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Welcome to the Metcalf Branch of our family tree. With very careful pruning and productive preening we hope keep the tree alive for many years to come . Here you’ll find lots of sturdy limbs to climb and a few new suckers stemming from our roots. We hope you hang around awhile, play on the old tire swing, rake the leaves, or just bask in the shade. Its nice, maybe even cling to a few new twigs.

The Metcalf Family Tree

John Metcalf 1680-1728 and Lydia Cruthley 1682-1740

John Metcalf 1714-1757 and Mary “Polly” Norris 1719-1745

Anthony Metcalf 1731-1813 and Mary “Polly” Hogan 1732-?

Norris Metcalf 1765-1841 and Mary Jane Claypool 1769-1835

James Metcalf  1794-1863 & Mary Black 1794-1856

James Metcalf 1824-1863 and Margaret Casteel 1828-1896

Howard “Boone” Metcalf 1855- ? and Almeda Brummett 1857-1944

James William (Bill) Metcalf 1876-1937 and Lucy Tabitha Robertson 1877-1961

Samuel D & Bessie J Metcalf link to photo.

samuel-d-metcalf.pdf Ancestry report: Samuel Dalton Metcalf 1893-1968 and Bessie J . Perry 1900-1965. 8 Children.

William Cecil Metcalf’s original birth certificate says his mother Bessie Perry named him Robert Metcalf. She must have changed it to William, shortly after his birth or it’s Robert William Cecil Metcalf. No way of knowing now.

My husband, Anthony Craig Metcalf was born to William Cecil “Red” Metcalf 1920-1969 and Lula Mae Pearson Metcalf 1925-1973 seen in photo, together they had 16 children.

William Cecil and Lula Mae Pearson

  1. d: Shirley Mae
  2. Willia Mae
  3. d: Samuel James
  4. Bessie Mary
  5. d: William Cecil (“Big Bill”)
  6. Charles Ray
  7. Bonnie Fay
  8. John Edward
  9. Vernon Phillip
  10. d: Daniel “Mark”
  11. Jeffery Matthew
  12. Anthony Craig
  13. d: Cynthia Ann
  14. Crystal Joy
  15. Sheila Michelle
  16. Christopher Alan

Anthony and I have three children of our own and one we love and claim as our own,

  1. Anthony Craig Metcalf II
  2. Mandy Michelle Metcalf-Whiteside
  3. Steven Ross Metcalf
  4. Brandy Jean Taulbee

But enough about us…

We glad your here… it hasn’t been easy, working hard compiling the names and dates of each of their family members and ours to hang off these branches in my FTM (family tree maker), but its been worth it. I love doing this – meeting all the people. But, several people are still MIA.

Please help me continue to add the leaves; leaving me any comments or email me with pictures or links to your family websites with any details you may have.

The Pearson family tree info is maintained my please feel free to use her site and email her with any Pearson related info and pictures.

Thanks for stopping by, we hope you will be frequent guests.

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  1. Jan Says:


    This is SO cool. Who were you able to get all this info and pictures from?

    If you say Anthony, I’ll have to smack you (lol)! Vernon has never talked much about his family and when I asked, “Are you writing a book?”

    Thanks for doing this page.

    Love, Jan

  2. Sheila Says:

    I started my tree years ago. I have been saving everything I can get my hands on. Plus I do all the parties like the Christmas Party.. you know the one you never attend. LOL PLus I keep the family address book updated every year and email to everyboday for the cards. I’m the family historian. LOL Translates into the only one who cares. lol

  3. Sheila Says:

    I almost forgot, Angela has a membership to the family tree doesn’t she? I have a lot there. I have traced the Metcalf’s back quit a way. The older members don’t help as much as I would like them to. But they have helped. I put several pictures on there. You should probably check your page and mke sure it’s current. Maybe provide some pictures. You know the one you have with Dolly Parton is a good one. LOL Think about it. I really do need a bust of each family member. Like their high school graduation picture is good.


    heyy, sheila it’s alex! i got bored in my study hall, so i started looking up family tree, so then i typed in mandy’s name and found this! it’s really cool! tell everyone i said hi!

    -Alex e.

  5. Sheila Says:

    Dear Alex,
    Thanks for stopping by. You are always welcome here! I really miss you guys. I hope your all doing fine. I didn’t get a chance to get over there and see you this weekend, so next time make sure to let me know in advance that you will be in and I will be there. Alyssia calls me once a week and I love that. I talked to Anthony the last time she called and he sounded good on the phone. He was just in from school. Keep in touch and let me know what’s going on. Love ya!

  6. Sybil M. Metcalf Says:

    I am interested in your family because my husbands line is this:
    Lt. Anthony Metcalf (Rev. War Soldier)
    4 of his sons served under him.
    Isaac Metcalf
    Warner Metcalf
    Danza Metcalf
    William Metcalf (my husbands ancester)
    William had a son Anthony Martin Metcalf.
    I would like to know a little about your line so I could determine if there is some connection. These Metcalfs came from Va. and settled in Rutherford, N.C.. Our William Metcalf migrated to White Co. Tenn then went to Marion Co. Tenn. where he died in about 1835. His son Anthony Martin Metcalf lived in Miss, Ala, Tenn and went to Franklin Co. Ark. about 1840. He died there in 1864. Do you make any connection?
    Sybil Metcalf

  7. David Griffin Says:

    Hello, I am a descendant of William Metcalf son of Norris and Mary Claypool Metcalf. William Metcalf was married twice, Elizabeth Elkins and Abigail Bowman. The marriage between William and Abigail is how I am related. Would like to hear from you, and update our family to you

  8. Sheila Says:

    Are you from Amos Condray or Edwin B Metcalf? I have most of this info you can check my page and get pix from the flickr cousin he posted a link to his pix. I copied them to my ancestry tree.

  9. Sheila Says:

    it didn’t work but you can copy and paste it into the browser this is William son of Norris

  10. Sheila Says:

    The post by Alan Van Dyke grandson of Celestia Ann Metcalf under William on my blog…
    You will love these pix…

  11. Sheila Says:

    1850 census he’s listed as William H Metcalf.

  12. David Griffin Says:

    William Metcalf , son of Norris and Mary Jane Claypool Metcalf, who died on March 31, 1878 in Grundy County, Missouri did not have a middle name. His obituary, Judge certificates from Grundy County Court, his monument, nothing includes a middle name or initial. It is simply William Metcalf.

  13. Sheila Says:

    I have since added Norris to Anthony Metcalf’s tree as his son. I found the 1790 Rutherford, North Carolina census and this places him there with the family.

    I wish I could find more documents. But having him there and his Name pretty much says his mother or grandma was a Norris. So when I found the census with 4 people on it and James being older. I knew it was right.

    Check my family tree and see if you agree. He fit right in line with the kids and his timeline is right. Other brothers were born in Tennessee as well.

  14. Daniel E Metcalf Says:

    Nice website!!!! I’m abt 99% sure Norris Metcalf and Mary Claypool are my ggg grandparents. Descendancy goes: Norris to James (Polly Black) to Hiram (Mary Gabbard) to Elijah (Mary Sparks) to Daniel H (Violet Ridenour)to myself. Hiram et al came to MO in late 1800s, Barry County, where I hail from. I’m 69, married 50+ yrs, 7 children and a boatload of grandchildren, now live in Utah and do family history research using the LDS church archives, etc.


  15. Sheila Says:

    Well thank you for that comment; I do work really hard at it. Daniel Harrison Metcalf
    Birth:9 Sep 1892
    Residence:Not Stated, Barry, Missouri
    Other:Barry County.
    I haven’t added his info because the OneWorld has him married 5 times. So not sure how accurate it is. He was married to a Bessie E Metcalf in Oklahoma. But Violet Ridenour he married her late. She was born in 1920. So the kids cannot be hers. So I will have to do more work on that branch.

