Are you taking it easy today, or do you have big plans for the day after Christmas? Shopping?

Its Monday and I should be going to do my regular weeks grocery shopping, but I have so much in the pantry that I didn’t use, I better just stay home and make the dishes, that I either didn’t want or have time to make or wanted to try this past week;  going to try and use up the stuff that I have on hand.

Christmas dinner didn’t go as planned, mine rarely do, no matter how much planning I put into a party, something will inevitably, go wrong. I had to throw out so much food yesterday, more than ever before. So, I’ll be making new lists for next year and cutting the New Year’s brunch menu in half.  Note to self: Next Christmas: Buy 6 dozen eggs & 2 bottles of canola oil. Skip the baked beans completely – no one eats them, but me and wrap all gifts as soon as you buy them, so that nothing gets left to chance.

I’ll be rounding out my day today by laundering the holiday linens… putting away all Christmas presents… hanging clothes…putting underclothes in drawers and breaking down the boxes. (Always a fun thing to do – NOT).

Mandy gifted me a Craftsman ratcheting rotary wrench (8-in-1 tool) for Christmas, I guess, I’ll have to find some use for that; hum…

I’ve been making jokes all day about dropping a match and walking away. Just doesn’t seem practical somehow, so I’ll be here plucking away (is it plucking or plugging?).

What’s on your post-Christmas agenda?

Sometimes the most urgent thing that you can possibly do is take a complete rest. ~ Ashleigh Brilliant