So what did you always go as, or what was your particular favorite costume that you did when you were little?

My standard fare was the clown. Boring, I know. It was easy to find some old colorful baggie clothes and makeup for my face. With one of my Mom’s old wigs (she always wore a wig) or my hair teased high for the finishing touch. My brothers were always ghosts or scarecrows, plenty of old clothes and/or white sheets.

I forget what else I ever went as, if anything. We weren’t allowed to “cut things up” and the folks didn’t “buy us stuff,” so….

And we didn’t do little bags or plastic pumpkins; it was pillowcases all the way – emptied into large brown paper sacks before the second round. Sometimes, we’d even changes clothes to hit the houses with the best candy twice. Sh… don’t tell anyone. It was always a competition to hit as many houses as we possibly could before it was all over. Back then, trick-or-treat or beggars-night went way past dark, as long as they had a light on, it was fair game.

We loved those people who lit up their house and left a large unattended bowl of candy on the front porch with a note, that always said, “Just take one!” Hum… did anybody just take one?

The fun was in the event. The candy was just a bonus Oh yeah, I forgot about what fun it was to dump out our sacks and count who had the most. My favorite was the Baby Ruth’s… so good. I would swap the others for theirs. Well until my mom dumped all of our candies into one big bowl and made us share it. What was that all about anyway? We worked hard for that candy. It was like a trophy. Mom’s…