I just got this little ditty in my inbox… since I’m starting to feel the effects of aging, even though everyone knows that I hate to text, guilty on occasion, I found it funny and I thought I’d share it. 

Since more & more Sr’s R texting & tweeting there appears to b a need 4 a STC (Senior Texting Code). If you qualify for Sr Discounts this is the code for you:.

ATD: At The Doctor’s

BFF: Best Friend  Farted

BTW: Bring The Wheelchair

BYOT: Bring Your Own Teeth

CBM:  Covered By Medicare

CGU: Can’t get up

CUATSC: See You at The Senior Center

DWI: Driving While Incontinent

FWB: Friend with Beta Blockers

FWIW: Forgot Where I Was

FYI: Found Your Insulin

GGPBL:  Gotta Go, Pacemaker Battery Low!

GHA: Got Heartburn Again

HGBM: Had Good Bowel Movement

IMHO: Is My Hearing-Aid On?

LMDO: Laughing My Dentures Out

LOL: Living On Lipitor

LWO: Lawrence Welk’s On

OMMR: On My Massage Recliner

OMSG: Oh My! Sorry, Gas.

PIMP: Pooped in my pants

ROFL… CGU:  Rolling On the Floor Laughing… And Can’t Get Up


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