Treva Francis Fugate Terrell

B: 2 Mar 1922 in Dan, Menifee, Kentucky
D: 23 Dec 2011 in Middletown, Butler, Ohio
Burial: 30 Dec 2011 in Butler County Memorial Park

Treva Francis Fugate married Robert Lee “Bob” Terrell B: 26 Feb 1919 in Perry, Kentucky D: 12 Nov 1992 in Middletown, Butler, Ohio.

James “Nathan” Fugate

Mary “Edna” Craft

Sylvia Fugate (1916 – 1994) Goode: wife of Louis Vern “Babe” Goode (1914 – 1944).
Elvia Mae Fugate (1918 – 1965) Stump: wife of Odis LeRoy Stump (1916 – 2001).

TERRELL, Treva age 89, passed away Friday, December 23, 2011 at Atrium Medical Center. She was born March 2, 1922 to James Nathan & Mary Edna (Craft) Fugate in Menifee County, KY. She graduated Middletown High School in 1940. She was a member of the Middletown V.F.W., D. A. V. Women’s Auxiliary and the Eastern Star. She was an avid golfer and enjoyed basketball, baseball, bowling and was inducted into the Middletown Women’s Bowling Assoc. Hall of Fame in 1992. She is preceded in death by her husband, Robert L. Terrell; parents and a grandson, Bobby Deaton. Treva is survived by her daughter, Myrna Deaton of Middletown, OH; grandchildren, Jeff Deaton, John Deaton, Melissa (Gary) Sergent-Smallwood and Dawn Grant; 7 great-grandchildren and 1 great-great-grandson. Visitation will be held on Thursday, December 29, 2011 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at Baker-Stevens-Parramore Funeral Home. The Celebration of Life service will be held on Friday at 1:00 pm at the funeral home. Interment will follow at Butler County Memorial Park.

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Peter was a possible carrier for the Hereditary methemoglobinemia that later manifested in so many of his descendants that moved to Kentucky.

(FFN in the references is “Fugate Family Newsletter” Available at the LDS Library in Salt Lake City.

1645 (or before) Peter Fookett is born. Peter Fookett is first recorded in a list of immigrants for whom George Goldsmith claimed headright for transportation. We can assign an age of at least 15 to Peter at this time, making him born by 1645. (FFN 19 pg 3)

” … There is ample evidence in the primary records of Baltimore County, Maryland that a man named Peter Fugate (by various spellings) lived there from about 1661 to 1702, that he had a wife named Frances, daughter of John and Ann (Posey) Mould, and that they had at least two children: John b. 1689 and Ann b. 1692. (FFN 19 pg 5)

Mike Lacopo writes: “If we assign a birth of 1670 to Frances (Mould) Fugate, how can we possible assume that James Fugate was born around 1676?” (Mike refers to the James Fugate whose age of “66” was stated in the “Three Lifetime Leases” in Baltimore County …” (FFN 10 pg 25) “… other children we have assumed to be Peter’s would also be too old to be children of Frances Mould. They would include Josias (c 1675 – 80) and Easther (by 1685). The children mentioned in St. George’s Parish Records, John (1689) and Ann (1682) would seem to be the only children that common sense would dictate would belong to a woman who was born c 1670.” (FFN 19, pg 69)

1661 Sept: a Peter Fookett is first recorded in a list of immigrants for who George Goldsmith claimed headright for transportation. We can assign an age of at least 15 to Peter at this time. Making him probably born 1645 or before. (FFN 19 pg 3)

1662: Peter La Foucate was transported to Maryland apparently of French origin. (“The Fugate Family of Russell County, Virginia” by Dr. David Faris, Published by Gateway Press, Baltimore, Maryland 1986. Page 3.)

The following from Ancestry.com:

Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s Record
Name: Peter Fookett
Year: 1662
Place: Maryland
Source Publication Code: 8510
Primary Immigrant: Fookett, Peter

Annotation: Index from manuscript by Arthur Trader, Chief Clerk in the Maryland Land Commission, 1917. And see nos. 4507-4511, Land Notes.

