just started on this site so I don’t have anything on my blog yet. I’m still trying to gather more info and pics.

  362. Sheila Says:

    Dear Lisa,

    Its good to hear from you. We lived with Uncle Ben & Aunt Ethel when I was little. Mary Alice loved Ralph & he her. I talked to her last year & her son Ben at that time. She’s so sweet. I was sorry to hear about the loss of her daughter, I know its taken a tremendous toll on her. She said she had a lot of old pix & was willing to share them with me, I just haven’t been able to reach her with the number I have. Uncle Denny couldn’t reach her either. I do hope she is well. She said that Hager now lives on the farm we used to live on. I haven’t seen him since we were kids. My younger brother Robert sees Lonnie every now & then. Not sure how they stay in touch.

    I loved to talk to Uncle Ben, he cracked me up. He would yell at the boys for sneaking watermelons out of his garden. I talk of him often.

    Anyway, its good to hear from you. I’ve been working on Benjamin Pierce Adkins family for 2 weeks steady. Its been rough. He like Eli disappeared for 20 years, then show up living with a daughter, just as he did. I wish one of them would contact me as well. I’d love to put a pin in that family, done.

    Hope to hear to from you often. keep me abreast of your blog. I’m anxious to read it.

    Thanks as always and Welcome to the Family,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  363. Lisa Says:

    Dear Sheila,
    I can tell you how to contact a few of the family members if you want to e-mail me, call me, or meet somewhere for coffee since I live so close to you rather than me putting everything on here for the world to see.
    I’ve talked to a few of the family members and confirmed some of your information and I’ve got most of Grandpa Ben’s children’s names. I just don’t have ages, birthdays and d.o.b.’s or all of their children’s and grandchildren’s names.

  364. Sheila Says:

    Dear Lisa,

    I have all of that on my tree. I’ve been around awhile. LOL Its just nice to hear from you. I don’t have all of the grandkids on my tree, but I have all three of his wives info. and most the little details, but not all. I have the 16 of his17 kids. My mom told me that Uncle Ben had 21 kids, but Mary Alice said only 17. I’m still looking for death certificates for the others. I even left out Pretty Boy’s nickname, one of my favorites. LOL

    I’d love to go for coffee. Call me sometime. Email me or message me on Facebook.

    As always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  365. Lisa Says:

    Dear Sheila,
    Yeah, I knew that there was more kids than most of them probably remembered. lol I don’t have a family tree made up like you, unfortunately. I’m still working on that. As far as “Pretty Boy” Roy goes….he’s one wild uncle. LOL He cracked me up the last time that I got to see him.
    I e-mailed you my phone and e-mail info to the msn account that you had listed on this page. So, if you want to meet then I’m free pretty much almost anytime.

  366. Sheila Says:

    Dear Lisa,

    I’ve checked my email several times and I haven’t gotten one from you. Did you send it to

    As always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  367. 1wolfymomma Says:

    Dear Sheila,
    Yes, I sent the e-mails to the e-mail address listed. I have also tried to call your house twice. How about you try my e-mail and let’s see if it works when you e-mail me? This is my e-mail address

  368. Sheila Says:

    Dear Lisa,

    I just sent you an email. I added this email address to my contact list, but when I hit select from contact list, nothing showed up. Not sure where your email went.


  369. 1wolfymomma Says:

    Dear Sheila,
    No biggie. I got your e-mail and sent a reply. Hopefully, you get it.
    *fingers crossed*

  370. Connie J. Adkins Walker Says:

    Dear Sheila,
    I have been researching the Adkins and don’t know if I am related to anyone here, but I keep seeing several names that I have seen over and over again in my research. Here’s what I have figured out so far. My father’s name was Norman Adkins, my grandfather’s name was Owen Adkins, great grandfather was Taylor Adkins (he married Carrie Sullivan) and according to their marriage license, they were wed at his father’s home on June 3, 1901 in Wayne County, West Virginia. His father (my gg grandfather was Goodwin Adkins – the 1900 census records indicate his name to be Goonswin and married to Melinda for 7 years and also to a Sarah Vaughn), Goodwin’s father is Jesse Adkins and Jesse’s father being Littleberry Adkins. I hope I am on the right track. I have been searching and searching for information as all of my family is deceased with the exception of a younger brother (he’s an Adkins too). Do you have any input for me and am I on the right track. Any and all feedback is much appreciated. Thank you so much!!! Oh and your site is fabulous. Nice to finally meet some Adkins folk!!!

  371. Hi Sheila,
    Love your site! I’m working on my father’s side and am so confused, hoping you might have some info for me. Isom Adkins is my gggg-grandfather, his mother is Mary Alice (Little Granny) Sizemore. From the information that I’ve have found so far is he was born in 1792 in Patrick County, Va. Mary Alice had 3 boys by 3 different men and moved to Floyd County Ky. She married a Slone and the boys took the Slone name. I’ve heard many stories but can’t find anything to validate the stories. Any information you might have would be great. Thanks! Dianna

  372. Mary Frances henry Alkire Says:

    1777 Oct 20 Henry Co., Virginia Land Transfer: Allen Ridley Young of Henry County, Virginia to JOEL ADKINSON of same county for 15 pounds–70 acres on Snow Creek. Deed Book 1, p. 73 . Also noticed Jesse Atkinson was a witness to land transfers several times. Judith , sister to Rachel Emmerson, wife of Joel. married Watson Henry–my line. .

  373. Ginger Says:

    Joel At(d)kinson that married Rachel Emmerson is not this Joel Adkins. Joel Atkinson married to Rachel Emmerson 1780 in Pittsylvania VA died 1808 in Lincoln Cnty KY probated same year. Rachel Emmerson Atkinson died before 1812 when her father Samuel Emmerson’s will was written. Sam’s will probated 1814 in Lincoln cnty KY. Your Judith, sister of Rachel and married to Watson Henry is in my Atkinson line. Here are couple of excerts from Samuel Emmerson will:

    Last Will & Testament of Samuel Emmerson

    I give and bequeath unto the heirs of my beloved Judith Henry 5 lb each except David Henry before mentioned item i give & bequeath unto my son-in-law Reuben Bailey 50 couth item ; I will & desire that the heirs of my daughter Rachael Atkinson Love1 childs fort = ./.( divided) amongst them all. item i will and desire that all the rest of my estate

    set my hand & seal this 8th day of January 1812
    Samuel Emmerson

  374. Stan Adkins Says:

    Hi Cousin Shiela,

    Harry Stanley Adkins III here. (Stan Adkins, Inependence, Mo.)
    Haven’t been on here in awhile. Hope all is great with you and yours

    Wanted to ask; I have co-oberated proof I am down from great grandfather Amariah, father James b. 1815, father William b. 1788. (Wife Mary Hartman). The missing link between my 3rd great grandfather William b. 1788, is his father. It’s been proposed on this blog from info from you that his father was a Willam also, then William V. Is there any records that exist which suggest that my 3rd great grandfaters parent was a William too? If so, could this William be William Owen, son of Wm.V?

    My DNA says I could down be from Wm. V and Elizabeth Parker, or perhaps even a brother of Wm. V. Is the proposed lineage you sent me stating I am down from Wm. v., then Wm. (Owen?), them William b. 1788, then James b. 1815, then Amatiah b. 1862, and so on, does that suggested line come from Ronnie Adkins?… Or how do you come by my being down from the three Williams?

    This is the big contrversey facing me, Gina and Roberta. Thanks in advance for your insight.

    Thanks, Cousin Stan

  375. dubsmrs Says:

    I am searching for information on Hester Ann Adkins b. 1866 Lincoln County, WV d/o William Parker Adkins and Rebecca Lucas. Hester is my 2nd great grandmother, married to William Everet “Bell” Sansom. Hoping someone would have information on where she died and is buried. She does not appear on records after the 1900 census. Bell Sansom died in 1940 and was buried at Magazine Hollow, Kanawha County, WV, but have been unable to locate it as it may have been affected by the flood in 1961.

  376. Tammy Says:

    How do I delete the account do you have any idea? Would appreciate any information regarding doing that. Hope you and yours are all doing fine.

  377. Ben Adkins Says:

    For those having Adkins relatives originating in Elliott County (or Morgan County) Kentucky, be aware that the borders around Elliott County changed in the 1800s. In fact, Elliott County was created in the first half of the 19th century, as I recall. I will have to dig to find that info in some books I have, if one of you has not already run across it on the web. My relatives originated in Elliott County, but I have been having trouble tracing them because my ggrandmother, Cussida Adkins, was unmarried. She had a daughter, Mollie Adkins, and a son, Gideon H. Adkins. Regards, Ben Frank Adkins (native of Pomp, Morgan County, KY, just a few miles south of Elliott County).

  378. James Adkins Says:

    I guess I am way off base but does anyone have connection to the Adkins of South Alabama? Robert Adkins born 1790 married Mary Johnson in 1814 in Wilkes County, GA. They had 4 children that I know of. The 2 sons were Jonathan P. and John Randall Adkins. I have been stuck on this for 30 years. Thanks James Adkins

  379. Barbara Adkins Says:

    I commented on this blog a few years back about my GGGranddad, Thomas M. Adkins b. 1794 in SC and then moved on to Elyton, Jefferson County, Alabama. This has been a dead end to me but not quite 30 years. Can’t say that I recognize Jonathan or John Randall but you are the first to mention Alabama. Willing to work with you to see if we can make a connection.