  16. Sheila Says:

    Sorry, I meant 4 wives:
    Daniel Harrison MetcalfBirth9 Sep 1892
    Beatyville, Lee, Kentucky, USA
    Death1 Jul 1969
    Monett, Lawrence, Missouri, USA
    Family InfoFather Elijah Metcalf (1856-1946)
    Mother Mary Frances Sparks (1858-1928)
    Spouse Sara Elizabeth Widders (1895-1984)
    Married 1910
    Children Living (-) Living (-) Living (-) Ralph Sherman (1912-1988) Amos Noah (1914-) Robert Daniel (1916-) Chester Ray (1918-) Floy d (1921-) Pauline j (1924-) Spouse Ida Violet Ridenour (1920)
    Children Living (-) Spouse Rose Belle Snook (-)
    Married 1960
    Spouse Bessie e Metcalf (1894-)
    Children Ralph Sherman (1912-1988) Amos Noah (1914-) Robert Daniel (1916-) Hellen m (1919-) Floy d (1921-) Pauline j (1924-)

  17. Daniel E Metcalf Says:

    Sheila, Can I send you a gedcom? Daniel H is my Dad, Violet is my mom (she only had me and quit), and he was married 3 times: Bessie Widders, Violet Ridenour and Rose Snook.


  18. Sheila Says:

    Please do send it to me. I’ll try to tell the other tree owners to fix that. Once it’s messed up at the OneWorld, it’s nearly impossible to get it fixed. Email me your .GED file and I’ll up load it to the if you haven’t already. Then try to sort it out that way. I just hadn’t put it on because i couldn’t get it all straight. I try to track at least three generations because the family would sometimes stay with relatives then you can find them that way. People also know that that is the exact person they are looking for. Thanks for sorting it out. Was your Mom’s name Ida Violet Ridenour?

  19. Sheila Says:

    I forgot to ask… Monett, Barry, Missouri where is everyone getting Lawrence, Missouri?

  20. Audrey Metcalf Russell Says:

    My line James Metcalf/Mary “Polly” Black,
    Norris Metcalf/Millie Cornelius,Joshua P. Metcalf/Malvery Gross, John Metcalf/Sarah Allie Hunter then my dad Isaac Metcalf.

  21. Bob Metcalf Says:

    I love this website. Thought I’d leave you my info.
    My line is James Metcalf/Mary “Polly” Black;
    William Metcalf/SusannaWild,
    Robert Green Metcalf/Mollie Clark,
    Frank Clark Metcalf/Josephine Metcalf,
    Me—-Robert George Metcalf-bn 28 Jan 1941/Sharon MacKay
    We have 7 children 5 of whom are living.
    I live in Indiana but my heart is in Kentucky. An I am proud to say I am a recent Kentucky Colonel.

  22. Sheila Says:

    I did find your family tree on Ancestry. Thank you for your comments. I do have one difference that maybe wrong. You have Josephine Metcalf
    Josephine Mary Moster
    Birth: 9 Feb 1916
    Laurel, Franklin, Indiana, USA
    do I need to change that to Metcalf?

  23. christopher metcalf Says:

    nice work i was wondering where do i fit, besides i live in guatemala city, central america

  24. Sheila Says:

    Well here’s what you do… send us all your family tree info as far back as you can remember. Parents names birth & death dates, cemetery information and where they lived and when. The same for your grandparents and so on. Keep going as far back as you can get info on and well do the rest. We can tie you to one of them somewhere I guarantee it. People in my family end up all over the world. One of sister’s lives in Belgium, one brother & sister live in California with half of our family, one sister in Ohio and one brother that was born in California and can’t stay put in one town long enough to matter. He’s even been in jail in Utah. LOL He just moved from Louisana back to Ohio. So it makes for a challenge. But most poeple never venture more than 50 miles from where they are born. So please send it… and we’ll see.

  25. Greetings,

    I just happened upon your blog by accident and was caught by your family name. Any chance that you had a branch of the Metcalf family in New Hampshire around the mid 1800’s? If so, I have a story you might like to hear.


    -Turkish Prawn

  26. Dan Metcalf Says:

    A little tardy in my response, but anyway…. I was on a vacation/work trip to MO for all of Sep and part of Oct, so didn’t get back to here until just now. I’ll get the gedcom off in the next couple of days. As to Monett, Barry, Missouri, be advised that the Barry/Lawrence county line runs roughly thru the middle of town.

  27. Dan Metcalf Says:

    Sheila, which version of Gedcom can you accept, and what character set should I select?


  28. Sheila Says:

    I’m running Family Tree Maker 2007. I can conbine them there or except it seperately and compare notes.

  29. Richard Graziano Says:

    Is the Daniel E. Metcalf here the same that was on the USS Hancock? Ham Operator W0TZI I think? From Missouri?

  30. Darwin Parks McClary Says:

    Hello! I am a descendant of Vachel Metcalf, born about 1776 in Virginia, died between 1860-1870 in Orange Township, Ashland County, OH. Married Deborah (or Dianna) Green. Vachel had settled in Ohio prior to 1814 and was one of the first three settlers of Orange township. Any information on this line would be greatly appreciated!

  31. Sheila Says:

    Vachel is the son of Vachel 1737. I’ve never found a wife for him so I’m never tied him to the tree. My Vachel is the son of John Metcalf and Mary Polly Norris Metcalf, some believe this was a daughter, but I never did. See my posts under John Metcalf. I’ll check my notes on Ancestry. I do have Vachel tied to the Orange, Richland, Ohio 1830 United States Federal Census. But I need a wife for him. I can add unknown wife of… but I prefer a name. Any ideas or old records?

  32. Darwin Parks McClary Says:


    According to the information I have so far, my Vachel Metcalf of Orange, Richland County (now Ashland County), Ohio, was the son of Amos Metcalf. Vachel was born in Berkeley, Virginia (now West Virginia) in 1775 and married first Dianna Green and then second her sister, Deborah Green. I am descended from Vachel and his second wife Deborah through their daughter Lucinda Metcalf. Dianna and Deborah were daughters of Regnal Green, Sr., and probably Sarah Duncan. Amos was supposedly the son of your Vachel Metcalf who was born 1737. Does any of this sound plausible to you?

  33. Sheila Says:

    Yes, I’ve heard a dozen or so family member comments emailed to me via Ancestry with this very comment. But I have never been able to back it with paperwork. I never add it until I have some kind of document to support my findings. Do you have any ideas as to whom Vachel married? I still believe that he fathered a Vachel Metcalf age about 1748-1750 I’ve seen notes here and there on other members trees. That feature is gone now. Amos was a son according to my notes. I would love to be able to put this branch on the tree. But without some name for a mother, I can add unknown mother of… but then it leads to more speculation than actual facts. I have heard of a book or some kind of paper with this family line in it but I haven’t found it yet. Name of book not in notes. Have you tried the Historical Society in Orange? Families submit their trees for an area and old newspaper clips to support their kinship. Maybe your Vachel’s wife did that very thing. It depends on if one family member at that time recorded their history. Someone in my family did years back at the Magoffin County Historical Society and that was a very valuable resource. I’ll keep checking on my end and see what I can come up with. You check old newspaper archives; we’ll see what we can come up with. I’ll put some feelers out on Ancestry to see where it leads. Thanks again for your post and Merry Christmas, Sheila Metcalf

    PS: Better idea… submit me your Vachel Metcalf Family Tree as a post I do here on the Blog. Add everything you know; complete with census records and notes you may have and we’ll see if we get any member comments. Email it to and I’ll blog it…

  34. Darwin Parks McClary Says:

    Sheila, the book “A Branch from the Green Family Tree” by R. M. Green has considerable information on Vachel Metcalf on pp. 459-472. I will e-mail to you my family tree file on Vachel as a PDF file.

