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Normally, I’d give all the info on these when I post the search info. But due to time constraints I’ll have to post them later. Please bear with me.

I’m just back from vacation and I have a lot of new responsibilities. So my time is more limited these days, but I’m still working on the tree.
I got an email from Finley Metcalf’s granddaughter to help with William Eady Metcalfe’s family line. William is the son of Norris and Mellia Cornelius Metcalf. He married Elizabeth “Lizzie” Mays and then Selena Emily Gabbard – Flannery Metcalfe.  Some of William’s children’s names are still questionable. Maybe she’ll know exactly whom they were.

James William Metcalf born: 8 Feb 1876 in Rockcastle, Kentucky died: 14 Feb 1937 in Laurel, Kentucky was my husband Anthony’s Great-Grandfather.
His draft record:
Name: W M Metcalf
Birth: 8 Feb 1875
Residence: Rockcastle, Kentucky
Other: Rockcastle County
His dad was Howard Boone Metcalf that married Almeda Jane Brummett.


As for Ancil: I have no idea. I only have one on my tree but his father was James M Adkins and mother was Cynthia Gatliff * Ancil Gatliff Adkins 25 Sep 1886 Williamsburg City, Whitley, Kentucky, United States.


Mitha is a very deep subject. I don’t have that kind of time. See Mithaology on this blog. Born about 1660 in Surrey, England or maybe born an Indian. Died abt 1754 Henrico, Virginia, United States. She is recorded in the will of Richard Parker (1660-1725) as wife of.

“Mithaology” not a phrase I have coined myself, but do love the terminology. It gives meaning to a person whose life may have never come to light and she is still top priority for this family genealogist “to do list.” She is one woman that truly has made a difference. Shrouded in a cloud of mystery Mitha continues to bring about much debate in the “Adkins Family History” class and descendants, causing us to probe further into the archives to find every last detail we can about her life and family. I do hope which ever way it turns out she will be given her place in history and the honor she deserves as presumably, the love of one of our forefathers, LIFE. And, for this alone she is worthy of my fullest acknowledgment and gratitude. “God rest her soul.”


Princess Nokalackey aka Nokalakdy Nuhdo(moon) Nokalakeeaka (Walkingstick) Princess Nokalackey (abt 1756) married John Casteel (1758-1817) father of John Harrison Casteel (1778-1854). This is Anthony’s 7th Generation Grandparents. He is of * Margaret “Peggy” Casteel wife of James Metcalf. So he cannot be tested as a direct DNA link for this haplogroup. Sorry.


Poteete’s I’m still working on this line as well.  Too many to list.


That’s about it for today. I’m chasing my tail as usual. I’m late… I’m late… I’m late. That will probably be posted on the back of my headstone. If my husband’s sense of humor holds, I’m sure it will be. He made me laugh so much this weekend on vacation I remembered why I married that man; that and he’s dang sexy! LOL I was just checking to see if you actually read what I write.

Have a great week everybody.

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Born: 1705 in La Bresse, Vosges, Lorraine, France

Died: 10 May 1788 in La Bresse, Vosges, Lorraine, France

Spouse: Barba Aubert (Haubert)

Born: 14 Mar 1709 La Bresse, Vosges, Lorraine, France

Died: 20 Apr 1790 La Bresse, Vosges, Lorraine, France

Son: Reuben Valentine Pieratt

Born: 21 Mar 1750 in Brest, Bretagne, Finistère, France

Died: 1836 in , Bath, Kentucky, USA

Married: Elizabeth Anna Ayrie on 6 Nov 1791 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Parents to John Pieratt 1790-1875 whom married Anne Maxey and had Thomas Pieratt 1820-1876 whom married Elizabeth Cox and had John S. Pieratt aka “Long John” (guessing here, the S. stood for Silver? – jk)1843-1902 whom married Margaret Harrison Nickell and had “Alice Aretta Pieratt” 1867-1937 whom married Woodrow Wilson Craft and had Mary “Edna” Craft 1900-1956 whom married James “Nathan” Fugate; both went by their middle names, too funny, we’re big on using our middle names; together they had my Grandma, Elvia Mae Fugate 1918-1965 that married my Grandpa, Odis LeRoy Stump and they had my mom, Julia Lorraine Stump 1937-1978. This bring us to the present day…

Here is a copy or an email from a distant cousin Randy Blecha (not making light because I really do appreciate it) doing research on the “Pieratt” family he sent me copies of the actual Military records and then this note…

Sheila, I realized that I forgot to send the translation. I had a friend of mine, who reads/writes French try to translate the Military Induction for Valentine Pieratt. It said: Valentine Pierrat “Son of Valentine and of Barbe Haubert native of Latrens Province of Lorraine Jurisdiction of ?? Age: 27 years Height ?? Face: Long, Nose: Large Eyes: Brown Hair: Same Brows: Black, Marked with small blisters 2nd Legion Date of Joining: Jan. 13, 1779 Date of Leave: Dismissed for ?? to America May 1, 1783 I hope that is helpful. Randy Blecha

Again, I had to post this email … it was just, too funny. No wonder, I have such a “BIG NOSE,” I got it from all directions. I love it… I will probably get some nasty letters about this one as well, but to me, it makes them human. I love my family!!!! Notice I have Nickell’s on both sides of my family, hey… it’s Kentucky and our trees are well rounded. lol

Thanks Randy, for all the work you are doing. The family and I, really appreciate it. Enjoy your visit to Morgan County, I hear it’s nice this time of year. I only, wish I had time to go, maybe someday…

Thanks as always,
Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

and you thought it was just me out there beating the bushes, didn’t you…

Mitha, it has a wonderful ring to it doesn’t it?  And yet,  meets with heavy debate…

Mitha the mother of Elizabeth Parker Atkinson (Adkins) according to “OUR” family history,  irregardless of what some authors have written in the past.   We will keep her as our Family MONARCH. You’re welcome to disagree with my findings, as I’m sure many of you will,  but you know that old adage … as for me and my house… I will stay with “Mitha”.

I have on record three separate Marriage License for Richard Parker, VA.

  1. Richard born 1650 VA married an ??? Pender in 1676.
  2. Richard male born 1650 Spouse named Mitha ??? birth year 1660 Marriage State: of VA
  3. Richard Parker married Judith Huntt  spouse birth VA in marriage 1668 in VA.

I wish I could split off the comments under Jacob Harley and others because the comments there were among many on Mitha and I should have already had a separate post on her, as these didn’t pertain to Jacob.


A Hundred years From Now

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in front of family members.

Which I may have done yesterday, with my “little black dress.”

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It is with great pride

Anthony & Sheila Metcalf

Announce the commencement

of their son

Steven Ross Metcalf

and the Valley View High School

Class of 2009

Sunday the 31st day of May 2009

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon

The Schuster Center

110 North Ludlow St

Dayton, Ohio 45042