Chief of the Turtle Clan is believed to be the father of Mitha Parker. Wife of Richard Parker, mother of Elizabeth Parker Adkins/Atkinson.

Straight Tail (1630-1709). This post is for those of you that have followed the “Mithaology” lore on this family blog. I was hoping to get some documentation to prove that Mitha was indeed the daughter of  Straight Tail and a Pekowi woman. But lets face it, it the was the 1600’s – what still exists?

Most Indian documentation of any kind, was lost on or during the Trail of Tears.

Now, I’m not sure how this could be, but they claim Straight Tail was born abt 1630 in Ohio, but there weren’t many people in Ohio back then. The Iroquoians had come and murdered almost everyone in the Ohio valley. It wasn’t safe to live here.

This is why they gave lots of land to the Irish to settle. Thinking the Irish were hated, almost as much as the Indian at that time.  They thought they could clean it up and kill each other off.   Its more likely that he would have been born more toward Pennsylvania than Ohio, but I can’t prove it.  Just mere speculation on my part.

I’m just not a hater, so I can’t imagine peoples being so mean to one another, but I know it happened.  I don’t know how or why, but it happened; a brief history lesson.



Pekowi Woman (1635 – UNK)
Shawano Woman Bear Clan (1650 – UNK)

Known Children
Wolf Straight Tail (1654 – 1685)
Mary Seaworth Sewatha Straight Tail Chartier (1660 – 1759)
Cakundawanna-Sevana/(1662- )
Snow White Straight Tail (1666 – UNK)
Mitha (1668 – 1754)
John White Straight Tail (1670 – 1715)
Opessa Opeththa Straight Tail (*1675 – 1760)
Daughter-(wife of Tamenebuck)(1674 – UNK)


*Note: Opessa aka Opethatha-Wapatha-Wopatha-Hopesha-Opessa Straight Tail-Oppaymolleh – Pekowi born *1664 OH-died latter 1760 OH

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