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Believe me when I say that I’m not a novelty shirt kind of person, but my grand kids love it and its all relative around here… the truth about this piece of fiction, is that we’re all related.  And can then be ready to share that truth with friends. This what I’m doing here.

I see myself now as the family historian. The Metcalf Family Mews blog is a place for all my records, ramblings, thoughts and ideas. I do hope you will help me in my family research. I’ve spent many years compiling my family’s history, records and stories.

P lease take a few minutes to read My Philosophy of Life… I used to feel like the proverbial “hole in the donut” – solid on the outside, but empty on the inside. Until, I found my niche in life. Hi, my name is Sheila Jean Adkins-Metcalf. I rarely ever use the Adkins part of my name. But I thought it would help people know who I am.  I have 4 beautiful children and 6 1/2 of the most gorgeous grandchildren ever conceived. I’m not bragging; just stating a fact…. okay, maybe a little.

I’m forty-something and only recently figured out what I want to be when I grow up. I’ve always envied people who love their jobs. Unlike those lucky souls, I never found a job that I truly loved. I never loved what I did and I can’t really say I was ever really happy doing what I was doing. True, I worked various jobs over the years; knowing that my mother was a fabulous cook and I truly believed this to be heredity and that’s what I wanted to be; a chef but then I quickly realized that this was her dream or niche in life and not mine (and someone had to clean up the mess – dirty dishes, YUCK). Although I tried various jobs over the years; bank teller, various restaurant and waitress jobs and even pet store once. Distant family owned, what can you do? But never held on to them very long and not enjoying any of them really.

I knew I wasn’t being true to myself. My inner voice constantly nagged, “Who am I, why am I here, and what is my purpose in life?” I had often heard that we should do what we love, what makes us happy. So I asked myself, “What makes me happy?” After losing so many people in my life and knowing that I loved to keep track of all this seemly useless data and loved old pictures, I realized I knew what my job was…my genealogy research/hobby or as I jokingly refer to it as my Magnificent Obsession.

Although the Metcalf Family Mews was initially intended as a means for my family and friends to track our family footsteps and/or review my findings and add their input on the past, present and future, by the time I got to this point, too, had become a passion. As I continued to write, the focus of the blog evolved. Today it documents my life, physical and spiritual; focusing on genealogy, family news, stories about the crazy things that happen to me and the interesting people I meet along the way, along with some inspirational quotes. With its self-deprecating humor and borderline testy tone, Metcalf Family Mews has attracted a loyal readership, for which I am eternally grateful.

Change is inevitable but the past is for preserving.


Stick around and get to know us.

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  1. Thank you Sheila for adding your blog feed to our community blog I look forward to your blog additions as they will be posted under our “Local Posts” tab.

    Always here to help with blogging questions,
    Robert Barringer

  2. Sheila Says:

    I forgot to add we now have 6 beautiful Grandchildren instead of 5.5. Brandy just gave birth to a beautiful baby Girl. So, It’s all good!!!

  3. Tammy Says:

    Dont we all have the most beautiful children one can conceive I know I do lol And yes you have a family to be proud of indeed …

  4. David Griffin Says:

    Your website was sent to me, by a Norris Metcalf descendant. I to, am a descendant of Norris Metcalf thru his son William. I am a native of Grundy County, MO, where William settled in 1838. My mother who is 84 still resides in Grundy and she is the last grandchild of Amos Metcalf son of William.