  380. James Adkins Says:

    Thank you so much for responding. I have never made a connection between my Adkins and any others. My branch lives in the Houston/Dale County area. Jonathan P. married a Womble. My great grandfather was Allen Thomas Adkins. I hope after the first of the year to submit a DNA sample to see who I am connected to. My dad now deceased always talked of Indian blood but I have not found an Indian line up to Robert Adkins. Let me know if I can be of any help. Thanks again. James

  381. Sally Adams Says:

    Sally Atkins Adams says:
    I saw a question from 2009. I have only recently been able to post again. My g-grandfather was John Atkins/Adkins born 1850, in Grandview, Edgar County, IL; to James Adkins and Sarah Eliza Louthan. Most of what I know is available on Rootsweb, posted by genbug, since I provided her with the info on my line. I did not know who James parents were but suspected his brother was Joseph H. Atkins since John was buried on their family plot. I also suspect that Sarah Adkins (Coles Co.)who married a Dallas was James sister.

  382. Stan Adkins Says:

    Breaking news – New Discovery!

    Roberta, Shiela, Gina, and Glenn Hill and other extended Adkins Family members from the Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri line down from William V. Sr. and Elizabeth Parker Adkins –

    If you go to Find A, type in search for Wm Vortimer Adkins III, memorial number 82058190, you will find the will of William v. III, dated 1847.
    It states he is the son if Wm. Owen and was born 1760. Says his wife was Mary Ann (Polly) Hartman Adkins. Says his son was William Adkins IV. Born 1790 b – this is (must) be OUR William who came to missouri (Caroll County) in 1830 with son James from Adair CVty. Ky. and who all this time we thought was William the Third (some records show his birth date as 1787 or 1788). So it appears that there were 4 Williams in our line going back to Wm. V. Sr. and Elizabeth, not 3 like we always thought.

    So, it appears the William we refer to as OUR William, my 3x great grandfather, and presumed buried near “Mary” in Big Adkins Cemetary in Carroll County, is not William III but William IV! Additionally, it would be reasonably safe to assume the tombstone that says “Mary, consort of William Adkins” died 1839 in Big Adkins Cemetary is NOT Mary Hartman, but some other Mary. (Though I suppose stranger coincidences have happened, as it does appear there is definitely evidence that says there WERE 2 Mary Hartmans)!

    What say you all?

    I really want to hear what everyone of you think. Especially Glenn.

    Also, there can be found on that site pictures of Wm V. the III and wife Mary Ann Hartman! Wow!!… how cool is that! The pic of Mary Hartman looks to indicate she is clearly, at least it appears, to be of American Indian descent.


    Cousin Stan in Independence, Mo.

  383. Stan Adkins Says:

    Upon further review of this newly surfaced alleged photo of Wm V. III and Mary Hartman Adkins – d. 1812 – it simply is impossible this is a picture of them as Photography didnt exist in or before 1812.

    Stan Adkins

    Perhaps it could be William V. Adkins b. 1787-88 Va. and Mary Hartman Adkins d. 1839 and buried in the Big Adkins Cemetary in Carroll County, Mo. … but i think even that is unlikely as photography was just barely being introduced in 1839, so even that idea is very unlikely. Looks like more evidence of careless unfounded accusations and unsupported claims being thrown about without any evidence what-so-ever by so called amateur Adkins family genealogiists.

  384. I found that pic with a note attached: he was born Sept 1760, died Oct 1848. “His grave is among several other “sunken” graves marked with initialed fieldstones located in a wooded area on the property of Oscar Berger outside of Chatham, Virginia. Rt. 626 to Cooper’s old store.  Turn left on Rt. 649. Cemetery on back of farm now owned by Oscar Burger (1984)
    Tombstone inscription
    Wm Adkins
    Birth Sept.  the 21st  1760
    DC  Oct.  the 22nd  1848″

    He was the son of William Adkins & Lydia Owens, grandson of William V and & Eliz Parker.

    His son, William S Married Betty Thacker.

    Best I can gather, there were two different Mary Hartman’s married to 2 different William Adkins, and the 1760-1848 William’s wife went by Polly.

    Something I found interesting in the will: “…I give under the limitations as aforesaid to said Coleman Renands who I hereby recognise as my son and henceforth desire that he shall be called Coleman Adkins the following land…”.

    The early photography was in the late 1830’s. So, you’re right, that pic can’t be Mary “Polly” Hartman Adkins.

    No denying the old man is an Adkins–has the ears and nose!!!

  385. Also, our William didn’t have a V in his name. This William was in Pittsylvania County (in the western side of VA), and our William was born farther north and east in Surry Co and married in Botetcourt Co, both places near the James River. All of this Wm’s kids were born in PIttsylvania County

  386. Referencing Coleman Renands Adkins above–reminds me of Sherwood (Sherrod) and the Mullins-Sloan-Hall connections. As in Booker Mullins is the natural son of Sherwood Adkins (son of William V. Atkinson), whose descendant, Joe Mullins is an exact match to you Stan (and Gina’s dad) at 37 markers.

  387. stan adkins Says:

    This is exhausting guys!… Wew.

    So if my DNA is an exact match to Booker Mullins, who is actually the son of Sherwood Adkins, who is the natural son of Coleman Renand who was renamed Adkins by decree in William V. Adkins III will – then I would be the 4th great grandson of the bastard son of the bastard son of William V. Adkins III………….. right?


  388. stan adkins Says:

    This is exhausting guys!…. Wew!

    So if my DNA is an exact match to Booker Mullins, and Booker Mullins is the actual blood son of Sherwood Adkins who isn’t really an Adkins by marriage but is the natural son of Coleman Remand, who was given the name Adkins by decree in the will of William V. Adkins III, then that would make me the 2nd and 3rd great grandson of the bastard son of the bastard son of William V. Adkins III……

    …… wow!

  389. stan adkins Says:

    Sorry, please excuse double posting Shiela – these darn iPhones!

    On an unrelated note; I see where a branch of Adkins kin moved up and over into what later became southwestern West Virginia. I saw evidence a couple months ago online after viewing the Mini Series on the Hatfield and McCoys, that there were Adkins in those two families.

    Any comments anyone?

  390. Sherwood is the natural son of the 1689 William V. The Mullins-Sloan-Hall folks are descended from Sherwood. I thought the Coleman mentioned in the will indicates, to me, that the 1760 William followed in his Uncle Sherwood’s footsteps. Makes me wonder if the Adkins men of that era could have been randy roosters visiting the neighbors henhouses.

  391. Some of our Adkins kin married Hatfileds. I counted 5 Adkins who married Hatfields and 4 who married McCoys. I couldn’t find any of our direct ancestors married into either line–just just the ones who are various degrees of cousins to us. My niece told me her first husband was descended from THE Mcoys.

  392. DNA stuff confuses me. Its so complicated. That’s why i asked Gina about why there is differing steps of distance from the descendants of 3 of the sons of 1689 William. Exact match or one step from two sons, but 2 steps from another son at 37 markers. I guess that’s why more indepth testing is needed, to see how those hold up at more markers. As I understand it, some folks can be an exact match at 12 or 37, but drops down at 67 or 111. Then to confuse the picture even more, some mutations are rare and if present mean a relationship even though the distance maybe a 2 or 3. We need to win the lottery and then hire a genealogist and a geneticist to to solve our puzzle!!!!

  393. Per conversations above…would I be a member of the Adkins family???( Wannie B. Cook DOB 1947)
    Mother-Cynthie Ann Adkins 1921- 1952 Logan, Co.
    Father-Wannie Van Cook 1919- 1996? Wyoming, Co.
    Oceana, WVA
    some family in Bufflow Creek area, WVA I think. Any info would be appreciated, Thanks.