  35. Jerry Smith Says:

    Wondering if anyone had any info on a James Harrison Metcalf near Asheville Nc… thanks

  36. Sheila Says:

    I honestly don’t; sorry. He wasn’t listed on my Metcalf family tree. That’s not to say he’s not supposed to be there but I couldn’t find anything about him on anyone’s tree. Can you give me some specifics? Born, Died, Parents any history would be a help. I can track almost anyone with enough info. I did find a Harrison Metcalf 1807 married Mary Ann Marshall 1806 and Name: James Harrison Metcalf
    Father: Metcalf
    Birth: 16 Mar 1930 – Madison, North Carolina
    Death: 5 Sep 2004 – Hickory, Catawba, North Carolina

  37. Sheila Says:

    Name: James Lee Metcalf
    Father: James Harrison Metcalf
    Birth: 1962 – Wayne, North Carolina

  38. Jerry Smith Says:

    Sheila, Thanks for the help. I honestly don’t know any info on him except his name and family from Asheville Nc area . your info # 36 possibly could be him since it kinda fits the time frame , but again i’m not sure.. May i ask how you came across him so fast and how I can see more info. thank you

  39. Sheila Says:

    The online databases really are exceptional now. But you must have a subscription. I do. lol I cannot access that death certificate for family data but you can order and purchase it online. They prefer a close family tie. Like I said he wasn’t on my tree anywhere – linked to anyone. Do you have any family member ties? Who was his Grandpa? or Father even? anything will help.

  40. Jerry Smith Says:

    Thanks Sheila , appreciate the info. I have no family history at all.

  41. Sheila Says:

    I checked my Metcalf Immigrants and Their New World Descendants book dated 1 Feb 1989 author Susan Taylor. I found these James H Metcalf’s for North Carolina:

    J H 619 State St Lincolnton 28092
    James 304 Church St Spindale 28160
    James H RR2 Stanfield 28163
    James H RR1 Box 140 Vale 28168
    James H RR5 Box 524 Candler 28715

    This may not help but maybe they may know something. Maybe check the distance from Asheville, NC to those locations.

    The zip codes for Asheville, NC:28801, 28802, 28803, 28804, 28805, 28806, 28810, 28813, 28814, 28815, 28816 within that area I found these James and initials.

    J C 19 Club St 28801
    James C 6 Parker Rd 28803
    James D 3 Alclare Dr 28804
    James R 30 Hickory St Asheville 28804

    these are the only James in Asheville in 1989. I have other Metcalf listings in the Asheville area if you can tie name to the family/area.

  42. Bob Metcalf Says:

    I have not been to your side for a while. Josephine Mary Moster, bn 9 Feb 1916 Laurel, Franklin Co., Indiana is my mother. She was married to my father Frank Clark Metcalf, bn 9 Aug 1911 Jackson County, Ky died 10 May 1978 Connersville, Fayette Co., Indiana.

  43. Sheila Says:

    I’m glad I didn’t change it on my tree. I had that much on my tree.

    We had a small Metcalf Family Christmas party here at the house last night and I got a lot of old stories from my hubby’s oldest sister Willia and his brother John about a lot of our old Metcalf side. I was excited and encouraged, to see some of the younger; just married kids interested in their Genealogy. So the work will continue. I hope to visit some of these towns and see if i can uncover the original documents. Each year Ancestry makes more available to us but I’d like to see more first hand. I’m trying to reach all the older Historical Societies for their research. Especially Madison and Floyd County, Kentucky’s. This is where almost all of the Virginian’s came to Kentucky, moved on from there. I have been checking all Land Grants for Kentucky from Virginia residents. It has been a tremendous help. Thanks for your post and Merry Christmas!!!
    Thanks as always,
    Sheila J Metcalf

  44. Carrie Says:


    Laurel county Kentucky has info in their public library and they are building a new huge(for our area at least) Historical and Genealogy Center. I posted a link below to what they offer and you can request information on their homepage. There are still many Metcalf’s in Laurel and Jackson county. My line connects with the Metcalf (Metcalfe)line at Elihu Hurley.

  45. Robert R. Metcalf Says:

    this metcalf family is from wilkes barre, penna. luzerne county. I was wondering if there is any connection to this metcalf.
    My grandfather was from england and they came here in 1895.. any relations out there?

  46. Miranda Gover waitukaitis Says:

    may i ask how you have gathered all of this information like i posted on the robertson page i am the grandaughter of hughie dale metcalf and i’m trying to find background on my grandmothers side for the sweeney family and i’m not having any luck any advice would be helpful

  47. Linda Bunnell Says:

    I am looking for any relation to Luther Martin Metcalf of Miamisburg Ohio…If this family is connected to his, please email me as I have many questions to ask…

  48. Sheila Says:

    Yes, you are absolutely correct. M. Luther Metcalf married Nancy Euphema Horn aka Phemie. He was the brother of Samuel D Metcalf. I’m not sure what you want to know but ask away!!! or you can email me if you’d like.

  49. Sue Wood Says:

    Hi: Don’t know if I’m doing this right but wanted to ask a question. I sort of come down through James and Mary Black Metcalf. They had a son Norris who married 3 times. 1st. to Milly Cornelius;2nd. to Henrietta Bailey and 3rd to America (Gross) Noe. Does anyone have any idea of when and where Norris died? I’ve been looking for years but no luck. Thanks, Sue

  50. Sheila Says:

    I thought I had done a post on them. I must not have, sorry. They are all on my tree at Ancestry. I have a picture of America Gross and Norris and Mellia’s son Bud if you’re interested.

    Here is the info requested:
    Norris Metcalf
    Birth: 19 Aug 1820
    London, Laurel, Kentucky, USA
    Death: 29 Nov 1885
    Maplesville, Laurel, Kentucky, USA
    He married Mellia Cornelius 21 Jul 1853 in Laurel Co., KY and had 8 children. Then Francis Henrietta Bailey about 1866 in Owsley Co., KY and had one son. Then America Gross in 1875 Owsley Co., KY and had two girls.

    Hope this helps!

  51. Sue Wood Says:

    I would LOVE any pictures you might have of America and Norris. Also, do you have any idea when America died and where? I’m so excited! Sue

  52. Sue Wood Says:

    Also, how do I get to your site on Ancestry? Sue

  53. Sheila Says:

    On the right side bar Under Genealogy on this blog homepage, you’ll find a link named My Family Tree. The snapshot should show you and you will click on that link. When you get to (if you have a subscription >just sign in) go to search> then family trees> then type in America Gross and my tree should come up. It’s the Adkins Metcalf Family Tree. The pix are posted there, along with all the family info I have on her. You should be able to download them. If not let me know and I’ll send them to your email address.

    Best Wishes,

  54. Sue Wood Says:

    Good Morning, does anyone have a copy of the death record for Norris? I search a lot of record’s last night and couldn’t find his. Plus I’m the person who sent the picture of John and America Gross Noe to one of the people who put it up. Anymore pictures??? Thanks, Sue

  55. Sheila Says:

    No, I’m sorry I don’t have. Did you check to see other members trees they may be on? I do know that Budd’s granddaughter had a tree for a long time. Not sure if she still does or even the name of it. I almost never check other trees anymore. Sorry, I couldn’t be more help.

  56. Melomann Says:

    Wish you all happy easter! :)

  57. Juli Says:

    Hi, Sheila,

    Thought I’d drop a note to let you know that John Metcalf, Jr. & Mary Norris couldn’t have been the parents of John, William or James. John Jr. died prior to 21 February 1739 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland:

    From “Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759,” by Robert W. Barnes, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. ,1989, p. 446:
    21 Feb 1739. Administration of estate of John METCALFE, died in Baltimore Co. by 21 Feb 1739 when admin. Bond was posted by Vachel DENTON with John BRICE and Thomas BALDWIN; est. Was admin. By DENTON on 10 Nov 1741; on 10 June 1740 John NORRIS of West R., A.A. Co., conveyed property to his granddaughter Mary, daughter of John MEDCALFE; in March 1746/7 METCALFE’S orphans Thomas and Mary inherited a legacy from Lydia METCALFE; John had issue by wife Mary NORRIS, whom he married on 6 Aug. 1735 in St. James’ Parish, A.A. Co.: Thomas; Mary (4:116; 12:170; 36:390; 75:397; 219-3.)

    I really enjoy your site!


  58. Juli Says:

    Oops! Correction: John Metcalf, Jr. died in Baltimore County, not A.A.

  59. Juli Says:

    Here are some Metcalf facts I’ve found. Thought I’d post them here, and maybe together we can piece it all together.

    There was a George Medcalfe in Elizabeth City County, Virginia in 1624. (Rent rolls)

    Anthony Metcalf…imported himself into this Colony [Brunswick County, Virginia] directly from the Kingdom of Great Britain sometime in the year 1719.

