Straight Tail aka Meaurroway- – Pekowi born about 1630 OH-died 1709 PA – parents unknown, Turtle Clan, 1670 a Pekowi Chief in OH, 1677 band moved from OH-mid-Ohio valley to IN-IL-Miami & Illinois River valleys near Miami & Illinois, about 1680 some of the family/band begin to move to the corner of TN-KY-VA-NC to join the Chalakatha-Mekoche-Kishpoko there, by 1689 the bulk of the band from IL-IN joins Chalakatha, Mekoche-Kishpoko in east TN-west NC-east KY-southwest VA, by 1693 most of band from NC-TN-VA-KY living in Cecil Co MD, by 1697 most of the band living in Lancaster Co PA-Susquehanna valley, 1697 succeeded by his son Opessa/1664 as Pekowi Chief in Pequea PA, 1709 succeeded by Pheasant-Kakawatchekee/1670 as Pekowi Chief in Pechoquealin PA, husband 1650 OH of Pekowi Woman/1635, father of son Wolf/1654, daughter Sewatha/1660, sons Cakundawanna-Sevana/1662, Opessa/1664, daughter Snow White/1666, son John White/1670, Daughter-(wife of Tamenebuck)/1674-all Pekowi

Opessa aka Opethatha-Wapatha-Wopatha-Hopesha-Opessa Straight Tail-Oppaymolleh – Pekowi born 1664 OH-died latter 1760 OH – son of Straight Tail-Meaurroway/1630 & Pekowi Woman/1635, Turtle Clan, moved 1677 with band to IN, moved 1680 to IL, 1689 moved with band to TN-NC-KY-VA, by 1693 living in Cecil Co MD, about 1693 a Pekowi Chief under his father in Cecil Co MD, 1697 moved to Lancaster Co PA with band, 1697 succeeded Straight Tail as Pekowi Chief in Pequea PA, signed Treaty 1701 with William Penn with Lemoytungh & Pemoyajagh, 1706 Council Philadelphia, 1707 Conference at Pequea Lancaster Co PA with Governor John Evans, 1710 Conference at Conestoga PA with John French & Henry Worley, resigned 1711 to move to Sassoonan’s Delaware village-Shamokin PA, succeeded 1711 as Pekowi Chief at Pequea PA by his brother Cakundawanna/1662, 1715 Conference Philadelphia with Sassoonan, 1722 moved to Old Town MD-upper Potomac & replaced his brother Cakundawanna as Pekowi Chief again by 1723, by 1734 moved to AL with band, by 1738 returned to western MD/southeast PA, Aug. 1749 Council Philadelphia, 1750 moved to OH, 1752 succeeded Pheasant-Kakawatchekee/1680 as Head Pekowi Chief on the Ohio River, May 1756 Council Tioga Point, Aug. 1760 Council Ft. Pitt, brother in law (through sister Snow White) of Peter Chartier/1690, connected with Poxinosa, White Fish (1) & Okowellos Cornstalk, great-grandfather of Tecumseh/1768, husband 1st by 1684 IN of Margaret Pekowi/1670, 2nd 1711 PA of Polly-Daughter of Sassoonan/1695-Delaware, father with Margaret of children/1685-94, daughter Snow White/1695, sons Tecoomteh/1698, Wawwaythi/1700, Loyparkoweh/1705 & Lawaquaqua-Pride Opessa/1710-all Pekowi, children with Polly unknown

