The Friday before a big holiday can be a busy, busy day! Are you prepping for a Father’s Day party? A trip this weekend?

I know I am. Maybe both. I need to get out there & whip the garage into shape for a weekend BBQ with the fam. I have his gift sitting in the family room – still in its original unopened shipping box. No one has even questioned it. I need to open it and get it ready for Sunday. I want to stock it with all the things he’ll need for work & put a big old bow on it. Men are so hard to buy for. My gift doesn’t begin to compare to the gift(s) that he bought for himself & an oversized 2 car hauler to go with, but since I didn’t complain, we’ll say it was from me. He’s on his way now to buy it some floor mats for it so that it stays clean. Go me!

Since my dad is past, I won’t be buying him anything, but my husband is the most amazing Father any child could ask for, and completely deserving of everything he gets, and more.

I’m currently deciding between a beautiful handmade card with inspirational quote or maybe just grab a store-bought yet, heartfelt card. Maybe, skip it all together & let the BBQ reunion serve its purpose. I used to go all out adding old photos to the food tables & large table runners that had oversized letters spelling out “Father’s day!” Probably not going to happen this year, but I would like to add an Americana Feel to the theme, because it should feel like a real American Holiday!

I’ve seen a dozen people on FB this week (late shoppers) asking what to buy their significant other or Father for Father’s Day? Let’s face it… because most men already have all the clothes, ties, belt buckles, boating or fishing equipment, TV’s & techno, tools & gadgets he wants or needs at this point, so what’s the “Gifter” to do? Movie or Game tickets? [Hey! You know it’s your day… drop some hints, EARLY to get what you really want! Take the guesswork out of it.] Just sayin’

What are you doing today to get ready for the holiday?

To many children, this is the most special way of expressing affection for Dad on Father’s Day and to let him know how that everything he does for the family is appreciated from the bottoms of our hearts! ~ me

I Love You!