Ollie Adkins married Elisha Sanders in Pike, Kentucky.

ADKINS, Ollie SANDERS, Elisha 21-MAY-1831. License obtained by her son-in-law, David Branham (Elizabeth Adkins).

Olivia “Olly” Morgan Adkins (abt 1780-abt 1870) married Elisha Sanders (abt 1788 -Unk) in Pike, Kentucky.

Olivia was the daughter of David Morgan and Anne Poteet. She married her first husband Thomas Adkins on 6 Oct 1796 in Washington, Virginia.

Came to this country in 1639 from Italy and landed in Virginia.


They had son Francis Poteet B: 1643 St Johns, Baltimore, Maryland D: 1692 St Johns Parrish, Baltimore, Maryland he married Mary Elizabeth Carraway B: 1651 Lower, Norfolk, Virginia D: 1692 Baltimore, Maryland daughter of John Carraway and Ann Foster in 1668 in Baltimore, Maryland. Together they had 7 known children.


>>>Now here is where it gets really tricky, James Poteete son of John and Elizabeth Crabtree Poteet son of John and Elizabeth Braswell Poteet son of Francis and Mary Carraway Poteet. I’ve seen hundreds of trees and strongly disagree with almost all of them. Reasons to follow: I’ve looked at many wills and names noted in the wills weren’t recorded. On my tree I guestimated their children’s age’s according to the way they are listed in the will. Here are my notes:


Anne Poteet 1755 Virginia (questionable) and died 1825 Floyd, Kentucky. Reportedly the daughter of Captain James Poteat 1749-1804 and Jean Patton 1746-1825 they married abt 1766. But then they would have been only 6 years old. Impossible, unless she reported her age wrong. Doubt it – but not entirely out of the question. It is far more likely that she was the daughter of his father James Poteet 1726 MD -1774 will read NC and Elizabeth Crabtree 1728 MD. James Poteat’s of VA now living in Caswell, North Carolina, marriage license to Elizabeth Crabtree in 1747 MD second bond says 1748 says he was born in 1726.

Maryland Marriages, 1655-1850

Name:         James Poteet

Gender:       Male

Marriage Date:       20 Sep 1748

Spouse:       Elizabeth Crabtree

Spouse Gender:     Male

State:          Maryland

County:       Baltimore

Name:         James Poteet

Spouse:       Elizabeth Crabtree

Marriage:     20 Sep 1748 – St. John’s Parish (Baltimore City), Baltimore County, Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland


SON Captain James Poteete abt 1749 VA:

Caswell County, NC Will Books, 1777-1843; 1784 Tax List; and Guardians’ Accounts, 1794-1819 199 Allotment to Temperance Poteat widow of James Poteat decd. 31 May 1805 – reported death date 2 Nov 1804. (78 years would have been a very long life span at this time.) His Will; the wife’s name is Temperance Poteat.  Maybe a second wife or she went by her middle name. Until I find a 2nd marriage license for “Temperance” I will assume its Jean was her middle name.


This much I am sure of:

  1. Anne Poteet 1755 VA-1825 KY married David Morgan and the family reports that Olly’s father was David Morgan – although no documents to support this fact.
  2. On the 1860 census “Olly Adkins” abt 1790 is living with daughter Charity Charlotte Adkins Damron Southers (1820-1862) family and reports that she was born in Maryland. To support the theory that her mother Anne Poteet’s family was from Maryland – even though she would have been born in VA or NC.
  3. David married Anne before 1781 in VA David Morgan reports on 1810 Floyd, Kentucky census that 7 members live in household. 3 males – 4 females no top to verify ages or gender. But going by pages 1: 1 FREE WHITE MALES up to age 10; 1 male up to 16-26; 1 male over 45. 2 FREE WHITE FEMALES under age 10; 2 females over age 45.
  4. Need in on Hiram Morgan family from Pike.
  5. Daughter Olivia aka Olly (Thomas Adkins) and Mary (Alexander Lackey) are already married by this time so we need more children’s names. – need that WILL.
  6. I was checking marriages for Floyd, KY and William C Morgan (Elizabeth Salisbury) is a son.
  7. I added Jared (Sally Polly 22 Mar 1817 Floyd, KY) and Wells Morgan abt 1793- Floyd, KY – 1852 Edgar, IL (Elizabeth “Betsey” Lewis 9 Mar 1813 Floyd, Kentucky– they fit but are iffy – need marriage bonds to verify.
  8. Name: David Morgan Birth: 12 MAR 1753 – Pittsylvania, Virginia Death: 12 OCT 1813 – Floyd, Kentucky.
  9. David Morgan dies and his widow Ann Poteet Morgan marries her daughter Olly Morgan Adkins father-in-law Jesse Adkins on 28 Dec 1815 in Floyd, Kentucky.
  10. Olly Morgan Adkins does not name any child “David or Ann” unless in unknown middles. But she does name one Cap William and the second Richard “CASWELL” Adkins. Unless child was unknown deceased. Caswell being the county they were from in NC.
  11. ADKINS, Ollie SANDERS, Elisha 21-MAY-1831 marriage license obtained by her son-in-law David Branham (Elizabeth Adkins).


Please if you have anything to add – or documents to support any others please feel free to leave a comment…

Thomas Adkins

Birth: 1775

, Henrico, Virginia, USA

Death: 1829

, , Kentucky, USA

Thomas Adkins Family Tree


Jesse Adkins (Born: 1754-1833)


Mary Adkins (Born: 1754)


Olivia “Olly” Morgan (Born: 1780)

Marriage:  6 Oct 1796 Washington County, Virginia

Known Children

Cap William W Adkins (Born: 1797-1879) dispute: wives Nancy Hamilton and/or Nancy Damron 10 known children

Elisha Adkins (Born: bet 1799-1808 D: Unk) married Margaret Adkins 14 Aug 1823

Richard Caswell Adkins (Born: 1801-1852) wives: Nancy Adkins and Margarett Jane Conley 12 known children

John Morgan Adkins (Born: 1806)

Mary Ann “Polly” Adkins (Born: 1807-1853) married James S Damron

Elizabeth “Betsey” Adkins (Born: 1810-1894) married David Branham 14 known children

Absalom Apps Adkins (Born: 1810- bef 1870) married Delila Elswick 9 Sep 1830 12 known children

Hiram Adkins (Born:1815-) married Mrs. Elizabeth Unk Patten

Charity Charolette Adkins (Born: 1820 – abt 1862) married Moses Dee Damron in 1837 Pike, Kentucky with 4 known children, all girls. Married a Buford Southers(Sowards)  in Pike, KY.