I’ve been thinking lately, that I should touch base with some old frIend’s & catch up with the family, this is the best way for me to do that. I’m sorry it’s taken so long. I trust that you’ve got a lot of new things going on in your lives as well, getting out & about. Hopefully, you’ll all doing well.

We had a nasty bout with the virus, as I’m sure each of us have had it touch our lives in some fashIon. Praying it will end & soon. It’s under God’s control so I don’t want to dwell on it any further. Ever moving forward.

I love experiencing new things & trying to reach outsIde my comfort zone. We’ve moved around a few times in the last few years, you know how much I hate to move but I’m learned a lot about myself through the journey.

I started posting again on MeWe. I didn’t like it at first, the learning curve was a bit more that I cared for & the kids made us rejoin Facebook, not sure why, it seems like more of the same. I added Parler as well but not enough hours in the day for all these platforms.

I hope you’ll continue to comment & message me with your family updates. I’m trying to keep up. The Holiday’s were eventful. I enjoyed having family in, the parties & getting to hug people again. I’m sure you did as well.

I finally went clothes shopping with my daughter yesterday, I hadn’t felt like it in months, it seemed silly to shop if I wasn’t going anywhere. I’m really looking forward to traveling again. It’s still a beautiful country, I’d like to enjoy it as much as possible.

on that note… I’ll say, ”Thank you for your comments & welcome to the family.

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Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

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In reply to your comment, I decided to address the Ailstock Surname as it pertains to the Adkins line in today’s post. I hope that you will find it useful.

my name is Evelyn Brown. Everyone calls me Tynk, so I would appreciate it if you would also. My great grandma Is Minnie Ailstock. We are descendants of Chief Cornstalk. He is my 6th great grandfather. I would love more information if anyone would supply this for me I would appreciate it. Thank you, my e-mail is tynkerbell_1964@yahoo.com and you can find me on facebook under Tynk Brown.

I only know of one Minnie Ailstock
Name: Minnie Alvine Ailstock
Birth: 13 Oct 1898 – Millboro, Bath, Virginia, USA
Death: 26 May 1970 – Elkins, Randolph, West Virginia, USA
Parents: Wayman Edgar S. Ailstock, Georgia Anna Madison
Spouse: Miles Ellis Workman

I’m sure there are many more, Minnie Ailstocks, but I think you’re referring to the daughter of Wayman & Georgia.

  • Name: Wayman Edgar S Ailstock

Birth: Jan 1860 – Bath, Virginia, United States
Death: 1930
Marriage: 26 Sep 1886
Parents: Absalom Ailstock, Nancy Jane Ailstock
Spouse: Georgia Anna Madison

  • Wayman was the son of Absalom Ailstock (1836 – 1909)

http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/9822358/photo/EEd0FzCBps9eG2E2KyNkUjxsuj!oS4Uoh6m1K0lm71Ku_5flzQDJap9XkiSkG4C! was the son of John G Ailstock, Margaret Polly Thomas.

  • John G Ailstock

Birth 1808 in Virginia, United States
Death 1870 in Rockbridge, Virginia, United States was the son of


Birth ABT 1753 in Louisa County, Virginia
Death abt 1858 in Rockbridge County, Virginia
whom was the son of Micael Ailstock and Rebecca Goins


Birth abt 1755 in Virginia
Death 13 Mar 1792 in Lousia County, Virginia
Michael was the youngest son of

  • Keigh-taugh-quah Hokoleskwa Cornstalk

Birth 1712 in Greenbrier, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA
Death 10 Nov 1777 in Point Pleasant, Mason, West Virginia, USA
and 3rd wife Julia Scot B:1726 Edinburg, Scotland D: abt 1755 Loudon, Virginia, USA


There’s a huge legend/lore going along with why Julia Scots sons changed their names from Adkins/Atkinson to Ailstock, or why they would have been an form of Surname Adkins to start with. I didn’t put all of that on my tree, because most of it is fable. They didn’t want to be a part of the Shawnee Nation anymore. I can’t remember what the squabble was over, but it was serious. I look at it this way, if a Scottish woman marries a Shawnee Chief, either being forced or willingly, and is his third wife, there are going to be problems with the family somewhere. Just look at a traditional family with the regular problems of siblings, so I can only imagine what went on in this one.

I have heard of a few books on this line, I do hope that you take the time to research them. I’m sure I didn’t share anything here that you didn’t already know. This line is where the Melungeon/Mulatto Line is heavily steeped, you may need to look into that as well.

I hope I’ve given you a place to start sharing what you have on your line. Stories and other avenues to follow.

Good Luck in your search.

