Take a moment (or two) to look back over the year – what’s one thing that you did in 2011 that you’re proud of? Did you follow through with a project or resolution? Did you try something new that you never thought you’d do? Did you change something about yourself? Looking back can be difficult as you remember maybe some rough patches, but also exhilarating as you realize how successfully you persevered through those hard times.

I was looking at my same new/old New’s Year’s Resolutions list that I keep from year to year, making only the as needed changes. Removing the things that I completed and adding and new ideas that may come to me, Although, its funny that somehow every year it seems to stay the same. Never getting any bigger or smaller. Other than to

  • Start a library room in my house/get more books.

Even though I use audible.com & my eReader most of the time. I still love to hold a book in my hands and read & reread it if need be. I read a dozen or more books this year that I loved, with the exception of the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I tried a dozen time to read that book, even talked to friends about it, just could not get interested in it. I may go see the movie just to get a better perspective on it.

I did complete a lot of jobs around the house this year, but still have a few to finish. I do think for the most part, I’m on track.

  • Have coffee once a week with an old friend.

I think I’ll work on this resolution again. I used to make a point to do this every week, but proved to be too much at times, but seems like this year, I’m going to branch out more.

How was your 2011?

Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life. ~ Sandra Carey


I went through a lot of records this week and found a very startling divorce record for my Grandpa, in which I had no idea, nor will the family believe me so I thought it best just to post it.

Ohio Divorce Index, 1962-1963, 1967-1971, 1973-2007
about Odis L Stump
Name: Odis L Stump
Birth Year: 1916
Times Married: 1
Residence: Butler
Spouse’s name: Melva Stump
Spouse’s Birth Year: 1910
Spouse – Times Married: 1
Spouse’s Residence: Butler
Marriage Duration (Years): 10
Number of Minor Children: 0
To Whom Decree Granted: Wife
County of Decree: Butler
Decree Date: 2 Mar 2000
Cerificate Number: 10004
Volume Number: 8785

Now Grandpa was actually married 3 times prior to Mel so I don’t know why it only says Times Married: 1. This must have been some kind of age thing or Medicare, since they lived together in the nursing home. I really have no idea but was genuinely shocked to find it.

I’ve found others as well. His divorce from Deborah R Stump aka the Queen Bee as my Grandma Dorothy referred to her. Personally, I always called her the “horrible awful woman” and I still have no idea what her maiden name was. Granted if anyone needed a divorce – they did.

She took Grandpa for every dime he had (as the story goes) and he had to come to our house each day to eat. I don’t remember it to be honest, but my sisters do. I guess, he took a job delivering ice cream and would bring us ice cream everyday.

I can remember a lot about their marriage and still talk about it frequently. It was a nightmare for a small child. I’m thinking that its always there. And the pictures help. I still don’t know why my mom even took us over there.  She was so mean to us.  I’ll tell you about her someday, when and if I can talk about it without getting upset.


Odis LeRoy Stump
Born: 8 Aug 1916 La Cygne, Linn, Kansas
Died: 23 Feb 2001 Middletown, Butler, Ohio

Married: Elvia Mae Fugate on 22 Jun 1935 in Harrisonville, Cass, Missouri by the Justice of the Peace. She past in 1965 and Grandpa’s divorce record from Deborah R Unk “Debbie” was on 9 Oct 1974 and they report 9 years of marriage. So it must have been immediately after Grandma Elvie passed away.

He then married Dorothy Ouida Gibbs Collier Perry Clarke aka Grandma Dorothy on Valentine’s Day 14 Feb 1975 in Middletown, Butler, Ohio. I was there, it was a nice little white church. They were married until Grandma died in 1986. She was a wonderful woman and made a huge impact on my life. She was so nice and she worked hard to make us feel welcome in the family.

After her passing,  he married Mel on 8 Apr 1989 in Middletown, Butler, Ohio and I guess the divorce was on 2 Mar 2000 as per the record. She wasn’t used to having children in her home, although she was a retired school teacher,  so she was a little short with the kids, but still nice in her own way. I think the Nursing Home may have played a part in their divorce, since we were never told about it, maybe medicare reasons. Who knows?