  394. Richie Atkins Says:

    Hi I’m new to all this and stuck already. But this is a great site with lots of info. I am looking for info. on my 6th great grand father Henry Atkins b 1786 or abt. in Franklin co. Va. died 1866 in wise co. Va. He was married to Anne Nancy Standley if I have this right and later to a Sarah Bowman all this took place in Burke Co. North Carolina where he left some of his children. which are William 1807- 1894, Elizabeth and John 1810- I guess maybe twins,Delilah 1812-1876, Rickles Nelson Atkins 1815-1906. This is my 5th grand father. all these children are with Ann Standley. My problem is I cant figure out who Henry’s father is some say William and Susannah Lenier and others say John and Sarah Brockman and I can’t find proff of any thing about his parents. Any heip would appreciated, thanks

  395. Ann Brandt Says:

    good evening all; thanks in advance for any help on my line.

    to begin;
    I am Jerry Ann Waters Brandt (1968)
    mother is Betty Sue Creason Waters(1944)
    father is Jerold Edward Waters(1939-1998)

    gma is Rebecca Alma Adkins Creason(1904-1970)
    gpa is Willard Delano Creason(1909-1976)

    ggma is Maranda Adeline Henry Adkins(1864-1942)
    ggpa; William E (red buck) Adkins(1859-1938)

    gggma;Dorinda Malinda Ewing Adkins(1837-1923)
    gggpa; George Washington Adkins (1834-1906)

    ggggma; Sarah Staton Adkins(1810-1897)
    ggggpa; John Adkins(1801-1851)

    thanks again

  396. Ann:
    Welcome,cousin, to the elusive world of the descendants of The 4 brothers: John, William, Joseph, Roland. Your ggggpa is brother to my ggrandpa James, who is also Stan Adkins’ ggrandpa. John & James were sons of William & Mary. Gina Lipp is descended from William’s brother, Roland, and Glen Hill (who still lives in Carrollton, MO) is from William’s brother Joseph. The eldest brother, John died in Kentucky abt 1822, but the other three settled in Carroll County, MO sometime around or before 1830, and John’s eldest son, Joseph also settled there. Don’t know if he came with The Brothers or later on. We all found each other recently, mainly throgh Sheila’s site here. Welcome to our search!

  397. Ritchie:
    Gina, Stan, Glen & I have been trying to learn about your 6th great grandfather. It appears we have an exact match at 67 markers with one of his descendants, a John Grayson Adkins. We’re trying to find the parents of 4 brothers: John, William, Roland and Joseph. John (1775-1822), William (1777-1870) & Joseph (1788- 1867) were born in Virginia, while Roland (1784-1852) was born in Kentucky John died in Kentucky, and other the 3 boys died in Carroll County, Missouri. Genetically, we know we are connected to William V. Atkinson Adkins 1689-1784 (Henrico/Goochland, VA areas). The Atkins/Adkins clan were quite mobile, and prolific, but poor record keepers.

  398. stan adkins Says:

    Hi Ann. Welcome to the family. I’m your cousin Stan. Finding this site, coming to know and appreciate the cousins I’ve met here; Shiela, Gina, Roberta, and Glenn Hill, and others; coming to discover our great families heritage and historic relevance, has been one of the greatest blessings and most interesting chapters in my life.

    Welcome to the family Ann. You’ll find no more interesting or tastier piece of American Pie, than our great American family; the Adkins family especially our paricular line.


    Stan Adkins
    Independence, Mo.

  399. Richie Atkins Says:

    I came across a book called School and Community History of Dickens County Va. while doing research on Henry Atkins b. 1786-1866. and he is named as one of the first settlers 1845. But there is also inthe year of 1825 a Henry, John, Atkins named in that year maybe a different county. Also named a Lark Atkins named, he gave info which lead to the killing of Harrison Bowman which I think was Sarah Bowmans son Henrys 2nd wife it was interesting reading wondering if any one else has read it and what your thoughts are on the other Henry and John Atkins named in the book. The book is readable on line under its name.

    Thanks Richie Atkins
    Marion, NC

  400. Stan Adkins Says:

    So, there are a new set of facts surrounding the Adkins family’s move to Missouri, and they have changed considerably.

    We know that Wyatt was out here in Clay County as early as 1818, three years before statehood. He certainly would have come over road via the Boones Lick Trace, or Keelboat, more than likely he walked, from St Louis then St Charles where Daniel and Nathan Boone were living in the neighbohood on La Femme Osage Creek, to first Franklin, then crossed to the south side of the river at Arrow Rock and came up river via keelboat or up the Osage Indian Trail to Fort Osage, built by Captain William Clark chief of Indian affairs after his trip with Merriwether Lewis who had been in St Louis serving as Govenor of the Louisiana Territory until his untimely death in 1809.

    Wyatts daughter Mary Ann Adkins, b. 1807, married Abner Adair in Clay County in 1821 at the age of 14, the year Missouri became a state. In 1822 they moved from Liberty, Mo south of the river to what would later become Independence. They bought a tract of land from the Osage Indians and built the first log cabin in Independence on what would later become the corner of Maple and Liberty St. immediately across the street from where Independences Court house would later be built and one of the four corners that make up the Courthouse Square today. In 1827 Mary Ann bore the first white male child to be born Jackson County Missouri, Joseph Adair. Joseph would fight with Gen. Fremont (later elected President) in the war against Mexico and later go West for two years as a Forty Niner, come home to Missouri then move to Texas where at the out break of the Civil War, he joined the CSA as a Lieutenant serving under General Shelbys Brigade.

    The interpersonal relationships of William and Lydia Owens son Owen, and then Wyatt, and our line – whomever they are down from; John, William, Joseph and Roland remain a mystery and a product of our imaginations though at some level we know that communication must have existed as evidenced in the fact the brothers followed their cousin Wyatt out to Missouri. On another note, as it is recorded Wyatt died to the south of Jackson County in 1839 in Cass Cty. (then Van Buren Cty.) it would seem logical and more than likely that the Wyatt we see in the area of Boone County with Roland in the 1827-28 Land Patent Book is Wyatts son Wyatt Jr.

    The journey of discovery in the search for our Williams, Josephs and Rolands parents continues to uncover new and exciting evidence that solidifies the Adkins families role on the early American frontier and the history of now, pre-statehood Missouri.


  401. Sheila Says:

    I had read many of the emails that you three have sent. You keep my inbox full. I’m teasing, I really do enjoy reading them. I was actually waiting for you to send me an Outline of your findings to post, detailing your research. I don’t want to take any credit for all the findings that you three have uncovered. I just emailed a cousin this morning telling her all about it. I do appreciate all the work you have put into it. We all do.

    Thanks as always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  402. Beverly Aller Darnell Says:

    Do you have information on a Straley Adkins , son of William Adkins (b: abt. 1750) and Catherine Straley (b:abt. 1758)? He was married to Andocia Day? I have pulled information from and other sites, but any information you may have would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You,

  403. Keneen Peters Says:

    Hi Sheila, I was wondering if you could answer something for me. Is Judah who married Jacob Adkins b 1725, brother of Parker V and son of William V Adkins. also a daughter of chief cornstalk? All I have ever been able to find is Judah with no last name until today I was going through the family trees and saw that Judah was a daughter of Chief Keigh Tugh Quah Cornstalk. She married Joseph Bragg. thanks Kay

  404. Sheila Says:

    Dear Kay,

    I don’t have parents listed for her on my tree. I checked and don’t have her listed as a daughter of Cornstalk. I haven’t seen that anywhere, nor have I done any personal research on her after the initial sourcing was done. I apologize, maybe someone else may have done more than I on her. Hopefully, you’ll find that information and will share it with us.

    Good Luck & Welcome to the Family,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  405. Keneen Peters Says:

    Sheila, I was wondering if Jacob’s daughter Judith was the daughter of Mary Parker Bennett, why was she named after his first wife? I have also read that JUDAH died in 1791 so why did he marry Mary if his first wife was living? Also it was the daughter Judith Adkins who married Joseph Bragg. Can you tell me where Mary Parker Bennett fits into the Parkers? Thanks Kay

  406. Dianna Moore Says:

    Sheila, I am a direct descendant of Parker Adkins and BlueSky Cornstalk on my mother’s side. Researching my father’s side I am also an Adkins. Isom Adkins was born to Mary Alice Sizemore, she was born around 1750 and was originally from VA. Story has it she was Native American and lived in the same area as the Adkins men on my mother’s side, she had 3 sons by 3 different men while in that area. Isom Adkins being one of them but I can’t figure out which Adkins is Isom’s father. She later took her sons and moved to Floyd County, KY where she married a Slone which all of her boys then took the last name of Slone. Do you have Isom listed anywhere? Thanks and I love your site! Dianna

  407. Sheila Says:

    Dear Dianna,

    I knew the family as soon as I saw this comment. Mary Alice aka Little Granny” Sizemore d/o of Chief George Sizemore, Aunt of Chief Gouldenhawk Sizemore aka George; from Magoffin County, Ky. Granddaughter of George aka Old Ned Sizemore. Ned to me: 3rd great grandfather of husband of stepdaughter of great grand uncle.

    Agnes “Aggie” Sizemore (Eggy Montgomery) was from Magoffin, KY & married Silas Montgomery. Documents the Family as d/o of Goulden Sizemore.

    All of Native America descent. They intermarried into my Montgomery Adkins Tree frequently. I know they did intermarry into the Adkins family up top there. I know the stories, but its not documented on my family tree. I’d have to do more research to see. I know which Isom/Isham/Nathan/Newton Adkins she was supposed to have been involved with, but then again not documented on my tree. Believed to be Parker’s son, but like I said, I have nothing but stories – so I couldn’t say one way or the other. Maybe from Isham’s line would have some kind of family lore to tie the two together.

    Their son Isham married another Elizabeth Branham’s (lots of those in the Family as well) had son Greenville aka Green Adkins later Slone. He had son Wiley Slone later married Betty Prater. I know, that’s where we get the running joke, ‘If Grandpa had married Grandma, we’d all be Adkins.” She also had a son Shadrack Hall later Slone.