    I hope to hear from you, and compare our Metcalf heritage

  5. Rose Marie ROBINSON Mirin Says:

    Hello Long lost & Distant family….
    My Ancestery web sit is posted with some pictures of which Adonijah and Rebecca May is on.
    Just look for the Robinson family…..
    I have all of my family’s combined on that one site.
    I decend from James Frederick Robinson’s line.
    My son passed at the age of 31. Both perents are now gone but I have one sister and two half sisters. One form each parent.
    I have remarried after the death of my 2nd husband os my last name is now MIRIN. I’s ok most people just go what????
    I have been doing genealogy research for about three decades. (Wow what a thought) I started young. Call or Email me please…
    Rose Marie 314-409-7728

    I am thinking about starting a web site:
    Hugs to all, RMM

  6. Sheila Says:

    “I am thinking about starting a web site”~ Rose Marie

    Oh, I hope you do… send me a link and I’ll add it to the family blogroll. If your computer savvy, wordpress is a nice blog or blogspot. I recommend both. I’ve never used blogspot but I love all the all blogs I’ve seen from them.

    I’m so glad I got a chance to look at your Tree MIRIN at Ancestry today. I compared a few notes. I asked a few questions as you know all of us good Genealogists do. Check my tree Adkins Metcalf Family tree, see what you think. Let me know the err of my ways.

    If you have a favorite Holiday tip or recipe or even just a special memory and want to share it, click the link >HERE under Happy Holidays >>>

    Keep in touch,
    Never let the odds keep you from pursuing what you know in your heart you were meant to do.

  7. Stanley Adkins Says:

    Hi Sheila, I am delighted to find your imfo. Absalom’s brother was a William, father of Samuel who was my great grandfather. I would like to get on your blog.

  8. Sheila Says:

    Your now on the blog… I’ll try to get the rest of the App’s siblings family trees listed week. Thanks

  9. Rose Marie ROBINSON Mirin Says:

    Can not sleep! Sheilam I keep thinking about my trip to Ottowa, Illinois and Almedia Robinson’s line. The historical society there were so helpful. I hope you are able to find a few truths to many story from what I sent. Thank you for being here and being you. A distant Cuz… RMM

  10. Michael Tim Says:

    I love your site! :)


  11. readnshare Says:

  12. Hazel Davis, Veterans Advocate Says:

    some of the wording on this site is to small, to difficult to read.
    I enjoy researching family history & compiling information on genealogy & writing stories about family ancestry…and since I’m kin to so many famous people who “left a Legacy of History, I do some things, to Leave a Legacy & Make History…in My Own Right”.
    Hazel Davis
    LeQuire, Oklahoma

  13. Sheila Says:

    Can you tell me where the font is too small? I can try to increase the font in those places. Copy and paste it into a comment on the bulletin broad. The font problem in general is only with Mozilla users. If you run ie you should have no problem or you can magnify your browser. Sorry for your inconvenience.

  14. Robert Marco Says:

    who is Duval Porter?

  15. Sheila Says:

    He was a school teacher born Benjamin Duval Porter 29 Jul 1844 in Appomattox, Virginia to Madison Campbell Porter and Emily Staples Porter. Death 9 Apr 1925 in VA who fought for the Confederacy Company B, 46th Infantry Regiment Virginia that married Bettie S Younger on 22 Dec 1875 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Together they had Mary, John, George and Rawley Duval Porter.

    Now with all that said, is he on my blog?

  16. donald craft Says:

    please contact me at I am a descendant of Archelous Craft’s family.

  17. Sheila Says:

    …me too. I have sent an email. Let me know what I can help with. Thanks, Sheila

  18. Paul Johnston Sr Says:

    Do you ever get the feeling that you are related to everyone from eastern Kentucky? I believe Nevada Craft is in your genealogy. Nevada was my grandmother’s sister. My grandmother was Arizona Craft who married James R. Johnston. My father was their son Linvel,namesake for his two grandfathers, one being John Linvel Craft.

