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I did see many of the Search engine requests, so I thought I’d quickly list what I have.

  • is turner related to cornstalk?
  • mary alexander fry 1730
  • mary bluesky cornstalk
  • jacob harley earl of oxford
  • reed family connection to cherokees

Now for the first question: is turner related to cornstalk? I’m not sure if you’re asking if they were related to Keigh-taugh-quah Hokoleskwa Cornstalk or just to the Cornstalk family in general? I have several Surname Turner on my family tree, but I can’t find a quick common link to the Cornstalk’s that I have researched. You would have to start running up your tree to see if any of them married into the Shawnee or Cherokee Cornstalk families. I know there were lots of brother’s that were Surname Cornstalk; Hokoleskwa alone had 8 brothers.  Then were were Cornstalk’s above and below him, sons and son’s – son’s. His uncles had son’s as well. Unless, you can tie your Turner clan to the Hokoleskwa Cornstalk/Parker Adkins clan. I’m not sure where I can help.

Second Question: mary alexander fry 1730?
Mary Polly Alexander Fry
Birth 1730 in , Henrico, Virginia, USA
Death 1777 in , Montgomery, Virginia, USA
Married 1754 to Parker Adkins Halifax, Virginia, USA
I have many posts on this blog about her, if you have a direct question or comment, I’d be happy to listen and share what I have in my notes.

Third Question: mary bluesky cornstalk? Second wife of Parker Adkins
Mary Blue Sky Cornstalk
1744 – 1791
Littleberry Adkins
1767 – 1848
Charity Adkins
1768 – 1825

Fourth Question: jacob harley earl of oxford?
Jacob Harley
Birth 1700 in Henrico, Goochland, Virginia, USA
Death 1754 in Beechfork, Wayne, West Virginia, USA
his death is questionable, since it’s believed that he went back to England and died there. He fathered 9 children with Mary Adkins, after his departure, all the children took the Surname of Adkins.

Fifth Question: reed family connection to cherokees?
This one is hard, since I have no way of knowing which Reed family you’re wondering about or their connection to which Cherokees. I do apologize, my Uncle Jess Reed says that his grandmother mother was Blackfoot Indian. Please let me know, which Reed family and where they were from and I can try and get you that information.


Now for the questions that were not ask, my brother-in-law is trying to research the Perry family from Sneedville, Hancock, Tennessee.
Richard E “Red” Perry
Birth abt 1875 in Hancock, Tennessee
Death 1949 in Miamisburg, Montgomery, Ohio
married Dora West whom presumably died giving birth to their Grandmother Bessie Jane Perry (1900-1965). Richard Perry later married Laney Matilda “Tilda” Davis (1886 – 1960) aka Tildie. I need Richard’s death certificate to know whom his mother’s name was and I need Bessie’s death certificate to see who the family listed as her mother. It may say Tildie, because they didn’t know.

Richard and Tildie were from the same town of Sneedville, so that must be how they met. Need marriage/anniversary date and location. Bessie’s younger children didn’t even know that Tilde wasn’t her biological mother.

Not much if anything is known about his first wife, we do know that he was married to Bessie’s mother,  DORA WEST and that Richard moved his family to Van Buren, Arkansas where Bessie was born. Then moved them back to Tennessee before moving on to Miamisburg, Ohio.

Richard’s parents were:
James Perry (1848 – 1923) and Elizabeth “Eliza” Seals (1846 – 1916)

James was born and died 20 Dec 1923 in Hancock, Tennessee. I would like their marriage date and where and the name and location of cemetery they’re buried. They had 8 known children.

James parents were William Perry of Tennessee and Nancy (Unknown) aka Nannie Perry from Virginia. I’d like death and burial information of their children.
Polly Perry (1830-1915)
Ramson H Perry (1832-1890)
Mary Ann Perry (1838 – ?)
Orpha Perry ( 1838-?)
Issac Perry (1839-?)
John Perry (1842-1911)
Nancy Perry (1843-?)
Sally Perry (1843-?)
James Perry (1848-1923)
Richard M Perry (1851-?)
Anderson Campbell Perry (1857-1938)

Jeff, I hope you’ll let me know if you turn anything up on the Perry family from Sneedville. Thanks


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