Mithology 101

For those of us that have watched the Mitha saga play out over the last two years, will want to take the time to see if you we find the proof that we need to make this the final chapter in the long series of queries…

Mitha was the daughter of Straight Tail.

Mitha was the mother of Elizabeth Parker, wife of William Adkins/Atkinson. ~ ‘Lyn’

Straight Tail aka Meaurroway – Pekowi born about 1630 OH-died 1709 PA.

I will call the our local Chief and see what she can tell me about Straight Tail aka Meaurroway – Pekowi born about 1630 OH-died 1709 PA. I hear she is a very sweet lady. Hopefully, I’ll meet with her and see what she has to offer on the subject.

I doubt this will put any minds at ease. Most of you will take it with a grain of salt. That’s all I have at to say on this matter. I will make it so on my family tree. I’m sure it will meet with a great deal of conflict. It already has. I’m just trusting that her facts  are right. She didn’t have to go there for me, but she did and for that, I am truly THANKFUL! Lyn has been the nicest person that I have encountered on this quest.

I know this will not put this matter to rest, but for now, its where I’m going to leave it. If you can find any other records, more than what the family already has, please by all means, present it.  I’m still open to any and all facts on this matter.

I’m sure that Grandma Elizabeth aka Mitha is and will forever be our Grandmother, whether she was born Elizabeth UNK from Surrey, England or Mitha from the Pekowi – Shawano Tribe (Turtle Clan) … or just a gift from heaven, no matter where she came from. We will forever love and remember her in our dreams. God rest your soul.

No stair is steep to happy feet. ~ Mary F. Robinson