    It was common back then for all children to take the new hubby’s Surname as he would then be the sole provider for her children. Heir to his estate.

    Anyway, I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance. I’ll do some checking and see where this line goes. I need something to go on.

    As Always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  408. Dianna Moore Says:

    Sheila, thanks for the information, it was so odd seeing the same Adkins bloodline on born my mother and father’s side. I have hunted for any type of documentation on Little Granny and Parker but have’t been able to locate anything as of now. Thanks, Dianna

  409. Emmitt C. Adkins II Says:

    Emmitt C. Adkins II Says:

    March 10, 2013 at 12:19 pm
    Hello Sheila,
    I have been talking with my family for the past few weeks learning about my fathers line. I have been warned that I may not be able to get very far because of the Lincoln Co. courthouse fire in 1909, but I have kept at it and now am here. My grand father was Willard Adkins and his brother was Raymond. Raymond and Betty lived at the bottom of 10 Mile Creek. Betty is still there and I am going to visit her in a couple of weeks. You have a post about Raymond Adkins of Laurel Hill and I only have one question. Where did you find that Likens Adkins was the son of Richard Adkins and Lucinda Drake? No where else can I find the name in connection or even mentioned.

    I would be honored to speek to you if you would be willing. I am putting together a heritage tree to give out to everyone this coming Christmas 2013. I also plan on re-marking the graves at the Adkins Cem on 10 Mile Creek Rd and photographing them for future recognition. My phone number is 706-888-7508, email address is attached to the post.

    Thank you for any help you would be willing to provide.

    Emmitt Adkins

  410. Emmitt C. Adkins II Says:

    I apologize, here is the information that I am referring to.

    Raymond Adkins born abt 1927 in Laurel Hill, Lincoln, West Virginia.

    Parents: Bernie Adkins (1899-1937) and Ella M Adkins

    Grandparents: Albert Lee Adkins (1865-1942) and Mary Ellen Albert’s (1876-UNK)

    ***Great Grandparents : Likens (Lycans Atkins) Adkins (1827-1895) and Ella Jane Murray (1828-1908)

    ***2x Great Grandparents: Richard Adkins (1805-1880) and Lucinda “Lucy” Drake (1798-abt 1860) d/o James and Nancy Adkins Drake

    3x Great Grandparents: Randolph Adkins (1760-1819) and Charity Adkins d/o Parker and Mary Blue Sky Cornstalk) Adkins (1768-1825)

    4x Great Grandparents: William V Adkins (1718-1784) and Lydia Owens (1724-1782) d/o William and Lydia Lansford Owen.

    5x Great Grandparents: William V Adkins (1689-1784) and Elizabeth Parker (1695-1784) d/o Richard and Mitha Parker.

  411. Eva Says:

    I can’t find any further info on my Elizabeth Ann Adkins 1780-1810 married supposedly to a Samuel Kittrell. I keep finding wrong information regarding the (Parker?) Adkins/Ward families. And now I am going in circles!
    Do you have anything on Ann? I would sure appreciate it!

  412. David Adkins Says:

    My grandpa is Clyde Adkins of beaver Oklahoma he married verna

  413. David–do you live in Beaver?

  414. Jimmy Dingess Says:

    My grandmother was Ellenora Adkins, 1895-1982. Her father William Adkins, 1832-1920 and her mother Sarah Miller, 1860-1923. I’ve been told William’s Line was John Adkins and Deliah Jordan. John was a jr his father John Adkins Sr. 1775-1845 married Nancy McCracken. Enough.
    Any additional info would be helpful.

  415. Lisa Says:

    Hi Sheila, back on Jan 10, 2010 you mentioned you had a picture of App and Delilah that you were restoring. I searched through the blog and don’t see an update. Have you been able to restore the picture?

  416. Sheila Says:

    Dear Lisa,

    I must have misspoke, it was a picture of Jasper ‘s dad Lewis & his mother Julia Blankenship. Rather than have it restored, I just posted it as is. To my knowledge, no one has a picture of App.

    Sorry for the confusion,

  417. Lisa Says:

    Hi Sheila, I most likely misundertood. I was hoping so that a picture existed of my grampa and gran somewhere. But then, there are very few pictures of me when I was young. Go figure.

    Talk to you soon. Keep up the good work.


  418. Angela Spence Donnally Says:

    Hello! I’m so glad I found your blog! I’ve started working on my family history again after getting stuck 10 yrs ago. I finally have the time to dive back in. I’m also from the Adkins line and here is my line for reference:

    Odis Spence (my father)
    Dorothy ADKINS Spence (his mother)
    Parker Adkins ( her father)
    Cinderella Adkins(his mother)
    Jackson Adkins (his father)
    Hezekiah Adkins(his father)
    Littleberry Adkins( his father)
    Parker V Adkins( his father)
    William V Adkins(his father)
    3/28/1689- 3/15/1787

    Thank you for all the helpful information on this site!

  419. Doug Couch Says:

    I didn’t want to read the entire thread (did read quite a bit), however, I do have a theory about why so many families uprooted and moved to Oklahoma. IT WAS INDIAN TERRITORY. Their relatives had previously been forced to move and live there. Consider this: That many families moving??? Sounds to me like a decision of tribal councils (not that I would know of such things…just makes sense to me). In other words, all of the families were intermarried with Indians, and many of them were Indians (whites on paper, Indians by blood, or perhaps better simply referred to as “The People”).
    And yet, when you search for their genealogy, you will find lineages of Europeans. Why? Because it beats being killed.
    This did not happen to my great grandmother, born in later generations (b.1882). Her ancestry shows entirely white European heritage. But our family lore always said very certainly that she was Indian, specifically “full blood Cherokee” (be there any such thing by the late 1800s). The families she married into were European, with apparently native ties here and there…but not mentioned as Indian in the genealogical record. She allegedly married five times, but only four of her husbands and some descendants have been found in the record, and you guessed it…all white.
    Persecution of Indians has not ceased. There are apparently still families who know they are Indian but swear even to their children they are not. It has been said that records of lineages may exist with various tribes, but it is doubtful that where any such records exist (or are passed down in older ways), that it is desired to have some genealogy-addicted folks get that information and publish it on the web.
    I would like to know more, for sure…but frankly, it is unimportant that I possess such information. I am white as they come, and yet I have heard the cries in my heart in the night, and have had a dream of a former life and time as an Indian running through thickets with others. True? Doesn’t really matter. I know who “I” am, and that knowledge is much more precious than who my biological parents’ lineages derived from. The whole world is awaiting our return to this shared knowledge of self, not for the world to discover its biological roots.
    In some reading I did several years back (and saved the digitized PDFs of these old books, but with computer crashes, etc., I can no longer find them)…and this reading stated that in the early years of Europeans migrating to this continent, MANY married Indians. Why? To survive, and to have a better quality of life for their families.
    When the papal bull came down declaring Indians to be heathens, and making it okay to do with them as the Europeans pleased (ending in wholesale slaughter from coast to coast, men, women and children…entire villages), persecution began in earnest. While it had formerly been very acceptable to be married to Indians and thought well of to be married to Indian equivalents to “royalty” with visits to Europe, when this occurred, it was often a death sentence. Indians with darker skins faded into black communities, and those with lighter skins faded into white communities…and many just faded into the wilderness, hiding out in hideaway communities…so as to NOT be killed or forced to leave their remaining families and tribes, and go to Oklahoma.
    Much pain and suffering? Much longing to bring the families back together? These are a given. Who knows but what councils hiding out and still in the east masquerading as non-Indians, decided to join their kin? As whites moving to Oklahoma and being given land as whites, perhaps they would be able to help their “known to be Indian” relatives who had no standing like the whites had.
    So perhaps the question to be asking yourself is not “who in our family were Indians?”…but “who were not Indians?”

  420. Eva Says:

    Hi again Adkins crew,
    Does anyone have info on a Elizabeth Ann Adkins 1780-1810 married to a Samuel J Kittrell JR 1777-1850.
    I keep finding the wrong information regarding the Parker/ Adkins/ Corn planter/ Carpenter/Nancy Ward/ Cornstalk families.
    Does anyone have any info on the Adkins/Cornstalk genealogy?
    I would sure appreciate it because I can’t find a real link to these two families.

  421. Eva Says:

    Sheila: My Grandmother was a Campbell from the Campbell Station TN relations so the paths keep crossing.

  422. Sheila Says:

    Well if you the Cornstalk thread on this blog, you should find a lot of info.

    Thanks as always,

  423. dell Says:

    I am searching out a connection if possible to surrilda akins born circa 1850 in VA, WV or Ken. had a son, wade adkins born 1881. wade married a nancy stiltner, born 1882 in grundy. (marriage date 1904?) these are my husbands ggrandparents and we know nothing. FAmily history reports that Nancy and her daughter obviously had native american heritage. The family moved to lynhburg va circa 1940. both nancy and her daughter vessie were said to speak a language presumably cherokee? that no one could understand. I may be totally off base with this, but i have exhausted ancestry and several other resources. any help appreciated.

  424. Lind Says:


    I had contacted you once before about this family, and just read some of your comments on Portelia (“Tealie”).