Source Bibliography: Skordas, Gust, editor. The Early Settlers of Maryland: an Index to Names of Immigrants, Compiled from Records of Land Patents, 1633-1680, in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1968. 525p. Repr. 1986. Page: 164

1673: Peter Fewcate obtained a survey for “Frenchman’s Plantation” at the head of Cathole Creek. (Barnes: “Maryland Rent Rolls”) (FFN 19 pg 3)

1675: Peter Fuckett granted “Frenchman’s Plantation.” (FFN 19 pg 3), … 100 ac. on Cathole Creek (FFN 20, pg 38)

1675 – 1685: Josias Fugate was probably born. Josias’ son “…Randolph is recorded in the Court Orders of Orange Co. in June 1738 as a witness, so was probably at least 18 years old then. A record in Orange County dated March 1749 states that Randolph had intermarried … ” (FFN 4 pg 4) “…we can safely give Randolph a birth date of no later than 1720. He was the fourth son, fourth or fifth child, of Josias, making Josias married by 1710 and born by 1690 but probably up to ten years earlier … All of this places Josias in the right age bracket to have been another of the sons of Peter. The parish records don’t start until 1690. (FFN 19 pg 25-26)

1676 (about): James Fugate, who was “age about 66” in 1742 a three-lifetime-lease in Baltimore Co would have been born about this year. Peter would have been about 31 years old. (FFN 19 pg 3)

1678 (No date but recorded between cases dated 27 Sept 1678 and 1 Oct 1678): In the administration account of Samuell Boston, it is noted that tobacco was received from Peter Fucat. Skinner’s Abstracts of Inventories and Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland 1674 – 1703 p 68 (FFN 16 pg 3 FFN 19 pg 3)

1680: Peter Fuckett granted “Peter’s Addition”. (FFN 19 pg 3)

1681: Bill to naturalize Peter Fucate passed in legislature. (FFN 19 pg 3)

1681 May 6: In administration account of Samuell Boston. Filed with the Prerogative Court on 6 May 1681 in Liber 7B, Folio 59. Noted is payment to Peter Fucat. Skinner’s Abstracts of Inventories and Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland, 1679-1686. (FFN 16, pg 3 & FFN 19 pg 3)

1685: Peter Fucatt received survey of “Peter’s Addition,” west side of Swan Creek. (FFN 19 pg 3)

1685 (about): Easther Fugat probably born by this year; marriage recorded in 1702, St George’s Parish, Baltimore Co. Peter would have been about 40 years old. (FFN 19 pg 3)

1686: Peter Fugate security for George Wells, administrator of estate of Lyman Docking. (FFN 19 pg 4)

1686 Oct 16: Peter Fucatt, planter, mortgages both his pieces of land … to John Walsston. He was at least 41 years old. (FFN 19 pg 4)

Peter’s wife was not included … we assume that in 1686 PETER HAD NO WIFE (FFN 19, pg 70)

1687: Peter Fuckett received certificate for 100 acres, “Peter’s Addition: in what is now Harford county, MD.” (FFN 19 pg 4)

1689: John Fucat, son of Peter Fucat and Francis (Mould) Fucat was born at the head of Musketa Creek, St George’s Parish, Baltimore County, Maryland. Peter would have been about 44 years old. (FFN 19 pg 4) Note: PETER IS NOW MARRIED TO FRANCES MOULD.