Opessa, Loyparkaweh aka Loapeckeway-Lawpakaway – Pekowi born about 1702 PA-died after 1760 OH – son of Opessa/1664 & Margaret Pekowi/1670, grandson of Meaurroway-Straight Tail, Turtle Clan, in west PA 1711-23 with father Opessa, returned to north MD/east PA area with Opessa 1723, living on the Alleghany River by 1727, a Pekowi Chief in PA by 1732, in 1732-1733-1734 signed letters to the Governor of PA as one of the Chiefs on the Alleghany complaining about the sale of rum to the natives, moved to AL 1734 with Opessa, left a wife & children in AL with relatives/clan members, returned to PA by 1738 sent letter to the Governor with Neucheconner & Coycacolenne protesting the sale of rum, then called a young Chief guided by vice regent Neucheconner, between 1738 & 1744 lived at Chartier’s Town-Alleghany Co PA & Logstown-Alleghany Co PA, apparently moved to OH with Peter Chartier & Neucheconner in 1744-45 for he is living in Lower Shawnee Town OH in 1752 when he sent a letter with 3 other Shawnee Chiefs there to the Governor of PA reporting that they were still loyal to the British though most of their neighbors had gone over to the French, attended Council Philadelphia 1753 after Opessa moved to OH, apparently opposed the Shawnee participation in French-Indian War/1754-60, a minor Pekowi Chief in OH after death of Opessa, husband 1st 1720 MD of Nancy Pekowi/1706, 2nd 1738 PA of her sister Elizabeth Pekowi/1704, father with Nancy of Tecumsapah-Margaret/1724, Sewatha-Sarah (1)/1727, Watmeme-Polly/1730, Nancy-Middle Daughter/1734, Sarah (2)-Younger Daughter/1736 & Metheotashe-Mary/1738-all Pekowi, children with Elizabeth unknown

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No mention of “Mitha” anywhere in this letter/note circa 1999 (copied) from the Appalachian Shawnee Tribe.



  • Most Family Trees list “Mitha” as the daughter of the Shawano Woman Bear Clan.
  • Which could explain how Parker Adkins s/o William V. & Elizabeth Parker Adkins is listed as Shawano Metis.  (If his mother, Elizabeth Parker d/o Richard Parker and Mitha Straight Tail, should Mitha’s mother actually have been Shawano Woman Bear Clan).
  • Meaurroway> wife:  Pekowi Woman Turtle Clan listed as mother of 6 siblings, including John White. Sister Snow White wife of Peter Chartier, only listed as d/0 Pekowi Woman.
  • Meaurroway> wife:  Shawano Woman Bear Clan 4 other unnamed daughters are listed as children of. No sources given.
  • son John White is also listed under both mother’s.
  • Mithaology: “Mitha”  may also be the daughter of Jeptha Massey and sister of Lahoma “Lany” Massey.
  • All documents signed by Elizabeth Parker Adkins mother; she signed her name as Elizabeth. The only time the name Mitha was used, was in Richard Parker’s Will. He names his wife, “Mitha.” But its illegible writing under her name.


As if, I didn’t have enough to ponder. I get even more possible parents for Mitha. It seems I get one step closer and then I have to take two steps back.  I know the information is out there, but how can we find out for sure; without leaving a single shred of doubt? I’m guessing, that this is where they get the phrase, the excepted parents of: or her parents were believed to be…

I’m open to any and/or all comments or documentation would be amazing, if you could produce some… anything! I need proof!

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Chief of the Turtle Clan is believed to be the father of Mitha Parker. Wife of Richard Parker, mother of Elizabeth Parker Adkins/Atkinson.

Straight Tail (1630-1709). This post is for those of you that have followed the “Mithaology” lore on this family blog. I was hoping to get some documentation to prove that Mitha was indeed the daughter of  Straight Tail and a Pekowi woman. But lets face it, it the was the 1600’s – what still exists?

Most Indian documentation of any kind, was lost on or during the Trail of Tears.

Now, I’m not sure how this could be, but they claim Straight Tail was born abt 1630 in Ohio, but there weren’t many people in Ohio back then. The Iroquoians had come and murdered almost everyone in the Ohio valley. It wasn’t safe to live here.

This is why they gave lots of land to the Irish to settle. Thinking the Irish were hated, almost as much as the Indian at that time.  They thought they could clean it up and kill each other off.   Its more likely that he would have been born more toward Pennsylvania than Ohio, but I can’t prove it.  Just mere speculation on my part.

I’m just not a hater, so I can’t imagine peoples being so mean to one another, but I know it happened.  I don’t know how or why, but it happened; a brief history lesson.



