Proponents of geothermal heating and cooling systems: I do believe that we need to use Geothermal heating on all of our bridges and over passes in the State of Ohio. This would greatly reduce the winter road hazards.

Since Ohio got way too much money for the roads in the Stimulus (stupidity) Package and is using it in the most asinine ways possible; such as putting four lane highways through basically non-existent towns, just because they can. Basically, monies wasted just to be doing something. I say, “Use a few of those dollars on something environmentally friendly and cost saving for our future.”

Noted I rarely say anything political on my blog, but it’s no secret that I’m not a fan. If you’re going to throw good money after bad, then maybe we could make a little bit of it count, you think?

At the very least it would improve the quality of life for our states homeless peoples. And, since most the Ohio’s population is now homeless due to the economy. Think about it… a constant 52 degrees year around. No one freezes to death in the winter or dies of heat-stroke in the summer. It’s a Win-Win!

I’m just throwing it out there..

Oh and by the way, I wanted to mention, that new guy running for Governor on the Rep ticket, John Kasich against Ted Strickland, want’s to reduce Ohio’s state income tax by 40 percent.  I say “Woo-Hoo… Thank God… someone still has a brain left in this State.” Go get ’em buddy!

Wisdom denotes the pursuing of the best ends by the best means. ~ Frances Hutcheson