With this being the next-to-last weekend before Christmas, I’m feeling a bit frazzled, but I’d prefer my Friday to be fabulous. I’m going to take a few minutes & look over my lists (check them twice!), prioritize. That, some deep breathing, and a chocolate, peanut-butter, banana shake should help those feelings fade. What are you going to do today to make your Friday a little less frazzled & a little more fabulous?

The traveller, however virginal and enthusiastic, does not enjoy an unbroken ecstasy. He has periods of gloom, periods when he asks himself the object of all these exertions, and puts the question whether or not he is really experiencing pleasure. At such times he suspects that he is not seeing the right things, that the characteristic, the right aspects of these strange scenes are escaping him. He looks forward dully to the days of his holiday yet to pass, and wonders how he will dispose of them. He is disgusted because his money is not more, his command of the language so slight, and his capacity for enjoyment so limited. ~ Arnold Bennett