re: Elizabeth Conley

I wanted to take a brief moment to apologize for not taking the time to post this sooner. I’ve had three vacations lined up, well my husband has anyway, and I’ve already taken two. That’s no excuse. I should have made the time.  Here is what I have:

I have 11 Elizabeth Conley’s on my family tree. I believe this is the one you have referred to:
Elizabeth Conley
Birth: 20 Jan 1812 in Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky, USA
Death: 25 May 1897 in Wayne, Lake, South Dakota, USA

Relationship to me: wife of 1st cousin 5x removed

Elizabeth Conley married Joseph Adkins
22 Apr 1832 in Morgan, Kentucky

Joseph Adkins
Birth: 1812 in Floyd, Kentucky
Death: 1844 in Carter, Kentucky


On my Family Tree, Joseph Adkins is listed as the son of Joseph and Susannah Adkins Adkins. The Joseph Adkins espoused to Susannah was believed to be the son of Jesse And Mary Adkins Adkins:
Joseph Adkins
Birth abt 1780 in Virginia
Death 8 Oct 1847 in Morgan, Kentucky

Bartlett Adkins as son of Jesse & Mary.
Birth abt 1775 in Virginia

Can you get a copy of these documents to confirm that he is in fact Moses’s son? I have 11 Moses Adkins; 6 Bartlett Adkins’ and 1 Bartholomew Adkins on my tree. I don’t seem to have them listed as a family or as an alternate.

Please do remember, that this is not an exact science, mistakes can and have made. Its our job to try and sort out the misinformation with the newly found facts. I have researched many Bartlett’s since they’re so closely related to my Morgan County, Kentucky Adkins line.

I’m not doubting her word, but it would help me immensely. I need to rule out any other alternatives.

Thanks as always and Welcome to the Family,
Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

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Mithology 101

For those of us that have watched the Mitha saga play out over the last two years, will want to take the time to see if you we find the proof that we need to make this the final chapter in the long series of queries…

Mitha was the daughter of Straight Tail.

Mitha was the mother of Elizabeth Parker, wife of William Adkins/Atkinson. ~ ‘Lyn’

Straight Tail aka Meaurroway – Pekowi born about 1630 OH-died 1709 PA.

I will call the our local Chief and see what she can tell me about Straight Tail aka Meaurroway – Pekowi born about 1630 OH-died 1709 PA. I hear she is a very sweet lady. Hopefully, I’ll meet with her and see what she has to offer on the subject.

I doubt this will put any minds at ease. Most of you will take it with a grain of salt. That’s all I have at to say on this matter. I will make it so on my family tree. I’m sure it will meet with a great deal of conflict. It already has. I’m just trusting that her facts  are right. She didn’t have to go there for me, but she did and for that, I am truly THANKFUL! Lyn has been the nicest person that I have encountered on this quest.

I know this will not put this matter to rest, but for now, its where I’m going to leave it. If you can find any other records, more than what the family already has, please by all means, present it.  I’m still open to any and all facts on this matter.

I’m sure that Grandma Elizabeth aka Mitha is and will forever be our Grandmother, whether she was born Elizabeth UNK from Surrey, England or Mitha from the Pekowi – Shawano Tribe (Turtle Clan) … or just a gift from heaven, no matter where she came from. We will forever love and remember her in our dreams. God rest your soul.

No stair is steep to happy feet. ~ Mary F. Robinson

Straight Tail aka Meaurroway- – Pekowi born about 1630 OH-died 1709 PA – parents unknown, Turtle Clan, 1670 a Pekowi Chief in OH, 1677 band moved from OH-mid-Ohio valley to IN-IL-Miami & Illinois River valleys near Miami & Illinois, about 1680 some of the family/band begin to move to the corner of TN-KY-VA-NC to join the Chalakatha-Mekoche-Kishpoko there, by 1689 the bulk of the band from IL-IN joins Chalakatha, Mekoche-Kishpoko in east TN-west NC-east KY-southwest VA, by 1693 most of band from NC-TN-VA-KY living in Cecil Co MD, by 1697 most of the band living in Lancaster Co PA-Susquehanna valley, 1697 succeeded by his son Opessa/1664 as Pekowi Chief in Pequea PA, 1709 succeeded by Pheasant-Kakawatchekee/1670 as Pekowi Chief in Pechoquealin PA, husband 1650 OH of Pekowi Woman/1635, father of son Wolf/1654, daughter Sewatha/1660, sons Cakundawanna-Sevana/1662, Opessa/1664, daughter Snow White/1666, son John White/1670, Daughter-(wife of Tamenebuck)/1674-all Pekowi