    My mother, Tealie’s niece, and the daughter of Tealie’s sister, Gladys, told me that Tealie died in childbirth, which coincides with the death-date that I have recently found (although no source) for her on 16 Feb 1925. The last census of the family in Kentucky was in 1920, so either Tealie moved with the baby’s daddy to Ohio, where she reportedly died, or Ed and Nan had moved there during those years – which is likely since Gladys also turned up there by about 1931, about the time she got pregnant with my mother – she couldn’t have been following Tealie, as Tealie had died by then.

    The only child that I show for Tealie is one son, David, born in 1921. That means that she died giving birth to another child, although I don’t know if that child survived the death.

    None of Ed and Nan’s other girls lived to be old enough to give birth, confirming my mother’s story. Ura and Wanda both died as children. I’d like to know what happened to Wanda (or Wana as you call her).

    In regard to their sister, Ura, the ‘Injury to her stomach’ was a gunshot wound. Her brother, Kearnie was cleaning his gun and it misfired, according to my mother.

    As for Ed’s death place, my mother remembers visiting him in Ohio when he was an old man. My mother grew up in Pike County, Ohio, and says he lived very close to them, her and her little sister would walk over to visit him, says he was a joker. ;)

    Hope that helps – or at least I hope its not as confusing at it appears in this email ;)


  425. Sheila Says:

    Dear Linda,

    Thanks for the update.

    Oddly enough, I had been working on Ed’s line in tree all last week. I found where two families posted that Portelia called Tealie on all Census reports, born on 23 Dec 1904 in Magoffin, Kentucky & later died as Delia Johnson (Milton (1907-1934)) on 16 Feb 1925 in Portsmouth, Sciota, Ohio. The two died young, leaving no children. I did remove Portelia from her name, even though the older family members insist that her name was Portelia, on my tree and only left Delia as it was reported to the State reported it.

    Ura death made the front page of [Adkins, Ura] the Fairview,KY newspaper on Oct. 9, 1924. Her death certificate that he was accidentally shot by her brother.

    As for Ada Adkins, death is listed as unknown.

    I have everyone – except Wana Adkins – families say she died before 1920 but so far I can’t prove that. Ohio death certificates for that ear, aren’t good. But, I do constantly check & recheck on the these lines for updates and any new paperwork that I uncover I do post on my tree. I think with KY nicknames really get in the way so finding death headstones or other info on family.

    Please contact me any time or double check on my tree. I do post updates as soon as I get the info.

    Thanks as always,

  426. Leigha Walls Says:

    Dear Sheila,

    I just found your blog today. We seem to be 7th cousins. I descend down from Jesse’s brother Randolph or Randal Adkins, known parents William Adkins and Lydia Owens. I even have a picture of another brother of theirs, William V Adkins III born 1760 died sometime after 1848. I was shocked when I found the picture. My Dad looks so much like him. They could be father and son. It has been said through many generations of my family line that none of the children ever looked like their parents, that they looked like their aunts and uncles. Thank you for all your time and effort in our family research.

    Leigha Adkins-Walls

  427. Stan Adkins Says:

    Leigha Adkins – Walls

    Shiela and Liegha,

    Stan Adkins here from kc, mo and independence Missouri – I have a picture I’m sure you’ve seen Shiela of a Wm Adkins (III), and Mary Hartmann, though it cannot be Mary Hartmann but prob a later wife because Mary Hartmann – Adkins died 1819. I believe this is Wm III, son of Wm Jr and Lydia Owen – I would ask you to please email me the image of the pic you have and I’d be happy to send you mine so we can compare please? My email is adkinsstan@

    As you know Shiela, it appears by my DNA we are down from Amy 4th grt grandfather John, died Ky before 1830, his son Wm Adkins b. Va., 1777 is proven by my DNA and other hard documents to be my 3rd grt grandfather who then moved to Adair Cty Ky between around 1800 and 1820, then in 1830 came to Carroll Cty, Mo

    Stan Adkins

  428. Leigha Walls Says:

    Stan Adkins….I sent you an email keep watch for it. Contains pictures.

    Leigha Adkins Walls

  429. Rebecca Mull-Adkins Says:

    My husbands family comes from Butler county,KY. His grandfather was John Henry Adkins (married Nancy Cardwell) and his great grandfather was Samuel Adkins (married Mary Polly Phelps). Family tradition is that they are Cherokee descent and are part of the Eastern Band that avoided the removal and fled to the mountains. Someone in an earlier post asked about the Adkins from around Charles City Va. We came across a host of Adkins in an old Chickahominy Tribe cemetary. Several of the chiefs had been Adkins.

  430. Stan Adkins Says:

    Hi Sheila – I have been communicating for awhile with a new clan of Adkins I’ve found in Ohio – here is what I know, its a quote from June Adkins wife of Tom Adkins who looks to be perhaps in his 70’s. Please note his parents names, maybe you know their line? Please inform me if you can, and i shall pass it on. Thanks. Regards, Cousin Stan KC, Mo

  431. Sheila Says:

    I know him well. His name is Albert Roscoe Adkins – he named himself Tom. He just happens to be my Dad’s brother. He is a sweety. June is his second wife. I’m glad you’re getting to know them. They live in Grundy.

  432. Stan Adkins Says:

    Stan here Sheila, Toms real name is ALBERT R. ADKINS, I guess Tom is his nickname. His wife June tells me they are both originally from Va. part of the clan that stayed there after the big migration to Ky and Ohio years ago. They moved to Ohio later. What their connection or line is to Wm V or his brothers would be great if you knew? Stan

  433. Stan Adkins Says:

    Wow!! what a small world world !!… your dads brother? lol unbeievable! June says she knows you too!! Well, maybe i should just tell her to call ya!! lol !!… well, that was an easy one!!, huh?! thats too much!

  434. Sheila Says:

    I thought you might have seen them on my FB page. Tom looks exactly like my dad. Almost freaks me out at times. The family moved to Grundy when they left Salyersville. I don’t remember why off the top of my head. He’s the only one that stayed in Grundy when the family moved to Ohio.

    He & June are very sweet people. I talk to June often. That is too funny. She’s a wonderful Christian woman. You should get along fine.

    Have a great evening.

    As always,

  435. Etta LaFon Foster Says:

    Hello. It would appear that we, too, are linked by family ancestry. I am a 4th great granddaughter to Parker V Adkins. My great grandmother was Malinda Perkins 1882-1947 (according to the records that I have found).

  436. Carolyn Says:

    1906 people were getting ready for the land run. Free land. This could be why they moved. Also, near ardmore, okla. Was a big oil boom. Lot more work.

  437. Claud Smith Says:

    Posted comment about a large book on Adkin’s family history on Metcalf page anyone with information would like to hear from them

  438. ginger Says:

    Claud, You said you wanted personal copy. I looked online and it appears to be out of print if this is the book you are referring to. You can check and it has about 6 libraries listed that have a copy. Here is the info on the book.

    The Adkins family of Wayne County, West Virginia; also Cabell, Lincoln, and Boone : a genealogical history of the descendants of William and Elizabeth (Park er) Adkins of Henrico County, Virginia from 1690 to 1990
    Authors:Adkins, Ronnie, 1939- (Main Author)
    Format: Books/Monographs
    Language: English
    Publication: [Montgomery, Alabama : R. Adkins, 1990]
    Publisher: Montgomery, Ala. (3540 S. Georgetown Drive, Montgomery, 36109-2232) : R. Adkins, ©1990.

  439. Fonda Murch Says:

    Dear Sheila, You have done a wonderful job in bringing all these Adkins together. I am looking for others to collaborate on the same project I am working on. I am descended from James Adkins 1776-1853 approx. of Somerset, Pulaski, Kentucky married to Chloe Hargis. A biography of James’s grandson, Benjamin, son of William, was published in the history of Clay County, Indiana. Benjamin states that the father of James Adkin 1776-1853 was Roland Adkins (born in Wales) and traveled with his family to Virginia in 1775, and while serving as a soldier of the Revolutionary was killed, Roland had 11 sons. Every time I Google Roland Adkins your site comes up, I wonder if some of the Roland’s mentioned in your blog could be descended from this Roland.
    My line is:
    James Adkins & Chloe Hargis
    Benjamin Adkins & Barthena Brinson
    Oliver Perry Adkins & Francis Willis

  440. R. Diral Adkins Says:

    I’m Diral Adkins Magoffin Co. Ky. My Grandfather was Ben Adkins, son of Jasper Adkins & Teresa Montgomery, Jaspers father was Louis Adkins, etc.. I know where the Prater Cemetery is located in Magoffin County, and the location of the graves of Jasper & Teresa, Jane Montgomery, and Clearenda as well as many of the other “old” Adkins’. My mother passed in Oct. 2012 and is buried just below Jasper’s grave. My father Robert is still alive (87) and will be buried beside his Papaw Jasper (as he wishes). My dad’s mother was Cora Howard who left my Grandfather when my dad was 3 years old , and went to Waverly Ohio, and then to Middletown where she married Clyde Adkins and gave birth to Charles Earnest Adkins. Cora is also buried on the Prater Cemetery and died in 1932.

