Soooo alike…       ~       Soooo different…

A quick review of genealogy blogs shows that many bloggers have made resolutions to write more about genealogy in 2009. Yes, you should blog more about genealogy! Carve out a little time for yourself (that means make an appointment for YOU and put it on your calendar). If you have a little writer’s block, don’t worry. Help is on the way!

Have a family member be a guest blogger. Let a family member take the reins and provide a different perspective for a post or two. If you can’t find anyone to take the job, interview a relative and spotlight the person yourself.

“I try to allow family members to help write every post. It’s a group effort and this is how we learn. We agree to disagree.” ~ Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf


Sisters are two different flowers from the same garden.

Drawing on the diaries, letters, memoirs, and research notes a good genealogist never tires of the hunt. We check every nook and cranny to seek out whatever shred of evidence we can find on a persons life as if we were going to write the Biography of each and every person in our distant past for all of history to receive.


We use our cunning wit to leave no stone unturned in our never ceasing quest for answers.  We hunger for names, dates and places as others for food. We call every person we can think of to try to find that one tiny piece of evidence that we have the right person.  We check; birth, marriage and death certificates and all the physical resources we can think of; courthouses, libraries, historical societies and cemeteries to find that last missing detail.


If only, our loved ones would have taken a few minutes to write their own stories or those closest to them had jotted down a few precious moments they’d shared together, then we could read of their life stories and share their history with our children and they with theirs.


Every good publisher says that each person has at least one book in them. I would challenge you to write your own Memoir and/or autobiography as if you were detailing it for future generations. Add your own flair and personality to every page so that your great grandchildren would know you if they met you on the street one day.


Keep a journal or daily diary to connect your ideas and current events. Write tales of; happy times, past love’s, your daily life, mistakes, sickness, heartbreak and misery make your record a living, breathing piece of history, an archive of grace and beauty for future generations to cherish.


In the end, the trick isn’t necessarily what goals and values you pick, though. You know yourself and where you want to be. The real trick is disciplining yourself to consistently write it down. Just as the architectural wonders of the world always being with a detailed blueprint, your hopes and dreams are far more likely to materialize when you put your plans and values down in writing.



“If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten; Either write things worthy of reading, or do things worthy of writing.” — Benjamin Franklin, May 1738