Opessa aka Opethatha-Wapatha-Wopatha-Hopesha-Opessa Straight Tail-Oppaymolleh – Pekowi born 1664 OH-died latter 1760 OH – son of Straight Tail-Meaurroway/1630 & Pekowi Woman/1635, Turtle Clan, moved 1677 with band to IN, moved 1680 to IL, 1689 moved with band to TN-NC-KY-VA, by 1693 living in Cecil Co MD, about 1693 a Pekowi Chief under his father in Cecil Co MD, 1697 moved to Lancaster Co PA with band, 1697 succeeded Straight Tail as Pekowi Chief in Pequea PA, signed Treaty 1701 with William Penn with Lemoytungh & Pemoyajagh, 1706 Council Philadelphia, 1707 Conference at Pequea Lancaster Co PA with Governor John Evans, 1710 Conference at Conestoga PA with John French & Henry Worley, resigned 1711 to move to Sassoonan’s Delaware village-Shamokin PA, succeeded 1711 as Pekowi Chief at Pequea PA by his brother Cakundawanna/1662, 1715 Conference Philadelphia with Sassoonan, 1722 moved to Old Town MD-upper Potomac & replaced his brother Cakundawanna as Pekowi Chief again by 1723, by 1734 moved to AL with band, by 1738 returned to western MD/southeast PA, Aug. 1749 Council Philadelphia, 1750 moved to OH, 1752 succeeded Pheasant-Kakawatchekee/1680 as Head Pekowi Chief on the Ohio River, May 1756 Council Tioga Point, Aug. 1760 Council Ft. Pitt, brother in law (through sister Snow White) of Peter Chartier/1690, connected with Poxinosa, White Fish (1) & Okowellos Cornstalk, great-grandfather of Tecumseh/1768, husband 1st by 1684 IN of Margaret Pekowi/1670, 2nd 1711 PA of Polly-Daughter of Sassoonan/1695-Delaware, father with Margaret of children/1685-94, daughter Snow White/1695, sons Tecoomteh/1698, Wawwaythi/1700, Loyparkoweh/1705 & Lawaquaqua-Pride Opessa/1710-all Pekowi, children with Polly unknown

Opessa, Loyparkaweh aka Loapeckeway-Lawpakaway – Pekowi born about 1702 PA-died after 1760 OH – son of Opessa/1664 & Margaret Pekowi/1670, grandson of Meaurroway-Straight Tail, Turtle Clan, in west PA 1711-23 with father Opessa, returned to north MD/east PA area with Opessa 1723, living on the Alleghany River by 1727, a Pekowi Chief in PA by 1732, in 1732-1733-1734 signed letters to the Governor of PA as one of the Chiefs on the Alleghany complaining about the sale of rum to the natives, moved to AL 1734 with Opessa, left a wife & children in AL with relatives/clan members, returned to PA by 1738 sent letter to the Governor with Neucheconner & Coycacolenne protesting the sale of rum, then called a young Chief guided by vice regent Neucheconner, between 1738 & 1744 lived at Chartier’s Town-Alleghany Co PA & Logstown-Alleghany Co PA, apparently moved to OH with Peter Chartier & Neucheconner in 1744-45 for he is living in Lower Shawnee Town OH in 1752 when he sent a letter with 3 other Shawnee Chiefs there to the Governor of PA reporting that they were still loyal to the British though most of their neighbors had gone over to the French, attended Council Philadelphia 1753 after Opessa moved to OH, apparently opposed the Shawnee participation in French-Indian War/1754-60, a minor Pekowi Chief in OH after death of Opessa, husband 1st 1720 MD of Nancy Pekowi/1706, 2nd 1738 PA of her sister Elizabeth Pekowi/1704, father with Nancy of Tecumsapah-Margaret/1724, Sewatha-Sarah (1)/1727, Watmeme-Polly/1730, Nancy-Middle Daughter/1734, Sarah (2)-Younger Daughter/1736 & Metheotashe-Mary/1738-all Pekowi, children with Elizabeth unknown

