Kentucky Death Records, 1852-1953
about Eliga Craft
Name: Eliga Craft
Death Date: 1 Dec 1914
Death Location: Menifee
Residence Location: Menifee
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White
Birth Date: 1867
Birth Location: Kentucky
Father’s Name: Daniel Crapt
Father’s Birth Location: Kentucky
Mother’s Name: Edres Risney
Mother’s Birth Location: Kentucky

  • Mother: Idress “Ida” Risner
  • Born: Craft Creek, Magoffin, Kentucky
  • Married: Laura Hulda Phipps
  • Born in Indiana according the the record he gave on Census
  • Idress died Ides Lovely

Kentucky Death Records, 1852-1953
about Idies Lovely
Name: Idies Lovely
[Idies Risner]
Death Date: 24 Mar 1911
Death Location: Morgan
Residence Location: Morgan
Age: 77
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White
Birth Date: 12 May 1833
Birth Location: Floyd
Father’s Name: James Risner
Father’s Birth Location: Kentucky
Mother’s Birth Location: Kentucky

Informant: Asa B Nickell from Ezel, Kentucky

In reply to:
Harry Stanley Adkins
Attention: Stan Adkins
Dear Harry Stanley Adkins,

Your tree was fairly easy to track. I had written you a quick response before collecting all of your data, but my computer had a glitch and I lost it. I decided not to let that happen again, I’ve just decided to show your family tree for you here.

Harry Stanley Adkins
Born: 30 Jan 1890
in Waynesville, Pulaski, Missouri
Death: Apr 1968
in Beulah, Phelps, Missouri

Spouse: Marie Florence McDaniel (Gray)
Married: 9 Sep 1914 Tiebune, Pulaski County, Missouri

Father: Amariah Simpson Adkins
Birth: 05 Oct 1861 in Missouri
Death: 18 Nov 1940 in Alamo, Hidalgo, Texas
Mother: Sarah “Sallie” Ann Christeson
d/o Joseph Littleton Christeson (1840-1904) and Elizabeth Adeline Gan (1855-1932).
Birth: 08 Dec 1872 in Waynesville, Pulaski, Missouri
Death: 04 Sep 1945 in Pharr, Hidalgo, Texas
Married: 11 Mar 1889

Grandfather: James Adkins
Birth: 22 Jul 1815 in Adair, Kentucky
Death: 22 Oct 1903 in Bloodland, Pulaski, Missouri
Grandmother: Nancy Hines Simpson
B: 21 Jun 1819 in Adair, Kentucky, USA
D: 14 Aug 1921 in Bloodland, Pulaski, Missouri, USA
Name: James Adkins
Spouse: Nancy Simpson
Marriage Date: 13 Jan 1839
Officiator: William Staton, J. P. Carroll County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1833-1856

Great Grandparents:
William V Adkins (1760-1848)
Mary Hartman (Hardiman) (1765-1812)

2x Great Grandparents:
William V Adkins Jr (1718-17584)
Lydia Owens (1724-1872)

3x Great Grandparents
William Atkinson (1689-1784)
Elizabeth Parker (1695-1784)

4x Great Grandparents
John Adkins (1639-1721)
Elizabeth Bromwell (1641-?)

5x Great Grandparents
Thomas Adkins (1610-1666)
Agnes (UNK) Adkins (1610-?)

If my memory serves me correctly, I think that makes us 7th cousins once removed or something like that. I’m down from Jesse Adkins (1754-1833) William’s older brother. Hope this helps. If you have anymore questions, I can direct you to several other family members for any clarification.

Thanks for your comment and Welcome to the Family!

Best wishes,
Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

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Dear David,

Thanks again for your question and I’ll send links to the pix to your email.

I’m sorry to disappoint you on Princess Mary “Bluesky” Cornstalk Adkins, she married Parker Adkins and mothered Littleberry & Charity Adkins. Rumored two others, just rumors at this point. You’re down from William V’s son – William V Adkins, sorry to have to disappoint.

Its a toss up at this point for me. It depends on which side of my family wins out. Half say App’s was the son of Thomas & Ollie Morgan the other half say Joel & Rachel. Since names tend to cycle in a family like “Winwright,” “Pricey,” “Dicey,” and “Sabra” just to name a few chosen favorites from Joel Adkins’ line. And ours have no Joel’s to speak of.  Lots of Drusilla’s and Ollie’s. I did just name my dog Suki (Sukie) another Adkins favorite, she’s a Chinese Pug, but that’s another story.