  19. Sheila Says:

    Thanks for your comment, I myself made a comment up top that we’re all related and I honestly believe that. I always say, “If your from Kentucky, give me a hour or two and I can hang you off a branch somewhere.” LOL I have a running joke around here: if they just walked through Kentucky, someone in my family snatched them up. LOL And yes, Nevada Craft was my 2xGreat-Grandmother the mother of my mom’s grandfather, Nathan Fugate. She is mentioned in many posts but if you check my Ira “Tee” Fugate post you will find her family. The Linvel part is passed, as I’m sure you know, from our Great-Grandmother Mary “Polly” Linville. I have some of have Arizona’s information on my family tree. Did you check my information to see if I had any mistakes or something to add? I hope you take a few minutes and check it and let me know. I have 30K people to date on the tree so I know I have some mistakes. Thanks again for your comment, Sheila

  20. Steve Wood Says:

    Hello, Sheila,

    I also am from Kentucky and my
    ggg grandfather and ggg grandmother are Joseph Wood and Elizabeth Keith. I have their family Bible and may have some information that would interest you. I may have some Stump information as well.

    I would be glad to share anything I have if you are interested. Just let me know.


  21. Sheila Says:

    Dear Steve,

    I never turn away any family information. Do you know how lucky you are to have that bible? It’s better than Gold. Please so share all that you have. I’ll check under my Stump surname and see what I have on them. I don’t always remember to put everything on here, so I’ll check my notes as well.

    Thanks as always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  22. Mary Parker Perkins Says:

    Accidentally deleted an e-mail from you today before I could open it. Please re-send. My apology. I posted on the blog yesterday re. Richard Parker of Henrico and Richard Parker of Nansemond. Would particularly like to blog with your contributor Fred O’Neill. I think your e-mail was about how to sign in.

  23. Sheila Says:

    I apologize, but I haven’t sent anyone an email this week. It may have been from the Notify me of this post. I’m not sure if you had clicked that or not.

    I can get an email address from the post without you actually posting in your comment.

    Maybe someone else wanted to share something with you. As for Fred, he has made a lot of comments, but I cannot give out his email address. He may have posted it here himself.

    You can comment under his and if he has clicked the post for notifications – he may very well respond. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard from him myself.

    It’s Women in History Month – so I’m spending March on my Female ancestors. I haven’t singled out too many individuals. Whenever I do, it becomes a free for all and that is clearly not my intent for March.

    Feel free to contribute anything to a post that you feel comfortable with. There are several about the Parker women and they certainly merit a little credit here.

    Thanks for your comments and Welcome to the Family,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  24. Lyle Says:

    Sheila, I am researching the Adkins family of Surry and Sussex counties in Virginia. My direct ancestors are Lewis and Elizabeth (Felts) Adkins and their son Lewis Adkins born 1745 in Surry County, VA. Based on land records and the Albermarle Parish registry, this family is in all probability descended from the Thomas Adkins that died 1711 in Surry County, and this Thomas is the son of Richard and Joan Adkins (Bacon’s Rebellion); and Richard was the son of Thomas whom was sponsored by a Thomas Neale circa 1635. Based on the tithable records; the first Thomas Adkins was listed living on or near the Henry Neale land as was his son Richard when he was of age. I don’t know if your Adkins line connects with the Surry/Sussex lines however I just thought I would ask. Thank you.

  25. Thanks for your comment, I myself made a comment up top that we’re all related and I honestly believe that. I always say, “If your from Kentucky, give me a hour or two and I can hang you off a branch somewhere.” LOL I have a running joke around here: if they just walked through Kentucky, someone in my family snatched them up. LOL And yes, Nevada Craft was my 2xGreat-Grandmother the mother of my mom’s grandfather, Nathan Fugate. She is mentioned in many posts but if you check my Ira “Tee” Fugate post you will find her family. The Linvel part is passed, as I’m sure you know, from our Great-Grandmother Mary “Polly” Linville. I have some of have Arizona’s information on my family tree. Did you check my information to see if I had any mistakes or something to add? I hope you take a few minutes and check it and let me know. I have 30K people to date on the tree so I know I have some mistakes. Thanks again for your comment, Sheila

