Probable marriages of children of William and Mary Adkins

From Knorr, Catherine. Marriage Bonds and Ministers returns of PittsylvaniaCounty, Virginia; 1767-1805. 1956

1. 7 October 1799 Henry Adkerson (Adkins) and Elizabeth Rossett dau.Of Sam Rossett who consents. Sur. William Reynolds.
p. 2 (26 of marr. register)

2. 18 July 1803. Nathan Carter and Elizabeth Atkins. Sur. Henry Atkins. Married by Richard Elliott.
p. 15 (p. 34 in original register)

3. 9 December 1805. William Adkins and Betsy Thacker. Sur Joseph Thacker. Married by Rev. Willis Hopwood.
p. 2 (p. 38 of marr. register)

From Williams, Kathleen. Marriages of Pittsylvania County, Virginia; 1806-1830. 1980

4. 18 August 1806. George Smith and Lucky Adkins. ( Sucky? OrSuk?
Sur. William Adkins. p. 145 (p. 42 inmarr. register)

5*. 15 July 1809 Owen Adkins and Isabel Harris, dau. of John Harris who consents.
Sur. James Hines.
p. 3 (p. 46 of marr. reg.)

6. 21 May 1810. Charles Gibson and Sarah Atkinson, dau.of
William Atkinson. Sur. Nathaniel Carter. Thomas Geo. Gibson
consents. Married by the Rev. Joseph Hatchett.
p. 62 ( p. 48 of marr. register)

* Owen’s first marriage. Second as follows:
19 September 1825. Owen Atkinson(Adkins) and Fanny Campbell.
Sur. Jacob Zink. p.6(p. 82 of original register)