As you know that when I say, “Vivre” that it means life with style.  With that said, it’s hard to imagine house work “with style,” no matter how pretty the apron. But I do try!

As I was trying to organize my day, my week and my month, since today is the 1st of the month and make the final plans for my 50th (intimate family “tea style”) birthday party at home in Party Central aka our attached garage. I couldn’t find my mop. I also, didn’t think it prudent, that I should Swiffer my garage floor. The mop is here somewhere, just have no idea what someone may have needed it for, to remove it from its rack, but worse than that, they didn’t put it back. No matter, I’ll just run and get me a new one. It’s about time for a new one anyway. Does anyone know a good Stanley sales person? It’s either that or the Dollar Store. I have to purchase some new toothbrushes for each of us and discard the old ones anyway; might as well make it a twofer.

The list was a long one today, so I’m pacing myself. I seem to tire a lot faster than I used to. Cleaning the gutters & the garage is on the list for today, and I’m thinking that one if not both are completely out of the question.

I have no idea as to how all of these chores… this entire list, hit on the same day. Just to name a few: Rearrange the family room furniture; Organize shoes & handbags in my closet; Add RidX to the Septic Tank; data backup (luckily, I have that programmed & it will even clean & run the system restore for me to create a new system restore point on the 1st of every month, can’t beat that); Ro-Lin Farms – Mulch 855-4128 $85.00 ($35.00 per scoop – 2 scoop minimum) $10.00 delivery fee. This doesn’t include all the daily chores that have to be done or those that are in red.

How did this happen? I’m only one person. People still seem to think that I’m some kind of conglomerate or company that employs 50 people, but nope, it’s just me. I wish I was Martha; she has a ton of assistants. I should see if she could lend me one for a few days, just until I catch up. I will admit that our lawn is maintained by a service – he’s just one guy too, but it’s not Anthony. Anthony will pay to have it mowed, so that he doesn’t have to. I would mow myself, if he’d pay to get the house cleaned every week! Deal?!

Anthony works too much (and he really does) to help around the house (so he reminds all the time, he has never helped out before – so I doubt if he’ll start now – unless I have it about 99% complete anyway). He’s at the Pumpkin Run in Owensville, Ohio today; buying or selling or both. It’s the Fastiques annual car show & swap, so that makes the gutters, virtually out of the question. Unless, and it’s seriously doubtful, that I’m going to get the ladder out and have at it myself. It’s probably… not going to happen. If I had the energy to that, I’d paint the bathroom, foyer and front door, weed and start planting more spring bulbs. Not enough hours in the day.

We (me & party central) survived three birthday parties last week and when mine is done, no more until the middle of November. Yeah. I need the rest and will play a little catch up.

I’ve asked for a “SIMPLE” family birthday party. I chose the 50 and fabulous there, seemed more than fitting (insert chuckle here). I just want relax and enjoy turning 50 (half of a hundred) with my immediate family. It should be lots of fun and less stressful for me.

Just have to get the day to day things done now… complete my To Do list. I do appreciate all of the requests this week, except for the one I deleted about guitars. Most are on hold for a few more days, please bare with me, at least until I get this last party over with. Thanks

I want to move the dance floor to the other side of the room, that’s a big job, but I guess, I can add it to the list (bigger chuckle here). Just my luck, I’ll end up throwing my back out moving it and will hate it, then have to move it back again. This may require a little more thought.

I should Windex the windows and wipe the switch covers while I’m at it (and no, I’m not indorsing any products, here – I just happen to have it saved to Outlook that way). I just read it and try to get it done. I get some serious satisfaction when I check the box, COMPLETE! It’s being held accountable by an unbiased program that makes me nuts. It can’t yell at me for not getting it done, but it will go red, which is basically the same thing if it’s not done, and that’s what does it! I knew that going 50 meant going RED, but it wasn’t supposed to be in Outlook (sigh)!

It wouldn’t be so bad, had I not let so many things go in order to plan for these spa, birthday parties and the wedding. I’ve got every shade of pink, black & white coming out my ears (not literally). I’ve been washing glassware from daylight to dark for a week now. It must be cleaned before and after every party, some even during, and I keep buying more. You think that’s not a job? I do love the “Crystal” cycle on my dishwasher, it’s the only cycle that doesn’t leave white streaks on my dishes. I’m not sure why, but I may start using it for all my dishes.

I’ve said all of this, just to say one thing, “I’m HAPPY!” and raspberries to all of the people that have criticized me, my hobby (which is “History,” family history to be more specific), and my research this past month. I have a LIFE, a real one, complete with family, friends and obligations. I clean my own house, love to cook and to eat, and care for all those whom enter here.

It is to them that I owe my due diligence. If I make a mistake or don’t like something, I’ll just change it, but I love my life, so there is little to change. I’m happy with the way it has turned out. I don’t mind turning a fabulous 50. As I said before, “I’m half way through a life well lived.” I have a handsome husband that loves me, more than he does himself; he allows me the freedom to be me, to make mistakes, reminds me of the things I may forget, and loves me for all of my quirks, for which I am eternally grateful. I have beautiful children and lots of gorgeous Grandchildren; biological, adopted and foster – few can tell, or even know, which are which. I love them all.

What more could a woman ask for?

Last week, my Facebook status read, “…wants a Tom Jones CD and pajama jeans for her birthday. Lowered expectations!” Its not that I don’t really want anything, I just go get it. I have more than most could expect to get out of this life, maybe even more than that. It’s not monetary or worldly goods, or even things that you can see that make me happy – but the things that matter the most to me, is my family and everything that comes with it. I don’t see chores as demeaning to me, but rather satisfying, it may not be to you, but we don’t all want the same things out of life. Someone has to vacuum, clean the oven and icebox – why not enjoy it?

If you ask me, I have it all. I don’t need a big production for another year lived, regardless of the number. I do wish that and much more for you, and twice as much as that, for my Grand’s.

Turning 50 isn’t a bad thing; to me… it’s a reward. It is a wonderful life!

A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances but a certain set of attitudes. ~ Hugh Downs