January 2nd already! Looking at the year ahead, what’s one big project or event you’re looking forward to this year? Any weddings/births in your family? Graduations? Major house improvements?

I guess our big event is year will be the birth of little baby Bartram, whom I’ve decided to call “Maverick” (boy or girl). Our older foster granddaughter Jessica’s baby is due in May, so Mandy’s best friend Randi, is giving her a shower, here at my house in March, that way I won’t have far to drive. We should know what it is soon, that will help me decide what to get her.


On the immediate aka mundane: I have to change the sheets, do a lot of laundry, & head to the grocery, all the while racking my brain, trying to decide what to get Tron for his 10th birthday this coming, Sunday. Following Christmas, I’m not sure what he didn’t get or what he doesn’t already have; which isn’t much. I have to get something, but what? The one thing I’m sure of is… No kid wants clothes for his birthday, hum…


As for the home improvements: I’m going to do a little light painting here & there & change the carpets. Then I’ll sit back & see where we go from here. I’d like to hang some wainscoting in the foyer, or maybe a chair-rail, but I’m not is any huge hurry.

Tell us what you are excited about in 2012!

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