With Steven back at college, classes are starting today, I know that I for one am excited, I usually have mixed feelings, but getting back on schedule is a good thing.

Steven finally found a software “schedule” program (tablet app, if you will) to help him stay on track. Something I’ve been trying to stress on my blog, all along. Find something that works for you, and stick with it. Just because it works for me, doesn’t mean that it will work for you or vice-versa. This is true in most aspects of your life.

I want to make 2012 the most positive & productive year for me and my family. I bought my 2012 desk planner a few months ago, but really didn’t think much of it… I started using it a few days ago, really for the first time; I quickly realized that I didn’t like it. I thought I had bought my usual refill, I didn’t order it, but picked it up at Staples, it looked the same on the outside as the pink one I had bought last year, but it wasn’t. It’s completely wrong for my needs. I can’t decide if I should just toss it out now and get the one I need or just pass on using it all together.

To be honest, I do most of my planning on my computer, in Outlook. I’ve tried syncing it with MANY different programs and/or gadgets, all of which end up in disaster for one reason or another. Never again! I only keep the paper-copy as a back up.

For me, my resolutions stay the same:

  1. Tackling the life goals, I’ve set for myself.
  2. Surround myself with healthy, inspiring people.
  3. Monitor and address my emotional state; be positive… be present.
  4. Reward myself.
  5. Focus on the now; live for today. Not waiting for the hereafter, to live my “Happily Ever After.”
  6. Spend more time with my Grandchildren (just need to master that webcam).

If you’ve actually seen my personal New Year’s Resolutions list, the one on my computer, it reads about the same as it has for many years, very few things have changed. It always ends with…

  • Spend as much time with Anthony as possible.

Lists are important for many different reasons, but we use our resolution list as a constant checks and balance list. Things we want to continue to do, those we hope to do, and the changes we’d like to see in the future. I’ve picked up some tricks and tips that inspire me to make the most of every day while striving to take my dreams and turn them into my reality, not a bucket list that is a completely different list, entirely.

I know I’ll never master that “Sleep late,” but I refuse to remove it. When I’m in the HOME one day and people are making the usual jokes, I’ll break out my list and say “See, I planned this all along… done!

Greatness, generally speaking, is an unusual quantity of a usual quality grafted upon a common man. ~ William Allen White