If you trace the lines, “Thomas” goes up to William V. II and Joel goes back to Parker Adkins. Both sons of William V Adkins.  My uncle’s DNA proves William V lineage, so the fight is on. The sad part is – it was a small town and all intermarried so it could still go either way. We’re actually tied to both sides.  But for me… I’m sticking with Thomas and Ollie until the Rachel Emerson and Joel’s line prove otherwise. I hope someone comes up with some concrete proof soon.

Now for the “Melungeontri-racial comes in at William V II’s stage. His son Benjamin built the first and still standing salt mill. See Salt Mill post… I’m still not clear on that since they claim Benjamin’s grandfather was Peter Atkinson. I have links to their websites on the side on the blog.
Sorry, I looked for link and had trouble finding it myself. Try this one to start: Some except it and others dismiss it as pure hooey. I’m fine with it myself.

I talked to author Ronnie Adkins and he said that there is no real evidence nor paperwork around that age. Just here say and what the family says happened. So we’re all still looking for what can be found.

In years past, Virginians used to name their son’s after their lineage. Billy Joe Jim Bob etc. So that they would know from whence they came, but they never wrote that down any where. I remember kids in grade school with 8 first names and the teacher would say, PICK ONE! So they would settle on Samuel, Jim or David, etc. and roll with it. But it sure would have helped settle a lot of the confusion. But that is neither here nor there.

I can remember as a teenager being fascinated by that and would spend hours writing down what I would name my children if I had to choose 8 names and was positive I’d do that. It always had a Terry DeShawn or DeShane, William, Alexander, and an occasional exotic name in it. But when it came time to name my own children, I used the old standards. LOL Craig after his father and Steven Ross after Stephen in the bible that was stoned to death for his beliefs and Ross after my aunt Sadie (my mom’s first cousin). She was a corker,  nickname Spitfire. She always made me laugh.  We all choose names from the family out of habit and wanting to carry on a tradition.  He was to be named after Anthony’s dad but the family already had so many William’s it seemed to be too many for me. Everyone made Stephen jokes so I spelled it with a “v” instead of the “ph”  did not matter he dropped the “n” off his name and goes by Steve.

I went into all of that to say, “This is what makes tracking genealogy,  so hard.”  Regardless of what we name our kids – they may choose to be called something entirely different and lie about their age to get into the military.  Names and dates seem to be merely a suggestion at times. I know a guy named Humphrey. He has been called that since the day he was born. No one knows that he was born Guy Beau, expect a handful of people. That will make some poor family genealogist in about 50 years nuts. We have hundreds of stories just like that one in our family. So we keep plugging away to separate the who’s, what’s, when’s , where’s and why’s.

All the links are on the side of my “Blogroll” see “Genealogy.” I have one to my family tree at Ancestry there. I’ve lost count as to how many people are on it. I only add those that have sent me data or asked questions at this point. But there are so many more to be found. Most day’s it makes me want to pull my hair out and I loose a lot of sleep trying to sort out people with the same names and birth dates;  I’ll keep at it.

Only today, I went for a job interview and was asked about my criminal background. I had put on my application I had never been convicted of a felony, but when I went in, the woman asked me about my intoxication and assault charges. WHAT?  I had to laugh. Imagine my shock, since I hadn’t committed either one. She only checked the name and not the birth date, which I was quick so show my drivers license to clear that one up. But if others had checked online they would assume it was me as well.  If only they had had to show more identification before now,  there would be no mystery.  Who knows, that might take most of the fun out of the hunt?

I do appreciate your stopping by and I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to swing off a branch of your family tree.  I didn’t take the time to see if we were 9th cousins or whatever, its been fun.  Stop back and just let me know how you’re doing and where your search has lead. I’m satisfied just trying to keep up with the noobie’s and adding them to the tree.  I hear there is one born every minute, but from a genealogists stand point that’s years of information to add: Birth, death, marriages, residences and so on.  Its the thrill of the hunt.

Thanks as always,
Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

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I really could use some help here…

When I was going through some old notes and trying to clean house as it were, tossing out old, outdated or useless notes, I came across a little quip that I couldn’t remember if I had emailed to my Uncle Denny. We share a similar passion for research.

The note was as follows: That Grandma Teareasy Montgomery Adkins aka Teresa and Mrs. Murphy were next door neighbors and that Ma & Pa Murphy raised Druza after Teresa’s death. Her death was due to a cow kicking her in the stomach.

