what’s a good rule of thumb when posting your thoughts/suggestions on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.? I say to myself, “If some day my children read this, are they going to be horrified & embarrassed?” With recent examples of inappropriate tweets in the news, I’ve been thinking about how people navigate in the social media sphere. I’m not talking about spam. I was spammed twice on Pinterest this week & early this morning on Facebook but that’s an entirely different subject. My Advice: Is never click a link that an FB friend offers – no matter how tempting they can make it sound – so don’t ask me. Thanks! I don’t need an iPad. Just sayin’

I’m talking about throwing around any inappropriate lingo – when you use a hashtags (#TOPIC) that follows you on that subject. I Googled a friend the other day, looking for her mother’s obit to file her grandparents’ names. There I saw several Google links for – let’s say, less than appropriate language from many years past. I think even she’d be shocked by what she had said in a fit of anger. I did an entire post last month on eHate, that covered that aspect of it but I have to wonder if we think just because we posted it on a specific page or wall that the entire world can’t see it, are we wrong? Tricked into believing it, because when I couldn’t find a post that I know she had posted the week prior, it was gone. I know, it would have been easier just to ask her for her Grandparents names, but it seemed a bit intrusive at the time, when it would be listed in the obit, without question.

On a personal note: We all know I tend to be a bit over the top on the current political situation, so it’s best not even to ask for my opinion. I completely unleashed on the sweet little old lady they had posted outside the Title office in Franklin, when she asked me to sign her cute little petition. I’m sure her meek manner enticed a few people that were to busy to care what she was peddling and signed just to get on with their day, to ignorant on the real position she was taking to even ask or care for that matter. I’m sure even she was shocked by my answer, but this was a one on one situation – not the entire world situation(well until now anyway).

Are you worried at all what your kids or grandkids will think when they see your drunken rants, ugly threats or maybe the dirty little jokes? Trust me when I say that my kids know exactly how I feel politically and emotionally – so I’m sure they’re not shocked or even surprised by it. You know I tell people all the time, “If it’s on my brain it comes out my mouth.” I will admit that I have toned it down quite a bit lately, not that I feel any less strongly about it, but I don’t think it change anyone’s mind, one way or the other, probably just annoy them.

I have personally been unfriended by my daughter’s friend who was the worst Amoral, socially dysfunctional, etc., let’s just say she had some MAJOR issues far before I ever met her. She’s plain messed up. Perfect for the Liberal agenda. The truth about the fact is, she is too young to remember anything that actually went on – she only had the extremely biased media to form her opinions from & boy was she ever deceived. But she unfriended me, not the other way around. I could have shown her the err of her ways, but she chose to stay in her ignorance. So be it. I have to admit, its nicer with her gone, although I don’t believe in throwing people away, no matter how repugnant they may be. If I cut someone off, it’s because they have personally pushed my last button and admittedly there are a few people on that list. Depths of contempt that only need to stay between me and the individual – not the entire world. What am I willing to have follow me? It is after all, my reputation. What & how I present myself.

What are your thoughts?