Soooo alike…       ~       Soooo different…

A quick review of genealogy blogs shows that many bloggers have made resolutions to write more about genealogy in 2009. Yes, you should blog more about genealogy! Carve out a little time for yourself (that means make an appointment for YOU and put it on your calendar). If you have a little writer’s block, don’t worry. Help is on the way!

Have a family member be a guest blogger. Let a family member take the reins and provide a different perspective for a post or two. If you can’t find anyone to take the job, interview a relative and spotlight the person yourself.

“I try to allow family members to help write every post. It’s a group effort and this is how we learn. We agree to disagree.” ~ Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf


Sisters are two different flowers from the same garden.

“What is Arbor Day?”, you ask.


Arbor Day is a nationally-celebrated observance that encourages tree planting and care. It is celebrated on the last Friday in April.


At Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1882, they held their first Arbor Day and introduced two new elements into observance. First, the day was declared a school festival, and second the practice of planting a memorial tree was inaugurated. These new developments were largely responsible for the acceptance of Arbor Day over the rest of the United States.


Trees, shrubs, and other greenery, are the most essential factors on earth because they furnish oxygen for man to breathe.


The Lonesome Pine is a romantic memory but with thousands of acres of our land being changed daily from natural to man made uses there are too few lonesome trees left.


Regardless of where you live we need to rally to the cause of replacing our greenery.


Air pollution is still out of control, yet better than in years past when Critics’ said Pollution was more deadly than the Viet Nam War. What is your town doing about water and air Pollution and human renewal?


Our earth had a limit on its resources. We have come dangerously close to the brink. Run – don’t walk – to do your part in saving it for yourselves and future generations.


Mark the calendar for next year 2009, Friday, April 24: Plant a tree.





I heard a bird at break of day

Sing from the autumn trees,

A song so mystical and clam,

So full of certainties,

No man, I think could listen long

Except upon his knees.

Yet this was but a simple bird

Alone, among the dead trees.

~ Wm. Alexander Perry