Thanks as always and Welcome to the Family,
Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

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Wills, Inventories & Accts. vol. 1-A p. 142
Dated April 8, 1847 probated Oct. 28, 1848

I, William Adkins of the County of Pittsylvania and State of Virginia being of sound mind and in good halth make my last will and Testament in manner and form as follows
I give to my son Henry Adkins and his heirs forever the following land to wit, beginning in my line adjoining where he now lives at the fence and around the land he is now in possession of it being a part of my track and thence following the fence around to a pair of draw rails thence up the path to the ridge path leading from my house to Capt. Hopkinses Decd,then down a hollow to a branch in an old field and down the branch to the Creek thence up the same to the Spring that said Henry formerly used continuing up said branch to my back line and along the same to the beginning.
2ly I give to my son Owen Adkins and his heirs forever the following land, towit; beginning at the same place where Henry’s new line is to begin thence along between my son Henry and myself to the road leading from my house to the Lynchburg road, thence down said road to a corner in my old line near a field now used by my daughter Sally Gibson, thence to the fence of the said field and along said fence in to an old field not inclosed until it corner oposite an old fence row leading from some pines near the path and so on down said fence row to the head of a hollow and down the same to the creek and up the creek to the land herein before given to my son Henry and along his line to the beginning.
3ly, I give to my daughter Sally Gibson and her heirs forever the following land to wit, beginning at the fence around the feald in which she now lived where my son Owen’s William and thence along the lain and through the lower side of an old feald crossing the ridge road to trees I have choped as a line to Peek’s old field and through the old field by two marked trees on a ridge and so on to two marked trees below the aple orchard on the branch thence up the same and along my backline to the line herein before directed to bound the land given to my son Owen and along that lineto the beginning.
4ly I give to my son William Adkins and his heirs forever the land where on he now lives it being all the remaining part of my land on that side of the creek not herein given to others.
5ly It is my will and desire that Coleman Renands shall have and enjoy the land and other property herein after mentioned for and during his life and at his death to his lawfully begotten children if he leave any and in case he does not, then to my children herein before mentioned and there heirs forever to wit, I give under the limitations as aforesaid to said Coleman Renands who I hereby recognise as my son and henceforth desire that he shall be called Coleman Adkins the following land, to wit,beginning on the creek between John T. Muse and myself at the mouth of a branch thence along theNorth side of a crop fence runing near a spring formerly used by Sally Reynolds and so onto the woods and thence along a new chopped line to a branch above WilliamAdkins spring and thence up said branch to a new choped line and along said line to the ridge road and thence along said road and my back line to the land herein before given to my son Henry and thence down his line to the creek and thence down the said creek to the beginning.
6ly It is my will and desire that my Executor hereinafter appointed sell upon a credit of one and two years all the residue of my land lying on the West side of Turkey Cock creek and allso upon a reasonable credit sell all the perishable part of my estate.
7ly I give to Suky Smith one hundred dollars and I give to Betsy Carter one hundred dollars and I give to Sally Gipson Thirty dollars.
8ly I give to my son Coleman Adkins upon the terms limitations and conditions contained and provided for in the fifth clause of the will the following property to wit; one Negro girl named Siza and her future increase and one horse bridle and saddle worth sixty dollars. I also give him fifty dollars worth of cows and hoggs and six head of sheep, I also give him one hilling hoe,one plow, and pare of gear one pole axe and if he continues to live with me till my death I give him fifteen barrels of corn and four Hundred weight of Pork.
9ly I give to my following children to be equally divided between them and there heirs forever all the residue of my estate of every sort and kind, to wit; I give one sixth part to my daughter Suky Smith, one sixth to Betsy Carter, one sixth part to Sally Gipson, one sixth part to my son Henry Adkins, one sixth part to William Adkins, and the other sixth part to Owen Adkins, and lastly I do hereby constitute and appointmy friend Vincint Witcher Executor to this my last will and Testament hereby revoking all other or former wills by me made writen on two sheets and subscribed on the sixth page ;this eighth day of April in the year of our Lord 1847.

William Adkins seal
A.H. Moorman
W.A. Dickinson
H.S. Muse

At a Circuit superior court of law and chanery continued and held for Pittsylvania county the 28th day of October 1848 this last will and Testament of William Adkins decd was presented in court and proven by the oaths of A.H. Moorman and H.S. Muse two subscribing witnesses and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of Vincent Witcher the Executor in said will named who made oath and with A.H. Moorman & H.S. Muse his secruities entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of ten thousand dollars conditioned according to Law certificate was granted him for obtaining probate of said will in due form.
Wm. H. Tunstall Clk.

