I found myself in a screaming match this morning with a crazed man in a tiny blue car at McDonald’s. Not my finest moment I will admit.

For those that know me personally, know that I’m not a morning person. I never have been. I want complete silence & coffee in the mornings. I rarely sleep so I need “quite time” in the morning. Until I’ve had my third cup of coffee or before 10 a.m. whichever comes first – or both, I have NO FILTER.

If it’s on my brain… it comes out of my mouth.

The sad part of it was, I was about to apologize to him because I honestly didn’t see him. But before I could get a word out, he was screaming and telling me that I was number one with his middle finger. Now, me having two of my Grandchildren in the car and being beyond LIVID at this point, I started screaming back.

Like, I said, not my finest moment. Breathe… just breathe. My new mantra. I think I have to say it now, about 10 times a day. Since I’ve hit menopause, I can’t even believe the maniac that I’ve become. I am a completely different person.
Moving on, enough about my me already.

I haven’t posted much lately, a few deaths or maybe a recipe or two that someone has asked me for, that’s about it.

Since the advent of so many social media sites, I can’t keep up. Facebook and whatnot, I no longer feel relevant. People post nonstop – all day, every day! Everything you want or need to know, sometimes, more that you need to know, TMI! It’s all out there. I have shared all that I have with each of you. I promise I haven’t held anything back. If I had discovered it, I put it in print. I know I haven’t responded to many of the questions or comments that were posted last year, but a lot of the family members of those with questions have and I’m truly thankful for that. So please feel free to ask. Someone may have the very information that you’re looking for.

If that information isn’t on my blog then I simply don’t have it. If it’s not here, please try your local cemetery or Find-A-Grave. I no longer use or trust Ancestry.com for information. They’ve made their site nearly impossible to maneuver. I think it’s to make people stay on longer – job security, I guess. Such a shame; they had a great site in the beginning.

I will maintain my blog as I have for sometime now, about my family, children or more importantly my “Grands”. They make my world go round. A world where I’ll always discover something that will inspire and delight me. I do post my daily “crazy” life or as I commonly refer to it as “My Big Fat Redneck Retirement,” with my family and friends on Facebook. I’ve tried Twitter a few times, I honestly, think that’s more work than I care to put into it.

I can’t Instagram because I can never remember to take a photo; trying. I am however tagged in many so that works out for me. You know that I have to be prompted to take a photo, even with my phone in hand, I’m usually too caught up in the moment to take pix. Pictures are an afterthought. Not good either, after the party is cleaned up, the only thing left are the photos. I’m trying to get better at that. Maybe one day.



  • 8th: Birthday: My Grandson Tron turned fourteen last week. We celebrated with a small party at home. I gifted him a set of Beats headphones. I’m not sure that it was the best gift I could have gifted, but it was what he asked for. Enjoy! I can’t believe how fast they’re growing up.
  • 10th: Birthday: Nephew Billy Collins – Happy Birthday!
    Birthday: My Granddaughter Allie “Belle” – so sweet. Happy birthday! I bought her an anatomically correct doll that she has named Isaac; she’s totally in love. Her baby doll “Ava” now has a brother. Grandpa Anthony hates the idea (he’s such a prude). Now she has two babies to care for every day. She’s a wonderful mommy.
  • 11th: Birthday: Great Niece Sidney Lynn Metcalf turned sixteen, this week and I’d like to wish her a VERY Happy Birthday. The kids celebrated with a night on the town at The Web, complete with limo, pizza and sleepover. #games
  • 15th: Birthday: Niece Anna Metcalf Moore – Happy Birthday to you!
  • 19th: Birthday: Sister-in-law C. Joy Metcalf Rose – Happy Birthday to you!
  • 20th: Anniversary: Daughter Mandy & Son-in-Law Alan Whiteside are about to celebrate their 15th wedding Anniversary next week. I’d like to wish them the Happiest day ever!
    Anniversary: Brother-in-law Chris & his wife Laura Townsend Metcalf. Happy Anniversary to the both of you.
  • 23rd: Birthday: William Metcalf aka Bill a very Happy Birthday. We wish him all the best.
    Birthday: Niece Angela Metcalf, wishing you a very happy birthday.


Let us never know what old age is. Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years. ~ Ausonius