The more records that are released will help aide in the family research. If it were up to me, I’d DNA test every child at birth and record every move they make.

Please keep diaries and/or scrapbooks for family members, this way we can hear it from you, and not find out in some court records all of the who, what, when, where and why’s. Why things unfolded as they did. I may be a big girl now, but when it comes to family, I’m just a kid at heart.

A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer.  ~Author Unknown

Kentucky Death Records, 1852-1953
about Eliga Craft
Name: Eliga Craft
Death Date: 1 Dec 1914
Death Location: Menifee
Residence Location: Menifee
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White
Birth Date: 1867
Birth Location: Kentucky
Father’s Name: Daniel Crapt
Father’s Birth Location: Kentucky
Mother’s Name: Edres Risney
Mother’s Birth Location: Kentucky

  • Mother: Idress “Ida” Risner
  • Born: Craft Creek, Magoffin, Kentucky
  • Married: Laura Hulda Phipps
  • Born in Indiana according the the record he gave on Census
  • Idress died Ides Lovely

Kentucky Death Records, 1852-1953
about Idies Lovely
Name: Idies Lovely
[Idies Risner]
Death Date: 24 Mar 1911
Death Location: Morgan
Residence Location: Morgan
Age: 77
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White
Birth Date: 12 May 1833
Birth Location: Floyd
Father’s Name: James Risner
Father’s Birth Location: Kentucky
Mother’s Birth Location: Kentucky

Informant: Asa B Nickell from Ezel, Kentucky

Kentucky Death Records, 1852-1953
about Clauda Fugette
Name: Clauda Fugette
Death Date: 6 Jul 1913
Death Location: Menifee
Residence Location: Menifee
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White
Birth Date: 6 Jul 1903
Birth Location: Menifee
Father’s Name: Tee Fugette
Father’s Birth Location: Kentucky
Mother’s Name: Nevada Croft
Mother’s Birth Location: Menifee

  • Death certificate shows wrong Surname Spelling.
  • Parents: “Tee” was Ira Tee and Nevada Craft Fugate.
  • Burial in Johnson Cemetery
  • Death due to Typhoid Fever
  • Dan, Menifee, Kentucky

Will of William Atkins  D&W Bk. Vol. 11 p.136
Dated Jan 22, 1784 probated March 15, 1784

In the name of God amen this twenty second day of January in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and eighty four I —-William Atkins of the County of Pittsylvania being week of body but of sound mind and memory, thanks be to God my maker for it do constitute and ordain this to be my last will and testament disannulling all other will or wills doconstitute and commit my body to the Earth from whence it was taken andmy soul to God who gave it in sure and certain hopes of the resurrection.
Item I give and bequeth unto my daughter Elisabeth Shockley one shilling Sterling which I give to her and her heirs forever.
Item I give and bequeth unto my daughter Bidey Witcher one shilling Sterling, which I give to her and her heirs forever.
Item I give and bequeth unto my daughter Agness Polley one Shilling Sterling which I give to her and her heirs forever.
Item I give and bequeth unto my daughter Nancy Witcher one Shilling Sterling which I give to her and her heirs forever.
Item I give and bequeth unto my daughter Sarah Parsons one Shilling Sterling which I give to her and her heirs forever.
Item I give and bequeth unto my Son Owen Atkins one Negro Girl called Milley which I give unto him and his heirs forever.
Item I give and bequeath unto my Son Jesse Atkins one Negroe Wench called Hannah which I give unto him and his heirs forever with the increas of her body from this date. Also one Negro boy called James which I give unto him and his heirs forever. Also one Negro Wench called Eady whichI give untohimmy said Son Jesse to  him and his heirs forever. I give and bequeath unto him and his heirs forever, one grey Horse also all the household furniture and Beds and furniture and all movable utensils to him and his Heirs forever with half of my Stock of Cattle, Hogs, andSheep.  I also give unto my said son Jesse all the land on the Northside of the Water or Creek that my Millison with the Plantation and buildings Excep about ten yards above where the dirt is dug from the pond and then cestraight  with hoppers path leaving the hog pen  forty yards tothe left-hand straight to the firsline that was made between Owen Atkins and myself thence with the said line to fork oftheCreek which I give to him and his heirs forever
Item I give and bequeath unto my Son William Atkins all the Land on the South side of the Creek that the Mill is on which I possess with my milland with the balance that is not willed to my son Jesse on the Northside of said Creek which I give to him and his heirs forever also one Negro girl called Ginny which I give to him and his heirs forever with the increase of her body Also the half of my Stock of Cattle & hogs & Sheep which I give to him and his heirs forever Also one Steel plate whip saw to him and his heirs forever as Witness my hand and Sealed with my seal the day and year first above written.

