Invite dinner guests to write their blessings on paper ornaments. Sign and date each ornament to create an archive. Tie ornaments each year to fallen tree branches anchored with sand in a pitcher.

I found this idea on Midwest Living at just fell in love with it. Last summer I bought a large glass water bottle at a garage sale for $2 and I think it will be perfect. You know that I love to decorate with birch branches, but I’m going to scout around the property line aka weed patch and see if I can find something that has broken off or needs cut down and place it in my jar. I’ll use this as the focal point at my Cookie Exchange Party this year and hopefully, add to it in the coming years. Now to get those invitations in the mail.

They who want milk should not sit in the middle of field and wait for the cow to back up to them. ~ Lillian Katz