it’s becoming acquainted with your family members you have never met.

Take a moment and share a quick story of an ancestor.


Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.  Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.  ~Jane Howard

Genealogy is my pastime; I shall not stray.
It maketh me to lie down and examine half-buried tombstones;
It restoreth my ancestral knowledge…It leadeth me into the
paths of census records and ship passenger lists for my Surnames’ sake….
Yea, though I wade through the shadows of research libraries
And microfilm readers, I shall fear no discouragement,
for a strong urge is with me.
Curiosity and motivation, they comfort me.
It demandeth preparation of storage space;
For the acquisition of countless documents.
It annointest my head with burning midnight oils,
My family group sheets runneth over.
Surely, birth, marriage and death record dates shall follow me
All the days of my life; and I shall dwell in the
House of the Family History Center forever…”


Old Genealogists never die – they just lose their Census.

Share your secrets!

  • Cemetery
  • Church Records
  • Family Bible
  • Census Reports
  • Hospital or vital records
  • Family Reunions
  • Google

Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.  ~Anthony Brandt

lots of little hump-day ditties

Today is Brandy Jean’s big 28th B-day! I called and wished her the greatest B-day ever. She said Tiger took her to a wine tasting for her B-day on Saturday. She said that she doesn’t feel guilty with just tasting. I told her whatever helps her sleep at night. LOL She also said that Allie was just too cute. She refused to share her snacks with a male crawler (tongue-in-cheek) at the sitters yesterday, she scooted to the back of the table where he couldn’t reach them. She is the complete opposite of Averi. They usually are.


Christine’s 28th was back on the 19th and we coupled her celebration with our 30th at the Cheesecake Factory; very nice. She is contemplating moving back to the OC on Monday. She is still in school here and doing quite well but just isn’t finding another place to live. I hope she sticks around. You know I can’t remember when my 28th was back on. I remember that I was pregnant with Steven when I was 28. LOL


Anyway, Tere is in town… I hope to see her for a minute or two before she gets out of dodge. It could happen. J


Uncle Denny is just back from New York. I think he just forgot where he lives. He may end up with Chronic Jet Lag soon. Germany, Cali, Ohio, New York… I think he needs to get a job and settle down. LOL


1st cousin once or twice removed Jack Reed died December 23, 2008. I really enjoyed talking with him. He will be missed.


It’s really coming down out there… but I still plan on hanging my hummingbird feeders outside today. I may invest in a few new feeders this year. I used to boil the sugar and water and add red food coloring but I never do that anymore. An experienced hummingbird person told me just to mix the sugar with the water until it dissolves and put in the feeder; they will drink it. He said, “Look what they eat in the wild!” Well okay! I will clean and fill them and hang them out… I do love those hummingbirds. They are wonderful to watch… even when they fly straight up to my face in the evening and in fear of losing an eye. LOL


Too much too do to-day, I am still trying to catch up on things from this vacation. I need to cut the ivy off the front of the house. I killed a Ginkgo tree today. It was so slow in growing and looked awful so I just walked over and snapped it off at the base. I have two trees that were severely damaged from the last big storm we had I may have to take them out as well. Well see. Weeds free for the pulling.


I spent all day working on my tree yesterday. Adding peeps and removing even more. I had a huge problem deciding which Agnes Polly Adkins – Polly really married David Polly and since there is no definite way to know if she was the daughter of William V Sr or Jr… I just decided it was more likely she was the daughter of Jr due to where she ended up. This may send shock waves around the world but until we have conclusive proof… she will be remain the daughter if William V Adkins Jr. on my tree.


I also worked a little on the Gibson family tree yesterday and bit this morning. I love working on it. “Granny Gibson (Oma – not my real granny but Tammy’s, her mom’s mom) was such a special person. I remember spending the summer with her; lots and lots of little stories. Granny chained smoked, she lite her next cigarette off the last. She sat at the kitchen table for hours and drank coffee with liquid diet sweeter, all day long listening to Hank Sr and other classic country songs, holding a dirty fly swatter that she would swat you with in a second if you acted up. She loved cocoa-poodles and making her own kraut and burying it in the inside of her garage.” I realized I had a few mistakes on that tree, as well. Not really mistakes just omissions.


I also signed the guestbook at the Middletown Journal and sent the obit link to family and friends for “Uncle Al” yesterday; rarely does a month go by that his name isn’t mentioned for some reason or other. I don’t think he knew what an impact he had on our generation. Uncle Denny said: “I watched his show when I was younger. Hassel bought this new TV that was black and white with a 10 inch screen. We were in heaven.” (He’s too funny – I love him too) We’ll always be singing Zipity do da – zipity ay, my oh my, what a wonderful day, plenty of sunshine, headin’ my way! No matter how long it rains. He will truly, be missed.


FTGH: Kane is still “Free to a Good Home” one large beautiful full blooded black and tan Siberian husky with matching eyes. Kane hates the rain. He howls like he’s dying… about once every hour – just to hear himself think, I guess. He needs a friend. Craigie came home from school the other day and told me that Kane is famous. He said, “Kane is in every animal book in my school library.” No, I didn’t have the heart to tell him.