  26. Lura Says:

    Thanks for your comment, I myself made a comment up top that we’re all related and I honestly believe that. I always say, “If your from Kentucky, give me a hour or two and I can hang you off a branch somewhere.” LOL I have a running joke around here: if they just walked through Kentucky, someone in my family snatched them up. LOL And yes, Nevada Craft was my 2xGreat-Grandmother the mother of my mom’s grandfather, Nathan Fugate. She is mentioned in many posts but if you check my Ira “Tee” Fugate post you will find her family. The Linvel part is passed, as I’m sure you know, from our Great-Grandmother Mary “Polly” Linville. I have some of have Arizona’s information on my family tree. Did you check my information to see if I had any mistakes or something to add? I hope you take a few minutes and check it and let me know. I have 30K people to date on the tree so I know I have some mistakes. Thanks again for your comment, Sheila+1

  27. Sheila Says:

    Dear Lura,

    Please except my sincere apology for your comments getting hung in the spam que. I have so much daily that it takes more than a few to sort through it.

    I made that same comment only yesterday to an old friend of my husband they used to work together years ago and have remained friends, I knew who and where his family was from and who they went back to, as soon as, he said, living in Morehead and from “Salyersville.” Too funny!

    I can hang someone off a branch of my tree, so fast its not even funny.

    Ira Steven “Tee” was my 3G on my Mom’s side. I’m still looking for and hoping to get pix. I know they exist; well I heard rumors that someone had some, so I do hope someone sends me some or one. I’m not picky.

    Again please except my apology and thanks for your comments and a sincere Welcome to the family!
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  28. Peggy(Patrick)Rickard Says:

    I am in there somewhere too. I have Archelius craft too. I have Linnville in the tree. My grandma Dora Craft Patrick. We are rooted somewhere there at Craft creek and breathitt. I so much want to know about Emily-Alsup-Patrick. So many have said she was Native American. My grandma Dora was listed as white on the census yet she looked Native and was said to be. If anyone has info–I gave for a while. Our roadblock goes back to Elizabeth B. Alsup. I have Celia Howard. Dont take it for granted that someone listed as white REALLY was.

  29. Sheila Says:

    I never take anything for granted. Unless, they lived on the reservation or something realistically similar, they didn’t make the Indian Rolls. Once they intermarried, they didn’t make the Indian Rolls. The same with my Greats. The census taker rarely marked one member Mulatto and the other White. You’d need a correct death certificate for that. Some family member would still list them as white, so they could be buried in the same cemetery. You have to remember the times. They were different and you’d want them buried in the Johnson Family Cemetery (or other similar) with the family.

    I didn’t track any of the Alsup’s, but I’ll see if any trees are similar. There are many Patrick tree’s. I checked all of the Menifee death certificates and some Breathitt. I’ll keep checking on my end.

    I’ll ask some of the Lawson/Back cousins if they have any direct knowledge. Some still live in the area. I just missed their reunion here but some may still be in town.

    Best Wishes,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  30. Jodie Wells Says:

    I’m working with a friend of mine Steve Pieratt.
    We are trying to find the cemetary in Bath County were Valentine Pieratt is buried.
    Do you know where this is? If so can you send me directions?

    Thanks Jodie Wells

  31. Sheila Says:

    Dear Jodie,

    I’m sorry, but I don’t know. I’ll try to see if any of the local family members know. I’ll also check my notes to see what I can come up with.

    Thanks as always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  32. wow, found the Adkins line dating back to 1066!

  33. sherry Says:

    Hi Shelia, This Sherry again, Hassell daughter. Do you think that after the holidays that you could call me or email me. I would love to talk to you. My email is Thanks sweetie, Have a safe and Happy Holiday. Love ya

  34. Only one Life
    that soon is past
    Only what’s done
    with Love will last…

  35. Mwshepherd78 Says:

    My names mike shepherd. My grandmother was an adkins. Im searching our tree and found this blog, i thought it was absolutely wonderful. Let me see if i can stump you with a question… Elijah and nancy white wing had 4 kids one of them being richard adkins, richard had a son named jessie or jessie james, and he had a son named either churhel or william churchel adkins do you know anything about either of them? I cant find much about them at all.