    A Sus/Susa Metcalfe was in Richmond County, Virginia, Lunenburg Parish, in 1744. (Rent rolls) Susannah Metcalfe was in Richmond County, Lunenburg Parish in 1746. I assume this is the same person on both rent rolls.

    Rent roll of Virginia, 1759 lists Vachel Madcalf in Frederick County, also in 1764 as Vachel Medcalf.

    Rent roll of Virginia, 1762, lists Vatchel & John Medcalf in Berkeley County.

    Rent roll of Virginia, 1777, lists Vatchel & John Madcalf in Berkeley County.

    Rent roll of Virginia, 1779 lists Henry Midcalf in Brunswick County.

    Frederick County, Virginia was directly below Berkeley County, and Berkeley was on the border with Maryland. Brunswick County was in the southern part of the state, and bordered North Carolina. Elizabeth City County was on the eastern seaboard, near Acckowmac/Northampton County. And Richmond County was nearer EC than any of the other counties mentioned.

    “Indenture made 27 September 1751 between Liswell Sexton and
    Millay his wife of Brunswick County, and Anthony Metcalf of same,
    £24-5 Shillings, 100a, on North side of Fountains Creek, bearing
    date the 31 December 1742 and by the said Lizwell Sexton
    purchased of james Sexton. Signed Lizwell Sexton (bhm), Milla
    Sexton (bhm). Wit: John Dugger, Samuel Lucas, John Marshall.
    Court 27 September 1751, Indenture and Memorandum acknowledged by
    Lizwell sexton and Milla his wife and Milla relinquished her
    right of dower. Deed Book 5, Page 126.”

    “Indenture made this 26th June 1750, between Samuel Dispain of Brunswick County, and Samuel Marshall of same, £30, 200a, on S side of Maherrin River that was granted to the said Samuel Dispain by Letters Patent dated 20 August 1748. Signed Samuel Dispain (bhm). Wit: Andrew Metcalfe, Anthony Metcalfe, M Cadet Young. Court 26 June 1750, Indenture and Memorandum acknowledged by Samuel Dispain. Brunswick County, Viriginia Deed Book 4, Page 171.”

    An Andrew Metcalfe left a will in Greensville County (adj. to Brunswick) in 1788.

    The deed between the Sextons and Anthony Metcalf was dated 1742. For Anthony to have been of age at that time, his year of birth would have to have been 1724 at the latest. I think this deed, and the one witnessed by the two Metcalfs in 1750 refer to the older Anthony, the one who came from England in 1719.

    Danza Metcalf, son of Anthony of Rutherford County, NC, stated he was born “on the Roanoke River in Virginia.” The Roanoke River flowed through Brunswick County, but wasn’t anywhere close to Frederick or Berkeley Counties.

    Anyway, there’s some food for thought.


  60. Sheila Says:

    I do appreciate all of your comments. I will have to get my hands on this book. Now does it state that his will was executed or filed on that date? How could he not be the father of John JR? It may be a case of birth dates filed wrong. We will need to do some serious research on this generation. I can see you have already started. There are many more books out there and none can be completely right about everything, after all they were written in pencil so they could change info as it came in, as the original were written with hand made inks and dried with powder. One smudge or lazy apprentice could really mess things up. Can you see all parties names written in the will? Provided that no one was disinherited at the time. Thanks so much for the food for thought and I will try to get my hands on the book that says they are his sons to compare notes.

  61. Juli Says:

    John Jr. (son of John Sr. & Lydia Crutchley) was dead before 21 February 1739. Vachel Denton posted his bond to administer John Jr.’s estate on that date. I don’t know if he left a will, though, since he died so young. His father, John Sr., did leave a will:

    Abstract of John Sr.’s will

    Anne Arundel County, Maryland
    dated 11 January 1727/8
    proved 13 March 1727

    To 2 sons, Thomas and John, “Balding’s Addition,” “Jonas Chance,” and “Range.” Wife to continue in possession of said lands during her widowhood.
    To son John, personalty.
    To granddaughter Larda Holand, certain personalty after decease of wife; should said granddaughter die before marriage, said personalty to pass to surviving children of daughter Margaret Holand.
    To wife ________, residue of estate during widowhood; should she marry, her thirds only; after her decease, all clear estate to be divided among surviving children, or their children.
    Executors: Wife and 2 sons aforesaid.
    Test: John MicIllbee, Thomas Shores, William Foard.

    (Balding’s Addition, by the way, was actually Baldwin’s Addition, left to Lydia Crutchley by her grandfather.)

    Lydia Crutchley Metcalf (wife of John Sr.) also left a will:

    Will of Lydia Metcalf, A.A. Co. 31 mar 1740, 3 June 1740
    To son Thomas, ex., dau. Maragarett Holland, ½ real and personal estate. To grandchild, —-child. of deceased dau. Lydia Wells, and child. —— of deceased son; Thomas, residue of personal estate. Testator desires sd. child of Lydia to be raised by Margarett and that John Galloway be paid money due him. Test: Benjamin Holland (Quaker), Thomas Whips, William Fourd.

    We know that her deceased son was John Jr. because of the administration bond filed by Vachel Denton, and because Mary Norris Metcalf’s father also mentioned it on 10 June 1740:

    10 Jun 1740, John Norris, of West River, Anne Arundel Co.,
    Maryland to his granddaughter Mary Metcalf, daughter of John Metcalf,
    deceased, for love and affection, the negro girl Becky. Signed John (x)
    Norris. Wit: George Macquire and Alexander (x) Kid.

    It’s a shame the name of Lydia’s grandchildren are not clear, since that would answer a lot of questions. Since John Jr. married Mary Norris in 1735, all of their children would have still be very young when he died about 1739. Which brings me to my next point: There was another John Metcalf in A.A. & Baltimore counties at the same time.

    He was obviously too old to be the son of John Jr. and Mary Norris, since he was deeding quite a bit of land and property to others as early as 1745. It’s likely he was related to John Sr. in some way, but he was not his son, because John Sr.’s son John was dead by 1739. More probably, he was a nephew. He had quite a few dealings with the Norris family, as well. Was it because he knew them because of his Metcalf relatives marriage? Or did another Metcalf marry another Norris? More research will have to be done on John Sr.’s family before we can answer any of those questions.

    One last thing, and it throws a monkey-wrench into the Vachel Metcalf debate. The DNA testing has shown that a descendant of Lt. Anthony Metcalf of Rutherford County, NC has NO alleles in common with Vachel Metcalf who was born in 1823 in Ohio. None at all. Anthony’s descendant does have alleles in common with descendants of Metcalfes in Yorkshire, England.


  62. Sheila Says:

    Thanks again for all the work your doing tracking this down. There may be a simple explanation for that Vachel thing called adoption or adultery, but do we really want to go there. We will really need to see if there was another Metcalf/Norris marriage at that generation or the one prior. I’m sure there must have been – families seem to always intermarry that way. I see what I can come up with on this one. Keep up the good work.

  63. Brandi Says:

    Hey i was looking up my husbands family history and came across this page.. i was wondering if you guys have family in north carolina??? thank you

  64. Sheila Says:

    I’m sure we have a bunch up the tree, early 1800’s, Norris Metcalf and his family were living there but I’m not sure about this generation. I can ask around at the next family function. The last three generations is mostly Ohio, Missouri and Kentucky. But we’re all family here and they tie in somewhere. Probably even closer than you would imagine. Thanks for your comment.

  65. Roy E. Metcalf, Jr. Says:

    Hi. Am looking for the U.S. ancestors of William Medcalf. born 1708 in Church Hill, Maryland. Died Oct. 07 1733. Mostly interested in Male lineage.

  66. Kim Metcalf Says:

    Shelia this is awesome. You can tell you put a lot of love into it.

  67. This is great! Where do you find this stuff? Check

  68. beverly jefts Says:

    Carl Metcalf (my relative) had a summer home in Vermont (where I lived). Hattie (Metcalf) Moulton was my great grandmother on my father’s side. If you wish to communicate with me, please call me at 970-475-0648.

