A Motley Assemblage

Is what I fondly refer to my old research notes as… I’ve been going over some old posts and hunting for or trying to remember references and dates, that have no purpose,  no rhyme, no reason.  Lots to look over.  I thought it odd that one strange, off the wall post, had received the most looks, that had little to do with what I do, except under my daily life, was a simple question, one that to this day, I’ve not answered.  The question was, What is it costing you to be out of balance? hum…  A simple rhetorical question, one is left to ponder.  I doubt that anyone can know. Its easy to answer that question for others, but this is a personal one.  Its harder to look inward. I guess, that’s when we should look upward.

Ida South’s Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake  received 3151 looks. I guess, a lot of people love mayonnaise cake.   Me, not so much. Ida loved to bake, I loved her Mexican Wedding cake, the recipe is here as well. Teresa Ann loved her Chinese Wedding cake. I may bake a cake today. I used to bake a lot. I should go back to that, but not good on my new diet.

Tomorrow is Decoration Day or Memorial Day, whichever you should decide to call it,  I hope everyone has a wonderful and peaceful holiday and if you do, please thank a Serviceman.

This day also coincidentally is my own late father’s birthday. He would have been 77 years old. I have a lot of people to remember and saddles to add to tombstones. I wish I’d had time to place them today, that’s just a small part of a long busy day tomorrow.

I have more old notes and leads to track. People to look up and see what I can find, undiscovered about old family memorabilia. People want to know more about…

  1. nathaniel adkins 1750 viriginia
  2. hezekiah a. adkins,sr.,1759-his portrait,
  3. “portelia adkins” Telia Adkins
  4. adkins family reunion in charles city virginia
  5. peter fugate maryland

So do I, so I better get back to it.


Excellent in any pursuit is the late, ripe fruit of toil. ~ W. M. L. Jay