No, I didn’t cut down the family tree… it’s my Mom’s family Surname. It happens to belong to my Mom’s peeps. Not many of them left now but Aunt Jackie & Uncle Jim, maybe a few others here and there. Well my Stump family side kinda goes like this…

Julia Lorraine Stump daughter of Elvia Mae Fugate and Odis LeRoy Stump… (that’s Lah Roy and not Lee-Roy LOL it means the Lion or King).  Now Odis’s father was none other than Presley Stump. Press married his first wife Ellen Adaline Cochran, heir to the Dewey Family lineage. I hear there is a book about them, but I haven’t found that one yet. I believe it’s called the Life of Geo. Dewey and Dewey fam. hist. By Adelbert M. Dewey. Westfield, Ms, 1898. (1117p.):689 and I also have the family members link to their names on my family tree. My grandpa Odis was born to his second wife Nancy Taylor. I could really use more info on her.

Grandpa Stump was a stern man, ex-Marine. He loved to garden, I guess that’s where I got it from? My mom loved to garden as well. But I like to grow flowers and my Grandpa thought that was a huge waste of time. He said leave those @#$% flowers alone until you get your garden in. That’s just the kind of man he was.

I have also heard that there is a book called “Kin in Linn” (Kansas) with all of this info in it. I would love to pick that up on eBay. But so far it’s only available at the Historical Society in Linn County, Kansas. So, if you hear of a break in… just know it wasn’t me. LOL

Elvia Mae Fugate was the daughter of James Nathan Fugate and Mary Edna Craft. I’m not sure why they both chose to use their middle names but I think it’s cute that they did. LOL

Nathan was the son of Ira “Tee” Fugate and Nevada Craft. That’s pronounced (knee vee duh). Too cute… Not sure why the Ira’s,Ira Steven “Tee” and his father Ira Estill “Lock” Fugate went by nick names but as I’m finding out a lot of them did. I have one 1st cousin twice removed named Carter “Butt” Fugate. I’m sorry but that is just wrong. LOL Who would do that to their kid? I won’t even mention the other kids nicknames. I did however put them on my family tree at the Ancestry website. I couldn’t resist.

I wasn’t surprised when I realized that Ira and Woodrow Wilson Craft (Alice Pieratt) were related; second cousins. Their kids are either third cousins or that once removed thing again. Not time to do the math on that one. My cousin wants me to turn on my IM so we can talk so I better finish this one up pretty quick.

I better get a move on… up the tree we find Nevada (remember how it’s pronounced) she was the daughter of John Linville Craft and Nancy Back Craft. Ira Estill Fugate married Margaret Frazier. Ira’s father was Zachariah Fugate married wait for it… Sarah Frazier. Was she and Margaret related? I’m not telling and really does it matter? I’ve already said we are all related so there is no shock there. Margaret’s parents were James Harry and Hester Hogg Frazier.

John Linville ‘s parents were John Wilheim and Susanna Hagins Craft whereas Nancy’s were Joseph and Permelia Belle “Melia” Hogg Back. Permelia was the daughter of Steven & Sarah Williams Hogg.  Joseph was the son of John and Catherine Robinson Back.  John was the first Back in Breathitt County and was among the prominent families of Quicksand. John was the son of Henry 1743 – 1807 and Elizabeth Hoffman Back. Henry was born to Hermann 1708-1798 and Anna M Hausmann 1711-1798 Bach.

I believe there is a book about them as well it can be purchased from

Now, Woodrow’s parents were Daniel and Idress “Ida” Risner Craft he too was the the son of John Wilheim Craft. We are a very close family. LOL Alice on the other hand, she was the daughter of John S Pieratt aka Long John (gotta love those nicknames) and Margaret Nickell. I have Nickell’s running on every side of my family tree along with the Howard’s, but that is another story. LOL

Margaret, was the daughter of Isaac Wilson and Mary Ann Oakly Nickell. I’m sure she and Long John were very happy together.  Now Long John was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Cox Pieratt.

Ida was the daughter of James and Margaret “Peggy” Adams Risner.

Where was I?

I think I totally forgot about my Stump side peeps:

Presley Stump

Birth: 1 Jun 1857


Death: 23 Jul 1935

La Cygene, Linn, Kansas

Presley Stump Family Tree


William Bradford Stump (Born: 1833-1859)


Mary Elizabeth Davis (Born: 1838-1880)


Ellen Adaline Cochran (Born: 1861-1948)

Nancy J. Taylor (Born: 1877-1956)

Known Children (with Ellen Adaline Cochran)

Clara A Stumph (Born: 1880-1956)

Ayers Willis Stumph (Born: 1883-1957)

Lavinia May Stumph (Born: 1885-1949)

Nellie Pearl Stumph (Born: 1887-UNK)

Maude A Stumph (Born: 1888-1949)

Howard Joseph Stumph (Born: 1890-1965)

Ferne Rose Contowvine Stumph (Born: 1893-1967)