    Bev Jefts (KInsey – married name)

  69. Kevin McLemore Says:

    Hello!!!! Wow, what a great site! I am a descendant of William Metcalf and his first wife Elizabeth through their daughter Mary Ann who married James S. Wilson thru their daughter Launa who married Martin Valentine Coleman. I live in Tennessee and can’t wait to get over to Grundy County to visit their graves. From what little researching I’ve accomplished on this line, I saw in the 1840 Livingston County, Missouri (which later became Grundy)census that William has 1 male aged 70 to 80 living with him. I assume that is Norris, although I could conceivably be Elizabeth’s father. I does seem to check with the posting I just read here that Norris dies in 1841. I look forward to further posts, and am glad to be amoung kin!

  70. Sheila Says:

    Dear Kevin,

    There are many “Metcalf” posts about Norris under Metcalf if the Select Category drop-down list under Genealogy > Surname > Metcalf. I hope that you’ll take a few minutes to read those and then share your finding with us.

    Thank you for your nice comments and as always, “Welcome to the family!”

    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  71. William Says:

    Great site My last name used to be Metcalf so i was just looking to see what i could find keep up the good work

  72. Miranda Gover Waitukaitis Says:

    I’m sorry to say in regards to the children of hughie d. and laura metcalf, that one of the daughters passed away last summer, Laura the mother also passed away last summer july 09 and barb the daughter passed in aug 09… the remaining children are (my mother) Nancy j metcalf, Lynn metcalf, eugene metcalf, dale metcalf, bill metcalf, Gloria metcalf, and denzil metcalf.

  73. Sheila Says:

    I have a post on Hughie I’ll try to get that updated as soon as possible. Thanks for the information.

  74. marlana metcalf Says:

    i was born in cookville,tn my father living james metcalf grand father whom past 1o years ago frank metcalf also from sparta , tn

  75. Shauna Metcalf Says:

    Amazing Site! The work you have put into it is impeccable! I do not know where my family fits in as I looked at all the names here and only one, my great uncle may have been mentioned. Of course, there could have been two men with the same name if I have read the above posts correctly.

    My grandparents were George and Janet Metcalf of Petrolia, Ontario. George was the son of Cornelius & Annie Stedman-Metcalf. George had two brothers, Carl Metcalf and Fred Metcalf. And that’s as far as I can go. Now I do know I have family in California, and Ohio however who they are I don’t know. Any thoughts?

  76. Sheila Says:

    I haven’t done any work on the Metcalf’s from Canada. But would love to start. I did find this… no date. Is this your Grandfather?
    Name: George Edgar Metcalf
    Father: Cornelius Metcalf
    Birth: date – Lambton

  77. Shauna Metcalf Says:

    That is correct. George is my grandfather (passed) and Cornelius was his father. George has two brothers…Carl and Fred

  78. dig2dye Says:

    hello, I am a descendant of Metcalfs as early as 1620, Michael Metcalf from Norwich, Norfolk, England. It says England, but he died in Dedhan, Norfolk, Massachusetts, which means the England one is probably a typo on Around the same timeframe I have Samuel, Sarah ,Johnathan and Martha being the last on in the 1600’s. The most memorable Metcalf I see from the 1800’s is Roxalena Lovina Metcalf, daughter of Levi Dexter Metcalf. Does any of this connect with the Metcalf’s on this blog?

  79. dig2dye Says:

    I did som more figuring. Levi Dexter Metcalf had a daughter, she was Roxelana Lovina Metcalf. Roxelana married a Congdon and they had my great grandmother Effie Louis Congden. This gr-grandmother died before I was born, so the names weren’t familiar to me at first glance. I handn’t realized that the Metcalf name was so close to me generationally. So the first “Metcalf” going backwards would have been Roxelana. They seemed to be from Page, Clarinda, Iowa. This page is so awesome, makes me HOPE I am related to these Metcalfs!

  80. P. Gene Wethered-McClung Says:

    Would like photos of Metcalfs; memers of William Metcalf husband of Elizabeth Elkins, father of Leanna May Metcalf who married Merline Columbus Henslee. Oldest daughter of Merline and Leanna was Cordelia Jane Henslee married William Arthur Wethered and left Missouri went to Washington Territory 1870 and had Carrie Maud Wethered, Milah May Wethered, William Elmer Wethered. There are about 100 descendants living in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. I would like family relevant contact via email at

  81. Gina C Sessions-Keitz Says:

    to dig2dye:

    Michael Metcalf b 1620 England died 1654 Dedham, Massachusetts is correct. he married Mary Fairbanks. I am descended from Mary’s brother George. There are LOTS and LOTS of people searching the Fairbanks line…. I have very limited info on Levi Dexter Metcalf & family……

    I am descended from Metcalf in Maryland…..

    Still trying to piece the puzzle together… seems like a jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing….

  82. Bob Metcalf Says:

    What documentation or knowledge do you have on Norris, bn 1765, and all the other Metcalf’s you have shown before him. If you ever want to call me my cell is 260-433-7444.
    I live in northeast Indiana.


    Hello. My name is Tracy Metcalf. I just started a family tree for my husband John metcalf and I. My husbands great aunt has helped me in many ways but I would love to learn more and make sure what I have found is correct. I found you site and am intrest in seeing if you can double check my findings. His tree is as follows:

    If I am on the right track great if not help. You can reach me. Thanks Tracy Metcalf

  84. Records for the Hunter family tree (in North Carolina)only go back to a John Wesley Hunter (born 1838) who married a Sue Metcalf (born 1844) of the Metcalfs of North Carolina.

    I’m wondering if anyone has traced the Metcalf family tree down to this point so that maybe I could work backwards.

    Can anyone help me? Thanks, John S. Hunter, D.D.S


  85. Valerie Dale Ledford Says:

    I’ve recently began tracing the Metcalf family. My mother is Delora Mae (Metcalf) Lawson. Her father is James Metcalf. Her mother is Ethel (Lamb) Metcalf. I’ve traced back to Bessie Perry, but I can’t find anything on her mother, Dora (West) Perry. I would really appreciate any information anyone can give me.
    Thanks, Dale Ledford

  86. John Hunter Says:

    My great, great grand father, John Wesley Hunter, married Sue Metcalf around the late 1850’s. We can not trace the Hunter family tree beyond that as many records were lost during the Civil War.

    Does anyone have any information that might help us? My Hunters lived in the mountains of North Carolina and before that Virginia. I think Sue Metcalf might have been from the mountains as well.

    Thank you so much,

    John S. Hunter, D.D.S.
    Washington, D.C.

  87. looking for my dad’s family tree. His name is James R Metcalf his father’s name is Raymond Metcalf “Curly” however he died when dad was 15 so probably around 1944 or so. Any info on Metcalf’s from New Philadelphia, Roswell or Ohio anywhere?

  88. Sheila Says:

    Dear Valerie Dale Lawson Ledford,

    I only discovered that her name was Dora West a few months back. My brother-in-law Jeff Metcalf called the cemetery and got a copy of their records and this is where we found her name as Dora West. I was so excited that I emailed everyone on that night, that had a family tree.

    Many years ago, when the Willie & Lula’s kids the very young someone came from the “West” family and said that they were related to Bessie’s Mother and wanted to meet the Grandkids. Which I can see happening. The kids were too young to remember any names. Gracie before she past didn’t even know that Tildie wasn’t her mom’s birth mother. I felt bad about even asking her at that point. Finding out in her 80’s was a little unsettling. So I deduced that this just wasn’t discussed in their family. Edith & Edna knew so there is information somewhere.

    I was so thrilled to even gain a name and prove the Surname for her at this point, I’ve tried to find others, that may have know anything about her. There is a stone directly behind Bessie with the last name of West. I was trying to track that family. I know it’s a long shot, but I just don’t believe in coincidence. How odd would that be for them to not be related?

    I wish I had more, but at this point I don’t. The Metcalf’s & (Tilde) Davis’s were from Sneedville, Tennessee. I couldn’t find any of the relatives to Dora there, but not giving up. My brother-in-law is preaching down there and on a mission to meet every last person in Sneedville that could link us to Dora.

    If you want to share pictures that would awesome, but no pressure.