The trash man didn’t take my trash again today, we are going to fight. He pulls this stuff about once a month. Sorry good for nothing. I may have Kiley bite him next week. LOL Oh yeah, she’s always been free to a good home too. For 10 years now… they just keep bring her back. She comes with an SSI check. LOL We had a huge laugh last week; two girls tried to dog nap her. They were brazen enough to pull into my driveway to get her. She wouldn’t go with them. I said, “Those stupid – stupid girls, if they had only knocked on the door, I would have given her to them.” Well what Forrest said, Stupid is…


Steven has Prom this weekend so wish us luck. Gots to get the tux… on the ready. I will plan the largest Gradation party ever known to man. (O’ not for him- for me… I’m done! Last one… all in and all done!!!) He has an eye appt today at 4:20 p.m. his contacts aren’t clear??? Whatever that means… but yesterday was the 60th day so you know it would be today.


Well that is the highlights of my week. I do hope you all take a few minutes to get your hummingbird feeders out and hung today or tomorrow. They need to be out there by the 1st.


1 part sugar to 4 parts water
Boil the water first, then measure and add sugar, at the rate of 1/4 cup of sugar to 1 cup of water.
Let cool and store excess in refrigerator until ready to use.
Do not add food coloring, honey (which ferments), or artificial sweetener, which has no nutritional value.


Lastly, I have a question for you:

How does red and black… make blonde? DNA?

Have a great weekend!

… they came from strange places. I was talking to Denny briefly yesterday, he stopped by to bring me The Reed Family of Eastern Kentucky books and I went to bed still with the big question of all on my mind. Who was Havila Cook? And why was his daughter Catherine Cook along with Nancy W Reed, given land by Lyles Dolsbury in his Will?


So first thing this morning, I got up and put “Havila Cook” in the Google search and I found this dated Dec 4, 2008 otherwise, I would have missed it entirely. I wish he would have sent email alert just to let me know he posted this but am so thankful…  Todd Preston wrote in THE SALYERSVILLE INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPER…

I have dug deep to try to find a response to a query sent by Doris Rose of CA from Shelia Metcalf concerning Martha Hammond b. about 1867, a daughter of Benjamin Hamman.  Benjamin was born about 1834 and his wife Mary “Pop” Caudill was born about 1837 and died in 1910.  My mother always referred to her as “Aunt Pop”. She was the daughter of Elder Benjamin Caudill and Abigail Pennington.

            In the 1900 Magoffin census we find that Mary “Pop” Caudill was the mother of 10 children with 9 living at that time. Martha was the 6th child and her age shows to be 3 in 1870 and 12 in 1880. Martha would have been about age 32 by 1900.

            In the Annals of Tazewell Co. VA we find info that Havila Cook and Ursula Reed were joined in holy wedlock on 18 Oct 1838.  The 1850 Tazewell Co. census lists Lyles Dolesbury, age 105, with his daughter Catherine age 59. Catherine was the widow of William Reid.  Her son Thomas Reid was age 20 at that time.  He later married Minerva Adams, daughter of William “Uncle Billy” Adams, town founder of Adamsville, forerunner of Salyersville, KY.  Lyles Dolsbury died 2 August 1850. He was a Revolutionary War veteran whose daughter Ursula Reid (b. 1823) married Havila Cook. Havila was born in 1812 and his mother was Betty Cook.

            By 1860 this family shows up in Magoffin County. Havila Cook was then age 63 and a widower.  His daughter Elizabeth was age 28. Also in the household were Rebecca Jane age 6, John J. age 4 and Havila age 2.

            The 1880 Magoffin census has Havila Cook age 73, wife Martha age 47 and grandsons John age 14 and Havila age 12.

            Magoffin Marriages shows that Havila Cook married on 8 May 1879 to Martha Colvin at the home of B. F. Adams; also Havila Cook married on 17 Mar 1887 to Martha Reid at the home of Louis Reed.

            This doesn’t answer all the questions in the email but we hope it will help to some degree.

I had most of this information but it’s great to get an answer to one of the biggies…


Then Christine IM-ed and said she’d meet us at the Cheesecake Factory tonight at 7:00 p.m. always good to see her. She stays fairly obscure most of the year. LOL


I got an email from Ancestry and a woman name Jacquie Robbins the niece of the late Bernice Phipps, is it a small world or what? I wonder if she has that recipe. LOL


Got pix of the kids in Myrtle Beach enjoying their trip. I’ll try to post some later.


Well, I didn’t get the sign for the yard today; Anthony hates Teds so the sign is out. But, if you do a drive by today… HONK!!!




“If a man hasn’t discovered something that he will die for, he isn’t fit to live.”
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Having a sister makes you happier and more optimistic, a new study shows, but the same is not true for having a brother.

Growing up with at least one girl in the family also makes people more able to cope with their problems, according to the study.

Daughters tie loved ones closer together and encourage them to communicate their emotions more effectively, the researchers believe.

Prof Tony Cassidy, from the University of Ulster, who carried out the study with researchers from De Montfort University in Leicester, said that having a sister helped to promote good mental health.

