Social media vacations – did you take one over the last month or so? I know of some people who made a conscious effort to reduce their social media interactions during the holidays, but for a lot of us our social media vacation may have been a consequence of being busier than usual!

I know I did, I took a few weeks off from writing the blog to clear my head & desk & work on some other things; lots of parties, etc.  If you’re an avid reader then you know I actually went back and back-posted all of the posts that I wanted and/or needed to write for the family. Everyone needs to allow themselves some alone time. Its not being selfish, its just part of our well being; prudent.

I left my Great Aunt Treva’s funeral this afternoon with a renewed sense of life.  She didn’t watch it – she lived it. She was an avid golfer, loved to dance, play basketball & baseball, was a long time member of the DAV, among all sorts of other activities. She way always doing something.  She even bowled a 299 in 1999, which given her advanced age, was a very nice accomplishment.  I don’t bowl myself, but my Aunt Jackie always has so I turned to her at one point & asked if she wanted me to include that in her eulogy & she said yes;  just don’t look for it in mine.

Our elders LIVED life. They didn’t have any of the media that we do now, some couldn’t even imagine it. I need to be more active – that’s what I plan to do this year – LIVE!

You may start to see fewer posts in the upcoming months. I don’t think I’ll take up a new sport at age 50, but I may spend a little more time sitting in the grandstands watching my grand-kids play ball. Sounds like a good time to me.


Did you take a Facebook/Twitter/Blogging vacation? How did it work out for you?

There is nothing final about a mistake, except it being taken as final. ~ Phyllis Bottome