Do you buy your Christmas tree already cut, or do you cut your own? Or, do you have an artificial tree? We’ve always have an huge artificial aka fake tree, we’ve never cut one down. I can’t bring myself to cut our own tree, even at a local tree farm.

Our second Christmas together, the year Craig was born, Anthony decided to buy the biggest real tree he could get. We took pictures of Craig laying under it, watching the lights. The tree was too tall, even with our 12 foot ceilings and he had to chop the bottom off. Then it kept falling over, so he ended up nailing it to the hardwood floor. After a few days of water leaking, sap dripping everywhere and boughs laying on the gifts, he started cutting off all of the lower branches.

Everyday the tree presented itself as a whole new challenge. The needles were a constant battle, I couldn’t get them to come out of the carpet, and ruined two vacuums trying to stay ahead of the mess. Not good.

Since we’ve gotten older, Anthony made me go to Skinny tree, the Mountain King took me 2 weeks to get up and a month to get back down (I would wrap every individual branch from front to back with lights and decorated it from the inside out, it held over 9 tuppers of ornaments.  Anthony told me that the stress was just too much for me and I needed to enjoy the holiday’s more.  But I loved my tree ~~~SIGH~~~

How about you?

The gift that we give,
is ourselves, limb for limb,
the greatest of honor,
in memory of him. ~ Amy Peterson The Littlest Christmas Tree