He said: “Sisters appear to encourage more open communication and cohesion in families. However, brothers seem to have the alternative effect. Emotional expression is fundamental to good psychological health and having sisters promotes this in families.”

Girls who had sisters also tended to be more independent and keen on achievement, according to the findings.

The effects were stronger among children from broken homes, suggesting that sisters might lean on each other more for support when their parents divorce.

Prof Cassidy added that the lowest scores were among boys who had only brothers.

“It could be that boys have a natural tendency not to talk about things,” he said. “With boys together it is about a conspiracy of silence not to talk. Girls tend to break that down.”

The study questioned 571 young adults, aged between 17 and 25, about the make-up of their families and their emotional well-being.

Only children tended to score in the middle range for happiness and optimism.

Liz Wright, the co-author of the study, said: “With only children we found that they had lots of strong communication outside of the home. It appears that they have as much social support as those with siblings, but it does not come from within the family.”

My Genealogy Research


My foot isn’t quite 100% yet, the pain comes and goes. But, I’m getting back into the swing of things… I’m still dancing. LOL However, I’ve been knee deep in research during my rehab so I’m getting a lot done, here are my notes for this week:


Robinson:  I’m trying to track down John Robinson/Robertson abt 1826 North Carolina – I’m trying to prove he is Adonijah’s brother. His oldest daughter America Robertson, only lived to be 20 years old and her death certificate is the only one I can find for this family, in Clay County. I’ve checked them all with every possible spelling available. No marriage license’s either. He is with Honnifer and William in Jackson County early on before they all start spreading out. Teri Lynne sent me a wonderful old black & white family photo of Jocie and Rawlie that include 9 adults and 1 baby. You know I love those old pix. Keep them coming.


Metcalf: I’ve posted 4 older Metcalf Family Trees; James Garfield of Germantown, Samuel D Metcalf of Miamisburg, Martin Luther Metcalf of Miamisburg and their father, James William Metcalf, this week. I’m still waiting on Huey Dale Metcalf’s children’s vitals to post his. I needed Gertrude Metcalf’s family info to finish this generation. Martha had no children and Viola never married. If anyone has any of their obits or pix please send them to me


Adkins: Kezia Adkins or Keziah Mallory Adkins, the Adkins family of New Kent Co., VA, among others. I’m trying to hang more new stuff – than old on my Adkins tree this week. There are still a lot of the newer Adkins peeps, my age not hanging on the tree. You know who you are… tons of 1st cousin info that needs to be added.  Send it to me or call. You don’t want me to cover over there. Tammy sent me a ton of new family pix (camera happy – that one) loved them. Thanks. I have one cousin Deb, I’ve emailed 2 or 3 times and she dissed me. Is it me or what? I haven’t seen her since I was about 10 or 11 maybe and times running out here. We’re none getting any younger. My Uncle Denny’s DNA test is back. I’m too excited. I’m still encouraging you men to get it done. It’s just a cheek swab, harmless and it will hopefully remove any questions about our lineage. Think about it… you could be related to me. LOL



Around the House


It’s comical I have so many irons in the fire right now, I’m the president of the garden club and my yard looks like crap. Ivy is engulfing my house, as we speak. My husband helped me weed and mulch a little around the walk.  I made a comment about it and he made me laugh, he said, “I know, it looks great don’t it.” LOL Yes, about 8 foot… now what about the other 20? lol I’ll try to do a few feet each day, some out around the mailbox and maybe an island as I get time. You know, they say those who can… DO and those who can’t… TEACH! LOL That bout sums it up for me. I have weeds that I need to be out there tending to; spraying and weeding but…  not going to happen. The weeds will keep – its family first.



Our 30th Anniversary


We were looking forward to our 30th Anniversary Party here at the house with just the family but my daughter’s and her husband are foster parents and they had put in for a vacation. It takes awhile for the paperwork to go thru on the kids. Mandy was excited when the trip to Myrtle Beach was Okayed but it is the week of the party. They will be away; on the 6th it broke my heart. But I know she needs this more than I need a party. Her husband asked us to go with them but I said, “No thanks,” Although, it scares me for them to be down there alone with all of the kids by themselves. Nothing is written in stone here so we will wait and see what unfolds.



Steven and School


Steven has been on two hour delay all this week due to testing but we are coming into the home stretch. I am ordering his cap and gown online today. Somehow that was an over sight. We are planning our final high school graduation party. Steven will be graduating in May and off to college in the fall, Lord Willing!!! Cross your fingers.




… in loving memory of her joyous time on earth.

Braelyn Joyce Ewing

March 11, 2009-March 18, 2009

She was born a feisty little thing at 2 lbs 2oz. She will be missed by all. Our hearts and prayers go out to the family of baby Braelin, her parents, Rachael and John Brandon Ewing of Tennessee, Grandparents, Jeff and Sophia Metcalf of Kentucky, Uncle Aaron and Aunt Alisha of Batavia, Ohio. We love you.




Where love reigns, the impossible may be attained. ~ INDIAN PROVERB