Signed, Sealed and delivered                                                               his
In presents of                                                                     William X  Atkins, SS.
Noton Dickinson, Isaac Martin                                                          mark
Joseph Standbye

At a Court held for Pittsylvania County the 15th day of March1784 the within last Will and Testament of William Atkins deceased was proved by the Oaths of two of the witnesses thereto and Ordered to be recorded.  a Certificate for obtaining Letters of Administration of the Estate ofthe said William Atkins decd with the Will annexed is granted to Jesse Atkins who made oath according to Law and with Thomas Hodges and NotonDickinson his securities entered into Bond as the Law directs and acknowledged the same.

Teste Will Tunstall CS.

List of Children of William Atkins as named in Will
1. Elisabeth Adkins Shockley (1740-1795)
2. Lidey Adkins Witcher (1762-1808)
3. Agness Adkins Polley (1740-1795)
4. Nancy Adkins Witcher (1744-?)
5. Sarah Adkins Parsons (1746-1808)
6. Owen Atkins (1750-1790)
7. Jesse Atkins (1754-1833)
8. William Atkins (1760-1848)

Will of William AdkinsWills, Inventories & Accts. vol. 1-A p. 142
Dated April 8, 1847  probated Oct. 28, 1848

I, William Adkins of the County of Pittsylvania and State of Virginia being of sound mind and in good halth make my last will and Testament in manner and form as follows
I give to my son Henry Adkins and his heirs forever the following land to wit, beginning in my line adjoining where he now lives at the fence and around the land he is now in possession of it being a part of my track and thence  following the fence around to a pair of draw rails thence up the path to the ridge path leading from my house to Capt. Hopkinses Decd,then down a hollow to a branch in an old field and down the branch to the Creek thence up the same to the Spring that said Henry formerly used continuing up said branch to my back line and along the same to the beginning.
2ly I give to my son Owen Adkins and his heirs forever the following land, towit; beginning at the same place where Henry’s new line is to begin thence along between my son Henry and myself to the road leading from my house to the Lynchburg road, thence down said road to a corner in my old line near a field now used by my daughter Sally Gibson, thence to the fence of the said field and along said fence in to an old field not inclosed until it corner oposite an old fence row leading from some pines near the path and so on down said fence row to the head of a hollow and down the same to the creek and up the creek to the land herein before given to my son Henry and along his line to the beginning.
3ly, I give to my daughter Sally Gibson and her heirs forever the following land to wit, beginning at the fence around the feald in which she now lived where my son Owen’s William and thence along the lain and through the lower side of an old feald crossing the ridge road to trees I have choped as a line to Peek’s old field and through the old field by two marked trees on a ridge and so on to two marked trees below the aple orchard on the branch thence up the same and along my backline to the line herein before directed to bound the land given to my son Owen and along that lineto the beginning.
4ly I give to my son William Adkins and his heirs forever the land where on he now lives it being all the remaining part of my land on  that side of the creek not herein given to others.
5ly It is my will and desire that Coleman Renands shall have and enjoy the land and other property herein after mentioned for and during his life and at his death to his lawfully begotten children if he leave any and in case he does not, then to my children herein before mentioned and there heirs forever to wit, I give under the limitations as aforesaid to said Coleman Renands who I hereby recognise as my son and henceforth desire that he shall be called Coleman Adkins the following land, to wit,beginning on the creek between John T. Muse and myself at the mouth of a branch thence along theNorth side of a crop fence runing near a spring formerly used by Sally Reynolds and so onto the woods and thence along a new chopped line to a branch above WilliamAdkins  spring and thence up said branch to a new choped line and along said line to the ridge road and thence along said road and my back line to the land herein before given to my son Henry and thence down his line to the creek and thence down the said creek to the beginning.