    Thanks for your comment and Welcome to the Family, to the1st cousin of my husband,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

    PS: Dear John & Susan,

    I’ll see what i can find out today, when I get a chance to check my family tree. If I don’t have any notes on them. I’ll do some snooping. Sorry that I didn’t have more for you this morning, but I’ll get on it as soon as possible.

    As always,

  89. Valerie Dale Ledford Says:

    Thanks for the info. I’m new to tracing the family lineage, so any information is greatly appreciated.

    I will post any pictures I have.

    Thanks again,

  90. Doris Summers Says:

    I am the great great granddaughter of John A Metcalf who was born about 1812 in Tennessee. He married Mary ? She was born in 1812 in North Carolina. They had 8 children:
    1. Octavia Lucerne Metcalf, born 3 Feb 1856; died 8 Oct 1933 in Jackson County Newport Arkansas
    2. William Preston Metcalf born 1835 in Alabama
    3. Elizabeth Metcalf born 1838 in Tennessee
    4. Melvinnie Metcalf born 1841 in Tennessee
    5. George T Metcalf born 1843 in TN
    6. Martha Metcalf born 1846 in TN
    7. Rebecca Metcalf born 1846 in TN
    8. Sarah C. Metcalf born 1845
    I have been looking for Mary’s last name. My guess is that they were married between 1828 and 1835. I was looking in White County Tennesse because that is where they were living around 1840.
    Does anyone have any information on this family to share with me?

  91. Sheila Says:

    Dear Doris,

    I’m sure you’ve wondered the same questions that I did.
    1). Why were the two supposed twins William Preston & Elizabeth both born in 1838 in two different states? William in Alabama & Elizabeth in Tennessee? I was guessing – not twins at all, may have been born only months apart.
    2). Why was the family living in Alabama when the older son was born? I can think of several others, but that’s a discussion for a later date.
    3). Since George Graton age 26 from North Carolina – same as Mary was living with them in 1850. One could almost assume that he was somehow, related to Mary. I’d run his tree.
    4). In 1870 they must have had an odd way of pronouncing their surname since the Marshal spelled it John Meitcalf. They never seem to move from District 11.
    5). Why in 1870 they list Rebecca & Martha (possible twins), since neither girl lives at home, just Octavia according to the census and where were they actually living (away at school, etc.)?

    Lots and lots of questions. I do love a mystery. So, I’ll continue to see what I can come up with on my end – hope you’ll do the same. Tennessee has been very slow with turning out documents. I checked many of the cemeteries in White County, TN few Metcalf’s were buried there, with accurate records anyway.

    Thanks for your comment,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  92. Doris Summers Says:

    I previously inquired about a marriage record in White County Tennessee. I was guessing between 1828 and 1835 but they said they didn’t have any that early.
    I had earlier requested a marriage record from the other side of the family and got a 1843 record from White County archives. I was hoping to be able to contact some other family members. I tried to search for George Isadon who was living with them on the 1850 census but haven’t found anything on him either. Any new leads would be appreciated. Sybil Metcalf helped me out several years ago. I would like to get in touch with here again because I have moved since then.

  93. trista Says:

    hello i was doing some family reserch and came across this page. i am trista (metcalf)williams daughter, of mary rose metcalf, she is the daughter of joseph bud metcalf aka bud metcalf.untill a few days ago that was all i had known about the metcalf side of my family.but now i have a few more:bud metcalf was son of ,john d metcalf & sarah allie hunter, john d metcalf son of joshua preston metcalf &malvina mavey gross, joshua p.metcalf son of norris metcalf & millie cornelius , norris metcalf son of james metcalf & mary ann aka polly black,james metcalf son of norris metcalf & mary claypool.and that is all that i have found so far i think this is the same metcalf family.but i keep finding different dates on things like the dob and the dod

  94. […] Metcalf « Metcalf Family MewsSep 2, 2011 … i was born in cookville,tn my father living james metcalf grand father whom past 1o years ago frank metcalf also from sparta , tn. Shauna Metcalf … […]

  95. Billie S. Stillman Says:

    Hello. My name is Billie, I am the second daughter of Eddie Lou Metcalf. Her father was Charles Edward Metcalf that married Anna Jewel Hawkins in Scurry County Texas. However Charles died on April 20, 1925, 6 months before my mom was born, so she is his only descentant. She was born on October 25, 1925 in Camp Springs Texas. When I first started my work on my mom’s side it was listed that Anna Jewel (Mursie) and Charles had no living children, but Alas my mom did survive him.She now lives in Yreka California. I traced her heritage back to William and Anthony Metcalf of the Revolutionary War. But I seem to have trouble with it. The name of my tree on is Hancock/Hawkins family tree. Charles is the son of Wiiliam Hamilton Metcalf. Just wondering if my calculations are correct. My mom is joining the DAR so we need these records to be right on the mark if possible. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much
    Billie S. Stillman

  96. Susan Peterson Russo Says:

    John Metcalfe and Lydia Crutchley are my Grandmother Florence Metcalf Urban’s grandparents x 4. Which is my 6th generation grand parents. Really interestng! On my mother’s side of family tree. I have traced my tree clear back to the 12th century!

  97. John D. MetcLF Says:

    I am John Dale Metcalf son of John Anderson Metcalf son of George Thomas Metcalf who married a Ferguson in around 1865 in I think White County TN. They fled to Mo. after the Civil War ended. His wife’s father was the imfamous Champ Ferguson confederate guerilla fighter. I think this fits with what Doris has.

  98. Doris Summers Says:

    I have not been able to find a marriage record for John A. Metcalf and Mary ?
    I have my great grandmother’s death certificate but the informant did not know Octavia’s mother’s name. I checked in White County TN for a marriage record from around 1835 and they didn’t have anything back that far.
    Any information you could give me would be appreciated. I got help from Sybil Metcalf several years ago tracing back from John A. Metcalf. I just don’t have any definitive records other than what I found on the census. Can you help?

  99. Caren Says:

    My paternal grandparents were M. Luther Metcalf and Nancy Euphema Metcalf. Do you know where they raised their family in Kentucky before moving to Miamisburg? My parents took me to that area as a child but I don’t remember much about it or where it is located. I would like to take my children to their grandfathers Kentucky homestead.

  100. Sheila Says:

    Dear Caren,

    Martin Luther Metcalf was from Crooked Creek, Rockcastle, KY & Phemie from Leatherwood, Perry, KY. They were living in or near Harlan County when Clayton was born. Name: Clayton Metcalf
    Date of Birth: 16 Jun 1924
    County: Harlan
    Mother’s Name: Euphemia Horn
    Volume Number: 041
    Certificate Number: 20444
    Volume Year: 1943

    I don’t have an address, but you could order Clayton’s birth certificate & it will give you their home address at that time. You can also, contact the Miamisburg Hill Grove Cemetery for more information. They keep a lot. Hope this helps.

    As always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  101. Caren Says:

    Clyde is my father. But I know he also was born in Harlan Co., so I will follow the same steps. Thank you. This means so much. -Caren

  102. Schuylar Crist Says:

    I need some Metcalf help myself…maybe someone can help. I believe I descend from Lieutenant Anthony Metcalf (1731-1813ish). I am trying to determine if he had a son named James born in 1750 and dying somewhere between 1821 and 1823. I can trace my lineage back to James Metcalf, who I believe was born in 1777 and died at the Shelton Laurel Massacre in July 1863.

  103. Schuylar Crist Says:

    Let me clarify that all the above folks lived in North Carolina..and the massacre was in the area of Madison County, North Carolina in January 1863, not July.

  104. sylvan ross metcalfe Says:

    Hi Folks. My name is sylvan Ross Metcalfe decentant from the metcalfes of lower poor fork harlan county ky and the cornetts of gilley. letcher county ky. interested in any info on lincoln metcalfe. thanks.

