I’m writing my post today, because once again, I was challenged on my finds. We all know that I love a great debate and have been doing it for years. Here’s a direct quote from me from 2009

I don’t need to phone a friend, poll the audience or use my 50/50 to have a great debate. I simply pose a question and wait for a response; PROS & CONS. I give my view point of view and you give yours, hence the word: DEBATE! I do give credit… where credit is due.

and another almost snippy comment by me under the same post…

I can go back and delete that line in my comment (as I did) and in my notes as I should have done prior to my posting the comment but since you have referenced it here, it won’t go away that easy. Unless I play GOD and delete it from your comment well. As the admin I have to power to do that here. Is this what you would prefer?

I do feel that if you’re the Professor: a person who professes to be an expert teaching the class, Shawnee Chief Cornstalk 101 then where is your Curriculum, reference material and/or notes? What are you bringing to the table here? You’re quick to dismiss everything, everyone else has said but offered no proof… nothing here on this matter; facts, ideas or references… only opinions, as far as I can see. With this being the case: why are you right and the rest of us wrong?

I did delete “my guess” part of that comment. And yours as well, should you decide for me to do so… that much of it will go away… but I think for YOU to be RIGHT… you need to provide some proof on your theories.

FEEL THE POWER… BRING IT… We’re all ears…

I’m not saying that you can’t get my dander up in a heated debate, because me you can. But, I did follow it with…

PS: Your critique of my deleted comment: You know I never called you an armchair genealogist in that comment. That was a cheap shot.
I deleted it because it did sound belittling, and my intent was not to discredit anyone’s findings. A lot of people have come before and hopefully even more after, and there is a lot of data scattered about, it would be in our best interest to get it together. That was the complete basis of that comment. Hopefully, you saved it so you can paste it back here. I deleted it without saving it first.

Some days, I tend to just let it roll like water off a ducks back, but today, I find myself having this same old lame argument. I did post on Facebook that Don Greene posted on my blog and if any of the cousins had any questions for him, that he would be glad to discuss it with them.

This set off a frenzy of  negative IM’s and I’m sorry for doing so, but this is the only contact that I have ever had with Don Greene;  now or in the past. I do not own any of his books, nor did I get any of my comments from it. Unless, it was thrown at me, as it has been many times in the past.  It is bandied about my blog, like a star gleaming in the night. I’m not saying that he hasn’t done his homework or that he even asked to be referenced on this post or any other, I’m just rebutting the accusation that I have somehow, at some point, reprinted all of his findings.

I have looked at his book at Amazon, since it was referenced many times, but I didn’t feel the need to buy it. I was only interested to see what others found or where he had obtained his documents.  As I’m sure many of you have as well.

I would like to personally apologize to him, for having no part in this at all up to this point, only to have himself  dragged into many discussions in the past. But that was not from me either, but from others, for which he was not a party to. And for that I am truly sorry. No one should ever be put into that situation, without their due consent.

He has since joined the comment query on this blog, so I guess, he – himself is open to the experience.  The FAMILY may or may not want to talk to him about HIS research or MINE or GAREN’s or TOM’s or MAGGIE’s or RONNIE’s, but I would stick to asking each of them, what their findings are. I know, I did, with the exception of Don Greene. Not that I didn’t think he had done his home work, but because he was only interested in the Shawnee aspects, as I was only interested in the FAMILY history.  I did ask him the two questions that I had on my mind, see under comments, about Elijah Adkins/ Atkins daughter Nancy, since we have no record of her, I was hoping to see what became of her, but he chose not to answer, so the FAMILY may never know.

My blog is for the FAMILY to share ideas, our research and history. We’re all related and its for posterity.  To help our children, and hopefully, their children’s children, know where they came from. Many others have done it, and I don’t know why we can’t. Yes, I do speculate a lot on this blog, but all researchers do. If we don’t get an idea, we won’t have something to look for. Should my findings be inaccurate, then I try and remedy it, but I do look at it from all angles and sides. Everyone has a view point, and I do say in most of my posts that it was a rumor or just an idea. I run it up the flagpole and see of it flies.

I was going to call Connie Heard, a local Chief, today from Fort Ancient, but I better put that on hold. I’d hate to drag someone else into this squabble. Although, she is supposed to be the nicest person you could ever talk to, and will help you with anything, comes with the highest recommendation, I better table that for now. It’s a shame, because I was really looking forward to talking with her. Oh well, hopefully, she and I can meet at some point, she seems like someone I’d really like. Until then…

I will continue to work daily on my FAMILY research and play Farmville; my only vice. I work hard at what I do, and if you actually knew me, you’d know how much work that I do, you wouldn’t be so quick to make crass or demeaning comments to me or anyone else working to the same end. Respect the work and the findings, that’s all I ask.  I didn’t ask for a trophy and I have said it a million times, I’m not writing a book here, not making a dime from my WORK, I only want to preserve my FAMILY history. I have given credit where credit is due. My Uncle Denny Adkins has spent a great number of years, Jack Reed and my mom’s cousin Frank Goode, among others. I have thanked them countless times for their work and dedication, for which, I am forever in their debt.

This blog is about ME, my FAMILY, my HISTORY and my LINEAGE… it’s a sounding block for my ideas. A record of my work. I share almost every part of my life with my family and ask for nothing in return, but a little respect can go a long way. I would venture to say that at this point, I have only two secrets in my life, and will take to my grave with me, everything else I have disclosed.

I will continue to look through thousands of records and brainstorm with other FAMILY members, but will not stand to be accused of something for which I have never done, and now seems very unlikely that I will ever will do.  Thanks for your concern.

Now, I will go and put in a full day of being a wife, a mother and a Grandmother. I love my life!

Thanks as always,
Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

One of the illusions of life is that the present hour is not the critical, decisive hour. Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. No man has learned anything rightly, until he knows that every day is Doomsday. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

PS: I know I quote a lot of people on my blog, funny it looks to me like I have given them their due. See the “QUOTATION MARKS!”