Probable marriages of children of William and Mary Adkins

From Knorr, Catherine. Marriage Bonds and Ministers returns of PittsylvaniaCounty, Virginia; 1767-1805. 1956

1. 7 October 1799 Henry Adkerson (Adkins) and Elizabeth Rossett dau.Of Sam Rossett who consents. Sur. William Reynolds.
p. 2 (26 of marr. register)

2. 18 July 1803. Nathan Carter and Elizabeth Atkins. Sur. Henry Atkins. Married by Richard Elliott.
p. 15 (p. 34 in original register)

3. 9 December 1805. William Adkins and Betsy Thacker. Sur Joseph Thacker. Married by Rev. Willis Hopwood.
p. 2 (p. 38 of marr. register)

From Williams, Kathleen. Marriages of Pittsylvania County, Virginia; 1806-1830. 1980

4. 18 August 1806. George Smith and Lucky Adkins. ( Sucky? OrSuk?
Sur. William Adkins. p. 145 (p. 42 inmarr. register)

5*. 15 July 1809 Owen Adkins and Isabel Harris, dau. of John Harris who consents.
Sur. James Hines.
p. 3 (p. 46 of marr. reg.)

6. 21 May 1810. Charles Gibson and Sarah Atkinson, dau.of
William Atkinson. Sur. Nathaniel Carter. Thomas Geo. Gibson
consents. Married by the Rev. Joseph Hatchett.
p. 62 ( p. 48 of marr. register)

* Owen’s first marriage. Second as follows:
19 September 1825. Owen Atkinson(Adkins) and Fanny Campbell.
Sur. Jacob Zink. p.6(p. 82 of original register)

THE FOLLOWING SHOWS ANCESTORS THAT RENOUNCED KING GEORGE III AND SWORE LOYALTY TO THE COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA. IT IS HISTORICALLY IMPORTANT, AND ALSO IMPORTANT TO ESTABLISH LOCATIONS OF ANCESTORS IN 1777. NAME SPELLINGS MAY HAVE BEEN GIVEN TO THE RECORDER OR WRITTEN AS THE RECORDER THOUGHT THEY SHOULD BE SPELLED. I HAVE COPIED ALL PEOPLE WHO I KNOW ARE RELATIONS OR WHOSE LAST NAME INDICATES THEY MIGHT BE CONNECTED TO THIS FAMILY TREE WHETHER ADKINS OR ANOTHER LINE. LIKE A CENSUS, THIS ALSO INDICATES WHO LIVED IN THE SAME AREA OF THE COUNTY. After the fifth and last Virginia Revolutionary Convention voted in May 1776 to instruct the Virginia members of the Continental Congress to introduce a resolution to declare the colonies independent, it adopted a new constitution in June. The body also called for all officers of the new state government to take an oath of allegiance to Virginia. Prior to 1776, all men holding public office took an oath of allegiance to the king. At the May 1777 meeting of the General Assembly, the legislature passed an act declaring that “Whereas allegiance and protection are reciprocal, and those who will not bear the former are not entitled to the benefits of the latter . . . all free born male inhabitants of this state, above the age of sixteen years, except imported servants during the time of their service, shall, on or before the tenth day of October next, take and subscribe the following oath or affirmation before some one of the justices of the peace of the county, city, or borough where they shall respectively inhabit.” The law dictated the wording of the oath (which included renouncing King George III), required militia officers to disarm recusants (men who refused to take the oath), and prohibited recusants from “holding any office in this state, serving on juries, suing for any debts, electing or being elected, or buying lands, tenements, or hereditaments.” Oaths of Allegiance – 1777 Pittsylvania County, VA copy done by Cynthia Hubbard Headen source: The Magazine of VA Genealogy, v.23, #1 (Feb.1985), transcribed by Marian Dodson Chiarito Reuben Pain’s List: Aaron Hutchings Charles Hutchings Charles Hutchings Christopher Hutchings Moses Hutchings Benjamin Lankford List of George Carter Joshua Owens Rolly Owens Thomas Dillard, List George West John West Joseph West Joseph West, Jr. Owen West Stephen Coleman’s List Thos. Hutchings John Owen George West Capt. Hankin’s List Joseph Akins William Akins Henry Atkins Henry Atkins Richard Atkins William Atkins Joseph Akins William Akins James Devine John Devine William Devine William Neally Hugh Reynolds Joseph Reynolds Jas. Morton’s List William Oakes Reuben Pain’s List Charles Hutchings Charles Hutchings Christopher Hutchings Moses Hutchings Charles Kennon’s List James Sml.wood Owen John Owen Uriah Owen William Owen William Owen, Jr. Abraham Shelton’s List Charles Dowel John Wilson’s List David Owen John Owen William Owen William Owen James Parrott William Witcher’s List Jesse Atkenson Moses Atkenson Morris Atkinson Henry Atkinson

hi I am new at this. I have no idea of my lineage. My grandfather was Dewey Elbert or Elbert Dewey Adkins and he lived in Lawrenceburg Tn. His dad was John and died in 1929 in Tn. My gdad was born in Feb 1900. Any info on these by chance?