  36. Kevin Reeder Says:

    What limited knowledge I have of my ancestry draws a fairly straight line to Chief Cornstalk. My fathers mothers maiden name was Adkins. I don’t think I have much to contribute, I just wanted to say hello from Chicago. Kevin

  37. Hi Sheila:
    Do you know what happened to Carolyn Pigg….she seems to have well….join the true record book….. Robert

  38. Sheila Says:

    Dear Robert,

    I haven’t talked to her in a year or so. She said that she was moving and was having trouble with her eyes. That’s the last time she contacted me. I’m not sure what you mean, “join the true record book.” I don’t have a contact number for her, but I can try and email her old email address. It has been awhile. I was thinking about her the other day.

    As always,

  39. I am so sorry, but I suspect she has joined many other relatives on the other side….I found a message she sent me a while ago and no messages have come since. ral

  40. Sal W Says:

    Hi Sheila and everyone! I descend from Mary Susan Metcalf d. of William Norris Metcalf and Sarah Milley Cornelious, s. of James Metcalf and Mary “Polly” Black, s. of Norris Metcalf and Jane Claypoole. I would love to see if anyone has pictures to share? Unfortunately I do not and it would make my year if I was able to find some of my ancestors!

    Also, I am wondering if there is any relation to the James Metcalf that was killed in the Shelton Laurel Massacre to any James Metcalfs in my above line? Does anyone know?

    Glad to be here! Sal

  41. Emmitt C. Adkins II Says:

    Hello Sheila,
    I have been talking with my family for the past few weeks learning about my fathers line. I have been warned that I may not be able to get very far because of the Lincoln Co. courthouse fire in 1909, but I have kept at it and now am here. My grand father was Willard Adkins and his brother was Raymond. Raymond and Betty lived at the bottom of 10 Mile Creek. Betty is still there and I am going to visit her in a couple of weeks. You have a post about Raymond Adkins of Laurel Hill and I only have one question. Where did you find that Likens Adkins was the son of Richard Adkins and Lucinda Drake? No where else can I find the name in connection or even mentioned.

    I would be honored to speek to you if you would be willing. I am putting together a heritage tree to give out to everyone this coming Christmas 2013. I also plan on re-marking the graves at the Adkins Cem on 10 Mile Creek Rd and photographing them for future recognition. My phone number is 706-888-7508, email address is attached to the post.

    Thank you for any help you would be willing to provide.

    Emmitt Adkins

  42. David R Metcalf Says:

    Hello, my name is David Metcalf! I am starting to work on my Family Tree and I came across your page, Metcalf Family News! The branch that I am apart of has it’s roots in the mountains of Western North Carolina and to my knowledge, parts of Virginia as well. I am interested if we share a common ancestry? My grandmother has some information on the origins of our family, but she is very old and her memory has failed her. I do have some information, but not a terrible amount. As I said before, we have our roots in the mountains, the early branch begins mainly in Madison County. I do have a few charts in my possession but not as much information as I would like. I have heard a few stories as to the beginning of the Metcalf’s in America, but I have no idea how truthful they might be. From what I have heard in the past, our line starts with 3 brothers that came from England. One of the brothers possibly went north to Pennsylvania and the other two settled in Virginia. Of the two that settled in Virginia, one decided to go south to North Carolina. I am unsure if it was the original brother or his son. I am not even sure what their names are. I believe that my grandmother may have has some of this knowledge, but it may be lost now. I do know that my Great Great Grandfather was a mathematician at Mars Hill College and his wife was a full blooded Cherokee Indian. Apparently, they died in the influenza epidemic in 1917 and my orphaned Great Grandfather lived with several different families until he was an adult. To be honest, I do not know how truthful these stories might be. I do know that we have relations in Virgina but I am unsure as to who they might be. If you have any answers or if you could provide any information, I would greatly appreciate it! I would love to discover the origins of my family and to be able to pass it on to my children so that they know where they came from. I will try to obtain what little information is available to me and begin there. Truthfully, I have no idea where to begin at and if you have any tips as to where to start, I would be forever thankful! My contact information is: and (919)-710-1263.

