Today is the final day to do what needs to be done, but above all, to enjoy the beautiful and meaningful moments of this holiday.

“Wherever you are, be there.” a great quote I learned years ago. In other words, if you’re in a gathering of family or friends, devote your full attention to those with whom you are keeping company. Practice a little common courtesy and put your cell phone and lap tops away and communicate face to face with the people in the room….with your mouth..not by sending text messages across the room. Being absorbed in your computer or phone communicates to those in the room that “I don’t really want to be here with you but would rather be elsewhere. Can I get an amen from anyone??!!” ~ Kathy Head O’Bradovic

Sit around the Christmas tree as a family and read your favorite Christmas story, whether that be the story from Luke about the birth of baby Jesus or “’Twas the Night Before Christmas”. Feel the magic of Christmas. Absorb it. Commit it to memory. We open our gifts tonight (some last night, because Tiger & Brandy have to go back home). And finally, don’t forget to leave out cookies and milk for Santa (and a carrot for Rudolph, too)!

A ship in a port is safe, but that’s not what a ship’s are built for. ~ Grace Murray Hopper