In response,

Its unfortunate that I’ve only found 3 families researching this line and from what I can tell, not very thorough, so I thought I’d share what I have on this line. You’ll need to order a few death certificates to verify. Just remember they do make mistakes, so you’ll need more than a few to that with. Note that mother Rena UNK Adkins is gone between 1920 and 1930. No death record found in Lawrence County, Tennessee for a Rena Adkins.

Name:     Elbert Dewey Adkins
Birth:     21 Feb 1900
Residence:     Lawrence, Tennessee
Other:     Lawrence County

After looking at his Military record, I was surprised by the blue eyes and light hair. He lived at 2 Lawrenceburg, Lawrence, Tennessee.  His father’s name was John Adkins.

Name:     Elbert Adkins
Spouse:     Edith Martin
Marriage:     23 May 1921 – Lawrence


1930 United States Federal Census
about Dewey Adkins
Name:     Dewey Adkins

Home in 1930:     District 5, Lawrence, Tennessee
Age:     29
Estimated Birth Year:     abt 1901
Birthplace:     Tennessee
Relation to Head of House:     Head
Spouse’s Name:     Edith Adkins
Race:     White
Household Members:
Name     Age
Dewey Adkins     29
Edith Adkins     28
James T Adkins     6
Dola L Adkins     3
Mathew C Adkins     3
Roicin Adkins (JR) listed as a son, no age.


Social Security Death Index
about Elbert Adkins
Name:     Elbert Adkins
SSN:     259-07-0739
Last Residence:     30338  Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, United States of America
Born:     21 Feb 1900
Died:     Dec 1970
State (Year) SSN issued:     Georgia (Before 1951)


Georgia Deaths, 1919-98
about Elbert D Adkins
Name: Elbert D Adkins
Death Date: 12 Dec 1970
County of Death: Fulton
Gender: M (Male)
Race: White
Age: 70 years
County of Residence: Fulton
Certificate: 039347


1920 United States Federal Census
about Albrt D Adkins
Name: Albrt D Adkins
[Albert D Adkins]
Home in 1920: Civil District 5, Lawrence, Tennessee
Age: 19
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1901
Birthplace: Tennessee
Relation to Head of House: Son
Father’s name: John H Adkins
Father’s Birth Place: Tennessee
Mother’s name: Rena Adkins
Mother’s Birth Place: Tennessee
Marital Status: Single
Name Age
John H Adkins 55
Rena Adkins 50
Albrt D Adkins 19
Joe Adkins 17
Noah Adkins 14
Leoma Adkins 12


1910 United States Federal Census
about Duney Adkins
Name: Duney Adkins
Age in 1910: 12
Estimated Birth Year: 1898
Birthplace: Tennessee
Relation to Head of House: Son
Father’s name: James H Adkins
Father’s Birth Place: Tennessee
Mother’s name: Rena Adkins
Mother’s Birth Place: Tennessee
Home in 1910: Civil District 5, Lawrence, Tennessee
Marital Status: Single
Race: White
Gender: Male
Household Members:
Name Age
James H Adkins 46
Rena Adkins 42
Carlert Adkins 17
Turney Adkins 16
Duney Adkins 12
Joe Adkins 8
Noah Adkins 5
Leona Adkins 3


1900 United States Federal Census
about Dewey Atkins
Name: Dewey Atkins
Home in 1900: Civil District 8, Lawrence, Tennessee
[Lawrenceburg, Lawrence, Tennessee]
Age: 3/12
Birth Date: Feb 1900
Birthplace: Tennessee
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relationship to head-of-house: Son
Father’s name: John H Atkins
Father’s Birthplace: Tennessee
Mother’s name: Rena Atkins
Mother’s Birthplace: Tennessee
Marital Status: Single
Household Members:
Name Age
John H Atkins 35
Rena Atkins 30
(m)Acy J Atkins 11
(f)Bertha Atkins 9
(m)Edger C Atkins 7
(m)Pete T Atkins 5
(f)Ovie E Atkins 3 (born: Apr 1897) no other records found)
(m)Dewey Atkins 3/12


1930 United States Federal Census
about John Adkins
Name: John Adkins
Home in 1930: District 5, Lawrence, Tennessee
Age: 65
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1865
Birthplace: Tennessee
Relation to Head of House: Head
Race: White
Name Age
John Adkins 65
Joe Adkins 26
Leomer Adkins 23
Gladis Adkins 14
Ethel Adkins 13


Marriage Records
Lawrence County marriage records amount to more than ten thousand individuals in this database who were married between 1851and 1900. This county was created in 1817 from Hickman County and Indian lands.
Original data: Lawrence County, Tennessee Marriages, 1851-1900. County court records located at Lawrenceburg, Tennessee or Family History Library microfilm #0976259-0976261 and 0976306-0976314.