6ly It is my will and desire that my Executor hereinafter appointed sell upon a credit of one and two years all the residue of my land lying on the West side of Turkey Cock creek and allso upon a reasonable credit sell all the perishable part of my estate.
7ly I give to  Suky Smith one hundred dollars and I give to Betsy Carter one hundred dollars and I give to Sally Gipson Thirty dollars.
8ly I give to my son Coleman Adkins upon the terms limitations and conditions contained and provided for in the fifth clause of the will the following property to wit; one Negro girl named Siza and her future increase and one horse bridle and saddle worth sixty dollars.  I also give him fifty dollars worth of cows and hoggs and six head of sheep, I also give him one hilling hoe,one plow, and pare of gear one pole axe and if he continues to live with me till my death I give him fifteen barrels of corn and four Hundred weight of Pork.
9ly I give to my following children to be equally divided between them and there heirs forever all the residue of my estate of every sort and kind, to wit; I give one sixth part to my daughter Suky Smith, one sixth to Betsy  Carter, one sixth part to Sally Gipson, one sixth part to my son Henry Adkins, one sixth part to William Adkins, and the other sixth part to Owen Adkins, and lastly I do hereby  constitute and appointmy friend Vincint Witcher Executor to this my last will and Testament hereby revoking all other or former wills by me made writen on two sheets and subscribed on the sixth page ;this eighth day of April in the year of our Lord 1847.

William Adkins  seal
A.H. Moorman
W.A. Dickinson
H.S. Muse

At a Circuit superior court of law and chanery continued and held for Pittsylvania county the 28th day of October 1848 this last will and Testament of William Adkins decd was presented in court and proven by the oaths of A.H. Moorman and H.S. Muse two subscribing witnesses and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of Vincent Witcher the Executor in said will named who made oath and with A.H. Moorman & H.S. Muse his secruities entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of ten thousand dollars conditioned according to Law certificate was granted him for obtaining probate of said will in due form.

Wm. H. Tunstall  Clk.

Estate Settlement of William Adkins decd (1848)
Accounts Current vol. 18 pp. 160-162
Date of confirmation October 20, 1851

Accounts of Executor and Legatees

1. To Susan Smith one of the legatees of William Adkins decd
November 27, 1849 paid in terms of will  $100.00
Sept. 11, 1850 paid for legacy in residuary fund $230.00
1851 to balance due Susan Smith 2.63 ½
TOTAL: 332.63 ½

2. To Nathan Carter in right of his wife Elizabeth Carter
Nov. 27, 1849 paid in terms of will  100.00
Sept. 11, 1850 paid for legacy in residuary fund 250.00
TOTAL paid by confirmation:  350.00

3. Sarah Gibson
Nov. 27, 1849 paid in terms of will 30.00
Sept. 11, 1850 paid for legacy in residuary fund 219.22
1851 balance due Sarah Gibson 13.41 ½
TOTAL:  262.63 ½

4. Henry Adkins
Sept. 11, 1850 paid for legacy in residuary fund 232.19
1851 balance due  2.63 ½
TOTAL:  232.63 ½

5. William Adkins
Sept. 11, 1850 paid for legacy in residuary fund 232.19
1851 balance due    .44 ½
TOTAL: 232.63 ½

6. Owen Adkins
Sept. 11,  1850 paid for legacy in residuary fund 230.00
1851 balance due  2.63 ½
TOTAL:  232.63 ½

The grave of William Adkins

Rt. 626 to Cooper’s old store.  Turn left on Rt. 649.
Cemetery on back of farm now owned by Oscar Burger (1984)

Tombstone inscription

Wm Adkins
Birth Sept.  the 21st  1760
DC  Oct.  the 22nd  1848

The wife of William Adkins  (1760-1848)

The only evidence for the name of William ‘s wife is in the death of his son Owen, whose parents are named as William and Mary Adkins as noted below.