    David R. Metcalf

  43. Donna Says:

    Hello, I come come Adkins side of family. I am doing my family tree and come across Chief Cornstalk. Would love to have any info. Thanks

  44. Robert Roy Metcalf Says:

    hi am a Metcalf that hails form Yorkshire England , my grand father Robert Mathew Metcalf came to Pennsylvania and settled in Exeter pa ,, anyone out there from Yorkshire — we may be related if so
    my email is metcalf2713@yahoo.comi am now in alabama

  45. Sal Says:

    Hi All, not sure how many people read here still, but I was hoping to match up to others related to me before dad passed, so I could maybe pass on more info to him, about our Metcalf side.

    Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer (right off the bat) September 13, 2012, I posted here in January 2013, and he died on Father’s Day this year, June 16, 2013.

    Hoping people still read this and maybe are willing to share links to family trees or something? I have numerous family trees at, for DNA projects and such, and am going to create one that is just people related to my Metcalfs.

    I had my Dad and I do atDNA testing for genealogy before he started chemo last fall, and have met a couple of metcalfs that way, it’s sooo awesome, atNDA. I highly encourage others to do it. If you aren’t familiar, I am happy to explain. I have atDNA testing at and Dad has his at and

    Here is my line again, I descend from:

    Mary Susan Metcalf and Joseph Simeon Alexander, were my GG Grandparents. Mary Susan was born 1860 in Boone, KY and died in 1897 in Big HIll, KY,

    Mary Susan was the daughter of my GGG Grandparents, William (Norris) Metcalf and Sarah Milley Cornelious.

    William was born in 1828 in London, Laurel, KY and died in 1885 in Maplesville, Laurel, KY,
    William was the son of my GGGG Grandparents, James Metcalf and Mary “Polly” Black.

    James was born in 1794 in Buncombe County, North Carolina and died in 1863 in Pond Lick Creek, Jackson, Kentucky,
    James was the son of my GGGGG Grandparents Norris Metcalf and Jane Claypoole,

    Norris was born in 1765 in Tennessee and died 1841 in Grundy, Missouri.
    Norris was the son of my 6th G Grandparents, Anthony Metcalf Mary Polly Hogan.

    Anthony was born in 1731 in Fauquier, Virginia and died September 17, 1813 in Norfolk, Norfolk, Virginia.
    Anthony was the son of my 7th G Grandparents, James Metcalf and Mary Norris.

    I still need to look back a recall how it is verified about Anthony Metcalf if my 7th G Grandfather. But I know people who have researched pretty thoroughly.

    I have been in contact with atDNA genealogy matches who have thorough research on our Metcalf line also.

    Hope everyone is healthy,


  46. Mary Stump Kozak Says:

    Hi Sheila, I’m connected to the “Stump” part of your tree thru Francis. His son Abner had a son Joseph, who had a son Claud, who had me! I’ve been chasing grave sites around Texas and New Mexico…pretty fascinating stuff! The first Parthany (I’ve seen a few spellings…and there are TWO by that name in the tree) is buried close to Denton, Texas …we’ll be visiting that site this spring. Any Stump info earlier than Francis would be interesting to me and much appreciated.

