When I was a young girl its was Christmas break, we got off the week before Christmas and went back on the January 2nd of the new year. Now its called Winter or Holiday break – do you have a college student coming home for the holidays? I do. Steven is still living in Cincinnati, he only comes home now for money or the holiday’s. Christmas is only 9 days away!

I miss having the kids small. Running around shaking gifts under the tree, I guess that’s how it should be. I’m still planning a lot to do with my Grand-kids, a trip through Light Up Middletown and our annual Christmas sleep over.

Anything special planned to do with your child while s/he is home? If you don’t have a college-aged child home for the holidays, what’s one special memory you have of coming home (from wherever) for the holidays? One thing I remember is the smell of the Christmas dinner when I walked through my Grandma Dorothy’s front door & how exciting it was to be with family and friends (& not have to cook!). What about you?

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