This is my daughter Mandy’s favorite Holiday. I think she just likes the fact that you don’t have to do anything for it. Are you happy or sad that the P. Phil saw his shadow & predicted 6 more weeks of winter? The winter here in Ohio has been pretty mild, so 6 more weeks of this weather don’t seem too terrible. I guess it depends on what will happen in those 6 weeks, though!

My old friend Kathy O’ went all out for it. I’ve never seen anyone decorate peanut-shaped sandwich cookies like groundhogs before, or bake a cake that looked like the ground with a dozen or so groundhogs with their heads popped out of woodchuck burrows or holes.  Her apron, earrings & even her socks were even dawning furry little ground hogs. I didn’t realize that she was a devoted varmint hunter. So to her & to my daughter, I say… “Hat’s off!”

Happy Groundhog – Happy Woodchuck Day – Happy Badger Day!

Learning from experience is a faculty almost never practiced. ~ Barbara Tuchman