  441. Michael Adkins Says:

    Hello All. I am Michael Adkins. My trek to the past has not gone as far as the rest of you. I go through Marvin Jarrell Adkins to William Clifford Adkins to George Willard Adkins to Thomas E. Adkins to William Riley Adkins and that I am afraid is it. My biggest difficulty is in finding documentation. I have come to the conclusion that my search methods are not flexible enough or the information is from private sources. Thanks to Sheila, I found where William Riley Adkins was identified with Elisha Adkins and Susannah Riley but I can find no reference anywhere. Is there a chance that some one has a family Bible or other references that could help me make this connection? I am just trying not to miss someone. Originally I had some difficulty with George Willard Adkins and Leyla Mae Corns information not matching other established lines. I am certain that my family is Adkins though and were from, as William Clifford would say, “up around Huntington, WV”. Thank you all for your posts and the encouragement it gives me to keep trying

  442. Stan Adkins Says:

    Hello Cousins.

    I will pay $500.00 for a copy of the Adkins family, Beech County to York Book, if anyone has one and is open to selling their copy. (guessing at the correct title). Here’s my contact info:
    Stan Adkins

    Stan Adkins
    Independence, Mo

  443. Stan Says:

    Thanks much. Appreciate it!!

  444. Erin Says:

    Hello. I am looking for any information on Jeremiah Adkins born on Mar 24 1817 in Kentucky. Thanks!

  445. My name is Carol Camden-Aguilar. My mother was the daughter of Sarah Ma(e? sp?)linda Adkins of Livingston, TN. Her nickname was Lindy. She married Oscar Cleo Reeder (died in ’69) & they had 4 children together: Leola Reeder (3-3-25 – Mar 2011) husband Wendell Camden, my father ( 2-14-29-April 2005),who lived in Doylestown, OH. Cletus Reeder (wife Gloria)., Junior Reeder, & Nina Arlene Reeder (husband Edward Xanders) FL who is the only remaining living child of the union of Lindy Adkins & Oscar Reeder. I recall Kevin Reeder calling my Aunt Arlene & me with many questions about our ancestry & we’ve not heard from him since then.
    My maternal grandmother, Lindy Adkins-Reeder died in about 1939 from polycystic kidney disease, also know as Bright’s Disease & leads to kidney failure. As my mom said, she was “too far gone” & refused medical treatment.
    She is buried in Livingston with many other Adkins in that same cemetery.
    My mother’s aunt, a sister to Lindy was Lucy Adkins-Mullins who lived in TN & made quilt-tops for a living. I no longer am a member of & thought for certain I that my family history was buried away somewhere. Now the great mysteries of trying to find info about my father’s side. if Kevin Reeder sees this, he is welcome to call me again & I can share what I know about our common lineage,
    This has been very interesting. Thx so much for everyones’ hard work & sharing your contributions.
    Carol Camden-Aguilar, OH

  446. Jennifer Bailey Says:

    What an awesome blog sit, so much information. I am also looking for some help on our Adkins line. Andrew J Adkins (1896-1962) s/o Andrew F Adkins (1850-1921). Can anyone help with who Andrew F Adkins father is?

  447. Ann Speck Says:

    Looking for proof that William Adkins was Robert Adkins father can anyone help??? Contact me at with a copy of birth or death or just a lead to help me and another family member out.Thank you and I guess hay! To you all that may be kin!!!

  448. Stan Adkins Says:

    There are more than 60 Wm. Adkins’s in our line from William V on down. You need to be a lot more specific cousin.

  449. I am a beginner in the Adkins Family research, and, I was hoping I could connect with someone who can help me sort out my Adkins. The only individual I can confirm in my line is Wyatt E. Adkins BIRTH 01 JUL 1820 • Floyd now Pike County, Kentucky DEATH 20 SEP 1901 • Dunlow, Wayne County, West Virginia, USA. So far all the other trees I have encountered have only confused me. I did participate in AncestryDNA and have a few DNA mathces for Adkins, but I haven’t been able to sort through conflicting trees and information.

    Thanks :-)

  450. Stan Adkins Says:

    There are many Wyatts in our line which goes back to 1635 on this continent, beginning with the arrival of Wm V Adkins father in Va. Online is our family tree going back to 1535 in England.

    Wm V married Elizabeth Parker in St James church in Richmond Va in 1726 50 years before Patrick Henry would give his “Give me liberty or give me death” speech. (not same building, it had been moved or rebuilt at least three times, but same congregation).

    The first Wyatt was the son of Wm V’ s grandson Wm III and Elizabeth Owens, if I remember correctly.

    If you email me tomorrow I can send you this tree. Wm Vs wife Elizabeth Parker was the 14 great granddaughter of King Edward the 1st of England otherwise known as Longshanks of Braveheart fame. I can also send you her family tree that goes back 3,000 years to Noah, his son Shem, and his grandfather Methuselah who purportedly lived to over 900 years of age.

    My email is

    Welcome to the family cousin.

    Stan Adkins
    Kansas City, Mo

  451. Roberta Gilbert Says:

    Elisa–welcome cousin (I think ALL Adkins are cousins of some sort to each other). FTDNA gives the best and most accurate DNA testing and matching. I couldn’t find your Wyatt in Stan & mine’s mutual family tree. The Adkins seemed to be really fond of a handful of names and used them repeatedly: William, Wyatt, Winchester, Winwright, Winston, Albert, Alexander, Henry, Harry, Anderson, Andrew, Charles, Edward, Benjamin, Nancy, George, Owen, Lucinda, Elizabeth, Francis, Frances, Floyd, Cumberland, Cinderella, Cynthia, Barrett, Bartlett, Margaret, Hiram, Robert, Roland, Lucinda, Sherrod, Tillman and Biblical names like Elijah, Isaiah, Jacob, Enoch, Enos, Issac, Jessee, James, Joseph, Joshua, Martha, Mary, Matthew, Peter, John, Rebecca, Samuel, Thomas. First cousins even had the same name born within a 5 year time frame from each other in the same state and sometimes in same county. It is an interesting,mysterious puzzle! Welcome to the journey.
    Roberta Gilbert

  452. Stan, Rebecca thanks so much for the reply. I do have a William V Adkins in my tree, as far as accuracy- to be determined ;-) This is the relationship path I have so far.

    William V Adkins (1721 – 1784)
    7th great-grandfather

    Jesse Adkins (1747 – 1833)
    son of William V Adkins

    Joseph Adkins (1780 – 1847)
    son of Jesse Adkins

    Wyatt E. Adkins (1820 – 1901)
    son of Joseph Adkins

    Nancy Jane Adkins (1848 – 1937)
    daughter of Wyatt E. Adkins

    Arabel Beaire (1876 – 1961)
    daughter of Nancy Jane Adkins

    Nancy Ann kelly (1910 – 1994)
    daughter of Arabel Beaire

    Rosalie Ann Stringfellow (1933 – )
    daughter of Nancy Ann kelly

    Leslie Coral Sorrels (1955 – )
    daughter of Rosalie Ann Stringfellow

    Elisa Donnetta Mayfield
    daughter of Leslie Coral Sorrels

  453. Roberta Gilbert Says:

    We don’t know for sure if we are from William V or his brother, but DNA does connect us to him. Stan, Gina Lipp, Glenn Hill & I are from the four brothers-William, Joseph & (Harry) Roland., all of whom moved to Missouri around 1830/40. They had a brother, John, who died in Adair,
    Kentucky about 1822.

  454. Stan Adkins Says:

    Wm V’s complete genealogy, including wills, etc., and tree is online and east to find; just google it. Eliz Parkers 300+ page tree back to Longshanks, Noah and Methuselah can also be found. I have them on a memory stick just have to find. Hope this helps. Thanks. Stan Adkins

  455. Stan Adkins Says:

    Sorry for typo; that is to say, “easy” to find. Sorry. Thanks


  456. Candi Pastor Harrison Says:

    I am a descendant of Parker Vincent Adkins through his daughter Susanna, who married Thomas McGriff. I’m pretty confident of that. What I’m not sure about (don’t have proof of) is who Susanna’s mother is. According to the birthdate I’ve found, she was born in 1760. So I believe her mother was Mary Polly (Fry? Jones?). Again, I can’t find proof. Can anyone help?

