Many people say that whenever you’ve read something it becomes a part of you. I don’t this is true. I’m glad too, I’ve read some crazy stuff. While looking through the books I’ve kept over the years, to find what I had on hand by an particular author/ speaker, now realizing that I need to reread them & maybe purchase “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth a Book by John C. Maxwell.” I found 3 of his works in my bedroom/office closet, which means: A quick reference. Not immediate, as those on my desk. Then I realized I hadn’t recorded much, if any, of his works to memory. To me, that says a lot. Then while foraging thru where I keep long term books. I found my all time favorite book. Do you know how I know it’s my favorite? It’s not even what you might think it is? Nope, it’s not the Bible (You really don’t want to see my personal bible. Its wore out … It’s a really good book). I’m sure that most of you have never even heard of the author, but you know you’ve delved into a book when it looks like this…

A Good Book

Pages marked by tabs, bookmarks, paper clips, lined & highlighted. It even has my teddy bear bookplate with my name inside the front cover, that meant I was going to loan it. The middle section is tabbed in red – not clear like the others that’s hand written – not typed as the other tabs. It merely says, “God’s Voice.” To me, that speaks volumes. And… No… Sorry, I won’t loan it out. It has personal notes written inside that are meant just for me. I do hope that everyone has a book like this one somewhere in your life. I actually have two, not sharing that either. You can read a million books but a really good book – it’s a keeper.

A good book is the precious lifeblood of a master spirit. ~ John Milton