I’ve had some major events happen this week; some good… some???

I felt like a funeral crasher yesterday when one of my favorite uncles when I was a young girl, and still is today, died this week and I attended his funeral, without my older sister Shirley by my side. I can honestly say, that I only knew 3 or 4 people there, it was uncomfortable to say the least.

I slid in – in my usual manner; late.  Realizing at that moment, I’d forgotten to send flowers, for the first time ever in my life. I don’t know where my head was at? But in the grand scheme of things, I guess it was par for the course. Hopefully, no one really noticed, few people there knew me anyway.

Afterward, I attended the farewell gathering, where I was hit with, yet another big bombshell… when my aunt just plainly announced to the woman seated across from her and talking about her husbands family, that the son she had cared for since he was only two years old, after the death of his mother, was not her husband’s son, but my dad’s.

I know… she nor I had a clue what to say, so I thought… just roll with it… shake it off.  So in my usual fashion, I got his name and the name of his late mother. You know the genealogist in me… I was going to get the story. Not gossip since my other aunt sat there and agreed to it all. I guess it was common knowledge. Not to me or her, but you know that dang elephant in the room.

I have to admit… I do love those sudden foot-in-mouth experiences. They tend to always get you stirred up. But somehow, way down deep, I must admit it felt deliberate. Maybe I’m wrong. But I guess, I now have yet another brother. Don’t worry, I won’t drop his name – like it was dropped on me yesterday.

I come from a long line of goings-on, so this came as no shock to me. My dad had admitted to me years ago when we lived in California that he had a son with Doris Fox, but I shook it off as just more stupidity aka a drunken confession.

I don’t really have any desire to meet or to know him, but would like to hang him off a branch of this twisted old family tree. That is all I’m going to say on the matter.

I knew my father had lived with other women when he and my mother split up and had numerous affairs. He carried on an affair with Helen for years – the old bar maid from Hello Dolly’s in Trenton. She was married at the time but I don’t think any of my dad’s friends and family were too faithful to anyone. One uncle carried on and affair with some old lush by the old Dry Cleaners for years and years and yes, she was married to. Yuck! Luckily, they never had any lasting evidence.

I’m thinking things must have been really different back then, because everyone we knew at the time had been married three or four times and still carrying on with anyone that would have them. Men and women alike.  Not sure how their marriage vows read… (they had to have been very different from mine)… all I can say is Nasty… is the word that comes to mind now. No excuse. And Tiger Woods thinks he invented it. (shaking my head and laughing here) The bible says there is nothing new under the sun but there are still things that make me crazy.  This just heads the list.


I did get a major answer to prayer this week. I had prayed for 7 long years for a wrong to be made right and not two hours after I finished praying… it happened and all I can say is… “THANK YOU, LORD!” Now, I will continue to pray that it is made known.


I called my brother Ralph today, I know… he was shocked too… if you know me, then you know I never dial the phone, I just wait for it to ring. So after he was over the initial shock and after assuring him that there was no emergency, we had a nice long conversation about dad and his numerous affairs. Then we started reminiscing about our childhood. He was cracking jokes about how we were related to everyone around Middletown and the surrounding areas. He told me that whenever he was sneaking around doing something he wasn’t supposed to be doing, someone would have already called Mom and alerted her to the situation. He felt like there were relatives aka spies everywhere. We laughed and swapped a few more similar stories before we hung up. It was almost a very nice talk.

I had called him while I was on my way to the worst dinner I’ve had in a very long time at Lone Star in Middletown. I let Steven pick between Olive Garden & Lone Star before he drove back to college tonight and of course to ruin the evening, he chose Lone Star. It was a nightmare. I think they were trying to break the sound barrier with the noise and the volume was actually louder outside than in, if you can imagine that. So there was no escape. Babies screaming and numerous dishes breaking, I will repeat… a NIGHTMARE! I swore I will never return but I said that the last time, when it was all things considered,  were actually worse.


My niece Teresa Ann Parsons has a birthday this week, so I’m thinking, if her mother is feeling better maybe… just maybe we will go for a Girl’s Night Out! I know that I for one… could use it.


That’s about it for this week, I did get several genealogy requests that I will try to look up tomorrow with a heavy work week ahead, but we all know that it’s my passion in life. So until I get the time to read more books, write more posts about what really needs to be said and done, I will just wish you all a very happy work week and may God watch over and keep you all. And to my newest discovery I will just say, “Welcome to the Family!”

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. ~ Joel Arthur Barker


a lot.

Never underestimate the power of simple courtesy. Your courtesy may not be returned or remembered, but discourtesy will. ~ PRINCESS JACKSON SMITH

Vivre: What a week… what a week and it’s only Thursday.

I spent the morning standing high upon my soapbox, shouting all the atrocities I felt the City Commissioners had inflected on the good peoples of Middletucky aka the City of Middletown, then I realized it was all for naught. I know I’m a Germantonian but I do business in Middletown. I have lived there in the past and owned property so I think this gives me a vested interest.

We can spend hours complaining about something, but honestly it will not change anything. Until we climb down off our soapboxes and take back what is ours, nothing will ever change. We see people suffering, and do nothing. Not because we feel they’re unworthy, but simply because we feel they won’t let us. So we don’t try. Each one has a responsibility to the other to see that they’re not taken advantage of. If the “powers that be” can sleep at night, then so be it. If you’re not happy, on the next Election Day, kick them all out and start with fresh faces and new ideas. People with some backbone and a little drive to see the future, and can see that we still have one. Remember its still, “We the people.”