  105. Linda E. Ray Says:

    My grandfather was Albert Wingo Metcalf. His wife, my grandmother, was named Marjorie Celinda Mills. My grandfather was deceased before I was born. My mother’s name was Bertha Jane Metcalf. She died in 1958, shortly after my birth. This week I learned of a baby girl Metcalf, given up for adoption by B. Jane when she was sixteen. The child was born in 1953, and only now has located the identity of her birth mother. We are DNA testing as we speak. My grandparents, Albert Wingo and Marjorie, had six children I believe

  106. Among all the metcalf ,s do you know of an Al metcalf. Born around. 1929 – 1930 -1931 . I his parents lived in Texas . He was in the army stationed at Fort Worden in washington in 1949-1950 . He was in Korea 1950. . Later he was stationed in Texas and then sent Puerto Rico . He was a friend , I would like to know what happen to him . My email is ermalosser@yahoo . Com .

  107. Bette Metcalf Wilkinson Says:

    As others have stated – just found this place. I’m Bette Jo Metcalf Wilkinson. My Father Walter Ledford Metcalf, grand father Hughie Martin Metcalf, ggf Robert Green Metcalf, back to William (1820), then James (1794), then Norris (1765), Anthony, John (1714) anther John (1680), and William (1650). Very interesting info made by marry about Norris and Anthony. I’m planning on traveling to Laurel Co., Kentucky in Oct with my Brother Allan Metcalf and other family, We are currently in California by way of Iowa back in the 1950’s. I’m on with Metcalf Family Tree.

  108. Bob Metcalf Says:

    Hello cousin. Robert Green Metcalf is my grandfather. I knew Hughie as he used to come to our place sometime. You are a decendent of Robert Metcalf while I am of his 2nd family. My dad was F. Clark Metcalf who was born in Jackson County in 1911. I have a lot of Metcalf info and look forward to exchanging info. My email is

  109. Darryl E. Blatzer Says:

    Elizabeth Betsy Metcalf was my 3rd Great Grandmother. Are there any documents to prove she is the daughter of Warner Metcalf?? Every web site says so but the SAR want’s court doc., Will, deed, Bible records. ect.

    Elizabeth Betsy Metcalf (1794 – 1873)
    is your 3rd great grandmother

    Andrew Jackson Driskill (1836 – 1873)
    son of Elizabeth Betsy Metcalf▽

    Mary Jane Driskell (1862 – 1931)
    daughter of Andrew Jackson Driskill▽

    Sophia Marella Capps (1894 – 1927)
    daughter of Mary Jane Driskell▽

    Joseph Edward Blatzer (1916 – 1994)
    son of Sophia Marella Capps▽

    Darryl Edward Blatzer
    You are the son of Joseph Edward Blatzer

  110. bookwormntx Says:

    Hello, I see that some have made a similar inquiry, but no answers to this line that I see (there are, after all, 112 comments! I have a blog that isn’t quite this impressive! But my scope is a little different. I am fascinated that you are so good at this detective business of finding ancestors! BRAVO! I also am looking for the Metcalf circa early 1700s to early 1800s. I show that I am related to Anthony H Metcalf born around 1780 and before him, Anthony Sr. born around 1735. I am finding so much conflicting (to my mind) information. Would you mind sharing what you have? If you have the time, you could “teach me” to find this myself by directing me. That way I learn a new skill in the process! Thanks for reading and your time.

  111. Bob Metcalf Says:

    Where were this Anthony’s born. I’d be glad to try to help but have no Anthony’s in my files.

  112. I have this on him and I believe he found the War of 1812…

    1850 United States Federal Census
    about Anthony H Metcalf

    Anthony H Metcalf


    Birth Year:
    abt 1782

    North Carolina

    Home in 1850:
    Scott, Mississippi


    Family Number:

    Household Members:



    Anthony H Metcalf 68
    Matilda Metcalf 54
    Sarah Metcalf 36
    Anthony W Metcalf 33
    Abiah Metcalf 15
    Louisa Metcalf 13
    Edward Metcalf 11

  113. Sheila Says:

    I want to thank you for the kind words & apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I was checking what I had against some others & looking at your blog. I have 9 Anthony Metcalf’s on my family tree. I had seen others listed, but on my tree: The 5th great grand uncle of my husband Anthony Craig Metcalf is Anthony Hogan Metcalf born: 11 Apr 1872 & died: 21 Jan 1854 married Matilda Bragg Beasley born: 24 Feb 1792 & died: 30 Jun 1882 on15 Dec 1815 in Smith, TN with 13 known children. His son was Anthony Wayne Hanson Metcalf (1826-1863) both men are well documented. I assumed Matilda died in Texas because she outlived her husband & had to live with her children, which was very common for that era.

    I’m not entirely sure what you’re looking for or how I can help. Maybe, if you could be a little specific. With this age group, you’ll have to rely on cemetery records, person’s & their children’s death certificates, War documents, Family bibles, marriage records, wills, court records, old newspapers, etc. that sort of thing to find anything concrete.

    Always glad to help where I can,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  114. thomas metcalf Says:

    hello there, and thanks, my father was Thomas Wayne Metcalf his father was Thomas max Metcalf and i am Thomas Edward Metcalf ,I think from the Arkansas area or Arizona,im not sure we are all vets from dif wars

  115. Sheila Says:

    Dear Thomas,

    I wanted to thank you for your comment and service to our country, both you and your family.
    However, I didn’t enough details to run your family branch. I would need dates and ages to place you on the family tree.

    Feel free to email me and/or add a link to Ancestry that shows your line.

    Thanks as always & God Bless,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  116. Terry Rains Says:

    I have just recently found my Metcalf family line and traced it back to William Metcalf b. 30 Sep 1827 in Cornwall, England d. 9 Apr 1860 in New Diggings, Lafayette County, Wisconsin at the young age of 32. His wife’s name was Mary (Last name unknown). I have Mary’s birthdate as 15 Jul 1829, also from Cornwall, England. I believe that she died in 1903, but have no location for her death and burial. William is my 3rd great grandfather, but I was adopted.

    Looking for any information on William or Mary, especially her last name.

    I read through all the posts and didn’t see any postings on Wisconsin/Minnesota Metcalf lines. Maybe a bad sign??

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to post.

  117. Sheila Says:

    Dear Terry,

    As coincidence would have it, I went to High School with a girl named Terry Rains, she had a sister named Janet Judd. I still have a picture of her in an old album. I only mention it because you have the same name.

    I do know the Metcalf family in which you speak of. Mary Jackson Metcalf b. 15 Jul. 1829 d. 28 Aug 1903 in Lafayette, Wisconsin. Buried in the Shawnee Cemetery. I believe you may be able to order a death certificate. William is buried there as well. He’s believed to be the son of Peter Metcalf.

    Hope this helps,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  118. Jean Capps Says:


  119. Lars Lovegren Says:

    Did any of your Metcalf family become the Midkiff family of Pittsylvania County, Virginia?

  120. Jean Capps Says:

    I have no connections with Pittsylvania Co, Virginia. Some of the connections I do have, most of which came from other trees don’t make sense. For instance, births that took place before the parents were born, or when they were too young to have children. To be fair, I am talking about 17th and 18th century dates and common names. But I live near the Anne Arundel Maryland parish (St. James) and could look into it more, but it is the link between Maryland, Virginia and Rutherford Co. NC I am struggling with.

  121. Trevor Metcalf Says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading through the information you’ve compiled here. I was wondering how far back you’ve traced this line?
    I also come from this line, but once I get up to Norris (b. 1765) it starts getting tricky.

    Hope all is well.
    Trevor Metcalf

  122. I have a Elizabeth “Betsy” Metcalf whose parents are Anthony Metcalf and Mary Hogan; she was born in 1794 andx died in 1873. She married a William E. Driskill. they had 10 children, one being Toliver S. Driskill. Toilver married Elizabeth Ann Carr; they had a daughter among several others, but her name is Minerva J. Driskill who married W.Hunter Wilson. They had a daughter named Flora Ann Wilson. And that is where I have some fun, letting my mother know where the Wilson line comes in to her tree.
    Like to hear from someone about all this, hope to hear from you soon.