Possible …
Tennessee Marriages, 1851-1900
about Rena Judkins
Name: John Adkins
Spouse: Rena Judkins
Marriage Date: 3 Feb 1886
County: Warren
State: TN


Asa Adkins 2 Jul 1887 Caucasian (White) Tennessee Lawrence, Tennessee
Marriage: Acie Adkins Emma Bennett 1 Aug 1919 Lawrence
Name: Ace Adkins
Birth: 2 Jul 1888
Death: Jun 1964
Civil: Tennessee


Brother Edgar Corbet Adkins
Name: Edgar C Adkins
Birth: 1 Sep 1892 – Tennessee;United States of America
Residence: Lawrence, Tennessee
Other: Lawrence County
Marriage Corbet Adkins Callie Clayton 5 Sep 1915 Lawrence
Social Security Death Index
about Edgar Adkins
Name: Edgar Adkins
SSN: 414-01-6472
Last Residence:
Born: 1 Sep 1892
Died: Dec 1962
State (Year) SSN issued: Tennessee (Before 1951)
Adkins Callie, Mrs. 05-18-32 41 321 Tn. Sarcoma


Pete Turney Adkins
[Peter Turney Adkins] 25 Jan 1895 Caucasian (White) Tennessee Lawrence, Tennessee
Marriage Name: Lurine Adkins
[Peter Turney “Pete” Adkins]
Spouse: Janie Bailey
Marriage: 12 Oct 1913 – Lawrence


Bertha Atkins Ferman Jaco 2 May 1909 Lawrence
Name: Wiley Fermon Jaco
Birth: 20 Jul 1888 – Tennessee;United States of America
Residence: Lawrence, Tennessee
Other: Lawrence County

Name: Wiley T Jaco
[Wiley F Jaco]
Spouse: Bertha Jaco
Birth: 1889 – Tennessee
Residence: 1910 – Buffalo Road, Lawrence, Tennessee
Name: Wiley F Joco
[Wiley F Jaco]
Spouse: Bertha Joco
Birth: abt 1892 – Tennessee
Residence: 1920 – Civil District 5, Lawrence, Tennessee
Name: William F Jaco
Spouse: Bertha Jaco
Birth: abt 1896 – Tennessee
Residence: 1930 – Howe, Le Flore, Oklahoma


Abt 1905 Lawrence Tennessee
Noah Adkins Nellis Grinnell 19 Nov 1927 Lawrence


Lawrence County, TN  – Surname Adkins Death records:
Adkins Minnie V. 05-01-18 37 153
Adkins Shelby 07-13-18 37 129
Adkins William E. 04-27-24 37 347

Lawrence County, TN Early Birth Records
Adkins Ina Babe Robbie A n/a 04-01-1909
Adkins Mary Blanche A. J. Minnie A. 09-27-1910
* Note:  Several “Adkisson” in the area at this time. Other possible surname links for this area are Akin and Adams.



Nellie G. Adkins 27 Sep 1912 15 Mar 1997 Lawrenceburg, Lawrence, Tennessee
Geo Adkins Rebeca Jones 19 Feb 1890 Lawrence
Etta Adkins J A Willis 25 Dec 1899 Lawrence
Ocla Adkins Sam Miller 26 Apr 1903 Lawrence
G W Adkins Roby Winters 20 Sep 1903 Lawrence
Dossie Adkins Mahlon Phillips 20 Apr 1907 Lawrence
Elizabeth Adkins John Ray 27 Aug 1908 Lawrence
A G Adkins Minnie Olive 19 Dec 1908 Lawrence
Will Adkins Alice Finney 29 Sep 1916 Lawrence
George Anna Adkins Willie J Rose 21 Dec 1924 Lawrence
Clarence Adkins Bertha Tolle 4 Jul 1924 Lawrence


A few links to get the ball rolling

I’ve said it a million times, the state of Tennessee has got to start releasing more public information. I realize that this takes a lot of time and resources, but it would pay off in the end. Have some of the local Historical Societies start releasing their information.

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