  457. Leslie B Blankschen Says:

    Hi, everyone! I’m helping a friend, actually the cousin of my nephew’s wife, to trace her ancestry, and she and I have hit numerous stonewalls – so what’s new? Sally is the great granddaughter of Tennessee Vaughn Adkins, b 1859, in either Wayne County, West Virginia or Boyd County, Kentucky, depending on the family stories or later documents. Tennessee was married to William St Elmo Goings in 1871. She was the daughter of John Adkins and Mollie Vaughn, both born in Virginia according to later documents. The family also has ties to the Welsh Vaughn (Vaughan) family whose descendants lived in Ashland, Kentucky. We have not been able to locate anything definitive on Tennessee’s early years and nothing on Mollie and John. Also, Tennessee did go to Tulsa, Oklahoma with her family and she died there in January, 1930. On Ancestry and I have gone through every birth, marriage, and death record I could find for Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky and have come up empty.
    Through another line, Mollie Vaughn was somehow related to the line of William Patrick Vaughn and Fereby Benton. Handwritten notes refer to their cousins Rebecca Belle and Cassia Vaughn who were daughters of James E and Susannah Wilson Vaughn.
    My apologies that this is so long, but I am hoping that someone in this vast Adkins network may see this and recognize the names and get back to me with any information you may have.
    Thank you!
    Leslie Bedron Blankschen
    Blankschen Family Tree and Lancaster/Vaughn Family Tree on Ancestry

  458. C. A. Clark Says:

    I’m just beginning my research into my Adkins ancestors and am kindly asking for assistance from the Adkins family researchers–I am looking for documentation to support that Littleberry Adkins was the son of Parker Vincent Adkins and that Vicy (Vicie) Adkins Napier was the daughter of Littleberry Adkins (will, family bible, book?). Thank you in advance for your help!

  459. On Facebook there is an Atkins site where you are invited ,they have all kinds of info and pictures ,a lot of Dna has been done also ,Jacob Stover we have found out is the father of some if not all of Mary Atkins children ,not an Earl of Oxford as thought before ,proven by DNA also, Thought everyone would be interested, Thanks Kathy

    I come down from

    Parker V Adkins
    Hezekiah Adkins
    Littleberry Adkins
    Cain Adkins
    Angeline Adkins
    Tillie Adams daughter of Angeline Adkins
    Virgil Cochran
    Samuel Paul Cochran
    Me-Kathy Cheyenne Cochran Patrick

    Also there is a book out by Brandon Kirk, that talks about out Adkins family and the Brumfields called Blood in West Virginia has a lot of pictures as well can order on Amazon

  460. Roberta Gilbert Says:

    Kathy-what is the link to the Atkins site on Facebook?

  461. Roberta Gilbert Says:

    Thanks! I have some Adkins pictures I can share.

  462. T.K. Adkins Says:

    No problem, I am still waiting to be accepted in to the group myself, hopefully it won’t take too long.

  463. Kelly Says:

    My great grandmother’s name is Grace Adkins, her father is Albert Leonard Adkins and her mother is Lethe Carpenter, Adkins. I am having a hard time finding out about my great, great grandparents. My Great grandmother is a West Virginia pioneer who married Charles Ace Randolph. That part of my family was easy to trace, but our Adkins family is confusing? If you can please help me I would really appreciate it. Thank you, Your cousin Kelly.

  464. J Says:

    Desmond Kendrick was the one who put the original pictures of William Vortimer Adkins III & Mary Ann Hartman online. The Danville Register and Bee did a article about “Oldest Photographs in Pittsylvania County believed to be found” in October 9, 1995. Desmond claims photography was available in Danville as early as 1840, or a year after it was invented by Louis J.M. Daguesse in France ” Kendrick’s aunt, Mamie Reynolds gave him the album. Mrs. Reynolds told Kendrick who the people are in the photographs, but she identified William Kendrick as Owen’s father. The album was given to Mrs. Reynolds by her mother. The trail leads back to Mamie’s great-grandmother, Permelia Adkins.” So if the photo album was owned by Permelia Adkins once it would have to be someone related but i’m skeptical of Desmond saying photography was available in 1840 whoever interviewed him should have gotten some proof. I did look him up on facebook he’s not too hard to find I’m not going to link his info, but if someone wants to try to get some info from him it would help a lot of people.

  465. kelly gorth Says:

    Hi, I am looking for proof of Blackburn Beverly Adkins indian heritage. I have heard he was part indian. That is why his daughter Dora gave all her children indians names. I am his 2x great granddaughter, great granddaughter of Leona Mae Adkins and Scott Adkins,and grand daughter of Causby Adkins Gorth.

  466. Kimberley Fay Says:

    Hello, my grandma I called Nana was a Adkins. Growing up people would always ask her what tribe did she belong to. She would reply I have no clue the tribe I have is my kids. she was always different as she was not like my other older family members as she was fun and loved outdoors hated to be in the house at anytime. She told me at age 10 your family history is your future. So I started years ago before the wonderful online stuff. I joined awhile back but never did much and started up again and have a deep passion to know and my grandkids also have deep interests.
    I am interested in learning so much as I have native American on both sides of my parents.
    I am Kimberley my dad is Harold his mom is Della Oakley Adkins.
    Her father is Stuart Adkins, his father Elijah Adkins, his father was Hezekiah Adkins, his father Parker Adkins, his father Williams Adkins, His wife was Mintha Straight Tail and her dad was Meaurrway Opessa Straight Tail. I am looking for more information as to these and more family members.

  467. lisa Says:

    Replying to any request regarding Indian heritage. I would first do a DNA test to check your ethnicity traits. There were many claims in the Adkins family grapevine. Most cannot be proven by documents or family records. Just a suggestion if you really want to know if you have Native American blood. Track back from there.

  468. norma davis Says:

    Where did you go to have your DNA test? I am related to Adkins line and would also like to know Native American heritage. did not show any Native american blood. I do not think they even test for Native american. Should I have gone to another place to have DNA testing done?

  469. Robbie Salyers Says:

    My great grandmother was an Adkins and I’m researching the line now. I found records on Jasper and Teareasy “Teresa) which obviously are wrong since they indicate she was the daughter of James Howard and Peggy Montgomery which appears were actually her mother’s parents. The record I found also indicate she and Jasper had a child named Druza Adkins (1907-1977). Have you heard of her?

  470. My Brummett family were related to some Atkins,if I recall. In Indian Territory, Creek, I believe. Started out in Missouri, and my family has a strong history, although shaky, of being Native American. You can obviously see it, however my documents are in storage. So probably no help to you. Seems there was a Nora and Cora, Creek.

  471. Hello, I my grandma’s mom’s mom was Nancy Bradshaw of Wayne West Virginia. Her husband’s name was Hiram Adkins I think that’s how you spell it. Her daughter was Pinkie Bradshaw I’m not sure if it was that or Adkins. My grandma is gone I can’t remember much. Pinkie’s children as followed. Henrietta Adkins, but she married Woodrow Jackson Sr which was deaf. Virginia Adkins married to Orville Ramey. Ralph Adkins was married once, but I don’t know her name. He got remarried to Kathy Adkins. Charles Ray Adkins I can’t remember who he was married too. Mary Adkins married Dana McCormick the spice company. Marie Adkins married into the Ferguson family. Daniel Adkins and Don Adkins last I heard he lived in Virginia. I’m not sure if Don is still living or not. My great aunt used to say our family line from the Bradshaw’s, came from Ireland and I think the Adkins came from England. The Jackson from what I found out is an English surname. I hope that all helps.

  472. Bev Says:

    Hello! I am wanting info about Joel Parsons and his daughter Elizabeth Parsons Adkins whom married Thompson Lewis. I have much of our families genealogy/lineage. BUT I am trying to figure out why most of Joel’s children had the Parsons middle name? Is this the families way of distinguishing which Adkins family was which because there are MANY or was it a maternal line last name of Joel’s? Any feedback on this matter would be great!

  473. rebecca gouge Says:

    hi my name is becky gouge and i just found your website while researching my adkins line. i do have a couple questions…….im going to add another william lol…… my gg grandparents were William Adkins 1839-1918 and Mary Jane Schaffer/Shaver 1836-1915. I cannot find any information beyond william… maryjane was born in morgan co tn….and they are both buried in Jonesville cemetery in oliver springs tn.. if anyone can give any information on who Williams parents are i would greatly appreciate it. if any one wants any info from william down to me i can help with some. thank you vey much

  474. Sheila Says:

    Absolutely. Driza Ellen Adkins was given to a family to raise after the death of her mother but she still saw the family. Why do you ask?

  475. Sheila Says:

    It’s not on my Family tree that way. Mine is the Adkins Metcalf family tree on Although, I rarely update it.

  476. Carie Adkins Moss Says:

    Looking for information on Jerry Telford Adkins born in Hot Springs, AR around 1930. His mothers name is Maud, but we are unsure of who his father was, he was never told.

  477. Debbie Weddington Says:

    Shelia did you ever determine who was the father of Absalom “App” Adkins? I know there was a question as to whether it was Joel or Thomas Adkins?

  478. Hi–I just discovered this site. I’m a descendant of Samuel Seaton Adkins (Morgan, KY), and I’d love to find some kind of documents verifying who his parents were. I think I’m from the same Adkins clan as some/all of you, but I don’t know how to prove the connection to the people before Samuel Seaton. Does anyone out there know?