So, I sent it off to my uncle with a little note attached: I can’t remember if I sent you that or not. I was tossing out some old notes and didn’t want to lose this one.

To that his response was…

No, but I’m glad you did. Have you had a chance to look at the Reed’s books and see if you could connect the 2 Reed family. Denny

I emailed back with…

Not as much as I’d like to. I have emailed Magoffin County & Lafollette County for records… nothing new there. No hits on the Reed family at my blog – not sure why – I guess no one is looking.  Magoffin archives man – I guess made a mistake because he told me that Ursula Dolsbury was a Reed and she was actually a Davis according to readers on my blog, so the tie in must be daughter Catherine Dolsbury Cook Reed – married a Cook – then William Reed. But he married into the family late so he must not be the link between the two either. All Reed families tie into one another – just have to figure out how and when. They both ended up in the same area which seems to indicates a relationship and I will keep looking. I’m trying to find out where in LaFollette they ended up. No luck finding the older John Franklin’s children – even with the Shelton tie in. No rest for the weary.

I could really use some help here. If any of the Reed family researchers have anything new to add, would you please email me at

Thanks as always,
Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

Ollie Adkins married Elisha Sanders in Pike, Kentucky.

ADKINS, Ollie SANDERS, Elisha 21-MAY-1831. License obtained by her son-in-law, David Branham (Elizabeth Adkins).

Olivia “Olly” Morgan Adkins (abt 1780-abt 1870) married Elisha Sanders (abt 1788 -Unk) in Pike, Kentucky.

Olivia was the daughter of David Morgan and Anne Poteet. She married her first husband Thomas Adkins on 6 Oct 1796 in Washington, Virginia.

Howard Boone Metcalf

Born: 9 Dec 1855

London, Laurel, Kentucky

Death: Unknown

Believe Rockcastle, Kentucky



James Metcalf

s/o James and Mary Black Metcalf


Margaret Casteel

d/o John Harrison and Elenor Metcalf Casteel


Almeda Jane Brummett

d/o of William and Cynthia Adelaide Phipps Brummett

Born: 8 Oct 1857

Jackson, Kentucky, USA

Died: 3 Dec 1944

Rockcastle, Kentucky

Marriage 9 May 1874 Rockcastle, Kentucky


Known Children

She claimed to have had 12 children with 9 living in 1900.

James William “Bill” Metcalf

Born: 8 Feb 1876

Rockcastle, Kentucky 

Died: 14 Feb 1937

Laurel, Kentucky

Married : Lucy Tabitha Robertson 17 Feb 1892 in Rockcastle, Kentucky

Louisa Metcalf

Born : 1876

Rockcastle, Kentucky


Margaret Maggie Metcalf

Born: Feb 1877


Stephen Boone Metcalf

Born: 12 Mar 1877

Rockcastle, Kentucky, USA 

Died: 14 Jan 1963

, Larue, Kentucky, USA

Married: Laura Durbin


Benjamin Hawkins “Ben H” Metcalfe

Born: 26 Apr 1881

, Rockcastle, Kentucky, USA 

Died: 1962

Wilmington, Dearborn County, Indiana, USA

Married: Fannie Mullins 30 Oct 1900 in Rockcastle, Kentucky

Susan Metcalf

Born: Jun 1883

Rockcastle, Kentucky


Sarah Louisa Metcalf

Born: 1 Apr 1885

Rockcastle, Kentucky 

Died: 11 Jun 1948

Shawhan, Harrison, Kentucky, USA

Married: Horace Prows 26 Dec 1895 in Harrison, Kentucky, USA


Eliza Metcalf

Born: Feb 1888 in Rockcastle, Kentucky

Frank Minine Tree “M. T.” Metcalf

Born: 15 Aug 1890

Pine Hill, Rockcastle, Kentucky

Died 6 May 1959

Mount Vernon, Rockcastle, Kentucky, USA

Married: Mary Tilda Hurley

Patrick Metcalf

Born: Aug 1893 in Rockcastle, Kentucky


Almeda Brummett Metcalf married William Angel not sure if it was after the death or divorce from Boone. Need more records. I cannot find the family on a census so I have to rely on family memories, birth records and death certificates.  Original marriage license said Daniel B Metcalf age 18 born in Laurel, Kentucky married Almita Brummitt age 15 born in Clay, Kentucky 11 May 1874 in Rockcastle, Kentucky.