Earl Jay Stumph (Born: 1895-1930)

Known Children (with Nancy J. Taylor)

Jacob Presley “Jake” Stump (Born: 1900-1962)

Francis A Stump (Born: 1904-UNK)

Josephine Rena “Rene” Stump (Born: 1906-1988 )

Joseph Theadore Stump (Born: 1908-1982)

Mary Mae Stump (Born: 1911-1989)

Amos Stump (Born: 1914-1917)

Odis LeRoy Stump (Born: 1916-2001)

Oscar Dorryn Stump (Born: 1917-1995)


Well here it is in a nutshell, until I get that little gap I can only connect a few. Presley was the son of William Bradford and Mary E Davis Stump. Presley had 8 children each by his 2 wives. A Springer Moment. I’ve had a lot of those since I started this tree.

William Bradford Stump was the son of Francis and Perthana Wood Stump. (Where did they get these names?) Mary Davis, she was born to Presley & Willia Kelly Davis. Presley (not sure if he went by Pres or not. LOL) was born to George and Elizabeth Able Davis. Now if she was a modern woman, that Able-Davis hyphenated thing would work for her.

Here’s the part I love, the only nearly famous person on my tree… George was born to Captain Jesse and Nancy Milton Davis. Wa hoo!!! Now that even sounds impressive.

Francis was born to (now I’m a little skeptical about this part) David Washabaugh and Catherine Ripple Stump. I’m just going along with the rest of the world on this one.

Perthana was born to Joseph and Elizabeth Keith Wood. Joseph was the son of John Wood and I think the trail starts to run cold somewhere about here.

David Washabaugh  Stump was born to Francis & Rachel Martin Stump and Catherine Ripple was born to Michael & Elizabeth Ripple.

Now, Rachael Martin’s family: I’ve tracked her way back to a lot of German names I cannot pronounce so I will leave it there. You can check their individual family Surname posts under the category Family Surname list for more info on each generation.

Thanks for stopping by…

11 Responses to “Stump”

  1. Apporkaxior Says:



    NEVADA’s sister Arizona(zonie, was my greatgrandmother on my fathers side. She married James Johnston

  3. Michael Cole Says:

    Cool. Francis and Perthana were my great-great-great-grandparents.

  4. Ute Vance Says:

    Can you get in contact with me? I am new to the “finding family history” familytree thing. My mother-in-law died about 2 weeks ago. A cousin gave us a family tree after the funeral. I had always tried to get her to research the family. Her mother’s dad (her grandfather) was a Warren Adkins. The only thing she told us about him is that he was Indian, and that he was mean. He had given her a family book about the Indian heritage when she was little, but it burned in a house fire. Her grandfather and grandmother were married in Cabell County, WV, I think. His father’s name was Clayton Adkins. I believe that he may somehow fit into your family tree. Can you help.

    Thank you so much, Ute

  5. Connie Stump Young Says:

    Sheila, thanks for all this information! …from a Stump!!

  6. Sheila Says:

    Thanks Connie,

    Thank you for the nice compliment. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

  7. Mike Stump Says:

    Jacob Stump aka Presley died 1962

  8. Sheila Says:

    Thanks Mike,

    I had that before, but just removed it, because someone said he was still alive, so I took it out. I’ll readd it.

    Thanks as always,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  9. Faye Anglin Says:

    Hey there! I married into the Stump family back in 1968. Love your info. Have a question-How did the Stump name get the h ending? Thanks so much,
    Faye Stump Anglin

  10. Sheila Says:

    Dear Faye,

    I apologize for not mentioning this sooner. I thought I had.

    My Great-Grandpa Press (in a nutshell) basically thought it looked cool (more distinguished) to add it when he married his first wife Ellen Cochran. He dropped it when he married my/our Great-Grandma Nancy Taylor. He told the grand kids that he just thought it looked nicer. No real reason at all according to my Aunt Jackie. She shared a lot of stories about him.

    Others have speculated that he added it knowing that he was going to leave her the entire time and dropped it to hide out. I seriously doubt that was the case since they had 8 kids together. [That’s a long time to be with someone – just biding your time until you leave them.] She never did say why they actually split up. Doubt if they told her or anyone as to why, outside of themselves.

    Its just as simple as that. He wanted to add it.

    My favorite story that Aunt Jackie tells about him is that when he was very ill (he had cancer before it was called cancer). He paid the grand kids $0.25 to scratch his back. She said that he had a hole in his back the size of a dinner plate and it itched all the time, she made a lot of coins scratching his back and he loved it.

    I hope this clears the “H” mystery up for you.

    Thanks as always and Welcome to the family,
    Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

  11. 2saunter Says:

    Hi from a Stump with the h! My grandfather was Howard Joseph Stumph. He passed away before I was born, but my Grandma told us that our Great Grandmother added the h to her name and her children’s after she left Presley. Funny how there are different stories about the h.

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