I opened my email today & let it run. Folders read 999 inbox, 3 bills, 2 junk. WHAT? I don’t have that kind of time. A lot more better be junk or I’m throwing in the towel. Don’t expect to hear from me anytime soon. That’s just wrong… on so many levels!

Anyway, the new dishwasher was installed this morning. He called before he came; got directions. I know, right! He said, “Mapquest says no such road.” So, I give him directions. When I opened the door, he said, “Hey, I’ve been here before. Then proceeds to tell me, all about my life. Hum… guess he has been here before! Works great. I’m taking all the dishes back out of the cabinets & rerunning them. Next finish the new bathroom install. All in a days work, I guess.

I’ve been working nonstop (daylight – til dark and then some) on the family tree. I’m not happy with some of the entries. I bought a book last month that has completely rattled my cage. Its called “Early Morgan County,” by Arthur C Johnson (1913-1989).  I can’t interview him or debate any of his work. After reading most of it, I do realize that he was working solely from a Historical point of view. Telling the origin of each of the founding families from Morgan County. I want to reprint excerpts from the book, but its copyrighted. Not sure if its worth going to the publisher to get permission.

Background: He married Bernice (Vernice Adkins) daughter of Autie & Clara Trimble Adkins. Autie was the son of Ira & Rachell N Ball Adkins. Ira was the son of Eli & Emilie Elizabeth Ison Adkins. Eli was the son of App & Delila Elswick Adkins. So in a few sentences, he blew my mind. He contends that the first Adkins that came into Morgan County was taken captive by the Indians. His name was Charley, (in another place he calls him Charles) but most people called him “App”, or Appleton Adkins. He stayed with the Indians for seven years. The Indians liked him so well they gave him a peck of gold (1/4 of a bushel) and sent him home. Lewis Adkins (1821 – 1901) came from Virginia . “App” was a brother-in-law of Lewis.

ADKINS, Absolem ELSWICK, Delila 09-SEP-1830 Pike, Kentucky.
Adkins, Louis Margaret Elswick May 17,1835 Morgan, Kentucky.

I’ve only seen one place where App was ever called Appleton, but he called himself Appleton. I’ve never seen the Charles or Charley part ever. I’m not saying that it;s not possible, because I know is. I myself, have an uncle called Albert Roscoe and he calls himself “Tom.”  Not many of my cousins, including me knew that my Aunt Ruth’s first name was Della. I don’t remember anyone ever saying that.

But anyway that’s what I’ve been doing all month. Trying to start over. After some serious analyzing he doesn’t say that App wasn’t Thomas’s son, but it does cast some serious doubt. I have to look at more Morgan documents. His 1850 & 1860 Census Absolem claims he was born in Kentucky. I need App’s will & his son Lewis’ death certificate. His oldest son Miles Henry Adkins, like our Lewis was not reported in the book as sons but Miles is on the census records with them and his death certificate reads:
Name: Miles Adkins
Death Date: 4 Mar 1911
Death Location: Morgan
Age: 81
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: White
Birth Date: 24 Dec 1829
Birth Location: Morgan
Father’s Name: App Adkins
Father’s Birth Location: Engling
Mother’s Name: Laucinda Robbins
Mother’s Birth Location: Morgan, Kentucky


Not even sure what stone I’ve left unturned but am working diligently to put App back on the tree. I know this only makes for more questions, than answers, but there out there, we just have to find them. He went home to Morgan County so his family was there. Just have to figure out which ones. The DNA don’t change, but he may end up being Joel Adkins son after all, but I’m still leaning toward Thomas & Ollie Morgan Adkins. Keep your fingers crossed and  hope for the best; we’ll see where this chase leads.

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