Pekowi Woman (1635 – UNK)
Shawano Woman Bear Clan (1650 – UNK)

Known Children
Wolf Straight Tail (1654 – 1685)
Mary Seaworth Sewatha Straight Tail Chartier (1660 – 1759)
Cakundawanna-Sevana/(1662- )
Snow White Straight Tail (1666 – UNK)
Mitha (1668 – 1754)
John White Straight Tail (1670 – 1715)
Opessa Opeththa Straight Tail (*1675 – 1760)
Daughter-(wife of Tamenebuck)(1674 – UNK)


*Note: Opessa aka Opethatha-Wapatha-Wopatha-Hopesha-Opessa Straight Tail-Oppaymolleh – Pekowi born *1664 OH-died latter 1760 OH

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1 ½ pounds lamb shoulder cut in pieces for stew
3 tablespoons butter of shortening
2 teaspoons salt
Dash pepper
5 medium potatoes, peeled and diced
5 carrots, scraped
1 small onion
Chopped fresh parsley for garnish (optional)


Wipe meat with a damp cloth; dredge thoroughly with flour and brown on all sides in a skillet or Dutch oven in which the butter or shortening has been melted. Add 1 cup of water, cover and simmer 45 minutes; then add salt, pepper, diced potatoes, carrots cut crosswise in inch lengths and onion, with 1 ½ cups more boiling water and continue simmering until all are tender, about 30 minutes. Serve piping hot. If desired, a little chopped parsley may be added just before serving. 5 Servings

I thought it might be fun today to do something different… just talk about me for a change (tongue in cheek). We all know I do a lot of talking. Some people have even said, they think I talk just to hear myself think. But whatever I am running off the mouth about, I do generally have a purpose or I thought I did at the time.

I’ve gotten many, many genealogy requests this week but haven’t spent as much time on it as I should have. I don’t seem to be as focused as I need to be, with so much going on this month. It may take me a little longer to get around to your personal requests and I do hope you will bear with me a little longer. Only one of me… so your help is always welcomed.

I do want to say a very special, “Happy Birthday” to my sister-in-law Cookie today… very important person in our lives. I don’t think we take the time to tell her often enough how much we love and appreciate her. So I want to be sure to tell her now. Love and Hugs for your B-day!

I also want to say, that the month of September is always one of my busiest months of the year, but this one in particular with work, upcoming day trips and micro-vacations, baby showers, birthday parties, garden club meeting, Montgomery County Fair, Steven going off to college, thus making me an OFFICIAL CARD CARRYING… EMPTY NESTER, all in one month… WOW! Yes, all of that and I will still have to clean the house, plan the meals, grocery shop, cook  (okay, we do eat out… a lot) so most of the meals anyway, do the laundry and decorate the house, the shop and Steven’s dorm room. All while, trying to look amazing and well put together, with a clear handle on life.

This will be my final month as Garden Club President and I wanted to say, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I have also chosen not to continue on as the South Montgomery County contact person for the OAGC. My decision wasn’t made lightly; I just want my life back. I want to go back to doing what I love… which is just playing in the dirt, moving my plants around as if they were supposed to be transplanted on monthly basis and break all of the rules. And if they die, just replace them with bigger ones. Talking to my over population of Chinese walking sticks as if we were old friends. I do miss that. And asking my weeds if they know how they got their names and how would they prefer to die. A short quick yank or would they prefer a little harsher method of Round-up. Then I tell them… it’s up to me to decide. Muhahahaha!

Well I better get a move on, the phone has rang twice and both times it was the same person, my sweet and wonderful hubby with a list of things he needs me to do as well. I say, “Sure Hun… no problem… I didn’t have a thing to today. I was just waiting for you to call.” I better update my Facebook status to… Sheila Metcalf: is holding her sides in an effort to contain her laughter or does this well, and gets consistently high points for Being Totally Truthful and Honest, when facing Reality.

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September is a big Birthday Month:

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