  47. Clarence Wooten Says:

    Greetings. I connect through the Atkins line and have read much of your blog about Mitha. It has been a while since I last read and I do not know any newer information that has been posted and honestly I don’t have a lot of time to try to read everything. But I wanted to share a thought about who Mitha might have been, Through my Bostic line, I believe I may have found something to her identity. This is based on court records. Dr. Parker married Micha Harris (original name), daughter of Pater Harris and believed wife’s name Michal. She married a Burgony, a Floyd, a Bostic, and finally Dr. Parker. This link I am posting provides convincing evidence based on court records who Dr. Parker’s wife was and quite possibly who Mitha may be.There seems to be strong support that she is Michal Harris. Please check this link out to view the information there regarding Micha Harris:

    Some suggest that Peter Harris’s wife was Michal Ballou, daughter of a Frenchman, but I have no clue. As I only want the truth and have no other agenda regarding relatives, I am persuaded that this is probably the Mitha that has been a mystery. I truly hope this may be of help. Best regards and respect, Clarence Wooten

  48. Art Says:

    Sheila, et al – my great great grandfather was named Oseola Adkins. This is a link to a copyrighted photo of him that was taken on the Hazel River in Culpeper Virginia around 1901.

    I have been to the site of the photo shoot in Culpeper and have extensive other research and artifacts on him.

    Many members of my family received copies of this photo directly from Oseola in his later years. At least two of those family elders are still living. According to his marriage certificate, Oseola was born to Britton Adkins and Martha Ann Reed in Sussex County, VA in 1850. My grandmother was raised by Oseola and Oseola’s wife (my grandmother’s grandparents); she maintained that Oseola either was a chief or was descended from a line of tribal chiefs. Given the prominence of the Adkins name, we have theorized that perhaps Oseola’s father was a Chickahominy (of which there were many in nearby Charles City County VA) and that perhaps his mother was a Cheroenhaka (apparently the Reed surname was common among the Cheroenhaka). When I stumbled on your site with the information about Parker Adkins taking a bride from the Shawnee… and the link to the Reed family name, it piqued my interest. I believe that I have found some line of the Parker Adkins family that eventually made their way to Sussex… and further members of that branch who settled in Charles City County. But I was wondering whether you or the others on this site have any recollection of Oseola Adkins or his parents.


  49. Meredith Young Sandstrom Says:

    Reaching out to my HUGE family, I am am descended from Greenbrier Cornstalk and Reuben Kennison/Kinnison. I have so much more to learn but I am excited and fascinated! If anyone has any further info for me, please contact me on FB; Meredith Young Sandstrom, OR bonfiess@

  50. Linda Sigman Says:

    Hello all! My lineage is through Elizabeth See Shoemaker. I am trying to fill in the gaps after she married Young Peter Cornstalk,,,why were the Cornstalks all named Peter? Was young Peter Cornstalk and Peter Shoemaker the same person? My g.grandmother was Emma Ev Shoemaker Casto. I wish she was still living to help me fill in the gaps. Any info is greatly appreciated. You can message me on facebook or email me at: peace and love to all. Thanks, Linda Sigman

  51. Laura Orsini Says:

    I just recently found out that my son’s family tree on his father’s side may be descended from Mary Blue Sky Cornstalk. I am trying to prove it. Supposedly it descends down to him through the Thacker surname in his tree. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  52. Laura Orsini Says:

    Also my son’s DNA test did not show any Indian in his genes yet he is descended from the Thacker/Adkins lines and the DNA connected him to people with those names. Any advice? My email is

  53. Lisa Chan Says:

    Hello Sheila, I found your site through a search for Poteets of Baltimore County, Maryland. I’m the manager of an autosomal and Y-DNA project focusing on the Rhodes/Whitaker/Poteet/McComas/Standiford lines originating from there.

    We have some excellent leads, but we’re attempting to fill out our knowledge of the Poteet lineages and better understand our numerous Poteet DNA cousin matches.

    If this line still interests you, you’re welcome to join us for conversation at
    Descendants of Illinois Rhodes from Colonial Maryland

    Greetings from Seattle,
    Lisa C.

  54. Robert Marco Says:

    I don’t ever remember coming to this site in 2009 asking about Duval Porter……he was my grandfather’s uncle. He was a poet and I have his book ‘Sunset Poems’, as does a cousin of mine. I just found his death certificate on line and found that he wrote a poem ‘Pittsylvania’ and it was included in a book, ‘The History of Pittsylvania County’, in 1929, after his death.

