THE FOLLOWING SHOWS ANCESTORS THAT RENOUNCED KING GEORGE III AND SWORE LOYALTY TO THE COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA. IT IS HISTORICALLY IMPORTANT, AND ALSO IMPORTANT TO ESTABLISH LOCATIONS OF ANCESTORS IN 1777. NAME SPELLINGS MAY HAVE BEEN GIVEN TO THE RECORDER OR WRITTEN AS THE RECORDER THOUGHT THEY SHOULD BE SPELLED. I HAVE COPIED ALL PEOPLE WHO I KNOW ARE RELATIONS OR WHOSE LAST NAME INDICATES THEY MIGHT BE CONNECTED TO THIS FAMILY TREE WHETHER ADKINS OR ANOTHER LINE. LIKE A CENSUS, THIS ALSO INDICATES WHO LIVED IN THE SAME AREA OF THE COUNTY. After the fifth and last Virginia Revolutionary Convention voted in May 1776 to instruct the Virginia members of the Continental Congress to introduce a resolution to declare the colonies independent, it adopted a new constitution in June. The body also called for all officers of the new state government to take an oath of allegiance to Virginia. Prior to 1776, all men holding public office took an oath of allegiance to the king. At the May 1777 meeting of the General Assembly, the legislature passed an act declaring that “Whereas allegiance and protection are reciprocal, and those who will not bear the former are not entitled to the benefits of the latter . . . all free born male inhabitants of this state, above the age of sixteen years, except imported servants during the time of their service, shall, on or before the tenth day of October next, take and subscribe the following oath or affirmation before some one of the justices of the peace of the county, city, or borough where they shall respectively inhabit.” The law dictated the wording of the oath (which included renouncing King George III), required militia officers to disarm recusants (men who refused to take the oath), and prohibited recusants from “holding any office in this state, serving on juries, suing for any debts, electing or being elected, or buying lands, tenements, or hereditaments.” Oaths of Allegiance – 1777 Pittsylvania County, VA copy done by Cynthia Hubbard Headen source: The Magazine of VA Genealogy, v.23, #1 (Feb.1985), transcribed by Marian Dodson Chiarito Reuben Pain’s List: Aaron Hutchings Charles Hutchings Charles Hutchings Christopher Hutchings Moses Hutchings Benjamin Lankford List of George Carter Joshua Owens Rolly Owens Thomas Dillard, List George West John West Joseph West Joseph West, Jr. Owen West Stephen Coleman’s List Thos. Hutchings John Owen George West Capt. Hankin’s List Joseph Akins William Akins Henry Atkins Henry Atkins Richard Atkins William Atkins Joseph Akins William Akins James Devine John Devine William Devine William Neally Hugh Reynolds Joseph Reynolds Jas. Morton’s List William Oakes Reuben Pain’s List Charles Hutchings Charles Hutchings Christopher Hutchings Moses Hutchings Charles Kennon’s List James Sml.wood Owen John Owen Uriah Owen William Owen William Owen, Jr. Abraham Shelton’s List Charles Dowel John Wilson’s List David Owen John Owen William Owen William Owen James Parrott William Witcher’s List Jesse Atkenson Moses Atkenson Morris Atkinson Henry Atkinson