□ Discard expired cosmetics, beauty products, and medications.

□ Launder or dry-clean blankets.
□ Replace cool-weather bedding with warm-weather bedding.

□ Reorganize closets, giving away unwanted items.
□ Replace cool-weather clothing with warm-weather clothing.

□ Clean out files.
□ Review and update insurance policies, contracts, and household inventories.

□ Vacuum refrigerator grill and coil.
□ Wipe the inside of the freezer.

Living Room:
□ Rotate heavy curtains, rugs, and throws for lightweight ones.

Outdoor Spaces:
□ Clean gutters.
□ Scrub outdoor furniture, umbrellas, and awnings.
□ Scrub porch ceilings and walls.
□ Scrubs porch floors, decks, patios, the driveway, and walkways.
□ Wash light-fixture covers.

Utility Spaces:
□ Clean the attic and basement, giving away or discarding unwanted items.
□ Remove lint from the hose attached to the back of the clothes dryer.
□ Vacuum and mop attic and basement floors.

Throughout the House:
□ Dry-clean non-machine-washable window treatments.
□ Dust radiators.
□ Launder machine-washable window treatments.
□ Oil window and door hinges.
□ Polish metal door and window hardware.
□ Remove, wash, and store storm windows.
□ Reseal stone surfaces.
□ Reseal grout.
□ Send area rugs without backings out for professional cleaning.
□ Shampoo wall-to-wall carpets and area rugs with backings.
□ Steam-clean upholstery.
□ Strip and rewax vinyl and linoleum floors.
□ Take books off shelves; dust shelves and books.
□ Vacuum and wipe walls and ceilings.
□ Wash windows and window screens.
□ Wax wood furniture.
□ Wax wood, stone, concrete, brick, and unglazed tile floors


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