Register of Deaths  1855 1896 p.  136  line5

Owen Adkins
white male
Died May 15, 1885 in Pittsylvania Co., VA
Cause: old age
age: 99 yrs  6 mo (this would place birth approximately Nov. 1786
Parents: William & Mary Adkins
born:  Pittsylvania Co.
Occupation:  farmer
Consort;  unmarried  (actually widowed)
Informant:  Owen Adkins, Jr.  Relationship: son

Probable marriages of children of William and Mary Adkins

From Knorr, Catherine. Marriage Bonds and Ministers  returns of PittsylvaniaCounty, Virginia; 1767-1805.  1956

1. 7 October 1799 Henry Adkerson (Adkins) and Elizabeth Rossett dau.Of Sam Rossett who consents.  Sur.  William Reynolds.
p. 2 (26 of marr. register)

2. 18 July 1803.  Nathan Carter and Elizabeth Atkins. Sur. Henry Atkins.  Married by Richard Elliott.
p. 15  (p.  34 in original register)

3. 9 December 1805.  William Adkins and Betsy Thacker.  Sur  Joseph Thacker. Married by Rev. Willis Hopwood.
p. 2 (p. 38 of marr. register)

From Williams, Kathleen.  Marriages of Pittsylvania County, Virginia; 1806-1830. 1980

4. 18 August 1806.  George Smith and Lucky Adkins. ( Sucky? OrSuk?
Sur.  William Adkins.   p.  145  (p. 42 inmarr.  register)

5*. 15 July 1809  Owen Adkins and Isabel Harris, dau. of John Harris who consents.
Sur. James Hines.
p. 3 (p.  46 of marr. reg.)

6.  21 May 1810.  Charles Gibson and Sarah Atkinson, dau.of
William Atkinson.  Sur. Nathaniel Carter.  Thomas Geo. Gibson
consents.  Married by the Rev. Joseph Hatchett.
p.  62  ( p.  48 of marr. register)

*   Owen’s first marriage.  Second as follows:
19 September 1825.  Owen Atkinson(Adkins)  and Fanny Campbell.
Sur.  Jacob Zink.   p.6(p.  82 of original register)


William Atkinson 200 A on both sides Pig River Survd Mar.  31  1747 at a gum on the Lower side of Pig River and thence N10E 90p. to a red Oak  N65 W137p  to a Beech on a branch S10 W204p. crossing a branch to a red oak S10E110p.  to a redoak on Pig Riverand thence down the same & across it to the beging.

William Atkinson  150A on both sides Pig River Survd 31Mar.  1747 beginning at a red oak on the upper side  driver thence N81W48p.  crossing sd River to a maple on Harping Creek  S89W184p. crossing sd Harping Creek & the River to a white Oak  N8W96p. crossing a Branch to a pine N60E70p. to a  red oak E98p to a red oak  S64E70p.  to a pine S10E103p to the begin.

Transcribed by James Burnett

From notes of Mrs. Anderson, Dec’d

Soooo alike…       ~       Soooo different…

A quick review of genealogy blogs shows that many bloggers have made resolutions to write more about genealogy in 2009. Yes, you should blog more about genealogy! Carve out a little time for yourself (that means make an appointment for YOU and put it on your calendar). If you have a little writer’s block, don’t worry. Help is on the way!

Have a family member be a guest blogger. Let a family member take the reins and provide a different perspective for a post or two. If you can’t find anyone to take the job, interview a relative and spotlight the person yourself.

“I try to allow family members to help write every post. It’s a group effort and this is how we learn. We agree to disagree.” ~ Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf


Sisters are two different flowers from the same garden.