  55. Nicole Says:

    Can anyone help me? I have an Aaron Adkins in my line, born 1789. Everything I have on him says he is the son of Elijah Adkins born 1764. But I can’t find proof that Elijah had a son named Aaron. Elijah is the son of Parker V. Adkins. But my info on his mother is not consistent. Any help would be great. Thanks

  56. Betty Tate Says:

    This is an awesome blog. I believe that we are related. By Mariah Cornstalk born 1810 in Brunswick County Virginia. Thank you for sharing family information.

  57. Angela Wingenter Says:

    Nicole, I too have the same Aaron Adkins on my family tree and have been stuck for a while:) I can’t find any proof that Aaron and Sarah Sanders are the true parents of Eli Adkins 1820, who is my 4x great grandfather. I can prove back to Eli, but then it’s just speculation after that. I did however take a DNA test, and according to the results, I have LOTS of distant cousins that have all of these same Adkins lines in them. So I know I am related to Parker Vincent, just can’t prove how.

  58. Kimberley Fay Says:

    I’m Kimberley Fay born to Harold Meth ( yes no- joke it’s real) and Frema Ann Mills. My Grandmother my nana was Della Oakley Adkins Marie’s to Orval Wilbur Meth. Della was born to Elijah S but used Stuart E Adkins all his life ( not sure but stories were he hated the name) he was married to Eva Leona Rousey. Stuart was born to Elijah Delilah m Price and he was born to Hezekiah jr. and Sarah Childers. He was born to a Hezekiah and mary Lafon. Then came his father Parker and Mary no name that I can find for fact then William Elizabeth Then Richard and so far I see a Minitha which might account for my dad having some native blood. Cause we can’t figure for life of us where that came from.
    Now, I’m in hopes you could besides ancestry point me to more areas to search.
    My dad and I love history and ancestry it was our thing. My dad passed before I could finish of cancer. So I made him a promise I would not give up.
    I flunked math and English grammar as you can pretty much tell here but the desire to fulfill this is deep.
    My dad’s mom was born in West Virginia.
    Now doing the Meth side I had to stop cause I ran into huge roadblock. But if you have advice I’d love it.
    I got my dad Harold his dad Orval and Orval’s dad Edgar Meth Married To Ethel Verley but his dad I can’t find where he was born to find his parents sadly.
    I’m sorry for rambling I saw your blog here and caught my eye and thought maybe some hope.
    My email is
    Chat anytime
    Kimberley Fay

  59. Sherrell Says:

    Enjoyed reading your history and comments. Thanks for sharing.
    I’m looking for information on Thomas Adkins who married Olivia Morgan in 1795 in Va. Do you know who his or her parents were? I was told his father was Jesse but I nor the individual who told me that have any proof. Also said they thought Olivia’s father was David Morgan but again no proof.
    Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


  60. Kathy Drake Says:

    I’m just starting (again) to discover family ancestry. I happened here by way of Sarah Margaret Dunn Stone Flannery, my paternal grandmother and daughter of Martha and Jeremiah Dunn. Any/all advice/pictures/docs are appreciated!
    Thank you
    Kathy( Stone) Drake

  61. Sheila Says:

    Check “Find a Grave” online regularly, they’re doing a fine job of linking up families. A lot of cemeteries are doing their part as well.

    Many blogs offer help with individual Surnames.

    I’d think that “Meth” is a probably a shortened version of a much longer Surname or mispronunciation, that’d be worth looking into. Read all of the old census from wherever your families come from. Families rarely move more than 20 miles from where they’re born. A couple may move off but the Nuclear usually stay put. Hope this helps.

  62. Brenda Pennington Whitt Says:

    My 2x grandmother was Almedia Adkins Whitt. Wife of Alfred. I understand she is the daughter of Captain William W and Nancy Dameron Adkins. I found his name listed on this site

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