Information reprinted from Classification: Query – Full Collins Shepard  – Posted: 15 Jun 2009 3:19AM GMT tdbaxa

No mention of “Mitha” anywhere in this letter/note circa 1999 (copied) from the Appalachian Shawnee Tribe.



  • Most Family Trees list “Mitha” as the daughter of the Shawano Woman Bear Clan.
  • Which could explain how Parker Adkins s/o William V. & Elizabeth Parker Adkins is listed as Shawano Metis.  (If his mother, Elizabeth Parker d/o Richard Parker and Mitha Straight Tail, should Mitha’s mother actually have been Shawano Woman Bear Clan).
  • Meaurroway> wife:  Pekowi Woman Turtle Clan listed as mother of 6 siblings, including John White. Sister Snow White wife of Peter Chartier, only listed as d/0 Pekowi Woman.
  • Meaurroway> wife:  Shawano Woman Bear Clan 4 other unnamed daughters are listed as children of. No sources given.
  • son John White is also listed under both mother’s.
  • Mithaology: “Mitha”  may also be the daughter of Jeptha Massey and sister of Lahoma “Lany” Massey.
  • All documents signed by Elizabeth Parker Adkins mother; she signed her name as Elizabeth. The only time the name Mitha was used, was in Richard Parker’s Will. He names his wife, “Mitha.” But its illegible writing under her name.


As if, I didn’t have enough to ponder. I get even more possible parents for Mitha. It seems I get one step closer and then I have to take two steps back.  I know the information is out there, but how can we find out for sure; without leaving a single shred of doubt? I’m guessing, that this is where they get the phrase, the excepted parents of: or her parents were believed to be…

I’m open to any and/or all comments or documentation would be amazing, if you could produce some… anything! I need proof!

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Chief of the Turtle Clan is believed to be the father of Mitha Parker. Wife of Richard Parker, mother of Elizabeth Parker Adkins/Atkinson.

Straight Tail (1630-1709). This post is for those of you that have followed the “Mithaology” lore on this family blog. I was hoping to get some documentation to prove that Mitha was indeed the daughter of  Straight Tail and a Pekowi woman. But lets face it, it the was the 1600’s – what still exists?

Most Indian documentation of any kind, was lost on or during the Trail of Tears.

Now, I’m not sure how this could be, but they claim Straight Tail was born abt 1630 in Ohio, but there weren’t many people in Ohio back then. The Iroquoians had come and murdered almost everyone in the Ohio valley. It wasn’t safe to live here.

This is why they gave lots of land to the Irish to settle. Thinking the Irish were hated, almost as much as the Indian at that time.  They thought they could clean it up and kill each other off.   Its more likely that he would have been born more toward Pennsylvania than Ohio, but I can’t prove it.  Just mere speculation on my part.

I’m just not a hater, so I can’t imagine peoples being so mean to one another, but I know it happened.  I don’t know how or why, but it happened; a brief history lesson.



Pekowi Woman (1635 – UNK)
Shawano Woman Bear Clan (1650 – UNK)

Known Children
Wolf Straight Tail (1654 – 1685)
Mary Seaworth Sewatha Straight Tail Chartier (1660 – 1759)
Cakundawanna-Sevana/(1662- )
Snow White Straight Tail (1666 – UNK)
Mitha (1668 – 1754)
John White Straight Tail (1670 – 1715)
Opessa Opeththa Straight Tail (*1675 – 1760)
Daughter-(wife of Tamenebuck)(1674 – UNK)


