with your favorite music.

Music is love in search of a word.  ~ SYDNEY LANIER

Yes, there is a recipe for beating stress!

First let’s play a game, answer these few questions for me:

  1. Did you leave an unmade bed at home?
  2. Do you have a messy closet in your home?
  3. Do you have a messy handbag?
  4. Would you find it difficult to tell me what you’re having for dinner five days from now?
  5. Do you have dirty dishes sitting in your kitchen sink?
  6. Would it take you more than three minutes to find your last tax return and documents?
  7. Did you forget to kiss your husband before you (or he) left home?
  8. Do you have one or more piles of paper around your house-on top of the refrigerator, game table, kitchen counter, desk, or on the floor?

How did you do? Did you answer “no” to six of the questions? How about four? Two? One? Don’t feel bad. We all understand the struggle to control our lives.  Life’s trials…

  • Hassles: Any of life’s pressures or traumas will do.
  • Hustle: These are common everyday demands and can be supplied by any family member, neighbor, employer, children’s club, church duty, or committee responsibility.
  • Hurried(s): You can pick them fresh, directly off your schedule, expectations, and responsibilities.

Don’t despair; help is on the way!

It’s called Organization, and I’m glad to share it with one and all:

  • 1 quality period of time with God each day.
  • 1 list of carefully-thought-through- long-term and short-term goals.
  • 1 list of priority activities to direct you toward achieving those goals.
  • 1 monthly calendar
  • 1 weekly schedule book
  • 1 pad of daily schedules
  • 10-25 (or more, as needed) boxes with lids
  • 1 box of file folders
  • Several large trash bags
  • 1 pad of weekly menu planners
  • Assorted jars, shoeboxes, pens, baskets, and trays as needed
  • Label 7 folders: 1 Immediate Attention, 1 To Do, 1 To Call, 1 To Pay, 1 To Order, 1 To File, 1 Junk Mail


“By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; and by knowledge the rooms are filled with all the precious and pleasant riches.” ~ Proverbs