… here is what I have uncovered.

Littleberry Adkins the son of Parker Adkins and his wife Nancy Adkins daughter of Mary Adkins and (Jacob Harley) were married on 29 May 1790 in Franklin, Virginia. Together they had 9 children. One of which; a daughter named Christena Adkins (1805-1884 VA) married David Daniel Fry (1801-1884) son of Peter and Mary Ann Johnston Fry. And together, they had 6 known children. One Mary aka Polly 1836 married late, if at all. She was still living at home at the age of 44. I don’t have a marriage license yet for her nor found a document that said, Parker had a son named Parker. Their two older children Andrew Jackson Adkins and Hezekiah Fry Adkins are believed to be from a previous marriage. No documents found to support that.

I have read many books with references to them and thousands of documents from Virginia and I haven’t found one that shows Parker son of William having a son Parker Adkins. As a result of this; on my family tree, I’ve never married him off to either sister. I have a lot of notes on them. But until I get the documents, a will or census, tax records something, I don’t add them.

Also, I did email the other tree owners about removing the Fry from Mary Alexander’s last name. I have hyphenated it on mine, due to a possible second marriage reference I found. On my tree it will stay that way; since I have found the wills. I try to put a copy of my findings on this blog as they appear with the reference they were placed.

Now for Tecumseh Peekishnoah And Margurette Ice Tecumseh he married 3rd wife White Wing Nancy “Big Nancy” Cornstalk (daughter of father Nenpemeshequa-Wneypuechsika-Stout Man-Young Chief Cornstalk son of Keigh-taugh-quah Hokoleskwa Cornstalk and 1st wife Helizikinopo and mother Elizabeth Catherine See) after she ran off with him. This is Ohio and we have a lot of material on Tecumseh. Did I get anything wrong here?

We welcome all facts, opinions, reference articles and documents (even rumors at this point) as I’m sure if you have read “ALL” of the Adkins’ and Parker’ posts on this blog, you already know. We’re all just searching for the facts here.

Bring it!!!


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