1690: Peter Fucket with wife Frances “of Bush River, Baltimore County” sold both parcels of land to Thomas Corde. He was at least 45 years old. (FFN 19 pg 4)

1692: Peter Fucatt on list of tithable, “North side of Gunpowder River” (FFN 19, pg 4)

1692: Ann Fucat, daughter was born at the head of Musketa Creek, St George’s Parish, Baltimore County, Maryland. Peter would have been about 47 years old. (FFN 19 pg 4)

1694: Peter Fucatt with wife Frances sells her share of her father John Mould’s land “Mould’s Success” to Edward Booth. (FFN 19 pg 4)

1694: Peter Fucatt on tax list, Baltimore County listed with Mr. Edward. Boothby. (FFN 19 pg 4)

1695: Peter Fucatt on tax list with Solomon Rice. (FFN 19 pg 4)

1699 Jan 17: Peter Fucale in Thomas Smith’s inventory in the list of debts owed in Liber 19, Folio 7. Skinner’s Abstracts of Inventories and Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland, 1697-1700. p 30. (FFN 16 pg 3 & FFN 19 pg 4)

1699 Sept 5: Payment was made to Peter Fusate from the administration account of Edward Beadle. Liber 19, Folio 171 (Skinner’s Abstracts of Inventories and Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland, 1697-1700, p 38 (FFN 16 pg 3 & FFN 19 pg 4)

1699 Sept – 1701 Nov: Peter died. From the above record & following record, it seem apparent that Peter died after his payment on 5 Sept 1699 and before the entry that he was “dead” on 3 November 1701. There is no other mention of Peter under any conceivable misspelling in all the accounts between 1699 and 1701. (FFN 16, page 3)

1701 Nov 3 Thomas Smith’s administration account filed with the Prerogative Court. In the list of debts there is noted “Peter Fugatt, Dead” ( Skinner’s Abstracts of Inventories and Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland. 1699-1708, p 70. (FFN 16, page 3 & FFN 19, page 4)

Baltimore Co. records provide us with the full name of Peter’s wife, Frances Mould, as well as the names of her parents, John and Ann (Posey) Mould. We cannot be sure that Frances was Peter’s only wife or that she was the mother of all of his children who can be identified. She was named as his wife in the year after John was born, and before Ann was born, so was probably their mother. Note that these were her parents’ names. (FFN 19, page 4)

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James Fugate was a probable carrier for the Hereditary methemoglobinemia  (The skin has a bluish tone) that later manifested in so many of his (and others) descendants that moved to Kentucky.

“FFN” is “Fugate Family Newsletter” Editor Mary Fugate. Published from 1979 to 1998. Available at the LDS library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

1676: James Fugate, who was “age about 66” in 1742 a three-lifetime-lease in Baltimore Co. would have been born about this year (FFN Vol 19 pg 3).

1683: “Fewgate’s Fork” 300 acres at the head of Swan Creek, surveyed for James Fewgate (FFN Vol 20 pg 28)

1742: “age about 66” granted a three-lifetime lease in Baltimore County. (FFN Vol 19 pg 3)

Although we can only be sure of two children of Peter from the records: John and Ann, who are named in the St. George’s Parish records as children of Peter, we can guess that James might also have been his son because of the following:

1. The only other possibility for James’ father, James of Baltimore County, MD & VA, left no “heirs” in Baltimore County, according to the tax lists, and had separatedfrom his wife, Dorothy Pettit about 1683. There is no indication that they had any children see (FFN Vol 9 pg 6).

2. James (b. 1676) named his first son Peter and that name was carried on through several generations among his descendants. He also used the names Esther, John and Ann, although not Frances. (FFN Vol 19 pg 4)

His mother was probably named Agnes.  Josias is too old * to be a child of Frances Mould.

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Kentucky Death Records, 1852-1953
about Clauda Fugette
Name: Clauda Fugette
Death Date: 6 Jul 1913
Death Location: Menifee
Residence Location: Menifee
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White
Birth Date: 6 Jul 1903
Birth Location: Menifee
Father’s Name: Tee Fugette
Father’s Birth Location: Kentucky
Mother’s Name: Nevada Croft
Mother’s Birth Location: Menifee

  • Death certificate shows wrong Surname Spelling.
  • Parents: “Tee” was Ira Tee and Nevada Craft Fugate.
  • Burial in Johnson Cemetery
  • Death due to Typhoid Fever
  • Dan, Menifee, Kentucky