Yesterday, I was thinking about my ancestors while watching a little movie called Mulan with my granddaughter. The movie is a cartoon about a young girl whose family is concerned that she won’t make much of her life (as most parents are) so they call upon their ancestors to help see her through. She then goes on to save, not only her father, but her Emperor and her country. One girl against her world, fighting customs and age old traditions in her family and country, then I had to laugh, I thought to myself, you know this is a parable for what we, as women, do today. If only, we could call upon our ancestors (not that I believe we can do that) whenever we feel like it is us against the world, fighting to save our families, businesses, towns, our country, and ourselves from whatever evil we perceive, a threat. One woman can make a difference in the lives of so many. I have 30K+ ancestors on my family tree which is an army by anyone’s standards, no telling what I could conquer if I put their principles, knowledge, spirituality and meaning they had in their lives and applied it to my own. Mercy… look out world because I have the makings of a Ming Dynasty or a William V Dynasty! Boggles the mind doesn’t it.


“Mithaology” not a phrase I have coined myself, but do love the terminology. It gives meaning to a person whose life may have never come to light and she is still top priority for this family genealogist “to do list.” She is one woman that truly has made a difference. Shrouded in a cloud of mystery Mitha continues to bring about much debate in the “Adkins Family History” class and descendants, causing us to probe further into the archives to find every last detail we can about her life and family. I do hope which ever way it turns out she will be given her place in history and the honor she deserves as presumably, the love of one of our forefathers, LIFE. And, for this alone she is worthy of my fullest acknowledgment and gratitude. “God rest her soul.”


Kiley Francis, our 9.5 year old Jack Russell/Shih Tzu mix is still MIA. She is white & black with her tail still on (we didn’t get it docked), gone now for almost 6 weeks and sorely missed. Her reward is still intact but not a word what may have come of her. I think the coyotes got her – don’t tell my hubby, he freaks out every time I mention it. They caught 45 coyotes locally and 43 of which, their stomachs contained cats but they will still eat a small dog, if they get the chance. I can’t rule it out.

We had an injured raccoon, eating a peanut butter Rice Krispy treat, last week in our side yard with 15 or 20 of us standing less than 5 feet away. He didn’t seem to mind us at all. So we told the kids to steer clear. One raccoon was in our trash can yesterday; hopefully the trash man let him out… everything can’t be my job. I do put the cat food in the garage at night to discourage them, but the raccoon babies still check my porch for goodies. A small hummingbird just flew at my window; I guess they want to remind me to refill my bird feeders. I tell you what; “It’s Wild Out There!”


I’m still looking forward to Saturday Night Out this weekend. I was thrilled when they decided to continue on this year, after the chairperson decided she didn’t want to do it again, this year; we need to patronize the events to insure it will continue for many years to come. Our tiny town needs all the activities we can muster up. Hope to see you there.


Sorry Pink/Red Hatters I haven’t forgotten you, I’ve been so busy with my LIFE and research that I haven’t had a chance to make a meeting in a very long time. I do enjoy a good meal and gaggle with great friends so I hope to see you soon. Call me for coffee… I’m always up for Kathy’s Kitchen or Miss Molly’s.


Garden Club will be going to Indiana to an herb farm on the 24th. We’ll Carpool from the Depot. That’s my oldest grandson’s Craigie’s B-day (as well as Tammy’s) but we should get back in plenty of time for the party. His party at the bowling alley, I guess, instead of here. We have had, back to back, parties here since the 1st week of June and I for one love it! Busy – Busy.


Anthony’s trip to the doctor yesterday, was just as I had suspected, STRESS! Too many irons in the fire. So Joe upped his Rx’s to Nexium. He needs a VACATION! Oh wait, that’s my line. lol


I was told that the Adkins ladies had their fudge party again last year and I was not invited. I have to admit I’m not all that surprised but I do hope you’ll remember to invite me this year. Was that too forward?


I didn’t want to end this vivre without sharing a heartfelt note of thanks for all of your support and help on all our family history and research, no matter which branch of the tree you’re swinging off of. I do appreciate each and every one, the comments and the time you have afforded me. I hope to continue my research for many years to come, hand in hand, with your help we’ll continue unlock the mysteries of our past.


Never hesitate to hold out your hand; never hesitate to accept the outstretched hand of another. ~ Pope John XXIII

and patient with older people.

Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, tolerant with the weak, and forgiving with the wrong. Sometime in your life, you will have been all of those. ~ LLOYD SHEARER

Your ancestor was born in 1885 and you are trying to determine the names of his parents. Which census would be the best one with which to start?

A) 1880
B) 1890
C) 1900
D) 1910

Because there are no 1890 census records; they were all destroyed.

How many great-great-great-great-grandparents do you have?

A) 81
B) 72
C) 64
D) 121

The next time you are feeling rather unimportant, try an arithmetic trick based on the indisputable fact that it took two people—your parents—to get you here. Each of your parents has two parents, so in the generation just prior to the generation of your father and mother, there were four people whose pairing contributed to your existence.

You are the product of 8 great-grandparents, 16 great-great-grandparents, 32 great-great-great grandparents, etc. Continue multiplying the number by 2. If you figure an average of about 25 years between each generation, you will discover that only 500 years ago there were 1,048,576 people on this planet beginning the production of YOU!

If you could see your ancestors,
All standing in a row,
Would you be proud of them,
Or don’t you really know?
Some strange discoveries are made
In climbing family trees;
And some of them, you know,
Do not particularly please.
If you could see your ancestors,
All standing in a row,
There might be some of them, perhaps,
You wouldn’t care to know.
But there’s another question
Which requires a different view …
If you could “meet” your ancestors,
Would they be proud of you?

Our most basic instinct is not for survival but for family.  Most of us would give our own life for the survival of a family member, yet we lead our daily life too often as if we take our family for granted.  ~Paul Pearshall