*Note: Opessa aka Opethatha-Wapatha-Wopatha-Hopesha-Opessa Straight Tail-Oppaymolleh – Pekowi born *1664 OH-died latter 1760 OH

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In reply to your comment, I decided to address the Ailstock Surname as it pertains to the Adkins line in today’s post. I hope that you will find it useful.

my name is Evelyn Brown. Everyone calls me Tynk, so I would appreciate it if you would also. My great grandma Is Minnie Ailstock. We are descendants of Chief Cornstalk. He is my 6th great grandfather. I would love more information if anyone would supply this for me I would appreciate it. Thank you, my e-mail is and you can find me on facebook under Tynk Brown.

I only know of one Minnie Ailstock
Name: Minnie Alvine Ailstock
Birth: 13 Oct 1898 – Millboro, Bath, Virginia, USA
Death: 26 May 1970 – Elkins, Randolph, West Virginia, USA
Parents: Wayman Edgar S. Ailstock, Georgia Anna Madison
Spouse: Miles Ellis Workman

I’m sure there are many more, Minnie Ailstocks, but I think you’re referring to the daughter of Wayman & Georgia.

  • Name: Wayman Edgar S Ailstock

Birth: Jan 1860 – Bath, Virginia, United States
Death: 1930
Marriage: 26 Sep 1886
Parents: Absalom Ailstock, Nancy Jane Ailstock
Spouse: Georgia Anna Madison

  • Wayman was the son of Absalom Ailstock (1836 – 1909)!oS4Uoh6m1K0lm71Ku_5flzQDJap9XkiSkG4C! was the son of John G Ailstock, Margaret Polly Thomas.

  • John G Ailstock

Birth 1808 in Virginia, United States
Death 1870 in Rockbridge, Virginia, United States was the son of


Birth ABT 1753 in Louisa County, Virginia
Death abt 1858 in Rockbridge County, Virginia
whom was the son of Micael Ailstock and Rebecca Goins


Birth abt 1755 in Virginia
Death 13 Mar 1792 in Lousia County, Virginia
Michael was the youngest son of

  • Keigh-taugh-quah Hokoleskwa Cornstalk

Birth 1712 in Greenbrier, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA
Death 10 Nov 1777 in Point Pleasant, Mason, West Virginia, USA
and 3rd wife Julia Scot B:1726 Edinburg, Scotland D: abt 1755 Loudon, Virginia, USA


There’s a huge legend/lore going along with why Julia Scots sons changed their names from Adkins/Atkinson to Ailstock, or why they would have been an form of Surname Adkins to start with. I didn’t put all of that on my tree, because most of it is fable. They didn’t want to be a part of the Shawnee Nation anymore. I can’t remember what the squabble was over, but it was serious. I look at it this way, if a Scottish woman marries a Shawnee Chief, either being forced or willingly, and is his third wife, there are going to be problems with the family somewhere. Just look at a traditional family with the regular problems of siblings, so I can only imagine what went on in this one.

I have heard of a few books on this line, I do hope that you take the time to research them. I’m sure I didn’t share anything here that you didn’t already know. This line is where the Melungeon/Mulatto Line is heavily steeped, you may need to look into that as well.

I hope I’ve given you a place to start sharing what you have on your line. Stories and other avenues to follow.

Good Luck in your search.

Thanks as always and Welcome to the Family,
Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

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Solomon A Adkins
Birth Apr 1872 in Paint, Morgan, Kentucky, United States
Death 1910 in Elliott, Kentucky, United States
my 1st cousin 3x removed
s/o William Riley Adkins (1842 – 1923)
s/o Absalom Apperson “Apps” Adkins (1810 – 1870)

William and Della were Solomon’s children by his first wife btb Millie Ann Adkins d/of George M. Adkins and Mary J. Wickler…

