My family and I usually try to agree to disagree; mostly on Politics and Religion. The two major taboo subjects.  I have made a few mistakes and other than one huge whopper on this blog, I do try to go back and rectify them. Not always succeeding, but I try.

I do see this as a major strength of my family. As you know I can hold a grudge for a lifetime without budging. I see this as a strength as well. Those people that allow people to walk all over them time and time again, like my older sister tend to become everyone’s doormat, just because people feel that to puff themselves up, they have to belittle someone else. I don’t. I love to see people succeed and to do well in all their endeavors.   If I can help them in anyway to achieve this, I will.

My family members tend to be committed to each other, myself included, some maybe shouldn’t be. I’ve threaten many times, to have my youngest brother committed for obvious reasons. He won’t lose the worst thing that ever happened to him. I guess he’s just a gluten for punishment.

I myself, have been married for 31 years and counting. I am totally committed to my husband, as he is to me. His dedication and strength has always kept our family together. I tend to be the slacker in our family. He is a workaholic and will do whatever it takes to keep his family together and well provided for. He is the strongest man I’ve ever known.

To list his, our children’s and our grandchildren’s strengths would take me all day. Somewhere I hope to write it all down just for them.  But if I had to list a few off the top of my head, I’d probably say, “We have fun together, we’re dedicated to one another, we feel a responsibility to and for each other; we have each others back, for the most part anyway and we can love each other unconditionally.

Although, I’ll be the first to admit there are a few people that I don’t like, for various reasons, and if you really know me, you’ll know that I have no problem with verbalizing my dislike. Not sure if that is a strength, but no one can ever say that I’ve talked behind their backs. If I won’t say it to their face, I won’t say it at all. So maybe it does show some kind strength, maybe just a misguided one.  (a small chuckle here).

Our family just has a wonderful loving spirit, simplicity, security and fortitude.  It will live on, long after I’m past.  Lord willing.

Now that is true strength.  God Bless and Welcome to the Family!

We can’t do much about the length our lives, but we can do plenty about its width and depth. ~ Evan Esar