  479. Also, I’m on most of the DNA sites, so if you see my name, that’ll help establish the connection!

  480. My family came out of Kentucky John Adkins went move to Missouri he married my great great grandmother with know first name she already had 5 kids and John marriage her and adopted her kids and they had three more kids together my great grandfather was one of the kids he adopted John took my gg grandmother last name ‘ before that his name was John yound ‘Andrew Adkins move to Alabama they was Cherokee Alexander Samuel Adkins he my grandfather my dad is Elmer opal Adkins my mother name was Julia Bessie potter my name is Shirley Adkins meyers my dad family was Cherokee ‘

  481. Stan Adkins Says:

    What county in Kentucky did your great great grandfather John Adkins come from, and do you know his birth date?
    What town and county and year did your great great grandma and John Adkins move to

    Stan Adkins Independence Missouri

  482. Annetta Says:

    There was a land run in oklahoma at the time you are inquiring about. They opened the land up to settlers who raced to make a claim. The land would be free and clear if they stayed and worked it

  483. Kimberley Says:

    I loved reading and learning all.
    My grandmother Della Oakley Adkins Born August 3, 1906 to Stuart Elijah Adkins also from West Virginia was married to Eva Rousey.
    I thought I had done my tree but two conflicting dates and names made me erase and trying to start over.
    In the book Ronnie Adkins wrote ( which I have not been able to find nor read) states my great grandfather as Elijah Stewart Adkins. But his grave to his postmaster job has him as the way I spell it.
    If anyone is related here and can help me I’d appreciate it.
    My email is plsss

  484. Leona Paget Says:

    Would like to know more about your Oklahoma Adkins line. Our Adkins (I am stuck) is from TX then OK.

  485. Crystal Owens Says:

    In regards to tealie adkins she had two other children besides David in 1921. She had my grandmother Della mae rose in 1924 who was adopted by james and Bessie Rose. She also had another daughter named Margaret who was born in 1925 who was also adopted. She died in Knoxville TN in march 1943. There was an obituary printed on march 29, 1943 in the Knoxville news sentinel

  486. Jarrod Says:

    Cy adkins born in Campbell county ky 8-14-79

  487. Tracy Hughes Says:

    Martha Adkins, daughter of Jasper and Teareasy, was my great grandmother.

  488. Giorgia Adkins Says:

    William Thomas Adkins was my grandfather. His mother lived in Kentucky. He lived in Elk City OK.
    Then after his wife died he moved to Ebenezer Missouri.

  489. Jarrod napier Says:

    I was born in Campbell county ky on August 14 1979. In October 1980 I was adopted out in Lexington. Which my name changed to Jarrod I’m just looking for information about my biological mother and father. I really don’t have any information about them. I have a Facebook account with my birth name Cy Adkins any information would great

  490. altarlight Says:

    Hi Jarrod,

    Others run into this problem as well. It is not a genealogy issue however. Since you do know the county where you were born, you might check with various sources there…librarians sometimes can give you clues where to look, clerks at the hall of records (or county clerk’s office) may be able to direct you, or government agencies dealing with adoptions may help.

    Adoptive parents sometimes hide natural birth information after adoption. When the adopted person is a child, the parents have parental rights to control that information; however as an adult I think you will be able to have such a sealed file opened (i.e.-now it is your decision, not theirs…my opinion).

    One of my Adkins aunts was such an adopted child, and her sister eventually leaked some info to one of her children…and at age 85, her daughter contacted me because I had a notice on my web site that we were looking for her…after all those years. She had been raised to believe she was the only (natural) child of her adoptive parents. In her birth family, she was the only child (who lived beyond birth) of 14 who was no longer connected to the birth family (interacting with them while alive, etc.). By the time she found out, she only had one sibling left alive. It would be nice if parents did not hide the information; however, years ago being adopted was often enough cause for the child to be persecuted by peers and various adults as well…so it’s understandable.

    Having the county and your birth date as well as the year of the adoption should be very helpful. There is probably no way at all to locate such information online…because those records are typically sealed and unavailable. The adult parties involved in the adoption at the time of the adoption (natural parents if living, and adoptive parents) are provided hard copy documents. — Good Luck, Doug

  491. Leona Paget Says:

    I just sent you a private contact asking if you did DNA. I helped another person find her biological parents thru her DNA match to me. She matched our ORR/Adkins line.
    I match a Reed line further back

  492. Eva L Lilly Says:

    I am descendant of cornstalk and Blue shy Mary polly. My grandmother is Evie Opal Adkins. And I have been tracking some of my family DNA on along with a lot of my family members that have been doing a lot of their DNA and inputting it in the database. It is clearly showing that my grandmother bloodline lines with cornstalk Blue shy Mary polly and Prestion Adkins. I can email my findings if you like. Just need a email address.

  493. Dianna Slone Moore Says:

    Hello Eva I was just looking at Ancestry DNA to see if we matched, Is your name Eva L. Lilly on there?

  494. Eva L Lilly Says:

    Yes it is.

  495. Eva L Lilly Says:

    Yes I am. My father is Jerry Grant Lilly

  496. Hello! I have been researching my family genealogy for quite some time now and this website keeps popping up. I am the granddaughter of Georgia Garnett (Adkins maiden name). I was hoping to find some help with my lineage and background since a lot of my research has had some Native American history in it. I am also going to take a DNA ancestry test soon, too. Any help is appreciated.

  497. William Cole Collins Says:

    Self William Cole Collins
    Dad William John Collins
    Grandmother Barbra Adkins
    Great grandfather Robert Francis Adkins
    G G grandfather Turner Adkins
    G G G grandfather John Mason Adkins
    G G G G grandfather John Wesley Adkins
    G G G G G grandfather Caswell Richard Adkins

    So on and so forth I think anyone interested understands it keeps going but wanted to share my connection. I am on ancestry but have my DNA on 23 and me. Looking into other tests to take as well. If anyone is looking for any more info from me feel free to email.

  498. Anna Gulley Says:

    Hello thought i would add my Adkins family
    me Anna Gulley
    Mother-Joanie Wolfenbarger 11-01-1967 m) Larry Dyer
    GP Martha Adkins, (1936-2009) m Elmer Wolfenbarger from– Morgan, KY.
    GGP Autie Adkins,(1904-1962) m. Clara Trimble –Morgan, KY.
    Ira Adkins,(1870-1859) m Rachel BalL– Morgan KY.
    Eli Adkins, (1837-1911) m. Emily Elizabeth Ison –Morgan KY.
    Absalom Apps Adkins & Delila
    biological parents??? i researched both Joel and thomas. they came out to
    William V Adkins & Lydia Owens?
    not 100% but its a work in progress

  499. Jarrod Says:

    My name is Cy Adkins at birth I was adopted as a young child I was born 8/14/1979 in Campbell co Ky I have no clue who my biological parents are

  500. Stan Adkins Says:

    Was your real mother’s name Adkins?

  501. D. Scott Says:

    Possible reason for moving to Oklahoma. Following author claims family was part Indian. See the last line
    Shawnee Heritage IX
    1700-1750 Surnames N-R
    By Don Greene
    person # 123 Owens, Lydia – ancestry unknown
    born 1724 Prince George VA-died Pittsylvania VA
    parents unknown,
    wife 1740 (church married 1745)
    Goochland Va of William Adkins/1721,
    mother with William Adkins of
    Agnes Adkins/1740 (David Pauley),
    Elizabeth Adkins/1742-()Richard Shockley),
    Parker Adkins/1744,
    Nancy Ann Adkins/1746-(John Witcher Jr),
    Owen Adkins/1748 (Agnes Goad),
    Sarah Adkins/1750-(John Parsons),
    Jesse Adkins/1752-(1st Mary Unkown, 2nd Ruth Unknown),
    Randolph Adkins;1758,
    William Adkins/1760-(Mary Hartman)
    & twins-Lydia Adkins-(William Witcher) & Henry Adkins/1762
    all 3/16th Pekowi-Chalakatha-Shawano-Chalaka-Chickahominy-Metis.

  502. Cathrine Patterson Says:

    Might be a long shot but gotta try…Looking for any info on my great grandfather, Joseph Adkins born 1866 lived in Greenup county, Kentucky. On his death certificate states Ned Adkins as father, mother unknown. Joseph married Maggie Zeek. Haven’t found much info on this part of Adkins line. Dead end. Please help if any relations to any of these Adkins listed on this site Thank you in advance.

  503. Sheila Says:

    One Great Uncle Benjamin Adkins moved on from Oklahoma to Texas. I had a hard time tracking him.

  504. Shirley Adkins meyers Says:

    Came from the family 1800
    North Carolina move to Kentucky and Tennessee John Adkins and Andrew Jackson Adkins grandfather Samuel Alexandra Adkins father Elmer Opal Adkins born Texas ! They move to Texas before my father was born early 1904 dad was born March 25 1913 he died in Alabama! The family lives in jackson co Ala move to Texas and move back to Jackson co Alabama

  505. My grandfather was William Claude Adkins born in Grand saline Texas, on may 16 1885 was struck by lightening on may 8 th.1930 in Vanzant county Texas .While getting his family into the storm shelter ,Very sad we never met him my Father Virgil Philip
    Adkins Sr. Was just a baby .I saw one picture of my grandpa William ,and he looks real dark my dad said he was full blooded Indian , the only photo we had was lost . Now that my father has passed away ,I’m not sure what tribe he was from .Have you heard of any full blood indians named Adkins? It’s pretty pain stacking to try and track their lineage any farther that my great Grandpa George Franklin Adkins that’s as far as I got. Got any ideas?

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