Hello Shelia,
Thank you for your responding to my message. William and
Della were Solomon’s children by his first wife btb Millie
Ann Adkins d/of George M. Adkins and Mary J. Wickler.
Solomon and Mary J. were 2nd cousins.
The 1900 Census of Elliott Co., KY lists William and Della
but shows that Amanda and Solomon had 1 child…that would
be Dewey. The 1910 Census shows Mandy living apart from
Solomon w/Mary Lee. It shows that she had 5 children, w/4
living. They would have been Dewey-1899, Cecil-1900,
Elmer-1905, and Mary Lee-1906. She probably lost one between Cecil and Elmer.
Did you know that Mary Lee was not Solomon’s daughter?
That may explain why Mandy and Solomon were not living
together in 1910. On Mary Lee’s DC, her father is listed
as a Lewis. The boys must have stayed close to Solomon
since he and Dewey and Cecil are known to have resided
in Hunnewell pct, Greenup Co., KY between 1900 and 1920.
If you would like more info on the “boys” you may contact
me directly at: (OMITTED)
This has been a real puzzle for me! Thanks for your input.
Someone out there MUST know about Cecil and Elmer! Let me
know if you pick up on anything. Sincerely, Carol Vaughan

Thank you Carol, I’ll make all the necessary updates to the tree.

I found an Elmer s/o Laban & Elberta Perry married to Risa in 1930 Elliott, with a 7.5 month old son named Cecil Adkins. This could be the family.  They either moved out of town, or maybe adopted the kids out???

We’ll see if anyone knows what became of them. It was a small town, so people talk. I’ll check some archives and see what I can find.

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Nancy Hines Simpson
Birth 21 Jun 1819 in , Adair, Kentucky, USA
Death 14 Aug 1921 in Bloodland, Pulaski, Missouri, USA

James Adkins (1815 – 1903)
Name: James Adkins Spouse: Nancy Simpson Marriage Date: 13 Jan 1839 Officiator: William Staton, J. P. Carroll County, Missouri, Marriage Records, 1833-1856

Known Children
Susan Margaret Adkins (1840 – 1921)
Mary C Adkins (1842 – 1855)
John William Adkins (1845 – 1862)
James Lycurges Naismith Adkins (1848 – 1922)
Samuel Simpson Adkins (1851 – 1853)
Lydia Ellen Adkins (1854 – 1922)
William Adkins (1857 – 1870)
Sarah Jane Adkins (1859 – 1947)
Amariah Simpson Adkins (1861 – 1940)
Q:Castena L Adkins (1862 – )


Roberta Haney Gilbert
re: Nancy Simpson Adkins from my Aunt’s records:
this article was written by Nancy Adkins for the Carrollton, Missouri Democrat Newspaper. She wrote this article in August 1907.