Born: 1705 in La Bresse, Vosges, Lorraine, France

Died: 10 May 1788 in La Bresse, Vosges, Lorraine, France

Spouse: Barba Aubert (Haubert)

Born: 14 Mar 1709 La Bresse, Vosges, Lorraine, France

Died: 20 Apr 1790 La Bresse, Vosges, Lorraine, France

Son: Reuben Valentine Pieratt

Born: 21 Mar 1750 in Brest, Bretagne, Finistère, France

Died: 1836 in , Bath, Kentucky, USA

Married: Elizabeth Anna Ayrie on 6 Nov 1791 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Parents to John Pieratt 1790-1875 whom married Anne Maxey and had Thomas Pieratt 1820-1876 whom married Elizabeth Cox and had John S. Pieratt aka “Long John” (guessing here, the S. stood for Silver? – jk)1843-1902 whom married Margaret Harrison Nickell and had “Alice Aretta Pieratt” 1867-1937 whom married Woodrow Wilson Craft and had Mary “Edna” Craft 1900-1956 whom married James “Nathan” Fugate; both went by their middle names, too funny, we’re big on using our middle names; together they had my Grandma, Elvia Mae Fugate 1918-1965 that married my Grandpa, Odis LeRoy Stump and they had my mom, Julia Lorraine Stump 1937-1978. This bring us to the present day…

Here is a copy or an email from a distant cousin Randy Blecha (not making light because I really do appreciate it) doing research on the “Pieratt” family he sent me copies of the actual Military records and then this note…

Sheila, I realized that I forgot to send the translation. I had a friend of mine, who reads/writes French try to translate the Military Induction for Valentine Pieratt. It said: Valentine Pierrat “Son of Valentine and of Barbe Haubert native of Latrens Province of Lorraine Jurisdiction of ?? Age: 27 years Height ?? Face: Long, Nose: Large Eyes: Brown Hair: Same Brows: Black, Marked with small blisters 2nd Legion Date of Joining: Jan. 13, 1779 Date of Leave: Dismissed for ?? to America May 1, 1783 I hope that is helpful. Randy Blecha

Again, I had to post this email … it was just, too funny. No wonder, I have such a “BIG NOSE,” I got it from all directions. I love it… I will probably get some nasty letters about this one as well, but to me, it makes them human. I love my family!!!! Notice I have Nickell’s on both sides of my family, hey… it’s Kentucky and our trees are well rounded. lol

Thanks Randy, for all the work you are doing. The family and I, really appreciate it. Enjoy your visit to Morgan County, I hear it’s nice this time of year. I only, wish I had time to go, maybe someday…

Thanks as always,
Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

and you thought it was just me out there beating the bushes, didn’t you…

Peter Fugate

Birth: 1650

New Hill, Banffshire, NE Scotland 

Death: 1695

Baltimore, Maryland, USA 





James Fugate (1630-1651)



Em Lambe (1630)



Francis Mould (Moild) (1655-1695)

Marriage 1675 Baltimore, Maryland


Known Children

James Fugate (1676 – 1742)

Easter Fugate (1685 –    )

Josias Fugate (1688 – 1757)

John Fugate (1689 – 1761)

Josias Fugate

Birth: 1690


Death: 18 Mar 1757

King George, Virginia, USA





Peter Fugate (Born: 1650-1695)

s/o James Fugate of Yarmouth, England & Em Lambe of Wapping, England



Frances Mould (Born: 1655-1695)

d/o John Mould & Ann Posey, both of Charles, Maryland




Mary Martin (Born: 1692-1757)

Marriage 1715


Known Children 

Randolph Fugate (Born: 1719-1776)

Francis Fugate (Born: 1720)

James Zachariah Fugate (Born: 1720) 

Josias Fugate (Born: 1722)

Martin Fugate (Born: 1725-1803)

John Fugate (Born: 1726)

Ann Fugate (Born: 1728 )  

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