This post is for Amanda and all of the Adkins’ family that spring from Keigh-taugh-quah Hokoleskwa Cornstalk, the maternal grandfather of the wife of my 5th great grand uncle:

Chief Cornstalk: Shawnee Lineage

Keigh-taugh-quah Hokoleskwa Cornstalk

son of Wawwaythi Whitefish Okowellos “Ionoco” Sunfish (1672-1740) and Bird (1682-1740).

Spouse & Children:
Helizikinopo (1715 – 1756)

M:Chenusaw CORNSTALK (1730 – 1778)
M:Wolf Piaserka CORNSTALK (1733 – 1788)
F:Mary CORNSTALK (1735 – 1775)
M:Walker Keigh tugh quah And Heliziknopo CORNSTALK (1735 – 1818)
M:Newa CORNSTALK (1737 – 1776)
F:Aracoma Snow CORNSTALK (1740 – 1780)
F:Greenbrier CORNSTALK (1741 – 1777)
M:Stout Man Wneypuechsika CORNSTALK (1742 – 1832)
F:Mary Blue Sky Cornstalk (1744 – 1791)
M:Ellinipsico CORNSTALK (1745 – 1777)
F:Elizabeth CORNSTALK (1746 – 1770)
F:Esther Cutewah CORNSTALK (1748 – 1777)
F:Oceano Cornstalk (1756 – 1765)

Other Spouse & Children:
Ounaconoa Moytoy (1716 – 1755)

M:Wissecapoway Cornstalk (1735 – 1808)
M:Wynepuechiska Shawnee Cornstalk (1738 –)
M:Black Wolf Benewiska Cornstalk (1740 – 1796)
M:Ionoco Ailstock Cornstalk (1741 – 1777)
M:Nenpemeshequa Cornstalk (1742 – )
M:Wissecapouay Shawnee Cornstalk (1744 – )
M:Benewisca Shawnee Indian (1750 –)
M:Lawathtucheh John Wolf Cornstalk (1750 – 1834)
M:Peitehthator Shawnee Indian (1752 –)
M:Wissecapoway Cornstalk (1753 – )
M:Lawathtucheh Shawnee Indian (1754 –)
M:Wynepuechiska Peter Cornstalk (1755 – 1838)
F:White Wing  Cornstalk (1756 – )
F:Susannah Keigh tugh quah A Ounaconoa Moytoy Cornstalk (1757 – 1820)
M:White Fish Cornstalk (1760 – )

Other Spouse & Children

Julia Scot (1726 – 1755)

M:Sun Fish Cornstalk (1741 – 1774)
M:Elijah Keigh tugh quah And Julia Scot Cornstalk (1744 – 1760)
M:Absaloma Alistock “Absalom Ailstock” Cornstalk of Lexington, Rockbridge, Virginia (1748 – 1858)
M:Abraham Alistock “Abraham Aylstock” Cornstalk of Botetourt, Virginia (1750 – 1855)
M:Michael Ailstock Cornstalk (1760 – 1795)

Amanda: I am just looking into my family tree I have no facts as of yet but I found a Turner married to Mary cornstalk is there more than one I know I’m Shawnee and Cherokee I have 2 chiefs telling me and when I gave a list of names to the Shawnee chief he said I am Cornstalk bloodline but I still want to work on my tree I have a few names on both sides of my family I am born a Stanley and off that was the king family that I have found so far now off the Turner side I have Shepherd Brown, White, Asberry, so far I still have family in point pleasant but I just found them there all around my age and don’t know much on the family so if anyone knows anyone of those last names It would help I’m not out to make anyone mad or to get proof I just want to find the family tree and not wait on the chiefs because I know they are busy with other things.

Dear Amanda, I hope this answers a few of your questions and maybe stirred a few more. I’m deeply sorry that the Chief’s are to busy to help, so I will try to answer as much as possible. Maybe try to read a few of the comments by one reader named Grim. He works with the tribes on their history.

I’m also hoping that with this post someone with more knowledge than I can report my mistakes and I’ll be happy to fix any. I’m sure I’m missing a child here as well so that may get fixed here too.

I’m posting a pic of CORNSTALK’S Headstone

Images are of multiple tribes. Including video of the Edison early films of the Ghost Dance.

Thanks as always and Welcome to the Family!
Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

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