• Serve the Lord by serving others.
  • Avoid self-preoccupation.  There are many others who need the assistance that only you can offer.
  • Develop more patience and value: the calm that can be yours.
  • Look for good in people, places and happenings.
  • Let your wardrobe incline a bright, pleasant expression. A ready smile makes a fashionable accessory.

The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases. ~ Carl Jung

Trust Busters
They start out small, sneaking up on you and slowly eroding trust in relationships. If not detected, they grow and multiply, making matters worse. Don’t look now, but I think there’s one behind you! Aahh! (Made you look.) Trust busters take the form of criticism, complaining, comparison, and competition. Here’s some advice in dealing with the pesky critters:

  • Criticizing. Be loyal to those not present. In other words, don’t criticize people behind their backs. Pretty simple.
  • Complaining. Turn complaints into action. Ask, “What is one thing I can do right now to effect change in my current circumstance?” Also, make sure you address complaints. When people feel that their concerns are ignored, they’ll continue to fret over those issues and look for others.
  • Comparing. People need to feel that their contribution compliments the whole. Be aware of others’ strengths, and tailor work and activities to compliment those strengths.
  • Competing. A little bit now and again is healthy, but it’s important to realize that some like it and some don’t.

Effectively dealing with trust busters-now just what were you afraid of?

It’s the main reason many people get fired. My niece Teresa says the reason everyone gets fired is because they give more than their 40 percent. These people aka overachiever’s (perform better or achieve more success than expected) seem to ruin companies for the most part. The overachievers want to impose their will on everyone around them. They alienate co-workers and intimidate the boss. Basically get on everyone’s nerves. The rule of thumb here is to only give your 40%. You’ll blend better in long run and free up your mind for the important things in life. Trust me I know, I’m married to a workaholic. I live it everyday. He is the overachiever and I’m the slacker. Opposites really do attract.


Most people are frankly, intimated by overachievers who don’t think a company was in business before they got there or will continue exists without them. Some people go into a company thinking they can change every aspect of the company to save them money. The truth is if this could be done someone working there would have already mastered the feat. Usually this individual has come from another company where all of his or her craftsmanship has failed. Then they tend to blame others around them for their failures.


When you put too much into your day you will never increase your output only your stress level. Remember your family needs 50 percent of your time; just save a little for yourself so you don’t get burnt out. Enjoy what time you have here. Don’t waste it on the things that you think everyone expects of you. When in reality they will only resent it.


I’m not the only person that believes this… Just look at all of the Synonyms: for the word achieve.



“When you schedule every minute of your workday, you do not have time to put out the small fires that come up all day long…. Solution: Only schedule 40 to 50 percent of your day.”

-Roger Browner