  123. Shirley B. Metcalfe Holmes Says:

    I am a Metcalfe from Harlan County Kentucky. Parents Henry L Metcalfe
    Born July 1911, Died 1990, Mother Edna Owens , Born Jan 1914, Died
    Dec. 1974. Grandfather, Issac, Grandmother Matilda Osborne

  124. bessie metcalf Says:

    My name is Bessie Metcalf i live in franklin county VA.. and i think im not sure im related to this… my great grandfather is William Ralph Metcalf 4-16-1924 – 7-8-1989.. i was just born when he died so i dont know my family history and my grandmother he divorced was MaryAnn Bandy Metcalf… i traced my grandfathers roots all the way back to James Metcalf 1794-1863 and Polly Black Metcalf 1794-1856.. im very interested in family history so any pictures or info can be be sent to thank you so much and nice to read about family

  125. Nancey Boseman Says:

    Thru DAR, I know Israel Friend is my x…grandfather. I found great pride when I visited apt Pleasant n would love to be a part of Cornstock Hertiage, but without knowledge of Sarah Catherine Bokavar, that is not going to happen and that is fine because I still am very proud of all our forefathers. Does anyone know why there is so little information about Sarah Bokavar? What does the DNA say about Their children’s descendants? My mom, at 96, can’t understand why I can’t find any info on her. Thank you

  126. Pamela Says:

    We have been trying for over 30 years to find Leah Metcalfs parents. She was born 1818
    If you have any ties to her we would apprieciate a shout from you! ☺

  127. Chelsea Myers Says:

    I have been trying to fill odd gaps within my family history. Ones the my father grandfather and grandmother have not been able to fill. I don’t know if anyone here can help me figure out the mystery with in my family line, but I had to ask.

    During my great grandfathers line half of the kids changed there names from Metcalf to Myers, a few kept their last name, and a few changed their last names to either Morgan or Morton.

    I know the main begining point is James H Metcalf whom was married to a Lydia ( maiden name, Curtis) They wed in the year 1888 in Kentucky.

    James H Metcalf was born in 1864 in Kentucky, no known death date
    Lydia Curtis was born in 1872. I have found the last name jumbled from time to time. in Lydia’s 1920 census she listed herself as widowed, however on 1924 when her daughter Gladys was married she listed her father James H. Metcalf as being in Bellefonte, PA.

    Their kids were;

    Earl Metcalf, 1892–1964 Have no other info on him

    Lydia Pearl Metcalf, 1894–1967

    James Harvey Metcalf, 1896–1961

    Charles Richard Myers, 1898-1962 (previously Charles M Metcalf, my great great grandfather)

    Curtis H. Metcalf- 1902–Deceased (He was married 3 times total) 3rd marriage to a Mary G. Maciejewska

    Gladys Ethelyn Metcalf, 1903–1978 Married to a Clarence Frances Beck June 24, 1924 in penssylvania

    John ( Jack) Metcalf, 1907–1961

    Walter Metcalf, 1909–1963

    I think I have determined who James H Metcalf’s (brn 1864) father is but not sure since the name is shuffle around so much. I think it may be Ignatius Marion P Metcalf/Medcalf/Metcalfe (Born 1827 in Kentucky )whom was married to a Nancy ( maiden name Duncan, whom was born in 1830) in 1849. He later seems to use Marion Metcalf instead of his full name found on an 1870 Census conducted in Kentucky. And possibly also had his name misprinted as Arion Metcalf which I did come across and it seemed to be the same person.

    I have more but it is rather difficult to type it all out. I am not even sure if anyone can help me fill in the gaps either.

  128. bessie Says:

    my name is Bessie Metcalf… started reading didnt know if I got in… I’m from franklin county VA I’m young and in noligiable born 1988.. grand father was William Metcalf.. he married my grandma mary Ann bandy.. but she was adopted so her history is unkown… anyways his father name was the same William metcalf.. I know he was in war and also lived and had family in Indiana .. any help lol

  129. Austin Metcalf Says:

    Thank you for sharing – very interesting!!

  130. BJ Pritchett Says:

    Do you have the book “The Fugates”. My grandmother had the book and now I have it.

  131. Gail Mcclain Says:

    Hi was wondering if you have any information on Debora metcalf born green Died in Ashland Ohio 1815

  132. Doris Says:

    No. Sorry. I don’t have any Ohio Metcalf’s that I know about.

  133. Rose Davis Says:


    I am a Metcalf relative from Harlan County KY. I have seen several readers/commenters mention Harlan County. My line is John C Metcalf> James H. Metcalf m. Amy (Anna) Creech> John Adrian Metcalf m. Barbara Hensley. If anyone has any questions about the Metcalf’s from Harlan County, KY, you can email me at

  134. JayN Says:

    It would appear that John Metcalf, Jr. (b.1710-d.1757) was married prior to Mary Polly Norris because Mary (b.1719-d.1746) would have been 12 years old when Anthony was born???
    Everything prior to Lt. Anthony Metcalf is unconfirmed for me.

  135. Sharon Richardson Proehl Says:

    Hello – hope this site is still open . I would like to establish Danza Metcalf as a DAR Patriot. His daughter was Mildred “Milly” ~1805-1893 who married John T Dalton on 5 Mar 1828 in Rutherford Co, NC. Her son was Columbus W Dalton (1829-1901) who married Mary “Polly” Raby on 13 Jan 1849. I need documented evidence of the link between Danza & Milly and also between Milly and Columbus.
    Danza’s Rev War pension documents that he served at the Battle of Kings Mt and NO ONE has ever entered him as a Patriot in the DAR. I live in Va & will not be able to get to NC to do research any time soon. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Please answer here or email me

  136. Tom Says:

    Sorry none of the names are part of my family’s name my grandpa was married to a youngman

  137. P. Gene Wethered-McClung Says:

    The research for my branch includes Norris Metcalf and Mary Jane Claypoole. Their son William Metcalf and his first wife Elizabeth Elkins had daughter Leanna May Metcalf who married Murline Columbus Henslee. Their daughter Cordelia Jane Henslee married William Arthur Wethered in Missouri 1870 and then the families of Henslee, Gillihan, Wethered and Spencer in-laws, then emigrated to What was Clark County Washington Territory via ship through Panama Isthmus on donkeys and buggies, then onboard ship to San Francisco in 1870. They arrived in Portland Oregon and joined Gillihan in-laws extended family to reside at Sauvies Island. For a short time Leanna May Metcalf and Murline Columbus Henslee attempted to homestead in the Yacolt Clark County WT and then Murline started selling Real estate around Vancouver Clark County WT. their sons started a butcher shop in Vancouver. Another daughter married (2) to a man last name of Crawford. Cordelia divorced William Arthur hue Wethered. Their daughter threes Milan (Milley) May Wethered and Carrie Maud Wethered married day n Yacolt, one married Kingsley Moon, the other married Columbus Hutchison. Their son, William Elmer Wethered,, husband to Gertrude Olive McIntosh and adored daughter Gertrude Wethered(2) wife was Nelly Wilson, (3) Pearl Josephine Lyda marriid in Oregon 1922. They had 6 children Cecil, Cordelia Pearl (Cates, Fergesan), Juanita (Shirtz,C?), William Merline (my falter), Harold Raymond, Roy Allen.

  138. Jay Nistetter Says:

    Judge William Henry Metcalf was my great-great-grandfather. My tree branches from his second wife Abigail Morgan.

  139. Lindy Allen Says:

    I was curious if you might be able to help me with my family line. I’m looking for any information on a Jimmie Metcalf married to a Mary E. They had a daughter Mary Martha in georgia in 1864. She passed away in 1919 in arkansas. Her daughter was Berslie May Thompson. My great grandmother. if you have any information i would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!

  140. Sharon N Says:

    Does anyone have information about Leah Metcalf, born in 1818 NJ, in about 1829 her parents moved the family to Ohio. She married Thomas Lee Dewees in 1840. they had 5 children Louis, Hannah, Joseph, Guley and Samuel. In 1864 they moved to Cumberland Ill, then to Kansas in 1868. She died in Valley Center KS 1896. I am looking for her parents or family members, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  141. Noel Prows Says:

    Hi, I am related to James Metcalf 1824 & Margret Casteel on my Dad’s side. Are any of the Metcalfs on this page related to Metcalf that lived where “Metcalf Bottoms” are of Smokey Mountains in TN? Thanks!

  142. Bob Metcalf Says:

    I dont really know who thosw Metcalfs were

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