In the Twenties
Bloodland, Pulaski County, Missouri
At the request of Clark and Hattie McElwee, I write this letter giving my recollection of the early days in Carroll County. I was born June 21, 1819, in Adair County, Kentucky. I am a daughter of John and Lydia Simpson.
In those days, people had to card and spin and weave cloth to clothe the family except their Sunday suits. They raised flax, wool and cotton, out of which to make their clothing. They cooked on a fireplace in pots, ovens, and skillets. The plates they used were made of pewter, and long handled gourds were raised for dippers. All of the vessels were made of wood and put together with wooden hoops. We made our own sugar from sap of sugar trees; caught the water in troughs, cooked down and made sugar. We bought but very little, never saw any canned goods, and raised everything on the farm.
Children went bare foot all summer and never wore shoes til Christmas, never drank any coffee. Men plowed bare foot and women went bare foot visiting and took their knitting or sewing and worked while they visited. Men made their own shoes, leather tanned with bark off of Spanish Oak trees. The plows they broke their ground with had mould boards made of wood. They cultivated their farms with shovels and hoes.
Men would get up as soon as it was daylight and go out to work. Women would spin and weave until eight o’clock, when breakfast was served. Wheat and tobacco were extensively raised. When the wheat was ripe, it was harvested with cradles and the women assisted the men in cutting and shocking the grain. When the wheat was dry, a yard was cleaned off and made smooth on which the wheat was spread and horses rode over it until the grain was trampled out. The straw was raked off and the wheat fanned out b the use of a sheet. In the winter men would build flat boats and pressed their tobacco into hands.
In the spring when the ice broke up they shipped the tobacco to New Orleans Salt sold for one dollar per bushel and men worked for 25 cents per day.
In 1829 my father moved his family in ox wagon to Madison, Illinois, and in 1832 he moved to Carroll County Missouri which at that time was a part of Ray County. He stopped at what was known as the Old Jimpson Patch, near where Thomas Gray now lives. That Fall, he built where Edward Wilson now lives.
At that time game was plenty, prairie chickens, all kinds of wild fowls, deer and turkeys. Men would hitch up a yoke of oxen to a wagon, take their guns, axes and clubs and be gone a day and a night, come home loaded with honey and game. We had to beat the most of our meal. There was mill for grinding corn, and a little store where De Witt now stands. We would exchange furs, deers, skins, bees wax for goods at the store.
There were no houses where Carrollton now stands. We went to Richmond for a doctor and for our mail. We paid 25 cents for a letter. A man by the name of Louis Rees started the first store in Carrollton in a log house. Then Jack and Morgan put up a log shanty and sold whiskey. Then Dr. Folger settled there.
My father entered land joining the widow Thomas, cleared the land; built a house, lived there until the death of his mother.
In 1839 13 January, I was married to James Adkins by William Stanton, justice of the peace. My husband was dressed in white shirt, white necktie, white Marseilles vest, black and brown striped cashmere pants, blue broadcloth coat and fine boots. I was dressed in what was called painted muslin, white stockings, pink slippers, green scarf with white border and tea green gloves.
Next morning my husband took me home and we went to work. We didn’t have any honeymoon these days; it was all work and no play. When I was twenty-three years old I united with Cumberland Presbyterian Church and was baptized by Abbot Hancock in Big Creek, between Rail Holler and Bosworth, Missouri.
I am the mother of eight children, four boys and four girls, of whom three girls and two boys are still living. In 1870 we moved to Pulaski County, Missouri and settled on a homestead of one hundred and sixty acres. This was 4 miles north of Bloodland and a mile and one fourth west of Bloodland, a place called Lilly Pond.
In 1901 my husband fell and broke his hip, which rendered him helpless until the date of his death, October 23, 1903. At the age of eighty-eight years and three months, I am living on the old farm, keeping house, doing my own cooking, and go to town to do my own trading. I still go church, but often think of change has come about since my childhood. Pride and aristocracy are driving religion from men’s hearts and from the pulpit. They are grabbing reaching out for the mighty dollar instead of thanking God for many blessings He has bestowed upon us. Nancy Adkins

Another item about Nancy Adkins. She dropped a stick of wood on top of her foot and gangrene set in. The doctor came to her home for five days and stripped the skin off, one strip each day and scraped from flesh of someone, members of family, each day for five days. There was no antiseptic and someone had to hold her during this process. She recovered from this and could walk without a cane to the age of 102 years. She also could see people and know who they were until her death. She had a perfect memory. She smoked a clay pipe with crimpled dried Wahoo blossoms in it for asthma in the fall of the year. She was a very tiny person barely five feet tall and weighed around eighty five pounds.

When Nancy was a year old, John & Lydia Simpson went by ox cart from KY to Madison Co, Ill.(abt 1820) They moved to MO in 1832, to Carroll Co (part of Ray County then). Nancy Simpson and family went back to Madison Co, Ill to get away from southern Missouri until Civil War over, and then moved back to Missouri.

I have a picture of Nancy at age 102 yrs


You’re probably wondering why I posted today about Nancy as apposed to her husband James.  There are questions surrounding which William sired James.  The more documents we can get our hands on, from other family members, can help to fit the piece back together again. Sometimes, its better to shift the focus on the family, to see the others they encountered everyday and the places they were tied to. Its also wonderful to read a story such as the one she wrote about her family and growing up. Women tend to share far more than men, so in researching his wife, you can get some insight into his home.

I want to thank Roberta for her sharing a part of her family history with us. What a wonder piece of memory to own. Hopefully, this will bring us all a little closer to our past and those that came before.

As always,
Thanks for your comment and Welcome to the Family,
Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf

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