Ronnie say’s that he’s not tech savvy. His daughter handles all of his computer needs. Believe me, I wish he did, many is the time, that I would have love to jet him a line or two, but nope. He’s so nice when you call, he really is, just give him a call and see what he thinks.

As for my research, I’ve been spending even more quality time with my family and working a lot more these days than usual. I actually, just walked through the door and sat down. Then was thrilled to see your comment.

Most of the Adkins’ from Missouri come down from William. Most are from my own great uncles, son’s of Lewis Adkins. I’m headed out that way to try and find Eli Adkins’s death date and burial. He was alive and well in 1939 from his electric bills, so I have a place to start. People think I don’t take this seriously, but when you’re tracking people the same way the IRS does, that’s serious. I’m just teasing, but I do want to find his information and maybe his family if they’re still there. Benjamen’s as well. That will probably be more along the line of next year. Cross your fingers.

I plan on spending a peaceful Holiday at home with my family for the remainder of this year – some badly needed R & R. Then I’ll try and see what I can get from more of the distant cousins on and off the reservation. I was promised some (old) pictures and a few new books should be on the market soon, maybe by then some thing new will be found. I know where some stuff is, just can’t get it for us.

As for “Multitudes and Milestones”… I have done a few excerpts, but I cannot complete it, since I have vowed to never write a book and that’s what it would end up being. So, I just blog away. Too many of the family and non-members that have written – have threatened me with all sorts of things. So that’s out. I give my work away for FREE. If I learn something, I share it, its that simple. I haven’t made a dime off of the family and don’t plan to start now. It’s what I love to do and will continue to do, as long as I live. I’ll just keep writing as long as people keep reading. The book would end up with a hundred family members names as coauthors, since no one could write this alone.

I cover more on my close family now, but you can read Me & William V it kind of sets the stage for where I’m at at this point in my life or which should shed even more light. I’m taking some badly needed time off, but will always be here for question and answer sessions.

I love to hear from family and hear their stories, so come back often and share whatever, where your hubby comes from, thoughts and ideas and/or any family stories, maybe a recipe or two… my door is always open.

Thanks as always and Welcome to the family,
Sheila Jean Adkins Metcalf


Courage is as often the outcome of despair as hope; in the one case we have nothing to lose, in the other all to gain. ~ Diane de Poitiers